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Kitchen Arts and Letters

1435 Lexington Avenue
New York,
NY 10128-1625, 
United States

Tel:  212-876-5550


Owner: Matt Sartwell

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The largest store of our type in the United States (and probably the world), Kitchen Arts & Letters offers 13,000 titles – domestic, imported, contemporary and out-of-print.

We serve chefs, home cooks, food writers and scholars, and anyone with a serious interest or even just a passing need. We have been around for more than 25 years.

Read the Eat Your Books interview with Matt and Nach (RIP) of Kitchen Arts & Letters.

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Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

28 East Second Street
New York, 
New York 10003
United States 

Tel: 212-989-8962


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Bonnie runs a cookbook fanatics treasure trove, you can spend hours browsing her shelves.  She says “Get comfortable and stay as long as you like—you’re sure to find something you love! It may be a book your grandmother had or one you never knew existed, something by a favorite author, or just something that catches your eye. If you’re not able to visit, give me a call so we can have a chat about the kinds of books that interest you.”

You’ll find old cookbooks from 18th-century rarities to a replacement for a worn-out Betty Crocker cookbook. If you can’t visit the shop, then give Bonnie a call (she prefers this to email) and she’ll help you find the book(s) you’re looking for.  She’ll help you “browse” over the phone.

There’s just enough room in the shop for some items to complement all those cookbooks: tableware, kitchen gadgets, culinary ephemera (booklets, ads, magazines), cookie cutters, vintage postcards, handmade greeting cards, and an assortment of tablecloths, tea towels, and napkins.

Definitely worth a visit!

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Joanne Hendricks Cookbooks

488 Greenwich Street
New York
NY 10013
United States 

Tel:  212-920-9324


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On the western edge of Soho, is Joanne Hendricks’ eccentric shop of antique cookbooks and cookware.  For anyone interested in rare cookbooks this is the place to visit.  Frequented by chefs and libraries looking to add to their collections. Her books go back as far as the 18th century.   The 200-year-old building is also her home, which she shares with her antique collecting husband.  Joanne sells some of her books on her website.


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Archestratus Books + Foods

160 Huron Street
New York
United States

Tel: 718-349-7711


Owner: Paige Lipari

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Books + Foods + whateva else happens.

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Talbott & Arding

202 Allen Street
New York 12534
United States

Tel: 518-828-3558


Owner: Kate Arding

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Provisions + Books

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Lizz Young Bookseller

73 Pelham Street #3
RI 02840
United States

Tel: 908-759-5644


Owner: Lizz Young

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We focus our attention on:

Food History, Cultural History, Medicine, Health, Women, Manuscripts, & Ephemera

Because food is foundational to the human condition, we believe the study of food and drink and its history can be connected to just about every human activity and industry. Additionally our interest in food history has expanded our inventory to include health, medicine, and social culture.

As we know, societies were built and destroyed on the basis of their foodstuffs. Historical narratives of race, class, folklore, and memory most often find their footprint in sustenance and nourishment. When handling any printed matter we can see that food touches every subject – whether it’s the study of art, the environment, politics and economics, medicine, labor, agriculture, or nutrition; the history of food connects us to every component of human nature.

We look at the world of rare books and ephemera as a ideal place to gather these items and put them in context for a wide variety of collectors.

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North Dam Mill
Building 18
2 Main Street
Maine 04005
United States 

Tel:  207-774-1044


Owner/Manager:  Samantha Hoyt Lindgren and Don Lindgren 

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Rabelais is always serving up fine books about food, wine, farming and gardening. They carry a sizable stock of rare, out-of-print and new books, alongside prints, photographs and other ephemera, all concerned with the pleasure of the senses. They host author signings, art exhibitions and other events, some in conjunction with restaurants, farms and other local food organizations. 

At Rabelais, you can find thousands of books on food and wine, from comfortable old favorites to haute cuisine, from Southern fried chicken to molecular gastronomy. Whether you are a member of the profession and cook for a living, or a serious armchair epicure who cooks for dinner, they have inspiration for you. Rabelais also serves those inclined towards thirst. They have books on first growth wines and home beer brewing, cocktail culture and saloon society. Rabelais is intimately involved with Maine’s food community through organizations such as the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and Slow Food Portland. In addition to historical treatises on the importance of animals on the farm, they stock modern literature on seed starting, backyard chickens and season extension, among other agricultural pursuits.

