Eat Your Books Newsletter Archive

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March 2021 – Easter & Passover Pinterest Boards, a new voice on the EYB blog, featured magazine Better Homes & Gardens, author spotlight on Heidi Swanson, Ottolenghi new book announcement, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, monthly cookbook review, EYB Cookbook Club highlights, Great Big Cookbook Club Roundup (new clubs), World Calendar of Cookbook Events, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways.

February 2021 – 10,000 indexed cookbooks, St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Boar, featured magazine is The Guardian Feast, author spotlight on Donna Hay, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, monthly cookbook review, EYB Cookbook Club highlights, Great Big Cookbook Club Roundup, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways.

January 2021 – Bestselling cookbooks of 2020, 2 million recipes in the EYB Library, featured magazine is EatingWell, author spotlight on Deb Perelman, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, monthly cookbook review, EYB Cookbook Club highlights, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways.

December 2020 – ‘Best of the best’ cookbooks of 2020, Christmas Sweets & Treats Pinterest Board, Best cookbooks of 2020 by the experts, featured magazine is Martha Stewart Living – which celebrated its 30th anniversary, monthly cookbook review, Great Big Cookbook Club roundup, EYB Cookbook Club highlights, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways

November 2020 – New ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, holiday gift guides, author spotlight on Jacques Pepin, featured magazine is Bake From Scratch, Thanksgiving Pinterest Board, Great Big Cookbook Club roundup, EYB Cookbook Club highlights, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways. 

October 2020 – Cookbooktober is here! Plus, IACP and Taste Canada Cookbook Awards, over 850 EYB Previews now available, Halloween Pinterest Board, author spotlight on Ina Garten, feature magazine is Waitrose Food, Great Big Cookbook Club roundup, EYB Cookbook Club highlights, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways. 

September 2020 – Author spotlight on Yotam Ottolenghi, independent cookbook stores need our help, featured magazine is Bon Appetit, Fall/Autumn Baking Pinterest Board, updates to the World Calendar of Cookbook events, plus EYB Cookbook Club summary and selections, EYB Member Favorites, and giveaways.  

August 2020 – Great British Chefs gets a new look, Cocktails Pinterest Board, featured author Isa Chanda Moskowitz, Food & Wine is the highlighted magazine, plus EYB Cookbook Club summary and selections, EYB Member Favorites, and giveaways.  

July 2020 – Author spotlight on Rose Levy Beranbaum, cake recipes galore in our featured Pinterest Board, Cuisine (NZ) is our highlighted magazine, EYB Cookbook Club summary and selections, EYB Member Favorites, and giveaways. 

June 2020 – UK Writer’s Guild Award winners, highlighted author Jack Monroe, featured magazine Australian Gourmet Traveller, spring cookbooks that might have slipped under your radar, EYB Cookbook Club summary and selections, EYB Member Favorites, featured Pinterest Board: Red, White & Blue

May 2020 – JBF Cookbook Award winners, over 10,000 Member-uploaded images, author spotlight on Nigella Lawson, featured magazine Fine Cooking, EYB Cookbook Club summary and selection, free e-book to download, EYB Member favorites, Pies, tarts & pastries Pinterest Board, and giveaways. 

April 2020 – Mother’s Day (and brunch) Pinterest board, over 9000 Member-uploaded images in the EYB Library, featured magazine Delicious (UK), author spotlight on Alton Brown, April’s cookbook releases, Eat Your Books Cookbook Club summary and selections, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways.

March 2020 – The best cookbooks of spring, author spotlight on Annabel Langbein, featured magazine is Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, James Beard Foundation nominations postponed, Easter and Passover Pinterest boards, Member photo gallery, updates to the World Calendar of Cookbook Events, EYBCC updates, giveaways, and EYB Member favorites. 

February 2020 – 8,000 video recipes and 70,000 online recipes from cookbooks, author spotlight on Aran Goyoaga, featured magazine Sweet Paul, IACP cookbook award nominees and Andre Simon book award winners, St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board, Member photo gallery, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, EYBCC update, favorites, and giveaways. 

January 2020 – Bestselling cookbooks of 2019, over 9,000 indexed books in the EYB Library, Salads Pinterest board, author highlight: David Tanis, featured magazine ATK Special Issues, Member photo gallery, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, EYBCC update, favorites, and giveaways. 

December 2019 – Best cookbooks of 2019, looking forward to 2020 cookbooks, best cookbooks according to the experts, Christmas Sweets & Treats and Hanukkah Pinterest boards, author highlight: Mark Bittman, EYBCC update, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways.

