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#1 Posted : Thursday, July 3, 2014 2:23:24 PM(UTC)

Sadly, King Arthur is "retiring" publication of "The Baking Sheet." I found out about this a while ago when trying to call in a renewal of my subscription. I was going to post this then but couldn't fnd anything, anywhere confirming it. Today, I got my current issue with a letter on the front outlining their plans to start a new, larger publication. I hope so! and soon! It's been one of my favorite publications. And their store and baking center in VT is fantastic! I had the chance to go there last summer for a brief visit. I'd love to take some baking classes there in the future. And their store is fabulous... they have probably every type of flour and many other great baking products. And a great restaurant, too.  I love that they are employee owned!

#2 Posted : Thursday, July 3, 2014 2:42:16 PM(UTC)

I love that store too!  I've never been to one of their baking lessons either but I would love to do so one year (when I ever have free time).

For anyone who hasn't noticed, we do index all the recipes in The Baking Sheet (and will also do the new KAF magazine whne it starts next year).

#3 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2019 12:30:56 AM(UTC)

I'm another KAF fan! My mom works there, and I've managed to accumulate a near complete set of Baking Sheets going back to January 1990. That first issue I have reads as if there were already issues in the past (hence the 'near' in the previous sentence), and it predates King Arthur taking on the magazine. I also found I love indexing recipes (😁) so I'm going to work on getting all these indexed. I also want to make a bookmark list of all the recipes my mom contributed to the magazine, which isn't a use I thought of for bookmarks when I created my account - I'm so excited to be able to do so though! With nearly 19 years of issues still to index, it'll take a bit but I'll keep plugging away!

#4 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2019 11:40:05 AM(UTC)

That is fantastic that you plan to index all those older issues and wonderful that the index will include your mother's recipes. Contact our Data Manager, Deborah - - when you need issues set up in the EYB Library. 

I posted 5 years ago that I would love to attend classes at KAF. I have now done two (and plan to do more). I did a full-day Baking Artisan Breads class with Ciril Hitz which was amazing - challah, Swiss brioche, gibassier, mixed berry muffins, bostock (my favorite). And recently a half-day Croissants class, where I learnt so much.

#5 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2019 2:44:11 PM(UTC)

Thank you, Jane! I've been working with Deborah, and will continue to do so! I've got one Baking Sheet issue (summer 2009) in Sydney's queue for review now, and will get the next one started as soon as that's approved. I'm planning to work backwards in reverse chronological order. I did a quick count last night and it looks like my Mom had about 100 recipes printed over an 8 year span. Only 30 have been indexed so far, so lots more to come!

I've only taken one course at KAF - a gnocchi course which was fantastic! Living in Minneapolis, it's hard to get there, but visiting is always part of a trip home! Both the artisan breads and the croissants classes sound like a lot of fun!

#6 Posted : Saturday, November 30, 2019 6:05:38 PM(UTC)

Simple Fruit: Seasonal Recipes for Baking, Poaching, Sautéing, and Roasting by Laurie Pfalzer is coming out in late winter. She baked at King Arthur Flour for several years and now teaches at PCC (Seattle area) among other things. Note there is also a KAF school just to the north of us.

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