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#1 Posted : Sunday, May 12, 2024 2:43:19 PM(UTC)

I need some beansprouts for a dish later in the week but I forgot to get some from the supermarket at the weekend (plus they usually have packs containing way too many) but there are some mungbeans in my larder. ChatGPT gave this response to my question "How to get bean sprouts from mung beans and what weight of sprouted beans for every gram of mung beans used?"

"To sprout mung beans into bean sprouts, rinse the mung beans thoroughly and soak them in water for about 8-12 hours. Then, drain the water and transfer the soaked beans to a container with drainage holes. Rinse them with water twice a day and keep them in a warm, dark place. In about 2-5 days, they should sprout into bean sprouts.

"Regarding weight, typically, you can expect about a 1:4 ratio of sprouted beans to mung beans used. So for every gram of mung beans, you would yield approximately 4 grams of sprouted beans. However, this can vary slightly depending on factors like the sprouting conditions and the specific batch of beans."

Does this answer/method make sense?

#2 Posted : Sunday, May 12, 2024 6:28:49 PM(UTC)

Yes, that is pretty much how I used to sprout mung beans. They will begin to sprout in 24 hours, and another 24 will have little tails. There are lots of articles and videos online that can show you pics of the process.

These days I do them in the instant pot - soak overnight, then drain and put them in a steamer basket for 8 hrs or so on the yoghurt setting for short tails/sprouts.  There is no need for any water in the instant pot.

#3 Posted : Wednesday, May 15, 2024 1:50:56 PM(UTC)
I have a white plastic container with removable container insert with drainage holes and basically what you found is what I also do but usually takes 5 days after soaking for harvest. I normally keep this white opaque container on my kitchen counter so it is not in completely dark place but as long as it does not get direct sunlight, it works for me. If I kept it away, I think I would forget to rinse twice a day. It needs vigorous shaking after running it through water to remove water as much as possible.
#4 Posted : Wednesday, May 15, 2024 2:32:26 PM(UTC)

For those in the US, reliable supplier of containers and beans, etc is

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