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  • Crunchy napa cabbage slaw

    • louie734 on January 07, 2014

      Woah - This is a huge amount of vegetables, and there are only 2 of us. I made a scant full recipe of the veggies and we ate the whole thing (dressing the 2nd half before eating) in practically 2 sittings. Don't skip the peas (I used snaps). Might try swapping out the nuts for sesame or honey roasted almonds, crushed, for a pop of sweetness, or using peanuts, which the salad faintly tastes like. Get ready to make this one again! (Recipe online at

    • lmhester on January 10, 2017

      I had to talk myself into trying this one since I typically am not a fan of radishes. But I'm all about learning to like things and decided to give it a shot. I did use a Pampered Chef Simple Slicer to slice my radishes so that I could get them really thin and then sliced them in half as well -- that way I wouldn't get a big bite of radish. Whatever the case -- this recipe is a keeper! It was really tasty and I felt as if I was doing something good for myself with each bite I took! YUM! Because the recipe says that it serves 14-16, I halved the recipe for four of us. Yes, we had a tiny bit left over, but I wish I'd made the full portion so that I'd have more leftovers for tomorrow. It was that good. :)

  • Baja fish tacos

    • louie734 on March 27, 2015

      Yes, yes, yes. Made multiple times with all different beers and fish varieties. The coleslaw is simple but a perfect compliment, and the chipotle tartar sauce spins it into its own dimension. We halve the tartar sauce and use 12 oz of fish. This makes a feast for two with only some coleslaw leftover. No rice, beans, salsa, guac needed. The tartar sauce and coleslaw can be made some hours ahead, and the fish is so easy that there's no excuse not to make homemade tortillas. (When you're done, wipe out the cast iron and use it to fry the fish. Dinner's ready and you're a goddess.)

  • Delfina's broccoli rabe pizza

    • louie734 on January 07, 2014

      Made this on our go-to Artisan-Bread-in-5 crust quite a few times. My husband hates it - he despises bitter greens - but there's leftovers just for me! The fresh mozz+cream+buttermilk combo is a nice white sauce. I scaled it down from the 3-pizza-yield to top just my pie (be generous with the liquid conversions for the sauce, and reserve a little to drizzle on top after the oven). The white sauce would be nice with other toppings like mushrooms, chicken, pine nuts. (found online at

    • britt on March 14, 2012

      I didn't make the crust - I used a Reinhart recipe instead, but otherwise followed the recipe. The result was delicious. A favorite use for broccoli raab.

  • Biscuit-topped chicken potpies

    • rivergait on November 19, 2011

      Terrific...adds mushrooms for meatiness, and dices veggies quite small. I used puff pastry square lapping over sides for a crust. I stretched 1 cup leftover chicken into 3 very large potpies.

  • Thousand-seed pilaf

    • Thredbende on May 25, 2013

      The flavors in this sophisticated pilaf keep dancing in your mouth. Serve it with something simple and enjoy the leftovers with gently fried eggs the next day. The first step requires toasting the spices in oil. Have the washed grains handy to dump in when the spices get fragrant; they pop like popcorn and the grains get added as soon as the spices start trying to exit.

  • Lasagna with sausage ragù

    • JKDLady on December 15, 2015

      This took a very long time to make (3 hours, 2 of which was for the sauce), and it was just okay. The sauce was nice, but not great. I wouldn't make this again.

  • Tilapia with tomatoes and garbanzos

    • JKDLady on July 24, 2015

      This dish is absolutely outstanding. I used lake trout and think it was better than tilapia would be. I think even salmon would do wonderfully with the full flavors. I have tagged this as a favorite recipe and know that I will make it again and again. I'm already planning it for my cooking group. I would not categorize this as North American, but Moroccan/Indian with the various spices.

  • Grilled pastrami, Swiss, and sweet onion marmalade on rye

    • Rinshin on August 20, 2021

      Made wonderful tasting onion marmalade for pastrami sandwich.

  • Smoky beef-and-bacon chili

    • Rinshin on February 16, 2014

      Like many of you, I've tried countless chili recipes including my own variations. This recipe is almost perfection. Tastes great the first day but continues to improve next day. My go to chili recipe now.

  • Ginger-rosemary lemon-drop cocktails

    • peaceoutdesign on May 23, 2021

      I combined this with Craft of the Cocktail's Lemon drop. It. This is not a go-to cocktail but is a way to get rid of some citron vodka.

  • Snow pea salad with sesame dressing

    • peaceoutdesign on May 08, 2021

      made as a sauce/dressing for warm snow peas.

  • Fennel and Comice pear soup

    • tarae1204 on October 24, 2021

      Delicious, healthy, quick and versatile soup. The recipe specifies comice pears and chicken stock but I’ve made it with different pears and even once with fish stock and it always turns out wonderful. Also it can be made in 30 min start to finish.

