Feast: Food That Celebrates Life by Nigella Lawson

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    • Categories: Sauces for poultry; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: turkey giblets; bouquet garni; carrots; celery; bacon; Marsala wine
  • Allspice gravy
    • Categories: Sauces for poultry; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: turkey giblets; allspice berries; bay leaves; cinnamon sticks; celery; carrots; clementines; honey
  • Spiced and super-juicy roast turkey
    • Categories: Main course; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: bouquet garni; mustard seeds; caster sugar; fresh ginger; cinnamon sticks; caraway seeds; whole cloves; allspice berries; whole star anise; oranges; maple syrup; honey; parsley
    • Categories: Stuffing; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cornmeal; caster sugar; oranges; cranberries; honey; ground cinnamon
    • Categories: Stuffing; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: bacon; parsley; chestnuts; breadcrumbs; unsweetened chestnut purée; nutmeg
    • Categories: Stuffing; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: onions; apples; bacon; clementines; gingerbread
    • Categories: Main course; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: dry mustard; gammon; cranberry juice; apple juice; cinnamon sticks; allspice berries; whole cloves; canned whole berry cranberry sauce; honey; ground cinnamon
    • Categories: Main course; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: lemons; onions; whole goose; potatoes; sage; bacon; celery; carrots; Calvados; Marsala wine; chicken stock; redcurrant jelly; arrowroot powder
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red cabbage; red wine; oranges; mixed spice (UK); apples
    • Categories: Main course; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Czech
    • Ingredients: whole goose; apples; sauerkraut; caster sugar; caraway seeds
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: cocktail sausages; pancetta
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: parsnips; maple syrup
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: potatoes; semolina; goose fat
  • Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: sweet potatoes; limes; ground cinnamon; mini marshmallows
  • Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, pancetta and parsley
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: Brussels sprouts; pancetta; chestnuts; Marsala wine; parsley
  • Green bean and lemon casserole
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: green beans; lemons
  • Bread sauce
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: milk; white bread; whole cloves; bay leaves; mace; nutmeg
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: cranberries; caster sugar; cherry brandy
    • Categories: Side dish; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: meat stock; breakfast sausages; onions; tart apples; English mustard; apple cider (alcohol-free)
    • Accompaniments: "Heaven and earth" mash with peas
  • show
    • Categories: Crumbles, cobblers, crisps & bettys; Dessert; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: rhubarb; caster sugar; Demerara sugar; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Accompaniments: Custard
    • Categories: Sauces for desserts; Dessert; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: double cream; vanilla beans; eggs; caster sugar
    • Categories: Cocktails / drinks (with alcohol); Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: Campari; orange juice; cranberry juice
  • Pink picante prawns
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: pink peppercorns; ground cardamom; pimentón picante; prawns
    • Categories: Main course; Thanksgiving; Christmas
    • Ingredients: beef steaks; red wine vinegar; Worcestershire sauce; rocket; potatoes; rosemary; lemons

Notes about this book

  • pretzel_logic on March 22, 2021

    One-pan sage-and-onion chicken and sausage: Absolutley delicious - a real family favourite. I've made it so many times the pages in the book keep sticking together.

  • owaint on November 22, 2010

    An excellent book which, as Jane says below, has recipes which can be easily done for normal meals as well as for big celebrations.

  • Jane on March 14, 2009

    Although from the title it might seem these recipes are for special occasions, most of them are not overly demanding and are good for everyday too.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Easter egg nest cake

    • Jane on April 22, 2019

      A lovely cake and very easy to make. When whipping the cream to make the ganache, don't whip much further than runny (no trails) as the chocolate thickens immediately when added.

    • lilham on April 03, 2021

      Our family are all chocolate lovers and we love how rich this is. A absolute gem and I’m sure we will make this for many Easters to come.

    • Melanie on March 09, 2014

      I love that this cake collapses on itself to create a bed for the whipped ganache and chocolate eggs. This was very rich though and may have been (dare I say it?) too chocolatey...

