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Shy about commenting on or ranking recipes?   Go to last post Go to last unread
#1 Posted : Saturday, April 28, 2012 9:06:30 PM(UTC)

Does anyone else avoid commenting on or ranking recipes they didn't like?  I always rank and often comment on recipes that I did like, but if one doesn't work out I'm more likely to assume I did something wrong, especially as I rarely follow any recipe exactly. Also so often it's just a matter of taste, and I don't want to put others off who might have liked the recipe. What do others do?

Also, when should you "review' rather than "comment"?

#2 Posted : Sunday, April 29, 2012 12:04:57 AM(UTC)

I think you should review, good or bad.  Obviously if you don't follow the recipe exactly as written by the author then you should mention that as it may be that your changes affected the final results.  But I don't think you should assume that you the cook are at fault.  Have you read Susie's great post on the many failings of the recipe she tested recently?

I think for Notes to be useful then failures are just as important as triumphs.  Of course personal taste plays its part but that is just as true for recipes that you love.  I would really want to know if you hated a recipe you made, or if something went badly wrong.  And sometimes those are the funniest Notes to read as well!

#3 Posted : Wednesday, May 2, 2012 8:34:41 PM(UTC)

What is the etiquette on adding to the "notes" if you have already commented on a recipe on another website?  I regularly contribute recipe comments to another website, many for recipes not already reviewed on EYB.  It would be helpful to EYB if I added such comments here, but I wasn't sure about doing that if I was literally cutting and pasting my comments.  Thanks!

#4 Posted : Wednesday, May 2, 2012 9:40:17 PM(UTC)

Hi Trisha  -  not sure if there is any etiquette per se but I would love to read your comments, even if copied from what you have written on another website. I know that some people review things on Chowhound and then copy posts onto recipes on EYB - I think it's great that the comments are getting collated here as well. It's great to just see lots of information / reviews on this website and I personally don't see the point in you re-writing to particularly target an EYB audience.

#5 Posted : Thursday, May 3, 2012 9:47:21 AM(UTC)

There shouldn't be any problem with copying comments from another reviews site.  As far as I'm aware the comments belong to you although some sites have terms that allow them to use your reviews for their own purposes once you have posted them there.  But that doesn't stop you from copying them.

As Melanie says, there are many EYB members who copy their reviews from ChowHound as well as from Cookbooker.  We welcome any reviews, wherever you wrote them originally.  Just remember to remove any references to other posts in the original location as that would be confusing.

#6 Posted : Thursday, May 17, 2012 5:06:02 PM(UTC)

Thanks Jane- my question was about content.  

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