On their online store you will find a curated collection from their shop. If you want to visit the store, email first to make an appointment as it is not always staffed.

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Bold Fork Books

3064 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
Washington D.C. 20009
United States 

Tel:  TBA


Owner/Manager:  Clementine Thomas 

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Welcome to Bold Fork Books! We’re a pop-up culinary bookshop based in Washington, DC. We’ve worked in the district’s restaurant industry for many years and have often turned to cookbooks to bring the diversity and vibrancy of our city’s restaurants into our home kitchen. The culinary books we’ve collected over the years have changed the way we cook, drink, eat, and, well, live. We can’t wait to share the voices and books that inspire us and to hear what gets you cooking, thinking, and dreaming in your home kitchen and beyond. Cheers!

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Plott Hound Books

102 West Main Street
Burnsville, NC 28714
United States 

Tel:  828-536-5175


Owner/Manager:  Ronni Lundy

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Plott Hound Books carry hundreds of new titles from the latest best sellers to classic reads, cookbooks, mysteries, history and a full Appalachian section. Located at 102 W. Main Street their hours will be 10-6 Tuesday-Saturday and noon-4 on Sunday. You may also shop online through the site.

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Cook Books by Janet Jarvits

1388 E. Washington Boulevard
United States

Tel: 626-296-1638


Owner/Manager:  Janet Jarvits

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Janet Jarvits is a prime source for vintage and community cookbooks. 

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Ben Kinmont Bookseller

6780 Depot Street,
Suite 150,
Sebastopol CA 95472
United States

Tel:  707 829 8715


Owner/Manager:  Ben Kinmont

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Ben Kinmont Bookseller began in 1998 in lower Manhattan. We specialize in 15th to early 19th century books about food and wine, domestic and rural economy, health, perfume, and the history of taste. We attend all major gastronomy auction sales as well as participate annually in the antiquarian bookfairs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris (see our fairs page for upcoming dates). We work regularly with librarians as well as private clients from around the world and are happy to receive your desiderata and help you with collection development. We also offer appraisal services of books, manuscripts, and archives for insurance coverage, charitable contribution, and estate purposes.

In 2003 we moved our business to Sebastopol, California. We are now located in one of the richest culinary regions of the United States and welcome visitors by appointment. If you would like to receive a copy of our recent catalogue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Now Serving

Far East Plaza
727 N. Broadway, Unit 133
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States

Tel: (213) 395-0627


Owners: Ken Concepcion and Michelle Mungcal

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Kitchen Lingo Books

2116 E 4th Street
Long Beach, California 90814
United States

Tel: TBA


Owners: Matt Miller

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Kitchen Lingo is a small bookshop that not only focuses on the act of cooking, but also the crossroad between food and culture. Books are both new and “seasoned”, spanning history, essay, instructional, memoir, fiction, non-fiction, and the sciences of food and eating.

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The Cook’s Bookcase

P.O. Box 2918
Santa Cruz, CA 95063
United States

Tel: (831) 251-9218


Owner: Liz Pollock

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Liz Pollock has owned the Cook’s Bookcase since 2007, specializing in Unique Books and Ephemera on Cookery and Wine. Just like an old-fashioned bookstore, only online, we’re proud to provide outstanding personal service!  Have you been looking for that elusive special cookbook with beloved recipes once thought lost? We will help you find it!

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Omnivore Books on Food

3885a Cesar Chavez Street
San Francisco
United States 

Tel:  415-282-4712


Owner/Manager:  Celia Sack

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Omnivore connects the past to the present by offering centuries of knowledge on growing, raising, and cooking food. Offering everything from 19th Century agricultural guides to how to start a kitchen garden in a 21st Century apartment.

While the store is full of books, they also host numerous events featuring chefs and authors talking about their passions.