  • Lemon meringue cake

    • Jane on May 01, 2009

      This is one of my standby desserts. Always have all the ingredients in the house and it's a quick and easy dessert that looks and tastes like it took a lot more effort.

    • stef on December 20, 2019

      This is a wonderful quick dessert to put together. Very impressive to look at and tastes just as good. Will be repeated

    • lou_weez on April 25, 2022

      A 'light' cake with a great tang. Easy to make and looks great when assembled.

    • ALawson25 on August 12, 2023

      A very good cake, not too difficult to make. I used an electric hand whisk rather than a food processor and it worked absolutely fine. I had to make my own lemon curd as there wasn't any in the shops but there was an easy one on bbc good food.

  • Andy's Fairfield granola

    • Jane on June 07, 2012

      This was really easy to make and tasted great. And I'm sure it must be cheaper than buying bags of ready-made granola. The combination of applesauce and rice syrup gave a great taste and are lower sugar than using maple syrup or agave nectar as the sweetener. Subtle spicing as well from the ginger and cinnamon. Highly recommended.

    • KarinaFrancis on January 26, 2020

      I haven’t tried a lot of granolas, but this is really nice. Flavours are good, not too sweet, I might make this a regular thing

  • Chocolate Malteser cake

    • Jane on April 09, 2018

      This a regular favorite birthday cake in my family. This time the request was for a chocolate ganache coating rather than the buttercream. I made a half quantity of the buttercream as the filling.

    • lilham on November 08, 2020

      The cake is easy to make but looks impressive. Both the cake and the icing has a nice malt taste because of the Horlicks. The children declared it amazing and Mr Lilham loved it. I think it slightly too sweet.

    • Melanie on March 09, 2014

      Another wow recipe from the chocolate cake hall of fame chapter. I added extra cocoa and malt to the icing to play up the malteser taste.

  • Grilled halloumi with oozing egg and mint

    • Jane on June 24, 2019

      This was a good quick supper for me and I usually have these ingredients in stock. I liked the combination of greens, salty fried cheese and soft boiled egg. I added a few capers.

    • wester on February 07, 2019

      When will I learn that I simply don't like halloumi? That said, this was simple and a good combination. Using a dry skillet did not work for me - the cheese really stuck to the pan. Luckily, adding some oil even after the cheese remedied this. It does look weird to me not to add dressing to the salad but this is definitely for the better.

  • Chocolate Guinness cake

    • Pangur Ban on March 14, 2018

      Per Nigella (the woman herself! on twitter!), add a teaspoon of cornflour to the icing if all you can get is the 'spreadable' Philadelphia in tubs, helps it to stop going runny.

    • redjanet on January 03, 2015

      This was a very easy cake to make and turned out moist and delicious. I don't like Guinness (or any beer for the matter), and I was pleased that instead of giving it a any flavour of beer, the stout just added a more intensity of flavour. The cream cheese frosting gave the perfect contrast to the rich chocolate cake.

    • Melanie on March 09, 2014

      Delicious - I took this to a St Patrick's Day feast with friends a couple of years ago. The guinness isn't particularly strong and instead just adds "something else".

    • stockholm28 on November 10, 2017

      Very tasty and moist chocolate cake. Mine sunk in the middle but just added extra icing in the center.

    • stef on April 11, 2018

      Everyone loved this cake. Will be repeated

  • Banana buttermilk pancakes

    • Pangur Ban on October 25, 2014

      Used 2 small bananas and soured milk as I had no buttermilk - absolutely delicious, and no effort to make.

    • chrisguzzi on November 20, 2011

      I made these when searching EYB for something to do with a ripe banana and it went well but I recommend that you don't precook them and reheat later. I happened to have 300ml of buttermilk in the freezer so used that and the ripe banana from the freezer and satisfied my Dad's need for a dessert with little notice. Will try again.

