Let the Flames Begin: The Indispensable Grilling Cookbook by Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby

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    • Ingredients: butter; ground cayenne pepper; corn; whole chicken; steak sauce; ground cumin; molasses; papayas; Tabasco sauce; tomato ketchup; apple cider vinegar; milk; chile powder; eggs
    • Ingredients: herbs of your choice; olive oil; mustard seeds; red onions; lemons; Cornish game hens; garlic
    • Ingredients: Cornish game hens; red peppers; chorizo sausages; tomato ketchup; coriander seeds; dried apricots; garlic; red onions; basil; balsamic vinegar
    • Ingredients: chiles; garlic; coriander seeds; mangoes; white wine vinegar; dry sherry; duck breasts; cilantro; soy sauce; fresh ginger
    • Ingredients: whole cloves; butter; dry white wine; peaches; cinnamon sticks; light brown sugar; sweet potatoes; maple syrup; dry sherry; whole duck; orange juice; raisins
    • Ingredients: spaghetti pasta; olive oil; portabello mushrooms; yellow peppers; parsley; red peppers; goat cheese
    • Ingredients: olive oil; prosciutto; basil; linguine pasta; garlic; shrimp; lemons; sun-dried tomatoes
    • Ingredients: limes; cilantro; chicken breasts; fettuccine pasta; mangoes; chiles; curry powder; red onions; pineapple juice; fresh ginger
    • Ingredients: green cabbage; scallions; soy sauce; olive oil; asparagus; sesame oil; fresh ginger; white wine vinegar
    • Ingredients: dry sherry; shiitake mushrooms; dried red pepper flakes; garlic; sesame oil; scallions; white wine vinegar; soy sauce; coriander seeds; fresh ginger
    • Ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes; leeks; olive oil; garlic; Parmesan cheese; parsley; lemons; artichoke hearts
    • Ingredients: canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce; orange juice; butter
    • Ingredients: peaches; red onions; thyme; lemons; goat cheese; basil; mixed peppers; garlic; fennel; olive oil; green olives; balsamic vinegar

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  • Eat Your Books

    2003 James Beard Award Nominee

  • dgcbooth on July 29, 2010

    I have been super pleased with every recipe I've tried - pork baby back ribs, lots of chicken recipes, hobo packs (yum!). Outstanding.

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  • ISBN 10 0393050874
  • ISBN 13 9780393050875
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  • Published Aug 08 2003
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 448
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher WW Norton & Co
  • Imprint WW Norton & Co

Publishers Text

All the secrets, all the fun, and hundreds of great recipes for real grilling.

They burst on the culinary scene a dozen years ago with the genre-defining Thrill of the Grill; now they're back to demonstrate once again their cardinal principle: cooking your food can be as much fun as eating it. The surest route to backyard nirvana, say Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby, is to always cook with the real thinglive fire. To make it easy they've put more of everything into this new grilling bible: more useful information, more effective techniques, more imaginative and flavor-packed recipes, more ways to make grilling not just a technique but a way of life. With detailed descriptions of each live fire cooking technique, over 250 spectacular recipes, and advice on everything from accurately gauging doneness to knowing when (and, more importantly, when not) to cover your grill, this entertaining book will take you all the way to grilling masteryand we know you'll enjoy the trip. 16 pages of color photographs, 35 drawings.

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