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Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry

4128 NE Sandy Blvd
OR 97212
United States 

Tel:  503-384-2473


Owner: Robin Wheelwright

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Vivienne is Portland’s independent, woman-owned cookbook store. We also carry kitchenwares, linens, + natural wine. 

We host a wine bar daily, book and kitchenware consignment, cookbook classes, private parties, and more

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Book Larder

4252 Fremont Ave. North
WA, 98103
United States

Tel:  206-397-4271

Owner/Manager:  Lara Hamilton


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Book Larder owner, Lara Hamilton, describes her store as a ‘community cookbook store’.  She offers a carefully selected collection of new, collectible, and imported cookbooks to lovers of food and cooking in Seattle and beyond.  The Larder is also a spot to gather for author events, cooking classes, demonstrations and other food related discussions, both formal and informal.

Read the Eat Your Books interview with Lara at Book Larder.

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Appetite for Books

388 Victoria Avenue
QC H3Z 2N4

Tel:  514-369-2002


Owner/Manager:  Jonathan Cheung

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Appetite for Books offers an extensive collection of cookbooks and food-related literature, in both French and English, to satisfy the everyday cook, the passionate gourmet, and the professional chef. In its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, you are encouraged to browse the shelves and explore the worlds of cuisines.

With a professionally furnished kitchen for food demonstrations and tastings, Appetite for Books is the only cookbook store of its kind in Montreal.


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The Cookbook Co. Cooks

722 11 Ave SW
Alberta  T2R 0E4

Tel:  403-265-6066


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Cookbook Company stocks over 2000 cookbooks – the largest selection in Western Canada. From international bestsellers to local Calgary authors, their bookshelves cover every possible food group and cooking style! If they don’t stock it, they can order it for you.

Have you ever come across a great recipe with that one ingredient you just can’t find? Well, Cookbook Co. probably has it. They shop the world for hard-to-find ingredients and gourmet pantry items.  Not sure how to use an ingredient? Their friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you.

Cookbook Co. also has a great selection of choice kitchen wares and gourmet gadgets. All-Clad cookware, Emile Henri bakeware, Global knives, and the latest gadgets and utensils to make your kitchen sing.

They also have a permanent booth at The Calgary Farmers’ Market at Heritage and Blackfoot Trail. It’s an abbreviated version of the main store!


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Books for Cooks

4 Blenheim Crescent
Notting Hill
London W11 1NN

Tel:  +44 20-7221-1992 

Owner/Manager:  Rosie Kindersley and Eric Treuille

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Walk into Books For Cooks. It smells good. You look around. You see shelves crammed with books reaching from floor to ceiling, central tables piled high with yet more books, and you marvel – are all these books really cookbooks? Then, at the back of the shop, you spot the kitchen from which those appetising aromas exude. There is cookery in the air as well as on the shelves of this bookshop. Once discovered, food lovers wonder how they ever survived before Books For Cooks!

Rosie and Eric are convinced that the test kitchen is the secret of the shop’s success. Because of it, they say, “we are able to put theory into practice. The food here is not just something to be perused in books, it is something to be cooked, eaten and enjoyed. We can then really champion the books in which we know the recipes really work. It makes us more than a cookbook shop – a shop for all cooks!”

Read the Eat Your Books interview with Eric from Books for Cooks.

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7 Victoria Terrace
Hove BN3 2WB

Tel: +44 1273 779520


Owner/Manager: Julie Haylett

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Cookbookbake is Brighton and Hove’s specialist cookbook shop and demonstration kitchen. It is a place for anyone that loves food, from dabblers to experienced chefs. They have carefully selected books for people that like to cook and be inspired by food. As well as releases hot off the press there is a great selection of must haves and classics as well as regional cuisines, wine and cocktails, children’s cookbooks and books about food and drink. Cookbookbake has a demonstration kitchen and there is a calendar of events, including baking and cooking workshops, author talks, recipe demonstrations and signings

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Librairie Gourmande (Gastronomie-Oenologie-Livres anciens et modernes)

92/96 Rue Montmartre,
75002 Paris

Tel:  +33 1 43 54 37 27


12 Parvis de l’Unesco / Allée Alice Guy
21000 Dijon

Tel: +33 3 80 43 44 43


Owner/Manager: Déborah Dupont-Daguet

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Since 1985, the Librairie Gourmande has provided students, teachers, culinary professionals and food lovers with a comprehensive selection of cookbooks and oenology. 