    • scarlettchef on July 17, 2013

      Lovely, light, pillows of delight. Useful recipe for using up over-ripe bananas. Best made fresh and eaten as they are taken fresh from the pan, they become a bbit rubbery if reheated. Quick and easy Sunday breakfast. Would be nice with some berries and some maple syrup.

  • Roast lamb for one

    • rodillagra on September 25, 2020

      Changes: Didn't have redcurrant jelly so used Hedgerow Jelly which is mostly elderberries; I think it is much nicer. Didn't want to open a bottle of port so I just used red wine instead. As per usual I had not read the recipe in advance. This is frequently a mistake. And the most common mistake for this to be is that something needs to marinade in the fridge for a night. And so the very first sentence asks for the lamb to be marinaded in the fridge for a night. Sigh. Changed the weeks menu plan around and stuck the lamb in the fridge. Well, first I stuck it in a leaky ziplock bag, let it make a huge mess on the kitchen counter, swore a lot (internally because children), changed bags, cleaned up and then left it in the fridge for a night. Meat that has soaked in red wine for a night is not an appetising colour. Roasted the lamb, made the sauce, fed the children. Eat Anything Daughter thought it was delicious. Eat Nothing Daughter actually ate it though didn't like it.

  • Old-fashioned chocolate cake

    • wester on March 15, 2022

      Simple and very good. It did need shorter in the oven than stated, so keep a good eye on both tins. We used the ganache from Nigella Bites instead of the frosting given in the recipe.

    • fayt on October 27, 2012

      Great, easy, delicious recipe. Massive hit!

    • KarinaFrancis on July 16, 2017

      It's a good basic chocolate cake. I chose it mainly because you throw everything in the processor and blitz, which was perfect because I had an excitable 3yo apprentice. I didn't make the icing, which I think was a bit of a mistake on my part

    • Ro_ on January 09, 2023

      I'm not a great baker, but I was pleased that this came out so well! I didn't have two same-sized cake tins, so I used one slightly smaller than the other which means it came out as a dome, but I think it kind of works. My cakes were cooked after 25m. This was a great chocolate cake and I loved the icing.

    • JJ2018 on April 09, 2018

      A family favourite. Tastes as Nigella promises - though always make this the long way round, the food processor method Nigella lists gave a speckled cake - butter too cold probably

  • One-pan sage-and-onion chicken and sausage

    • wester on March 16, 2019

      This was easy and tasted good, but I felt the marinade didn't really penetrate the meat (with overnight marinading). I also thought the amount it made was massive - I made about two thirds and it was dinner for four for two days and still leftovers.

    • Foodycat on March 11, 2019

      Simple and very tasty. Really does benefit from an overnight marinade.

  • Muesli

    • aliradloff on January 03, 2011

      This is a delicious muesli recipe, but prefer to double the amount of rolled oats as I like my muesli very oaty!

  • Simnel cake

    • meganjane on April 04, 2015

      This cake is part of every Easter - very easy and delicious - be careful not to overcook or will be dry.

  • Mughlai chicken

    • owaint on November 21, 2010

      Great chicken curry, nice left over night after cooking. brown the chicken well at the start

    • digifish_books on July 12, 2015

      Love, love, love this curry!

    • Fuzzybird on January 21, 2021

      This is delicious. Incredibly fragrant and loved by the whole family.

  • Birthday custard sponge

    • alexthepink on April 28, 2021

      This sponge recipe is genius, as is the custard buttercream. Everyone loved it!

    • lilham on September 15, 2020

      The victoria sponge from the Domestic Goddess is my go to recipe. It's made with the food processor and I have more success than following sponge recipes that use a stand mixer. This sponge uses the same method and includes custard power. It makes the cake slightly sweeter but there is no overpowering custard flavour. It's received well by both children and adult.

  • Breakfast biscotti

    • lilham on August 18, 2015

      My first time baking biscotti and a success. I used milk chocolate chips instead of dark ones. My only complaint is they are slightly too sweet. I will use less sugar next time.