November 2019 – Thanksgiving recipe ideas, holiday gift guides, author spotlight on Maggie Beer, featured magazine is Taste of the South, Thanksgiving Pinterest board, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, EYBCC update, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways

October 2019 – Cookbooktober reviews and recommendations, GBBO recaps, Melissa Clark author highlight, featured magazine is Olive Magazine, over 7,000 Member photos, Salads and Fall/Autumn Baking Pinterest boards, EYBCC update, EYB Member favorites, and giveaways

September 2019 – Author spotlight on Diana Henry, Macaron recipes, Cuisine at Home magazine, giveaways, Member photo gallery, EYBCC update, plus EYB Member favorites.

August 2019 – Must-have books for fall, EYB blog upgrade, 500 EYB Digital Previews, Breakfast/brunch recipes, featured magazine Cook’s Country, plus anniversary giveaways. 

July 2019 – Best cookbooks of the 21st century (so far), featured Pinterest Board Frozen Desserts, highlighted magazine Peddler, EYB celebrates its 10th anniversary, two new compete author indexes for Felicity Cloake and Deb Perelman, and more.

June 2019 – The best cookbooks of 2019 to date, Red, White and Blue Pinterest Board, featured magazine is Olive Magazine, updates to the World Calendar of Cookbook Events, June’s new cookbook releases, giveaways, and what our readers found interesting this month.

May 2019 – IACP, JBF, and Fortnum & Mason Cookbook Award winners, over 300,000 online recipes in the EYB Library, featured magazine Delicious (Aus), over 6,000 Member uploaded photos, featured Pinterest board Brownies, slices and bars. 

April 2019 – IACP and Fortnum & Mason Cookbook Award nominees, Mother’s Day recipes, featured magazine Cook Real Food Every Day, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift guides, recipe excerpts, giveaways, new cookbook releases, and giveaways. 

March 2019 – JBF Cookbook Award nominees, Easter & Passover Pinterest Boards, over 100,000 online magazine recipes and 60,000 online recipes from books, an interview with Darina Allen, giveaways, and more.

February 2019 – Lots of updates to the World Calendar of Cookbook Events, St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Board, EYBDigital updates, recipe previews, over 5000 photos uploaded by Members, and more. 

January 2019 – Bestselling cookbooks of 2018, Valentine’s Day Sweets and Instant Pot Pinterest Boards, a new recipe and book designation, EYBDigital updates, recipes, giveaways, and more.

December 2018 – ‘Best of the Best’ cookbooks of 2018, Christmas Sweets & Treats and Hors d’oeuvres Pinterest boards, EYB Cooking Club updates (including a special guest), best cookbooks by the experts, recipe excerpts, and giveaways galore!

November 2018 – Last minute Thanksgiving ideas, best cookbooks of 2018, featured magazine Food Network Magazine, Thanksgiving and Fall/Autumn baking Pinterest board highlights, holiday gift guides, and plenty of giveaways. 

October 2018 – Cookbooktober is here! World Calendar of Cookbook Events features many prominent author tours, featured magazine BBC Good Food, EYBDigital gets a dedicated page, Halloween ideas from Pinterest, loads of giveaways and more!

September 2018 – Over 6000 video recipes, EYBD updates, author tours, massive cookbook review, featured magazine Dish, featured Pinterest board Scones & muffins, EYB Cookbook Club updates, giveaways, and more!

August 2018 – Dorie Greenspan, Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Diana Henry, and Yotam Ottolenghi, and more on tour;  highlighted magazine  Better Homes & Gardens,  Breakfast/brunch Pinterest Board, EYB Cookbook Club summary, giveaways, and more. 

July 2018 – 8,000 cookbooks indexed, introducing EYBDigital, big name book tours announced, featured magazine Guardian Feast, Pinterest board Summer Grilling and Frozen Desserts, EYB Cookbook Club summary, recipe excerpts, giveaways, and more.

June 2018 – Remembering Anthony Bourdain, what to expect in Cookbooktober, featured magazine Chickpea, Red, white and blue Pinterest board, cookbook and cookware giveaways, EYB Cookbook Club updates, and EYB Book Preview and Recipe previews. 

May 2018 – James Beard Foundation Cookbook Award winners, featured magazine ‘Sift’, EYB Book Preview and Recipe Preview updates, cookbook and cookware giveaways, featured Member photos, featured Pinterest Board Sauces, dressings and marinades, and more. 

