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  • Chocolate fudge cake

    • Jane on May 04, 2013

      My daughter's favorite cake so gets made a lot. I've found I need to use 3 cake tins if using the low, sandwich tins as using 2 means they overflow in the oven.

  • Spaghetti with melted cauliflower sauce

    • Jane on December 15, 2021

      Not bad but I didn't love it enough to make again. Though my execution could have been better. I fail to see how pulsing cauliflower in a processor would result in 1/2 inch pieces. You end up with large untouched pieces and a lot of rubble. It really needs to be cut by hand. Maybe because of this my sauce didn't really brown so no caramelized flavor.

  • Chocolate banana muffins

    • eliza on December 05, 2016

      I made a half recipe to try them out. After reading the online comments, I added 1/3 cup semi sweet mini chocolate chips to my half batch. They turned out well, something between a muffin and a cupcake. I ditched the papers and just used Pam spray and they released fine. Very good muffins, definitely a dessert with the chocolate chip addition. They might be good with raspberry icing. The next day, these tasted even better; I will definitely make them again soon.

  • Lemon polenta cake

    • aargle on January 26, 2022

      A delicious cake that turned out perfectly. I used all the syrup which I was unsure about as I had a lot of syrup but it was fine and resulted in a very moist, very lemony cake. Will make again.

    • annapanna on November 07, 2013

      Nice cake. I didn't use up all the syrup, I think half the quantity would be enough.

    • marmite on June 27, 2014

      Fabulous cake - I thought about not adding all the syrup but I'm glad I did, wonderfully moist. Definitely more of a dessert cake to be eaten with a fork though. Delicious with raspberries. Thinking about experimenting by adding rosemary like the Italian ones.

    • Barb_N on August 29, 2017

      I made this (with the syrup) to serve with slices of fresh peach- fabulous and so easy. The regular polenta was a bit gritty(rustic)- I might try instant polenta the next time- and there will be a next time.

  • Apple and almond cake

    • FJT on July 08, 2020

      Having read the comments on I cut back on the eggs and sugar (I used 6 eggs, 200g of sugar and a 9" tin rather than 10"). In addition I didn't add sugar to the apples and I separated the eggs and whipped the whites. The recipe comes together very easily if you have the stewed apples made in advance. My cake took 60 mins at 160 fan - I'd probably up the temp to 170 fan next time. Very nice, light cake.

  • Banana muffins!

    • JodieE on November 13, 2015

      I used 300g gluten free flour & threw in dark chocolate chips

  • Vegan spag Bol

    • Barb_N on January 10, 2022

      I had to make some modifications, which may have affected the final texture. I had no red lentils and used chopped portobello caps instead of dried porcini. In spite of decreasing the liquid, and simmering for almost 3 hours, my sauce is fairly watery. I plan to freeze most of it, so maybe I can add the red lentils into each portion as I use it. Mine does not look tomatoey like the photo- will try to modify.

    • Mayandbill on January 06, 2022

      Made this pretty much as written and it was really good, with a similar range of flavours to meat ragu. Best veggie/vegan Ragu recipe I’ve tried.

  • Chilli jam

    • Carol.Furness on August 10, 2014

      Love this and have made it several times. Change the ratio of chillis to peppers to suit your palate

  • One-step no-churn coffee ice cream

    • Marsaluna on August 10, 2020

      OMG. I made this last night. It is so good and so easy. It’s like a lovely creamy gelato. I didn’t have espresso or coffee liquor so I used vodka. At first the vodka taste seemed a little too evident but after freezing, the vodka taste dissipated and deep dark espresso shone through.

  • Parmesan shortbreads

    • TrishB on April 29, 2016

      Some people prefer these with a little added salt and 25g more parmesan. Some swap tasty cheddar for the parmesan and leave out the egg yolk, using equal quantities of flour, butter, cheese and roll them out a bit thinner.

  • Moroccan-spiced chicken with dates and aubergines

    • raybun on September 13, 2016

      This was absolutely delicious. Easy to prepare in advance, with incredible flavours. Don't omit the orange, it really adds to the dish.

  • Banana bread

    • Dolcetto23 on March 16, 2021

      My go-to banana bread recipe. Very easy, no need to dirty the mixer as it uses melted butter, and works every time. I use half wholemeal flour, and sometimes add mixed seeds as well.

  • Turkey breast stuffed with Italian sausage and Marsala-steeped cranberries

    • Pamsy on December 30, 2021

      My butcher boned a 5kg Turkey and I then used this recipe. Easy to carve and very tasty. I stuffed the bird on Christmas eve so less work next day. Definitely worthy of a repeat next Christmas. Good recipe, worked as written.

  • Mughlai chicken

    • anya_sf on April 08, 2019

      I used regular (European-style) yogurt instead of Greek because that's what I had on hand and it seemed to work just fine. I also used brown raisins, which were fine but did not look as pretty, but this isn't the most attractive dish. Made it one day ahead and reheated. My family liked it a lot. My husband wanted more spice, which I wouldn't have minded as well, but our heat-averse son thought it was excellent as is. A spritz of lemon or lime at the end wouldn't be unwelcome. For simplicity, I might just cut the chicken into smaller pieces to begin with and possibly skip the browning step, as I'm not sure it added much. This looks like a long, complicated recipe, but it really isn't. I'd definitely make this again.

  • No-churn brandied pumpkin ice cream

    • anya_sf on May 11, 2019

      There isn't a lot of pumpkin in this, so the pumpkin flavor isn't that prominent. With the nutmeg and brandy, the ice cream tasted like a cross between pumpkin and eggnog ice creams - not a bad thing, in my view. This was very easy to make and I'd definitely make it again.

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