  • Toblerone fondue

    • lilham on October 12, 2020

      Very simple pudding for children. Toblerone is very sweet and I think fruit is better than marshmallow for this. Of course the children disagree. The recipe makes a lot of sauce. We only needed about 1/3 to serve four.

  • Bûche de Noël

    • lilham on December 25, 2018

      Made this the first time for Christmas lunch. Came out perfect.

  • Nursery fish pie

    • lilham on January 20, 2019

      I made this today and my 7 and 4 year olds loved it very much. I followed the recipe loosely. Nigella Lawson used nearly 1.8kg of fish for 8 people. That sounded way too much fish so I used 300g of frozen fish mix (cod, salmon and smoked haddock) for 4 or us instead. I poached the fish mix from frozen and also added diced carrots with the fish. I didn’t measure the milk for poaching and just poured enough to barely cover it. I skipped the egg as I didn’t want to wash another saucepan. But if I have planned better, I would have boiled it with the potatoes. I used about 30g butter to make the becahmel sauce, adding enough flour and milk to get to the right consistency. Then I put the flaked fish, carrots and frozen peas into a 20cm square baking dish, pour the sauce over, and topped with about 400g of potatoes. Baked for 20min and it’s ready. Simple and definitely one to cook for children.

  • Saffron roast lamb with sticky garlic potatoes

    • redjanet on April 02, 2013

      This was an excellent, easy recipe for an Easter main course and side. Following the timing guidelines suggested by Nigella, the lamb was tender, juicy and pink and full of flavour. The potatoes were also delicious and easy to prepare alongside the lamb. I had never roasted a whole leg of lamb before and this was the perfect recipe to start with.

  • Sticky garlic potatoes

    • redjanet on April 02, 2013

      This was very easy to prepare and much less fiddly than the usual roast potatoes. The garlic roasted nicely with the potatoes and were easily devoured by all.

  • Green bean and lemon casserole

    • redjanet on November 26, 2011

      This isn't a casserole at all, but boiled green beans mixed in with butter, oil and lemon (which can be served in a casserole dish if you like!). This added some zingy, green freshness to an otherwise stodgy and meaty Thanksgiving feast. An easy, flavourful way of serving green beans which I'll definitely make again.

    • Ro_ on September 10, 2020

      I quite liked these lemony, buttery green beans - quick to make, and seeing that I usually have green beans in the freezer and lemons in the fridge, something that I could easily whip up from storecupboard ingredients. However, there are probably other ways to serve green beans that I prefer (in a mustardy vinaigrette). Also to note: the beans started to discolour and go a bit brown quite quickly, I'm guessing this is because of a reaction with the lemon?

  • Pumpkin cheesecake

    • redjanet on January 03, 2015

      I made this for a between Thanksgiving and Christmas family gathering and it was very well received. I did use tinned pumpkin purée, and the resulting flavour was a good mix of both the pumpkin and cream cheese. It is definitely different than your typical cheesecake, but worth trying.

    • KarinaFrancis on November 23, 2013

      I made this for a thanksgiving lunch but I wasn't too crazy about it. Not sure if it's the recipe or my tinkering that was the problem. I substituted the digestives for gingernuts in the base and it worked brilliantly. The problem was with the pumpkin, I couldn't get canned pumpkin so I roasted some butternut, which might have been blander than needed. Strangely the kids loved it.

  • Rhubarb vanilla mincemeat

    • Melanie on March 09, 2014

      While this will never replace the traditional mincemeat filling, it is definitely worth making up a batch if you have time (or somebody else is making traditional ones anyway). It is quite a tasty recipe.

  • Chocolate gingerbread

    • Melanie on March 09, 2014

      I love this recipe! The cake is gorgeously dark and dense with a hint of spice - the glossy icing really sets it off.

    • trudys_person on February 28, 2021

      This cake is absolutely delicious, and my husband's "best cake ever!" The recipe is available online on Nigella's website. I got it in her daily email, and it has inspired me to buy the book.

