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#42 Posted : Wednesday, June 9, 2021 4:42:34 PM(UTC)

King Arthur makes a self rising flour.  You can find it in many USA grocery stores or on line at KAF.

#32 Posted : Thursday, June 10, 2021 3:54:35 AM(UTC)

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Quite impressive and several I have to try. I went a somewhat different route: 1. apple cider vinegar 2. Kressi's vinegar 3, Malt vinegar 4. Balsamic vinegar 5. Rice vinegar 6. Shanxi vinegar 7. black currant vinegar 8. Cane vinegar 9. Surig esig essence 28% spirit vinegar 10. lychee fruit vinegar 11. banana vinegar 12. maple vinegar 13. date vinegar 14. fig vinegar 15. Chili infused thick balsamic 16. coconut vinegar 17. Banyuls wine vinegar  .... hmm..I seem to be missing some usuals but I clearly have more than I thought.

Okay, folks, what can you add as a necessary vinegar that's not been mentioned. My Surig is a German/Scandinavian vinegar more acidic than any domestic version -- it's the only obscure vinegar in my pantry.

I bought a red wine tarragon vinegar on a whim and now I'm on the lookout for it again because it was so delicious I finished it quickly. Always considered myself a vinegar lover but I'm put to shame by some of your collections!

#44 Posted : Tuesday, July 27, 2021 2:06:42 AM(UTC)

I always have a "beef" with a number of the "Store cupboard ingredients" - not necessarily because they are common in a large number of homes in all parts of the world, but because I feel they may be essential to a recipe and I would like to know they are needed when I am researching a recipe.  Ones that come immediately to mind are: garlic (I love garlic in recipes and many recipes only require 1 or 2, but that is still significant); lemons, red wine and white wine.  Was please to note that eggs were removed the SCI list - (for which I heaved a sigh of relief).

Another puzzle is why more specific ingredients is classified as SCIs while the less-defined ones are not.  e.g.

red wine and white wine are SCIs, "wine" is not. 

And caster/castor sugar is not an SCI where it seems to me it should be. 

And oil is not but olive/vegetable/canola oils are.

Dijon mustard is an SCI but oher mixed mustards (mild, hot) are not.  It's not a mustard that was ever included in my parents' pantry but I use it reasonably frequently.

Charlotte Burton-Bell, Wellington NZ.

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