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Truly Mexican: Essential Recipes and Techniques for Authentic Mexican Cooking by Roberto Santibañez and J. J. Goode

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Notes about this book

  • robm on July 06, 2011

    A major part of authentic Mexican cooking is its myriad sauces -- salsas, moles, pipianes, etc. In this wonderful book, Roberto Santibanez focuses on the sauces and provides recipes for virtually every one you can imagine, and many more that will probably be new to you! The only comparable book I know of is Patricia Quintana's still untranslated "El Mulli." A great addition to the library of Mexican cookbooks! Most of these are traditional sauces that can be used with your choice of meats, fish or poultry. In the old days Mexican cooks often had to use whatever protein was available. There might not have been a big selection at the market, but what there was could be varied infinitely by the endless array of sauces. So feel free to experiment, using these sauces. Whatever you cook in them will be delicious!

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Fresh yellow tomato salsa (Pico de gallo amarillo)

    • hirsheys on September 30, 2017

      This was good, but quite mild. I think this would be better on a fish taco than to dip chips into. 8.18.17

  • Simple roasted tomato salsa with onion and cilantro (Salsa roja con cebolla y cilantro)

    • lkgrover on August 14, 2017

      I made this for a coworker's birthday party. I appreciate that it keeps in in the refrigerator for a few days, so it can be made ahead. Everyone enjoyed it, and two people asked for the recipe. I used less jalapeno, so it was not as spicy. The salsa is runny, similar to Mexican restaurants in the U.S.

  • Roasted tomatillo salsa with toasted chile powder (Salsa de tomatillo con chile seco en polvo)

    • lkgrover on August 14, 2017

      I liked this tomatillo salsa; the ancho chiles gave it a smokiness. I used 1/2 pound of tomatillos, which only made about 1/4 cup salsa (not the 1/2 cup the recipe indicated). I would purchase at least 1 pound tomatillos to produce 1/2 cup salsa.

  • Roasted tomatillo salsa with chipotle and roasted garlic (Salsa de tomatillo asado con chipotle)

    • blepharisma on September 08, 2013

      This is a really simple and delicious recipe. The chipotles add a bit of heat and smokiness, while the tomatillos keep it tangy. Versatile... and a little different from the usual salsa.

  • Spicy cooked tomatillo table salsa (Salsa verde picante)

    • pagesinthesun on October 30, 2012

      So, I made this salsa and then mashed in 1.5 avocados. It was a big hit! I served it with tortilla chips along with Rick Bayless Frontera grill chipolte salsa (jarred) I chose to do the tomatillos in a cooked salsa. I've never had them in a fresh salsa, for some reason I don't think I'd like that.

  • Classic guacamole (Guacamole tipico)

    • lorloff on June 09, 2017

      Out of the ballpark guacamole recipe! Will make again and again. Must make in a molcajete which is perfect for this recipe. I am considering keeping the chopped onion, cilantro and chilies on hand so we can make this easily and often.

    • lkgrover on August 14, 2017

      This is my go-to guacamole recipe for classic guac. If you add fresh lime juice, it keeps (in the refrigerator) without changing color. I always add fresh tomatoes.

  • Pineapple and cucumber guacamole (Guacamole con piña y pepino)

    • hirsheys on September 30, 2017

      Meh. I didn't think the cucumber added a lot and I found the pineapple too sweet.

  • Fruit guacamole (Guacamole con frutas)

    • lkgrover on July 08, 2018

      Excellent, interesting mix of fruits in a guacamole. I brought this to a party, where I got several requests for the recipe. (I used 1 peach, only green grapes, and the optional pomegranate as well as all required items.)

  • Basic guajillo adobo (Adobo de guajillo)

    • jayejoyce on December 11, 2015

      I found this recipe especially simple to make, and very flavorful. The Guajillo chilis add just enough heat so that people with most levels of heat-sensitivity can enjoy. Take your time in making sure the chilis are properly browned to get the best flavor. Small batches work best.

  • Three-chile adobo (Adobo de tres chiles)

    • MmeFleiss on December 25, 2017

      This is a really great marinade. Well-balanced.

  • Grilled adobo-marinated skirt steak (Carne adobada)

    • mr.paul on September 22, 2015

      Made this with the 3-chili adobo, and it was absolutely wonderful. Served with tomatillo salsa (fresh, not cooked) and cucumber salsa, along with corn tortillas.