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Books for Cooks

115-121 Victoria Street
VIC 3000

Tel:  613-8415-1415

Owner/Manager:  Tim & Amanda White

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Books for Cooks is an independent bookshop, owned by cooks and lovers of food and books committed to stocking the best books on food and wine.  It is Australia’s only retail store specialising exclusively in new and old books about wine, food and the culinary arts.

In the bookshop there are over 30,000 titles in stock; from the 1780s to the latest releases. There are five rooms, filled from floor to ceiling with books.

The online store catalogues over 37,700 cookbooks and books about food, wine & the culinary arts & we add more every day.

Read the Eat Your Books interview with Tim from Books for Cooks.

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The Cookery Book

44 Sailors Bay Road
NSW 2063

Tel: +61 2 9967 8211

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Established in 1985, The Cookery Book is Australia’s only exclusive wholesaler and retailer of culinary, health and beverage books for professionals and enthusiastic home cooks.

Their  retail and wholesale customers have access to the most extensive range of books.  We are able to source ANY culinary book in print in the world and customers can view over 9,000 books in-store which is conveniently located 10 minutes from the city in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

They currently supply numerous cookery and health stores as well as food and  beverage accounts with a selection of titles from our extensive range of books to sell in their stores.  

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Scrumptious Reads

92A Arthur Terrace
Red Hill
Brisbane QLD 4059

Tel:  +61 422 056 651


Owners/Managers: Julie Tjiandra and Reyna Portillo

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Scrumptious Reads was born out of a love of books and food. What do you do when your culinary book collection is getting larger by the minute? Open a culinary specialty bookstore!

There was a gap in the specialty book market in Brisbane and Scrumptious Reads was created to fill that gap. We are not just a culinary bookstore but also a hub for those who are gastronomically curious to meet and exchange ideas. We hold many book and culinary events, including wine master classes and food and beverage pairing dinners. Local collaborations with experts in their industry are a major part of our business.

Come and have a relaxing cup of tea with resident tea expert May King Tsang or enjoy a scrumptious meal by one of Brisbane’s best chefs.

Join our mailing list to be informed of all upcoming events.

Read the Eat Your Books interview with Julie and Reyna at Scrumptious Reads.

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Cook the Books

@ Bread & Butter
3/34 Westmoreland St West
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1021
New Zealand

Tel: +64 9 360 6513

Owner: Felicity O’Driscoll


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The first store in New Zealand dedicated solely to books on the culinary arts.

Cook the Books has the most comprehensive range of cookbooks in New Zealand, specialising in difficult to find and international titles. It doesn’t matter if you are a home cook or professional chef, they have books that will add to your skills and provide the all important ingredient of inspiration. Check out the on-line catalogue to see a selection of the titles available. If you can’t see a title you are looking for, then contact them, as they do not have every title in store displayed on-line. 

They have hosted many book launches and special events at the store with local and international food writers and chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein, Peter Gordon, Anthony Bourdain, Bill Granger, Donna Hay, Paul Mecurio and Anna Hansen from overseas and local authors Peta Mathias, Julie Le Clerc, Ruth Pretty, Peter Chaplin, Richard Till, Julie Biuso, Al Brown, Lauraine Jacobs, Alexa Johnston and many more.

There is also a demonstration kitchen and private dining space for book launches, author events, cooking demonstrations and by arrangement, private cooking classes. Run by a professional chef who will make your special event a memorable one, and your private class an uplifting experience.

Read the Eat Your Books interview with Felicity at Cook the Books.

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Cook & Book

Online store only


Go to Cook & Book’s Website »

Cook & Book is the website for all your cookbooks about food and drink, healthy living and restaurant visits. You will find a wide selection on these subjects – mainly in the Dutch language, but also in German & English. The collection is growing daily, so it pays to regularly view the latest additions.

Orders are shipped within 3 working days in the Netherlands, but of course Cook & Book can also deliver to any address abroad. If the book you are looking for is not available in the webshop simply send an email and Cook & Book will make every effort to honor your request.