  • Sweet lamb tagine

    • Melanie on July 01, 2014

      True to the recipe introduction, this is a very easy and comforting dish - smells delicious simmering away on the stove top. I skipped the chestnuts and substituted golden syrup for hte molasses. Next time I might tie the whole spices together or use a bag to contain them as it wasn't much fun hunting out star anise in the finished dish. Paired with a lightly flavoured couscous.

    • joneshayley on November 25, 2018

      This tagine is lively, aromatic and full of flavour. I substituted half of the lamb with squash, which worked perfectly and made the meal lighter. Serve with cous cous. Perfect meal for a cold winters night.

  • Hot cross buns

    • veronicafrance on March 27, 2021

      They look a bit scruffy, but in my defence Nigella's do too. I changed the method slightly: added saffron, substituted allspice for cloves, and instead of adding the fruit at the beginning I kneaded it in after the first prove, before shaping (added candied peel as I can't envisage a HXB without). The dough was far too dry with the specified quantity of liquid; I added the juice of about half the orange. They taste good, the top crust is a bit leathery though. I prefer Felicity Cloake's recipe, but I like to try a different one from time to time.

  • Cranberry and white chocolate cookies

    • veronicafrance on January 27, 2013

      I made these at Christmas, and everyone really liked them. I'd certainly make them again.

  • Crunchy pork chops with garlicky spinach and tomato salad

    • BlytheSpirit on February 08, 2014

      I love this recipe. Usually increase the oregano and cheese a bit. Its just hard to find good pork sometimes; and this has to be made with pork that is not too lean.

  • Rigatoni al forno

    • k.a.g on June 03, 2013

      This is soothing and comforting, but bordering on stodgy...although there are days when that's almost welcome, right? I halve this recipe (8 servings is much more practical than 16 for our family) but use 2 onions, 2 carrots etc, which increases the proportion of vegetables slightly. I've made this recipe a few times and there never seems to be quite enough meat sauce to go around, so next time I think I'll try reducing the pasta and the bechamel sauce by about 1/3 each, and see how that works out.

    • lou_weez on April 08, 2017

      This is a classic baked pasta dish that is easily halved. I added slices of hard boiled eggs to the dish and next time I would also add cubed ham or salami as well as mozzarella. As the meat and bechamel sauce can be made in advance, this is a great dish when entertaining.

  • Crispy onion rings

    • scarlettchef on July 17, 2013

      These onion rings are sublime. A bit fiddly to assemble and cook in batches. Wouldn't want to make these for too many people at one time. But for a special meal for two, accompanying a couple of well-hung rib-eye steaks, medium rare, they're delish. Soaking the onions in buttermilk,, mellows the onions beautifully.

  • Aloo gobi

    • Yildiz100 on November 04, 2014

      This was awful as written. Extremely bland.

  • Petits pois à la Francaise

    • Yildiz100 on December 27, 2016

      Followed the recipe very loosely. The end results were delicious. Omitted lettuce. Sauteed 4 large scallions in butter. Added one clove garlic then added what looked like the correct proportion of peas. Used a whole bouillon cube. Simmered till tender then drained, reserving the liquid. Used some of the reserved liquid to season peas and added a touch more salt and butter. I especially liked the flavor that the scallions added.

    • KarinaFrancis on April 16, 2020

      Good recipe to have in your back pocket. Very quick and easy, especially if you love peas. We made it to go with salmon, but it would work with pretty much anything, maybe adding some mint if making with lamb.

  • Potato pancakes with caviar or smoked salmon

    • Yildiz100 on December 26, 2017

      This was the surprise hit of Christmas dinner. Being in Sweden, I bought what is labeled as potato flour ( literal translation) but I am pretty sure it was potato starch. Additionally I had to use filmjolk instead of buttermilk. Granted, these are the ingredients called for in the Swedish translation of Feast, but having seen the original recipe, I had some doubts this would turn out well with these mods. What a surprise, the pancakes had a pleasing springy texture and great flavor. They were a pretty good accompaniment to smoked salmon but I think there is probably something they compliment even better. Only negative was that they were a bit dry when reheated the next day, but still pleasant.