  • Miso deviled eggs

    • lmhester on April 21, 2019

      I wanted to love this, but alas, I didn't. The sesame oil was just a bit too much -- and I like sesame oil. That's pretty much the only flavor that stood out in this recipe. I will continue to search for unique spins on deviled eggs, but this one does not compare well with the old standards.

  • Chipotle coleslaw

    • lmhester on February 13, 2017

      I made this for dinner last night because I mostly had all the ingredients on hand -- just needed some fresh cilantro and the red cabbage. It's funny how small additions like the sour cream and the chipotle pepper and cilantro can really elevate a recipe. This was so much better than standard coleslaw and I will certainly make it again. I will definitely consider taking this to our next cookout!!

  • Cod with red pepper-chorizo ragout

    • lmhester on October 20, 2019

      This was tasty and different -- and might have even been a four star dish if I'd had access to "quality chorizo", but I wound up using the type that the recipe said to avoid . . .whoops! Even with that, it was a good recipe and a different way to enjoy this mild fish.

  • Seared tuna with Japanese-style salsa

    • lmhester on December 24, 2017

      We purchased tuna steaks while on sale, and having never really cooked with them, I grabbed my Sunset cookbook for an idea. This recipe was FABULOUS!! I prepared it exactly according to the instructions (including the sake) and it was perfect! In fact, if you don't have the ingredients for the salsa, the tuna steaks prepared simply according the the Step 1 instructions taste delicious on their own!

  • Slow-roasted pork shoulder

    • lmhester on February 13, 2017

      I bought a pork shoulder on sale and just picked up this cookbook to see how it recommended cooking it. This recipe stood out because I mostly had all the ingredients on hand. I confess to using cooking sherry instead of the cream sherry because it was all that I had. Whatever -- it still tasted delicious!! This recipe lost one star because it had my oven busy all day. I might try cooking it in the slow cooker (following the initial 45 minutes at high temperature in the oven) next time. The pork was tender and the taste was delicious! I would do this recipe again.

  • Cheese dill scones

    • Tweedles81 on June 07, 2020

      We were craving savory scones for breakfast, and these fit the bill! We didn’t have chives so subbed in green garlic + spring onions. We also used 2 tsp of Diamond Crystal kosher salt instead of 1 tsp of regular salt. These were absolutely delicious and very easy to make!

  • Pumpkin-ginger pancakes with ginger butter

    • Tweedles81 on September 29, 2019

      These were good. Light and fluffy. I used coconut sugar and went light on it. I did not make the candied ginger butter - could see how that would help because ginger flavor was a bit lacking. Might consider adding fresh ginger next time if on hand. Will definitely make again if I have half a can of pumpkin left over that I need to use (which was the case today).

  • Fennel-crusted trout with lemon-ginger vinaigrette

    • Tweedles81 on June 07, 2020

      We had all the ingredients on hand and made this for dinner. It was very easy to make. The trout was delicious, but the vinaigrette was the star! We had some left over and have been spooning it on salads, pastas, etc. Make it - you won’t regret it!

  • Coconut-lime chicken and rice soup

    • hbakke on April 07, 2021

      Page 96. Delicious and easy soup. I cooked the chicken thighs in the Bangkok Blend seasoning from Penzeys for some added flavor. This reminds me of a Thai-style soup without the fish sauce. I would make this again.

  • Roasted curry cauliflower

    • hbakke on April 27, 2020

      Easy cauliflower recipe that's a bit different than the standard roast cauliflower. I would make this again. I think the thinner sliced florets help it cook more evenly than just roasting the florets whole.

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  • ISBN 10 0376027940
  • ISBN 13 9780376027948
  • Published Oct 19 2010
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 816
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Oxmoor House
  • Imprint Oxmoor House

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When it comes to food, the West is the starting point of many of this nation's food trends (think gourmet pizza. fish tacos, the California roll, smoothies, and planked salmon) and the source of so much of our fresh produce. And for more than 110 years, Sunset has been at the forefront of chronicling both the traditional dishes that define the cooking of the West as well as the culinary inventiveness that keeps it vibrant. For The Sunset Cookbook, Sunset food editor Margo True has selected more than 1,000 recipes that represent the best of the West, dishes that showcase a passion for local ingredients (crab, salmon, artichokes, garlic, berries and fruits), a tantalizing array of ethnic influences (Mexican, Native American, Asian), a love of the outdoors (the grilling chapter contains more than 100 recipes), and an ease of living that demands that recipes be kept simple without compromising on taste.

  • More than 1,000 recipes from the premier magazine of the Western lifestyle
  • Recipes are reality tested - tested in the Sunset test kitchen then by home cooks with no special training.
  • Do-ahead info provided to make meal and party planning a snap
  • Nutritional data included for every recipe
  • Beautifully packaged in a high-quality, hardcover format, The Sunset Cookbook, is the perfect book to find on holiday gift tables
  • The Sunset Cookbook is a surefire classic and promises to have steady backlist sales for years to come.

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