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De Kookboekhandel

Haarlemmerdijk 133
1013 KG
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20-622 47 68 


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For over thirty years De Kookboekhandel has supplied both the novice and the experienced cook. In the shop are cookbooks available in all categories and from all parts of the world, in different languages. Books not stocked can, if available, be ordered worldwide. There are books directly imported from countries such as Egypt, Iran and India.

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Karolinenstraße 27
20357 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 43216036

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The Koch Kontor is a paradise for all cookbook lovers, or to put it more simply: for everyone who likes to cook or wants to learn to cook. Our cozy shop is located in the heart of Hamburg. Not only do we love our cookbooks more than anything, we all love to cook. A happy team cooks a delicious lunch every day from 12 noon to 3 p.m. based on the recipes from our countless cookbooks. Every day a different one and always fresh. Home-baked cakes are available all day. And of course we would be happy to advise you personally on choosing the right cookbook for every occasion.

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Bibliotheca Culinaria

Swen Kernemann-Mohr
Zehdenicker Straße 16
10119 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 47377570


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Bibliotheca Culinaria is the largest German second-hand cookbook store. It is located right in the center of Berlin, just around the corner of Rosenthaler Platz. In the store, you will find more than 30,000 books on the subject of cooking, kitchen, household, and gastronomy. Furthermore a lot of curios related to cooking, kitchen, and household and a wide range of cookbooks in English, French, or other languages. More than 1,000 books published in the period between 1750 to 1900.

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Goldhahn und Sampson

Wilmersdorfer Str. 102-103 (x Mommsenstr.)
10629 Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg
Dunckerstraße 9 (x Helmholtzplatz)
10437 Berlin


Go to Goldhahn und Sampson website

For Goldhahn und Sampson it’s all about taste. The essence of things, products that fully convince the team around founders Andreas Kloeckner, Sascha Rimkus and Thomas Goldhahn.  And that’s what they want to share with you in their Berlin stores, as well as their online shop: enthusiasm and passion for good food and drink. The shelves are stocked with quality products from all over the world, wines that still have insider status, and the Goldhahn und Sampson cookery schools offer a wide range of cooking classes that allow you to taste, experience and discover new things.

And in both stores, you’ll find one of the most extensive cookbook collections in the German-speaking area. More than 4,000 titles have passed Andreas’ critical eye so far and are now stocked on our bookshelves. Alongside German cookbooks and bestsellers, you’ll find many English books and original editions – most of them directly imported, often long before the German release has been published. Over the years, Goldhahn und Sampson has engaged in a lively exchange with authors, who often come to the stores for release events, readings and workshops. 

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Frank Petzchen Kochbücher & Kochseminare

Benrather Straße 6 / Am Carlsplatz
40213 Düsseldorf

Telephone: +49 21 11520971


Go to Frank Petzchen website

The best guide for a perfect dish. In our unique cookery bookstore with cooking school on Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf, anyone interested in eating, cooking and enjoying will find high-quality, practical and unusual books on their favorite topic. We carry over 5,000 titles on all culinary topics! Browse through and rummage through the largest selection of cookbook literature in Germany.

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Bibliotheca Gastronomica

Benrather Straße 6 / Am Carlsplatz
Spitzackerstrasse 6
8057 Zürich

Telephone: +41 44 341 97 84


Owner: Hans U. Weiss

The store is open by appointment only. Situated on Spitzackerstrasse in the Unterstrass district of Zurich, Bibliotheca Gastronomica features a wide selection of antique and rare books, maps and prints. The collection comprises items on art, literature, cookery, gastronomy, and travel. Bibliotheca Gastronomica is a member of ILAB (The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers) and the Antiquarian Booksellers and Trade of Print in Switzerland.

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1094, Tompa utca 22
Hungary 1094

Telephone: +36 30 238 66 62


Owner: Antonio Fekete

Go to site – Gourmet Sweets: Distribution of gastronomic textbooks-magazines, special sweets and limited edition culinary photo prints in foreign languages. Pick-up point and showroom open two days a week!

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