  • Maple-roast parsnips

    • Yildiz100 on November 10, 2017

      Did not par boil but allowed for longer cooking. She calls for SO much oil in this recipe. 1/2 a cup for 1 kilo of parsnips! My parsnips were very well coated with a third of that. She also calls for quite a lot of maple syrup-1/3 cup. I reduced this to 60 ml, or about 3/4 of what she called for. It was plenty. The parsnips were generously coated and turned out very sweet. I thought they were good but a little one note. Might be nice with a bit of rosemary. Too rich for regular eating but they could fit in on a holiday table. (I would rather have ginger maple carrots though!)

    • Barb_N on August 21, 2014

      I was lazy and skipped the par-boiling step. I should have realized that Nigella would also have skipped that step if it weren't important. If you want tender parsnips, do what she says.

  • Cauliflower cheese

    • Yildiz100 on November 04, 2014

      We reduced both the flour and the butter quite a bit. It still turned out delicious, and has become one of our go-to dishes.

  • Orange-scented brioche pudding

    • KarinaFrancis on July 23, 2017

      A nice and rich pudding. Take heed of the note about no butter needed, perfect end for our Christmas in July dinner

  • Grandma's bean and barley soup

    • JennyR on January 16, 2014

      Butter beans and barley need soaking overnight.

  • Georgian stuffed chicken

    • joneshayley on September 24, 2019

      This is great - succulent and delicious chicken, and stuffing fully infused with flavour.

  • Beetroot purée

    • joneshayley on September 24, 2019

      This is a great accompaniment.

  • Green beans in herbed yogurt

    • joneshayley on September 24, 2019

      A lovely side to have with the chicken - worth making as it really does elevate the beans to something special.

  • Penne alla vodka

    • stef on May 17, 2019

      This was a nice fast recipe. Served with chicken and salad

  • Aromatic lamb meatballs

    • stef on April 13, 2018

      These were very tender nicely spiced lamb meatballs. Served on pita bread with carrot diakon salad and yoghurt tahini sauce

    • pistachiopeas on May 05, 2015

      Love this recipe, so easy!

  • Meatloaf

    • Foodycat on July 09, 2014

      A wonderful dish - but when she says that you can put clingfilm in the oven, she wasn't talking about the extra value stuff I buy. It cannot go in the oven.

  • Honey cake

    • Foodycat on September 30, 2019

      I did a half quantity, and used half plain white and half rye/spelt flour. And I used honey instead of golden syrup. It was on the verge of overflowing an 8" pan and took 45 minutes to bake - if I do it again I will reduce the temperature a bit. But it's a lovely cake. Even with the rye/spelt flour it was a nice, light sponge and the flavour is excellent.

  • Gingerbread muffins

    • Sophph on July 27, 2022

      These were disappointing and turned out very dry.

  • Red cabbage

    • Hannaha100 on January 10, 2021

      This was really tasty. Unfortunately I didn't have the 2 hours suggested so I cooked for about 40 mins on a medium heat instead. I would absolutely make it like this again. Kids either didn't like or wouldn't taste.

  • Chocolate orange cake

    • embk27 on October 17, 2020

      Cake has a lovely almost bitter taste with the addition of the whole boiled oranges. I decorated with Terry’s chocolate orange slices and a dusting of icing sugar. It’s worth noting that if you have an earlier edition of Feast that the recipe has an error as follows (taken from Nigella website): Nigella's Chocolate Orange Cake (from FEAST) is a flourless cake made with cooked oranges, eggs, sugar and ground almonds. Unfortunately there was an error in some early editions of the book, which included butter in the method for making the cake without a food processor. However the cake does not contain any fat apart from the natural fat in the ingredients. Therefore step 3 of the method should read "chop the fruit finely by hand, and beat with a wooden spoon the eggs one by one into the sugar". We apologize for this error and it has been corrected in subsequent editions.

