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#1 Posted : Monday, November 22, 2010 10:03:34 AM(UTC)

I noticed Susan Chang's top 10 cookbooks for 2010 article. What are they in your neck of the woods? It would be great to hear from members in further flung places, who can turn some of the rest of us on to books we may have missed. Doesn't have to be ten books, just whatever you think is outstanding for the year

Mine for Australia are.... drum roll please...

Your Place or Mine? Gary Mehigan & George Columbaris

It Tastes Better Kylie Kwong

Saraban: A chef's journey through Persia  Greg & Lucy Malouf

Thai Street Food David Thompson


What are yours?


#2 Posted : Monday, November 22, 2010 3:49:42 PM(UTC)

Great idea kestypes,

I'm from Canada, in the Toronto area. To my knowledge, we don't have any "major" or highly influential food publications here in Canada picking top books but I personally value the opinions of The Cookbook Store in Toronto and they've done a "Top Picks" list to which I'll paste a link below.

You'll quickly see that distance doesn't necessarily translate in to differences and some of Susan's picks are also reflected in their list as well.

As for me, its so hard to pick "favourite cookbooks" I just love cookbooks and I've acquired some great old (and some very old) books this year as a result of "Favourites" here on EYB and, other recommendations I found in articles, via my travels and Chowhound. That said, in terms of books that came out this year, here are the ones that have really impressed me:

Kitchen Garden Companion - Stephanie Alexander: actually not released in Canada yet, I had to order this from the UK. This may be the most aesthetically pleasing cookbook I've ever owned. I love its cloth book jacket, quality binding and paper, beautiful photography, bookmark ribbons and of course, the recipes I've tried have been great too. I love to garden so the tips and gardening commentary is a bonus in this book. Top marks on all counts!

Seasons - Donna Hay - Just came out here and had captured me with its over-sized format, fantastic photography and typically wonderful, simple, yet flavourful recipes. Donna Hay is one of my favourite cookbook authors so I would have bought this book regardless but its so nice when your expectations are exceeded. I love this book.

Ad Hoc At Home - I haven't cooked from this at all, I've just given it a prominent spot on my coffee table and enjoy flipping through it when I have some free time. We had the pleasure of dining at Ad Hoc and this book brings back memories. Like its predecessors, it's a beautiful book that was thoughtfully put aspirational read.

Simply In Season - Tony DeLuca - Another great book from a fabulous Niagara wine-country chef. I'm a fan of this chef and have dined at all his restaurants over the years and. had the pleasure of meeting him. His recipes reflect the food he serves, are easy to execute with great flavour. Just picked this up in October and look forward to trying more recipes.

Niagara Cooks - A Seasonal Attitude - Lynn Orgzylo: This author is an advocate for Niagara agro-tourism and locally sourced ingredients. I loved this book from the moment I flipped through it. Not only does it have terrific recipes but it also serves as a wonderful travel guide for foodies visiting the Niagara Region. We planned a trip based on recommendations in this book and weren't disappointed.

Honorable Mention: All the Best Recipes - Jane Rodmell. This book came out last year but I acquired it in January and I have to say, its one of my all time favourite books and quickly became one that I pull off the shelf when I'm in the mood to cook something delicious and impressive. It's the only book I'd consider indexing myself for EYB since its unlikely to be on many bookshelves given the current demographic and target market here and I'd love to be able to make better use of it. This book features recipes from a well known gourmet shop/caterer here in Toronto. It's a book I'm quick to recommend and, have confidently given as a gift.

Here's the link to Toronto's Cookbook Store Picks if you're interested:

#3 Posted : Monday, November 22, 2010 4:49:16 PM(UTC)

Great idea for a topic kestypes - I'm going to have to give this some thought.  There have been so many wonderful cookbooks this year.  If you see any best of 2010 lists in Australia, can you send me the links?  And thanks for that link from Canada, SueMmm - several books in there I hadn't heard about.  Who knew there was not one, but two books just on rhubarb?

#5 Posted : Wednesday, December 1, 2010 3:18:26 PM(UTC)

Here's a link to the Washington Post's list of top cookbooks of 2010:  http://www.washingtonpos.../30/AR2010113003035.html

#6 Posted : Thursday, December 2, 2010 7:19:49 AM(UTC)

I try hard not to buy up-to-the-minute cookbooks, instead looking two years out for second-hand or remaindered copies.  I have a list of 2008 titles to buy before the 31st of December; then on the 1st of January 2011 I'll shift my focus to 2009.

But ... well, you know, I don't have to be ashamed here, amidst my kind, to admit that sometimes I just can't wait.  So I find on my shelves both Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty and Kim Boyce's Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours (w/Amy Scattergood) even though I shouldn't have bought them till 2012.  What can I say?  I'm weak.

I was pleased to see that those two were the finalists in food52's Golden Piglet contest for cookbook of the year.  Yes, I committed a form of -- what shall I call it? -- "cookbook adultery" by purchasing them, but man oh man were they worth the sin.

(Oh, I forgot to say, I have adopted this policy only recently, in despair over my book budget.  That's why you'll find lots of other 2009 and 2010 cookbooks on my bookshelf.  But those two, Plenty and Good to the Grain, were bought after the policy went into effect.  Supposedly.)

xxx, mcvl


#7 Posted : Friday, December 3, 2010 8:14:09 AM(UTC)

My best find for 2010 was the Canal House Cooking series.  I've subscribed and now have volumes 2-5 - I love the quality of both the recipes and the pihotography.  These little gems of books are by season and have inspired me to experiment.  Very affordable and beautifully presented.



#4 Posted : Wednesday, January 19, 2011 11:03:18 PM(UTC)

Jane wrote:

Great idea for a topic kestypes - I'm going to have to give this some thought.  There have been so many wonderful cookbooks this year.  If you see any best of 2010 lists in Australia, can you send me the links?  And thanks for that link from Canada, SueMmm - several books in there I hadn't heard about.  Who knew there was not one, but two books just on rhubarb?

From the Epicure section of the Melbourne Age newspaper

#8 Posted : Friday, January 21, 2011 4:30:29 AM(UTC)

Thanks for that link chrisguzzi.  I didn't actually include it in the Best of the best of 2010 as it was a best cookbooks of all time list rather than just last year.  But an interesting list nevertheless.  I never did get any best cookbooks of 2010 lists from Australia - just one from a bookstore in Melbourne.

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