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Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

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Notes about this book

This book does not currently have any notes.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Cheddary broccoli soup

    • louie734 on September 11, 2017

      Way delicious. Only used half the cashew cream in the whole pot of soup and it's crazy how cheddar-like, how satisfyingly creamy this soup is. Wanting to avoid a too-thin soup, I cooked the soup with 2 cups of veg broth instead of 3. Only other changes: a leek for onion, didn't measure the broccoli - one medium head, stalk and all. After using the blender for the cashew cream, dump the cream into a mason jar (it makes just over 2 cups, so leave the remainder in the blender) and start tossing in the soup, blending it up in batches. Add a bit more broth/cashew cream as needed. Don't forget the acid! It perks the whole thing up.

    • happyeater on May 25, 2015

      Delicious and filling. Freezes well to bring to work for lunch.

    • Vin on May 27, 2017

      A+ You'd swear there was cheddar in this delicious vegan soup! • My vitamix allows me to skip soaking the cashews. • Can use frozen broccoli w/o thawing as it's added just prior to boiling with stock–-big time saver. • I don't use the immersion blender as I prefer a very velvety soup. Rather, I let the soup cool about an hour prior to pureeing in the vitamix.

    • leahb on November 04, 2017

      This was truly delicious. I don't know how anyone would know it was vegan. I only used half of the cashew cream. Instead of the immersion blender, I blended everything in my Vitamix, just 2 or 3 pulses was all I needed to have a creamy consistency with little bits of broccoli pieces to chew. Also, I didn't need to soak the cashews because of the Vitamix.

  • Sesame slaw with warm garlicky seitan

    • WandaA on February 23, 2016

      Delicious recipe. Used half of the recipe for two times lunch. Asian flavours all over and lots of texture. One of my favourites!

  • Quinoa Caesar salad

    • ccav on June 23, 2014

      I liked this very much. The tempeh was really good, I've never steamed before marinating and it really improves the flavor and texture, no bitterness. The dressing for this is fantastic. The whole thing made for a filling, delicious dinner and leftovers for lunch were even better. Made this without the avocado (didn't have any) but it would be great with it added.

  • Peanut dragon dressing

    • cedarmakesthings on May 03, 2016

      This sauce was amazing, and so easy to throw together to pour over stir fries. I was low on peanut butter, so used the same amount of peanuts and made it in the vitamix. It was perfect!

  • Kale salad with butternut squash & lentils

    • louie734 on April 12, 2017

      What a great winter salad. Lentils cook while butternut cubes roast. Torn kale - red leafed looks extra dramatic - wilts under a bit of oil (a tip from serious eats). Then toss with a sweet-tart mustard dressing. Here I veered off to use one from smitten kitchen. The second time I made this, I tossed in some quinoa to make it even heartier. It lasts in the fridge for days, where it even gets better!

  • Jerk sloppy Joes with coconut creamed spinach

    • Waderu on December 07, 2014

      Made this last night - it has a lot of ingredients and was somewhat time consuming (took about an hour), but it was delicious. I made a half recipe, used a whole can of diced tomatoes with roasted garlic (and eliminated the garlic from the recipe) and used Upton Seitan - it crumbles easily and gives it a great texture.

  • Chicky tuna salad sandwiches

    • redjanet on July 01, 2018

      This is an excellent substitute if you are missing tuna salad sandwiches at all. Even if you've never had tuna salad, this is a terrific sandwich filler. The crunch and texture is very satisfying, especially on toast. That said, I have trouble waiting for it to be on the toast before I start shovelling it into my mouth! I do recommend adding the dulse flakes as recommended as it really does help add that extra fishy taste, but of course without the actual fish!

  • Lentil-a-roni

    • soleilune on March 01, 2014

      This reminded me of my childhood so I had high hopes, but it was super bland. Couldn't finish the leftovers.

    • wlmich on December 28, 2017

      I also thought this was extremely bland. I added spaghetti sauce to the leftovers and it was much better.

  • Goddess noodles with tempeh & broccoli

    • ccav on May 30, 2014

      Made this to serve over brown rice. It was indeed fast and easy to make. Will try again with chick peas in place of tempeh.

  • Seitan & wild mushroom stew

    • Morgan.larue on January 13, 2016

      This was *so* good. Full-flavored, rich. Lovely with a glass of red. Will please many an omnivore.

  • Dilly stew with rosemary dumplings

    • damazinah on November 12, 2016

      Very good, but dumplings were heavy and more pasta-like than fluffy - will use a trusted recipe next time. Also, added red wine to the stew.

  • Coconut chana saag

    • ccav on February 17, 2015

      This worked very well. Great flavors. Used spinach instead of kale.

  • Down-home curry with tofu & broccoli

    • ccav on May 14, 2014

      This was easy and tasty. I used blue potatoes which worked fine. Leftovers were good cold on brown rice for lunch.

  • Red lentil Thai chili

    • consortiumlibrary on August 14, 2017

      Really loved this - the second time around and as modified (as written, it was too bland; we also didn't like the big mushy chunks of sweet potato). It's fusion that works, takes about 45 minutes total, and I'll make again. My modifications: doubled garlic, cut sweet potatoes in 1/2" dice and cut quantity in half, cut amount of red lentils, kidney beans, and tomatoes in half, and served with chopped fresh cilantro, chopped fresh basil, chopped fresh onion, and lime wedges (essential). Also added an extra tbsp of Thai red curry paste, but wouldn't do this if had guests who don't like spicy. I kept the amount of broth and coconut milk as in the recipe, which resulted in a (very delicious) soup rather than a chili - for chili, I'd cut both in half (though the resulting broth is so amazingly good I'm likely to always make it as a soup). Also cooked 15 minutes after adding last batch of ingredients to better meld the flavors; I'll do so next time too.