    • MissLily on February 19, 2023

      Thank you for this note about the butter - it had me confused, glad I checked here.

  • Broad bean bruschetta

    • embk27 on August 08, 2020

      Loved this. I used frozen edamame beans as prefer them. Really fresh tasting and surprisingly filling.

  • Chocolate cheesecakes

    • lou_weez on June 21, 2020

      This was amazing! The cheesecake itself was not too sweet and very nice on its own. The chocolate sauce adds sweetness and decadence. I doubled the choc sauce as I knew my family would love it.

  • Snow-flecked brownies

    • lou_weez on April 08, 2018

      A great chocolate hit! It did, however, take longer than the 25 minutes that the recipe stated.

  • Slow-cooked lamb with beans

    • Ro_ on February 23, 2020

      The lamb and beans were both really nice, but this was sorely lacking juices to make a gravy or sauce. I guess next time I'd try to either keep adding more liquid to the roasting tray in order to get it a lot more saucy at the end, or else make some kind of separate sauce.

  • Finger-lickin' ribs

    • Ro_ on April 25, 2023

      These were tasty and very easy to prepare. I used golden syrup instead of molasses, since the latter is very hard to get here in France. I would probably try this marinade again for barbecue ribs. I think cooked in the oven they lacked caramelisation, they were fairly tender but not melt-in-your-mouth. Flavours were great though.

  • Vietnamese turkey and glass noodle salad

    • Ro_ on July 09, 2020

      Delicious salad. I played with the quantities a bit, turns out I should have made more dressing. But overall I loved this, great for a hot day's lunch or dinner.

  • Shrove Tuesday pancakes

    • Ro_ on February 22, 2020

      Well obviously you don't really need a recipe to make pancakes, but sometimes the texture of mine isn't quite as I want, so thought I'd try following this one and see how they came out. Result: delicious, thin, crispy-around-the-edges crepes. I followed the quanities, but my crepe pan must have been smaller than Nigella's because I got 9 crepes out of it instead of 6.

    • etcjm on February 16, 2021

      Yes it works. Made 7 and a bit in my crepe pan. Apparently they were nice, they weren't for me!

  • Savoy cabbage the best way

    • Ro_ on April 10, 2023

      I wasn't massively impressed by this, but I think I added too much stock for the amount of cabbage since it mostly tasted very salty. Beware of making the same mistake (I only used one cabbage but nearly the full amount of stock, not thinking properly).

  • Creamed spinach

    • Ro_ on March 10, 2020

      The best creamed spinach recipe I've tried. One big pack of fresh spinach made two or three helpings. The parmesan really finished it off nicely.

  • Basil and goat's cheese dip

    • Ro_ on March 08, 2020

      A different and delicious dip. I used mixed nuts/seeds instead of walnuts and shallots instead of spring onions, it was all fine. I think I over-blended this slightly (in the nutribullet) though because it was on the runny side. Next time I'd whizz up the nuts, basil and onion, then stir in the goat cheese by hand.

  • Spaghetti alla carbonara

    • Ro_ on December 14, 2022

      This was an alright carbonara, but for me it was missing a bit of garlic.

  • Pasta with ham, peas and cream

    • JJ2018 on April 01, 2019

      Super quick meal for my daughter (3) - came together super fast which is needed

  • Stilton rarebit with walnut and little gem salad

    • JJ2018 on September 03, 2019

      This was a quick simple lunch. Used red wine in place of port. It tasted great but was quite an unappetising colour of roux (grey-purplish)

  • Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

    • JJ2018 on April 20, 2018

      Not for us, maybe not the recipe's fault but it is so sweet!