  • Mole from Puebla (Mole Poblano)

    • hirsheys on July 15, 2018

      As expected, this took a lot of work, including an extended break dealing with my smoke alarm after the chile frying step. (Sigh.) Still, the mole came out delicious and extremely complex, which was very gratifying. This recipe makes an absolute vat (completely filled my dutch oven), but it'd be hard to cut it down, so I'm hoping it freezes well. I really liked it enchilada style with chicken (poached using the book's method) and chihuahua cheese.

  • Simple pumpkin seed sauce (Pipian verde)

    • hirsheys on August 17, 2017

      This was FANTASTIC. I was really attracted to the picture in the book (with shrimp), but had to use chicken breasts instead. I poached them using the method in the book and then saved the liquid for the sauce. I overcooked the chicken (I got a phone call), but the sauce is so good it didn't matter. I made it pretty much as written, though I used only one whole large jalapeno. I could have used a bit more, but it was still plenty spicy. Next time, I would add less liquid while blending the first batch, just to get a smoother texture. I originally planned to serve this with tortillas, but after tasting, I decided to make rice to sop up the sauce. Super delicious.

  • Carnitas tacos (Tacos de carnitas)

    • Rinshin on January 26, 2018

      Used the carnitas recipe from the book and already made pico de Gallo from the freezer. Great with chopped onions, cilantro, and squeeze of lime.

  • Enchiladas with chicken (Enchiladas de pollo)

    • JKDLady on September 13, 2015

      I really liked this, but felt it needed more filling. Maybe sautéed veggies in with the chicken. I really liked the technique of making the corn tortillas pliable. I think this recipe is very flexible.

  • Guacamole enchiladas with guajillo-tomatillo beef sauce (Enchiladas de guacamole con salsa de guajillo)

    • JKDLady on December 14, 2012

      This is an outstanding salsa. I only made the salsa and without the meat. I used it to coat corn tortillas and also to top pork chops. This is a keeper!

    • blepharisma on September 08, 2013

      I made this for a birthday dinner. There are a few parts to it, so be sure to get organized! A fantastic meal.

    • wcassity on November 24, 2018


  • Chilaquiles (Tortilla chips simmered with sauce)

    • SilverSage on July 30, 2015

      Fabulous! I made this with the fresh Ranchero Sauce from the same book. I brought back memories of my days living in Los Angeles in the 1970's. I used them as a side dish, but they'd be perfect for breakfast with a fried egg on top.

  • Braised and fried pork (Carnitas)

    • meggan on November 05, 2018

      Very good though I added a little more stock than called for and if you are feeding piggy people like I am, you might want to add more pork. I made with: Martha Stewart Caramelized Poblano and Onion Dip https://www.marthastewart.com/911335/caramelized-poblano-chile-and-onion-dipMartha Stewart Black beans and rice with Avocado https://www.marthastewart.com/1057867/black-beans-rice-and-avocado BA Green Pico de gallo https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/green-pico-de-gallo BA Roasted Tomato-Cashew Salsa http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/roasted-tomato-cashew-salsa Nopalito Pickled Red Onions BA Tres Leches Cake https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/tres-leches-cake

    • Rinshin on January 26, 2018

      Excellent carnitas. Made half the recipe, subbed buttermilk for condensed milk, and shredded meat with fork before crisping/browning in the oven. Was not sure if orange skin also went into the cooking sauce and added that in as well.

  • Poached chicken and chicken stock (Pollo cocido)

    • hirsheys on July 15, 2018

      This method cooks the chicken beautifully and makes an extremely mild, but tasty stock. At least, the version I made was mild because I used split chicken breasts - the bones added flavor and the meat came out very moist. I had to sub kholrabi for the celery, and used a bunch of green onions instead of a regular white onion. It's a flexible recipe...

  • Fast mashed canned black beans (Frijoles negros machacados)

    • britt on June 08, 2013

      I thought these were good, especially considering how simple they were to make. They had a smoky, deep flavor. Great weeknight option.

  • Chipotle-avocado leaf black beans (Frijoles negros con chipotle y hoja de aguacate)

    • joanhuguet on March 03, 2015

      Incredibly rich, complex, and spicy. My go-to Mexican bean recipe from now on.

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