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  • Best butterscotch pudding

    • manond on February 04, 2013

      This was sooooo good! I put it in little French dessert cups and used a pastry bag to pipe whipped cream on top. I made it for the children at a dinner party, and more adults than children chose it! Yum!

    • Analyze on March 25, 2017

      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I made it side by side with the older "Butterscotch Pudding" published by the same company in the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, and this one was SO much more flavorful. Because you end up cooking the caramel to a deeper color/flavor, it turns out a better pudding with WAY more intense flavors; it also has more rich ingredients (more butter and cream). Mine didn't thicken up in step 4, though, so I had to put it back on the heat like you'd traditionally make pudding. The older ATK recipe (while good) is incredibly mild by comparison (kids might like it better). If you do make this amazing recipe, I'll add that we personally preferred it without the rum, though it's good with the rum too.

    • joanhuguet on March 03, 2015

      The flavor was great, but the texture was thin and grainy. I'll stick with the traditional approach to tempering eggs if I make this again.

  • Oatmeal muffins

    • hillsboroks on September 24, 2019

      The extra work of toasting the oatmeal in butter is so worth the amazing oat flavor. These muffins are not very sweet and neither is the streusel. I added 2 tablespoons extra brown sugar to the streusel and it was just right. Next time I will take LaurenB's suggestion and add a bit of cinnamon. These muffins are incredibly moist and stay moist and flavorful for up to two days after baking. I would not attempt to bake these muffins in a regular pan without special large muffin liners because the batter fills regular muffin tins to the top before you add the streusel. I used tulip shaped muffin liners and they were perfect.

    • LaurenB on January 28, 2019

      More involved than a normal muffin recipe, but turned out perfect. Will add a bit of cinnamon to muffin batter next time.

  • Wild rice and mushroom soup

    • Dommy on September 16, 2017

      Recipe can be found on this blog:

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Reviews about Recipes in this Book

  • Soft-cooked eggs

    • Bitten Word

      Each egg was absolutely perfect. The whites were set, the yolks were soft and runny. Over a simple salad of greens, with a scatter of salt and fresh-ground pepper, it was the perfect weekend lunch.

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