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#1 Posted : Saturday, October 17, 2020 12:49:21 AM(UTC)

I'm 58 years old, the youngest of 4. My parents both grew up working class/working poor. While they owned a shop, we were essentially still working class/working poor. It was a small mininig town and everyone rose and fell with the fortunes of the mines. And during strikes... well... there were times that there was meat on the table because my Dad poached a deer or an elk. Before anyone gets up in arms, this was Montana of the 60's, and if my father was poaching a deer, it wasn't because hunting must be limited, but for the cost of the hunting license.

Anyway, that is all prelude to the fact that in spite of their humble upbringings, my parents were foodies! Sundays were regularly dedicated to food experiments accompanied by music (show toons, American songbook or jazz greats like Hoagy Carmichael or Louis Armstong).

Many of the recipes they tried came from Woman's Day and Family Circle, which in those days, appeared each month with a themed cookbook in the middle, designed to be torn out and saved, half the width of the magazine, and printed on paper somewhere between newspaper and construction paper. Themes might be an ingredient (like ham), a holiday (Christmas) a technique (Barbecue) or a source (White House Recipes). They were designed to be torn out, punched and saved in a 3-ring binder (which my parents did). This link shows one of what I am talking about (and I think my parents might have saved this one):


Other recipes came from Life Magazine.

The collection, in a 3-ring binder, indexed for tried and want-to-try recipes, went missing after my Mom's death. We only have the recipes we'd asked for and traded back and forth between us kids, which were of course, the best of them.

Which brings me back to my point. Does anyone have a nostalgiac memory of magazine or newspaper recipes, from before the era of cooking and gourmet magazines they'd like to share?

I'll start, and all of these came from Woman's Day, Family Circle or Life Magazine:

Gouda Beer Cheese Spread (from the White House, purportedly from the Eisenhower WH).

Roast Beef Teriyaki (from Life Magazine)

Scrapple (Pennsylvania Dutch dish - RECIPE LOST - but many online)

Bavarian Beef (sort of a quick Saurbraten)

Meat-za Pie (essentially a meatloaf, made in a pie tin and topped like a pizza)

Oxtail Stew (never made myself, too much work, not to mention buying the ox tails)

Canneloni (including a Mornay sauce recipe)

Gnocchi (RECIPE LOST, but many online and multiple types)

Polvorones (or Russian Teacakes or Mexican Wedding Cookies, sometimes called Snow Balls)

#2 Posted : Saturday, October 17, 2020 7:26:10 PM(UTC)

My recipe nostalgia is from my first years of cooking thanksgiving dinners.  I would buy Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines and mark the recipes to try.

None of these has become an annual tradition but the joy of choosing what recipes to make for special dinners has continued. Once I came upon a stash of old Gourmet magazines from the '70s and '80s at the library book sale.  Bought several copies and truly enjoyed these. Excellent writing and the photos were about the food not the "image" or people gathered. I loved it and it gave me great appreciation for that era of the magazine.

#3 Posted : Sunday, October 18, 2020 8:38:18 AM(UTC)

Growing up in Ottawa, I clearly remember my mom buying Canadian Living at the supermarket (1st published in 1975) and cooking from it often.  I'm quite sure that many of the recipes I have of hers known as "My mom's...." (including her - and now my -  famous lemon squares) came from CL.  Also, the only turkey stuffing I will ever make is copied onto a card - I then came across it in an older CL cookbook that I acquired a few years ago.   

I am now doing some reading on the history of the magazine and just learned that in the beginning it was partially financed and then owned (for how long I can't find) by the Labatt's Brewing Company - how Canadian is that? :) 

Of course Canadian Living is still going strong with many of its food editors etc becoming common place names in Canadian cooking (including Anne Lindsay, Daphna Rabinovich, Lucy Waverman, Elizabeth Baird, Bonnie Stern, Emily Richards etc).  I do not subscribe anymore but I still collect the annual holiday editions.

#4 Posted : Sunday, October 18, 2020 9:13:56 AM(UTC)

Yes, the Collector's Cook Book from Woman's Day!

Sorry to hear of your loss, Fyretigger. That's the kind of loss that hurts more than it's logically supposed to hurt.

#5 Posted : Tuesday, October 20, 2020 1:09:54 AM(UTC)

Originally Posted by: bittrette Go to Quoted Post
Sorry to hear of your loss, Fyretigger. That's the kind of loss that hurts more than it's logically supposed to hurt.

Thank you for your kind thoughts. My Mother actually died 10 years ago now, and the disappearence of the 3-ring binder was about the same time. My posting wasn't about immediate grief, but rather a moment of longer term nostalgia. Your recognizing the "Collector's Cookbook" warmed my heart.

While I'm sure we lost a few things with the loss of the 3-ring binder, even if it was just the recipes my parents wanted to try, the best recipes survive. I'm the current keeper of the family cookbook, which now exists primarily in digital form. It now runs to 200 pages. And it won't be lost, because every few months as changes get made, it goes out to the family. When my time is done, another will take up the mantle and become the keeper.

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