April 2018 – Diana Henry and Mark Bittman embark on tours, winner of The Piglet 2018, featured magazine Bake From Scratch, Mother’s Day recipes, cookbook and cookware giveaways, EYB Cookbook Club updates, and more. 

March 2018 – New EYB Book Preview and EYB Recipe Preview features, James Beard Award nominees, featured magazine Eating Well, Easter & Passover recipes, World Calendar of Cookbook events, equipment giveaways, and more

February 2018 – IACP Cookbook Awards recap and winners, featured magazine Martha Stewart Living, St. Patrick’s Day recipes, weekly Kindle sale posts, recipe excerpts, EYB Cookbook Club update, World Calendar of Cookbook Events, giveaways, and more

January 2018 – Best-selling cookbooks of 2017, corrections to Sweet, Valentine’s Day sweets & treats, 2018 cookbook preview, featured magazine: Waitrose, recipe excerpts, cookbook giveaways, and a new look for the food supplement to The Guardian newspaper

December 2017 – The “best of the best” 2017 cookbooks, Jenny Hartin’s top choices for the year’s best books, Christmas sweets & treats and Appetizers & Hors D’oeurves Pinterest Boards, Cookbook Club selections for the next several months, and recipe excerpts & giveaways

November 2017 – Special gift certificate offer, holiday gift guide, Thanksgiving and Fall/Autumn Baking Pinterest boards, recipe excerpts, Cookbook Club update, Black Friday deals

October 2017 – Cookbooktober strikes with over 200 cookbooks in the monthly roundup, Cookbook Club updates, Cooking Light Magazine celebrates 30 years, 5000 video recipes indexed, dozens of recipe excerpts, Halloween Pinterest Board. 

September 2017 – Introducing the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club, featured magazine Donna Hay, Pinterest board featuring main courses, recipe excerpts, Fall Cookbook Preview, Calendar of Events updates, giveaways, and more

August 2017 – The best food TV shows of 2017, featured magazine Bon Appetit,Pinterest board highlighting cakes of all kinds, recipe excerpts, Calendar of Events, giveaways, and more

July 2017 – Calendar of Events includes an Ottolenghi tour, featured magazine Jamie, Pinterest Board focus on Summer grilling, over 250,000 online recipes now available, giveaways, recipe excerpts, favorites lists, and more

June 2017 – Over 1.5 million recipes indexed, Member photo gallery, featured magazine Food & Wine, 27 cookbook giveaways, 20+ recipe excerpts, Pinterest board two-for-one

May 2017 – Over 7000 cookbooks indexed, featured magazine Cuisine (NZ), 20 recipe excerpts, new EYB Bookmark feature, Member photo gallery, and 24 cookbook giveaways

April 2017 – US cookbook awards season winds down but UK season is in the wings, Scones, muffins and breads Pinterest board, featured magazine Nadia (NZ), 150+ books in April’s roundup, 17 recipe excerpts, and loads of giveaways

March 2017 – Awards season in full force, the making of a cookbook collector, featured magazine Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine, Easter and Passover Pinterest board highlights, over 120 books in the March cookbook roundup, numerous recipe excerpts and several author interviews. 

February 2017 – Cookbook awards season kicks off; featured magazine Fine Cooking; Pies, tarts & pastries featured Pinterest board; loads of recipe excerpts; 75 books in the monthly roundup

January 2017 – Bestselling cookbooks of 2016, featured magazine Delicious (UK), video recipes, Valentine’s Day treats,  monthly cookbook roundup, author interviews, and several recipe excerpts. 

December 2016 – “Best of the best” cookbooks of 2016, Best cookbooks by the experts, appetizers & hors d’oeurvres, featured magazine Vegetarian Times, monthly roundup, recipe excerpts, and giveaways.  

November 2016 – Last minute Thanksgiving assistance, holiday sales from cookbook publishers, author interviews with Dorie Greenspan and others, highlighted magazine Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street, holiday sweets & treats Pinterest board, reviews and givewaways

October 2016 – Cookbooktober means 115 new releases, Jenny’s in-depth reviews, Halloween treat ideas, Thanksgiving planning assistance, author interviews, recipe excerpts, highlighted magazine Taste (NZ). 

September 2016 – New feature installed for Members to add their own photos, highlighted magazine Donna Hay Fresh + Light, author interviews and over 20 recipe excerpts, cookbook reviews, jumbo-sized cookbook roundup.