  • Chocolate cherry trifle

    • etcjm on December 29, 2020

      I don't know how I dare say I cooked this! Adapted a little but probably the same end result. Made a batch of Nigella's double chocolate muffins early December to save 6 for this (made GF). As requested, made muffin jam sandwiches and then lightened the leftover jam with kirsch (didn't have cherry brandy) and deftly splodged inbetween the cakes. Lightened the cheat's custard with whipped double cream. And then extra cream on top with the chocolate curls. Very nice. Very easy. The recipe says half a cup of alcohol to dredge the cake, didn't have this much but it was quite enought tbh. Hit the spot in the lull between finishing other cakes made ahead for Christmas and then New Year indulgence.

  • Redder than red cranberry sauce

    • etcjm on December 26, 2018

      Lovely. Used creme de mure for the liqueur. Really easy. Really nice. Daughter asked for me to sieve it... I didn't and i won't buy the jarred stuff ever again.

  • Spiced and super-juicy roast turkey

    • etcjm on December 26, 2018

      Was scared of brining, but carried on anyway. 4.5kg turkey, one tiny part was dry which had been sat against the side of the tin. The flavour definitely permeated and the cooking time was right. Mine needed an extra fifteen, but it was going from a cold kitchen into the oven. Will do again. Leftovers were tasty today.

  • Baci di ricotta

    • etcjm on December 17, 2018

      Easy, tasty. Like light mini doughnuts. Worked with gluten free flour. As it says - keep them small otherwise they don't cook in middle and get very dark. I'll put a smidge more sugar in next time.

  • Lentil soup

    • Vevitts on July 14, 2020

      Page 453

  • Zaleti (polenta biscuits)

    • Daniela164 on December 22, 2019

      Very tasty biscuits! Polenta adds a lovely crunch

  • "Heaven and earth" mash with peas

    • Lilyinthevalley on August 06, 2020

      Absolutely delicious! I used half fat creme fraiche rather than double cream to cut down the calories and it was still beautifully creamy and smooth.

  • Sausages with onion and cider gravy

    • Lilyinthevalley on August 07, 2020

      Delicious gravy. The ingredients are actually: Sausages Onions Olive oil Cox's apple Light or dark brown sugar English mustard powder Plain flour Hot meat stock Cider.(No mention of alcohol-free in the recipe, this is Nigella after all)

  • Ham in Cherry Coke

    • TLouise on August 27, 2021

      This recipe is so easy and tastes amazing! I have made a lot of hams but this recipe is hands down the best ever. I used Cherry Pepsi Max in place of a full sugar version as I follow slimming world. I read on the internet (Netmums) that using a diet alternative would not work as you needed the sugar. I can report that it does 100% work. I'm pulling this baby out of the bag next time I have guests over for sure!

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  • Published May 10 2014
  • Format eBook
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Publishers Text

Feast is written to stand alongside Nigella’s classic and best loved book, How to Eat. Comprehensive and informed, this stunning new book will be equally at home in the kitchen or on the bedside table.

A feast for both the eyes and the senses, written with Nigella Lawson’s characteristic flair and passion, Feast: Food that Celebrates Life is a major book in the style of her classic How to Eat, applying Nigella’s “Pleasures and Principles of Good Food” to the celebrations and special occasions of life.

Essentially about families and food, about public holidays and private passions, about how to celebrate the big occasions and the small everyday pleasures — those times when food is more than just fuel — Feast takes us through Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthdays, to Passover and a special Sardinian Easter; from that first breakfast together to a meal fit for the in-laws; from seasonal banquets of strawberries or chestnuts to the ultimate chocolate cake; from food for cheering up the “Unhappy Hour” to funeral baked-meats; from a Georgian feast to a love-fest; from Nigella’s all-time favourite dish to a final New Year fast.

Evocative, gorgeous, refreshingly uncomplicated and full of ideas, Feast proclaims Nigella’s love of life and great food with which to celebrate it. Packed with over 200 recipes from all over the world — and from near home — with helpful menus for whole meals, and more than 120 colour photographs, Feast is destined to become a classic.

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