Cookfight: 2 Cooks, 12 Challenges, 125 Recipes, an Epic Battle for Kitchen Dominance by Julia Moskin and Kim Severson

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    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Children's parties; Cooking ahead; Entertaining & parties; American South
    • Ingredients: butter; cake flour; sugar; eggs; milk; lemons
    • Categories: Spice / herb blends & rubs; Snacks; Children's parties; Entertaining & parties; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: lemons; fleur de sel; potato chips
    • Accompaniments: Frank Stitt's onion dip
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Children's parties; Entertaining & parties; American South
    • Ingredients: red onions; sour cream; mascarpone cheese; whole grain mustard; Tabasco sauce; chives; Worcestershire sauce
    • Accompaniments: Potato chips with lemon salt
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Children's parties; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; sharp cheddar cheese; macaroni and cheese
    • Accompaniments: Sausage patties; Melon salad with chiles and mint
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch; Side dish; Children's parties; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: dried sage; dried thyme; dried red pepper flakes; ground pork
    • Accompaniments: Macaroni and cheese pancakes
    • Categories: Salads; Breakfast / brunch; Side dish; Children's parties; Entertaining & parties; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: limes; Thai bird chiles; superfine sugar; cantaloupes; honeydew melons; watermelons; mint
    • Accompaniments: Macaroni and cheese pancakes
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Children's parties; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: dark chocolate; cake flour; dark brown sugar; buttermilk; gelatin; heavy cream; corn syrup
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Canapés / hors d'oeuvre; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: butter; cheddar cheese; egg yolks; ground cayenne pepper; pecans
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Appetizers / starters; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: fennel; tart apples; pecorino Romano cheese; lemons; parsley
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    • Categories: Side dish; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: Brussels sprouts; sweet paprika; pistachio nuts
    • Accompaniments: Lamb rack with cilantro-mint crust
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Christmas; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: heavy cream; dark chocolate; egg whites; Dutch-process cocoa powder
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: chicken livers; bay leaves; thyme; butter; Cognac
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Side dish; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: lacinato kale; shallots; Meyer lemons; ricotta salata cheese
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Entertaining & parties; Italian
    • Ingredients: pork loin roast; garlic; sage; milk; heavy cream; lemons
    • Accompaniments: Domino potatoes with butter and bay
    • Categories: Side dish; Entertaining & parties; South American; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: butter; baking potatoes; fresh bay leaves; fleur de sel
    • Accompaniments: Pork braised in milk and cream
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Sauces for desserts; Dessert; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; apples; butter; coarse sugar; heavy cream; crème fraîche
    • Categories: Main course; Christmas; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: garlic; beef prime rib roast; milk; all-purpose flour; eggs; beef fat
    • Accompaniments: Italian green salad with vinaigrette
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Christmas; Cooking for a crowd; Entertaining & parties; American
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; milk; eggs; beef fat
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Entertaining & parties; Italian; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: shallots; mixed lettuces
    • Accompaniments: Prime rib with popovers
    • Categories: Soups; Italian
    • Ingredients: salt pork; white onions; celery; carrots; dried oregano; dried basil; dried thyme; zucchini; canned tomatoes; chicken stock; cannellini beans; spaghetti pasta
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: spaghetti pasta; garlic; dried red pepper flakes; Parmesan cheese; breadcrumbs
    • Categories: Mousses, trifles, custards & creams; Quick / easy; Dessert; French
    • Ingredients: chocolate chips; rum; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Appetizers / starters
    • Ingredients: raspberry vinegar; pink peppercorns; chives; smoked salmon; cucumbers
    • Categories: Main course
    • Ingredients: half and half cream; cornflakes; dried rosemary; garlic salt; ground cayenne pepper; chicken legs; chicken thighs

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Reviews about this book

  • Food52

    In the end, all I really wanted was to get in the kitchen & cook alongside them, sharing laughs, jabs, & a big pile of their Bacon-Fat Gingersnaps. Give peace a chance, ladies. A good read, & epic fun

    Full review
  • Serious Eats

    It isn't two books in one—it's a collaborative effort between two clever people, both of whom have risen to the occasion. The book might be based on battle, but everything we've seen is a winner.

    Full review
  • Epicurious

    While you are welcome to pick sides, and may find one woman's recipes more appealing, the book's competitive spirit remains friendly, and in the end, it's the reader and home cook that wins.

    Full review

Reviews about Recipes in this Book

  • ISBN 10 0062096850
  • ISBN 13 9780062096852
  • Published Oct 30 2012
  • Format eBook
  • Page Count 320
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Ecco Press

Publishers Text

Food obsessives.
Work wives.

New York Times writers Julia Moskin and Kim Severson were all of the former, until legendary Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni challenged them to go head-to-head in a culinary duel—a battle for dinner dominance that turned them into kitchen combatants. Armed with only $50 each, Bruni dared them to prepare a full meal for six, a showdown which he would judge for the newspaper. The thrill of battle proved too exhilarating to resist, and that initial clash turned into a yearlong kitchen war as Julia and Kim faced off to tackle the most vexing kitchen predicaments, from how best to console friends in need through old-fashioned home cooking to conjuring kids' food that keeps both parents and children happy at a party.

CookFight is the delicious result of their brinksmanship, a chronicle of their skirmishes over the course of twelve months and a look at how two very different people—best friends from wildly divergent backgrounds—approach the kitchen. In each heartfelt and hilarious chapter, Kim and Julia confront a new "challenge"—those quandaries all home cooks deliberate, from how to strategize a dinner party (the Fancy Food Challenge) to how to eat more seasonally and locally (the Farmer's Market Challenge). Every recipe, from Julia's Caramelized Corn with Mint to Kim's Carnitas, is a delectable testament to their creativity and savvy—only the reader will be able to call the winner.

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