August 2016 – 50,000 online cookbook recipes, new EYB personal Notes feature, author interviews and cookbook excerpt, new fully-indexed magazine – Gluten Free Forever.  

July 2016 – Featured magazine Sweet Paul Magazine; sauces, dressings & marinades; cookbook reviews, cookbook excerpts and bonus recipe, author Q&A, updates to the Calendar of Events

June 2016 – Featured magazine delicious. (Australia), grilling and 4th of July recipes, author Q&A, cookbook excerpts, server upgrade for better performance, updates to the World Calendar of Cookbook Events

May 2016 – Cookbook and recipe excerpts, Jenny Hartin of The Cookbook Junkies to begin weekly cookbook reviews, featured magazine Saveur, and breakfast/brunch recipes.

April 2016 – The Guardian Cook supplement, an index for Prune, JBF and IACP cookbook award winners, Mother’s Day recipes, and author interviews.

March 2016 – Website update, cookbook award nominees, Easter recipes, new cookbooks, and author interviews.

February 2016 – Updates to the cookbook calendar of events, St. Patrick’s Day recipes, February’s new cookbooks, author interview and cookbook excerpt. 

January 2016 – Bestselling cookbooks of 2015, author interview and cookbook excerpts (including recipes!), over 6,000 cookbooks indexed, and the first cookbook roundup of the new year

December 2015 – Best cookbooks according to the experts, “Best of the best” cookbooks of 2015, special offers from Workman/Artisan and Phaidon, and a sneak peek of the upcoming improved website. 

November 2015 – A wave of departures from food writing indicates a changing of the guard, over 200,000 books indexed, holiday baking ideas, and new cookbook trends include chef & restaurant books and healthy, local eating.

October 2015 – New releases from chefs & restaurants dominate new cookbooks, The Splendid Tables turns 20, and Halloween treat ideas.

September 2015 – 1.25 million recipes indexed, complete author index for David Tanis, Annabel Langbein comes to the US, cookbook for a cause, and Cooking together with Heidi Swanson.

August 2015 – Cookbook  store profile of Kitchen Witch in New Orleans, Me & my cookbooks with Elizabeth Winslow, author stories and cookbook excerpts, special offer from Phaidon for EYB Members.

July 2015 – Me & my cookbooks with Sarah Hodge, author stories and cookbook excerpts (including a recipe), Cookbook store profile of Read It & Eat in Chicago, updated World Calendar of Cookbook Events.

June 2015 – Big Phaidon cookbook promotion, updated World Calendar of Events, cookbook excerpt and author interviews.

May 2015 – Ballymaloe Literary Festival highlights, updated World Calendar of Cookbook Events, author interviews, recipes for brownies, slices & bars, recipe excerpts from Classic Recipes for Modern People.

April 2015 – A very special Me & My Cookbooks; recipe excerpt from Cookie Love by Mindy Segal; author interviews with Diana Henry, Maria Speck, Joanne Chang and others; spring salad recipes; Melissa Clark complete index, and a boatload of new cookbooks in the monthly roundup.

March 2015 – Updated cookbook events calendar, recipe excerpts from Lighten Up Y’all, IACP & JBF award nominees, cookbook store profile of Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks in NYC, Easter & Passover recipes.

February 2015 – Complete indexes for seven top authors (with more on the way), St. Patrick’s Day recipes, cookbook award season begins, the post-holiday publishing lull wanes, and an excerpt from Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook.

January 2015 – Two newly indexed blogs, top-selling cookbooks of 2014 around the world, Valentine’s Day sweets, author interview with Ivy Manning, and ‘Me & My Cookbooks’ featuring Helen Rosner and Georgeanne Brennan.

December 2014 – Not one, but two Best Cookbooks of 2014 lists – one from booksellers and the other compiled from nearly 300 “best of” lists from across the globe; the perils of relying on website recipe boxes; author interview with food writer Katrina Meynink.

November 2014 – Buy-one-get-one EYB vouchers; bold new cookbooks; complete index for Maggie Beer, author interviews with Dorie Greenspan, Cal Peternell, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Donna Currie, and Cathy Barrow; a new landing page for EYB.

October 2014 – Many new cookbooks; complete indexes for Dorie Greenspan and Annabel Langbein; how to use filters; author articles: Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, Renee Erickson, Jane Hornby, Faith Durand, Dorie Greenspan & Karen Page; excerpts from Michael Ruhlman and Charles Phan’s new books.