    • Alwaysautumn on February 13, 2016

      Delicious. Thai inspired flavours bring something amazing to your everyday chilli.

  • Everyday pad Thai

    • cedarmakesthings on May 03, 2016

      This had amazing flavor. My only issue is that a novice might need a bit more info on cooking the tofu to get it nice and crisp. Theppk.com has good instructions if you look up this same recipe on the site. This recipe is a keeper.

  • Mango fried rice

    • nadiam1000 on March 28, 2017

      really tasty and a suprising combination. The red pepper flakes balance out the sweetness and I love the crunch of the cashews and addition of green beans

  • Roasty soba bowl with miso-tahini dressing

    • lesliepolk on April 29, 2015

      also delicious over rice. The combination of tastes is amazing for such a simple recipe.

  • Good gravy bowl with broccoli & seitan

    • DeGroeneKeuken on February 26, 2016

      The sauce was really yummy (I didn't add sage, but used a bay leaf). Made this with the mashed potatoes instead of quinoa.

  • Chandra malai kofta

    • WandaA on February 23, 2016

      Just WOW! Very delicious. Even my omnivore family loved this one!

    • Friedgold on June 21, 2015

      Delicious! I baked my kofta for 30 minutes at 425, flipping halfway through. I'm too lazy to fry.

    • soleilune on November 03, 2014

      Totally totally amazing. This recipe alone is worth buying the book to make.

  • Sweet potato gnocchi with seared Brussels sprouts & tarragon cream

    • lesliepolk on February 12, 2015

      If using a vitamix, you don't need to soak. I tend to soak in hot water for about 30 minutes just to soften a little. I found this recipe as a whole a bit labor intensive, but if you make the gnocchi ahead of time (even just in the AM) it is easier. I may roast the brussel sprouts next time, they were good here as is, but I love them roasted.

  • Steamy beany sausages

    • Lglen on October 09, 2018

      My most successful seitan attempt so far. I cooked my pinto beans in my instant pot with a splash of soy sauce for flavour and I cut down on the smoked paprika and added cumin and poultry seasoning. I forgot to crush the fennel but that's ok! I steamed them in my instant pot in parchment paper. I'll most definitely make these again. I might add some liquid smoke next time as I'm not a huge smoked paprika fan.

  • Puffy pillow pancakes

    • leahb on November 04, 2017

      I've tried a lot of vegan pancakes, and while many of them were good, these were outstanding. They take a little longer to cook in the cast iron skillet than others, I'm not sure why. Doesn't matter though because they are worth waiting for!

  • Cornbread muffins

    • Lglen on November 07, 2018

      Really good! I used rice flour to make them gluten free

  • Lemon-blueberry loaf

    • annapanna on September 07, 2015

      This is really very good. I am new to vegan baking so I was not sure what to expect... I don't think you miss the eggs at all, it's delicious, and it is also pretty low in fat. I think this is the best blueberry loaf I have ever made!

  • Marbled banana bread

    • louie734 on February 06, 2019

      Very tasty, almost fat-free banana bread. The batter looks impossibly wet, but baked up just fine. Used whole wheat pastry flour for 1/3, spelt for the other 2/3s. Otherwise followed the recipe exactly. The outside has a bit of a crackle, the inner crumb is super soft. Not terribly chocolatey - perhaps a candidate for skipping the cocoa marble & adding chocolate chips (or rum & coconut!). Toasts up nicely at breakfast.

  • Rosemary-chocolate chip cookies

    • stevenpeters on January 29, 2017

      Cookies didn't spread out for me. Next time I'll try almost melting the coconut oil. Tasted great, though.

  • Chewy coconut-date bars

    • WandaA on February 24, 2016

      Very delicious sweet treat. Easy to make and full of flavour and bite. Will definitely make again.

  • Just chocolate cake with gooey ganache

    • annapanna on August 27, 2015

      Nice chocolate cake, very simple to make. The recipe for Ganache makes too much 1/2 or even 1/3 is enough

  • Chocolate-zucchini bundt cake

    • annapanna on August 27, 2015

      It turned out perfectly. I made half the quantity of ganache and I thought it was enough.

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Reviews about this book

  • Boston Globe by T. Susan Chang

    ...will it cause you to forsake forever the joys of bacon and butter? Probably not. But for those who consider veganism a creed of abstinence...these joyous, vivid recipes are a persuasive argument...

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 0316221902
  • ISBN 13 9780316221900
  • Linked ISBNs
  • Published Oct 31 2013
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 320
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Little, Brown & Company
  • Imprint Little, Brown & Company

Publishers Text

Recipes, tips, and strategies for easy, delicious vegan meals every day of the week, from America's bestselling vegan cookbook author.

How does Isa Chandra Moskowitz make flavorful and satisfying vegan meals from scratch every day, often in 30 minutes or less? It's easy! In Isa Does It, the beloved cookbook author shares 150 new recipes to make weeknight cooking a snap. Mouthwatering recipes like Sweet Potato Red Curry with Rice and Purple Kale, Bistro Beet Burgers, and Summer Seitan Saute with Cilantro and Lime illustrate how simple and satisfying meat-free food can be.

The recipes are supermarket friendly and respect how busy most readers are. From skilled vegan chefs, to those new to the vegan pantry, or just cooks looking for some fresh ideas, Isa's unfussy recipes and quirky commentary will make everyone's time in the kitchen fun and productive.

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