September 2014 – Launch of ‘Cooking Together’ forums;  Ottolenghi article; Cookbook Events calendar launch; Barbara-Jo Cookbook Store featured; author profiles: Erin Scott, Tessa Kiros, Annabel Langbein.

August 2014 – 150,000 recipes online; new Cookbook Event; information page; William Sitwell article; Joy of Cooking blog indexed; Author profiles Charmian Christie, Hugh Carpenter

July 2014 – 5,000 cookbooks indexed; The Cookbook Stall in Philadelphia; new magazines Sweet Paul and Kinfolk; author profiles of Andrea Nguyen and Ivy Manning; Me & my cookbooks – Diana Henry

June 2014 – 4th July recipes; Chickpea magazine; EYB Lifetime membership giveaway.

May 2014 – Features for free members expanded; Scrumptious Read Bookshop in Brisbane profile; Author Profiles: Sam & Sam Clark, Mark Bittman, Molly Wizenberg, Lee Brian Schrager and Adeena Sussman, Jane & Fiona at LitFest Ballymaloe.

April 2014 – New magazines – Food Arts and Cook’s Country added; Author Profiles: Sarah Wilson, David Lebovitz, Michael Ruhlman; The Book Larder, Seattle profile; using a barcode scanner to add your books.

March 2014 – IACP and James Beard Awards; Author Profiles: Lorraine Pascale and Diana Henry, Michele Scicolone and Andrea Slonecker; Kitchen Arts and Letters, New York profile.

February 2014 – New “How To” search feature; Complete author indexes for Mark Bittman and Rose Levy Beranbaum; Author Profiles: Susie Middleton, Donald Link; Member Bookshelf.

January 2014 – 1 million recipes indexed! The Cookbook Store in Toronto featured; Great British Chefs blog and Taste NZ indexed; meet authors Megan Gordon and ark Weinstein and Bruce Scarborough.

December 2013 – Gift voucher offer for holidays; Best of the Best cookbook roundup list published; Books for Cooks store in London featured; meet authors Chad Robertson, Stephanie Stiavetti, and Chris McBride from Alta Editions.

November 2013 – Competition for Photography of Modernist Cuisine; announcing complete index for Mark Bittman; Books for Cooks in Melbourne featured; Susie Chang shows off her cookbook collection; meet Christopher Hirsheimer & Melissa Hamilton, and Allison Robicelli.

October 2013 – Omnivore Books in San Francisco featured; meet Patricia Wells; EYB member Sandy talks about her cookbook collection. 

September 2013 – Interviews with Molly Katzen, J M Hirsch and Valentina Harris; cookbook giveaways; cookbook roundup; featured member’s bookshelf.

August 2013 – Interviews with Michael Ruhlman and Joe Yonan; cookbook roundup; featured member’s bookshelf.

July 2013 – Clotilde Dusoulier interview, Raghavan Iyer interview, cookbook roundup.

June 2013 – 4,000 indexed cookbooks milestone, interview with William Sitwell, cookbook roundup, Daily Beast award for EYB.

May 2013 – New milestone – 100,000 online recipes added; Faith Durand interview; Cookbook rating app launch.

April 2013 – Pinterest Giveaways board; Karen Stabiner interview; IACP awards; tutorial videos launched.

March 2013 – New features on EBY; James Beard Finalists; Deborah Madison interview.

February 2013 – Cookbook roundup; IACP Finalists; Clifford A. Wright interview.

January 2013 – EYB indexes 80,000 recipes; Aida Mollenkamp interview.

December 2012 – EYB Best of the Best Cookbooks List for 2012; James Oseland interview.

November 2012 – 5 new blogs indexed; Tom Douglas (The Dahlia Bakery) interview.

October 2012 – Best new cookbooks; Worldwide cookbook store list.

August 2012 – Staying connected – EYB Blog, Twitter, Facebook; Holly Herrick interview.

July 2012 – Recipes organization; Jeanne Kelley interview.

June 2012 – 100,000 cookbooks in the EYB Library – making the most of your membership; Adrienne Kane interview.

April 2012 – New look for the EYB Homepage; IACP Awards. New season cookbooks.

February 2012 – Launch of EYB Bookmarklet; Cree LeFavour interview.

January 2012 – Introducing the Bookmarklet;  The 2 minute chocolate mousse.

December 2011 – Best of the Best Cookbooks of 2011.

November 2011 – Launch of personal recipes;  Susan T Chang (Susie) interview; update to online recipes.

October 2011 – Launch of member indexing.  Susie interview Tracey Zabar