Mastering Pasta: The Art and Practice of Handmade Pasta, Gnocchi, and Risotto by Marc Vetri and David Joachim

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  • Whole egg and egg yolk dough

    • okcook on December 07, 2015

      There doesn't seem to be enough flour for the eggs. I used a total of 270 grams of flour versus the 225 grams called for in the recipe and this worked out fine. Nice dough.

    • Totallywired on October 21, 2018

      Great dough, mixed wet but easily corrected, terrific stretch and texture. Cut into paparadelle.

  • Cocoa fettuccine with venison ragù

    • Vand11 on December 27, 2020

      It is unclear from the instructions as to whether to add whole eggs or just egg yolks. With just egg yolks, the dough was way too dry; when egg whites were added, a significant amount of flour needed to be added to compensate. Flavor of the ragu was very good - the cocoa fettuccine could improve in texture (but this is most likely due to the egg/flour issue).

  • Ricotta ravioli

    • nicolepellegrini on June 19, 2015

      First attempt making these with the recommended "Whole egg, bread flour, and stone-ground wheat dough" was a disaster. Dough was not very pliable, wasted a lot of it just trying to cut maybe a dozen ravioli. The SO did not like the dough flavor and texture either once cooked. However, the filling was excellent so the next day I ended up making another batch to use up the filling with a ravioli dough recipe from another book, which came out much better.

  • Egg yolk dough

    • Lepa on June 21, 2020

      I recently started to make pasta after buying a pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid. This is the fifth dough I tried- and I don't feel like I need to try any others. This dough was a dream to work with and tasted great. I used it in lasagna today but look forward to trying it in other shapes/dishes. Note: I used a lot of sauce and didn't need to precook the noodles. They cooked in the lasagna perfectly.

    • Totallywired on October 15, 2018

      Good, strong, rich dough, that comes together well, rolls out evenly and without holes or tears. Durum flour not the easiest to find but available from online sources like King Arthur flour or Cut into tagliatelle - will continue to evaluate for other shapes, particularly stuffed pastas .

    • Totallywired on December 02, 2018

      This dough has quickly become my standard. It’s magic. Comes together flawlessly with a dough hook, good hydration yet not wet or sticky, terrific texture and colour, easy to shape or form, cuts cleanly. Adding the ingredients sequentially as stated in the recipe makes a big difference, I reserve the water and add only as much as necessary which will vary depending on temperature and humidity. Most recent use as sheets for lasagna bolognese, rolled out to notch 4 had enough bite to stand up to a rich ragu. 1.5 scaled recipe does not quite make two lasagnas. One fed a party of 10 with a long and substantial antipasto.

    • stacymarkow on June 20, 2020

      One of the best doughs I’ve worked with. Easy to shape, cut, and cooks up beautifully.

  • Garganelli alla carbonara

    • Lepa on July 25, 2020

      We made this sauce to accompany a linguine made with the Egg Yolk Dough from the same book. It was so luscious- perhaps the best carbonara-type sauce I've ever made. My whole family enthusiastically recommends this recipe.

  • Lemon fettuccine with scallops

    • bwhip on August 23, 2020

      Perfection, one of my favorite pasta dishes ever. I used the egg pasta recipe from American Sfoglino, which I just love - but added lemon zest during the initial blending. The finished dish was just delightful, nice and light, with lovely flavors from the bit of lemon, the scallops, the basil and olive oil. Looking forward to making this one again.

  • Potato gnocchi with corn crema and corn salad

    • bwhip on July 26, 2020

      A fair bit of effort, but so good! My first time ever making gnocchi, but thankfully the instructions were very clear, and the dish turned out great. Only change I made was grating a bit of Parmesan at the end rather than Ricotta Salata.

    • Paulacastillo on December 30, 2017

      Super tender! Didn't add salt to the dough, but put extra in the boiling water. We formed the gnocchi earlier that day and refrigerated them as instructed but they all clumped together by dinner time. Next time I will store them as long “fingers” flour them and formed them before dinner.

  • Béchamel

    • Totallywired on November 18, 2018

      Familiar béchamel, flagging here as a favourite for the very useful weight measurements for scaling.

  • Fettuccine with corn crema and charred green onions

    • Totallywired on July 29, 2019

      Rich and decadent, a great seasonal, dairy-free, cream pasta. Could use more green onions for balance.

  • Fazzoletti with crab and burrata

    • Totallywired on November 12, 2018

      Decadent and delicious. Taste for acid before serving.

  • Maltagliati all'arrabbiata

    • Totallywired on October 21, 2018

      Terrific and easy, light eating sauce. Great primi.

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Reviews about this book

  • Baking Bites

    The book is filled with illustrations of pasta techniques and recipes...a wide variety of pasta dishes throughout the book that will show you how to put your homemade pasta to good use.

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 1607746077
  • ISBN 13 9781607746072
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  • Published Mar 26 2015
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 272
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Ten Speed Press
  • Imprint Ten Speed Press

Publishers Text

Award-winning chef Marc Vetri wanted to write his first book about pasta. Instead, he wrote two other acclaimed cookbooks and continued researching pasta for ten more years. Now, the respected master of Italian cuisine finally shares his vast knowledge of pasta, gnocchi, and risotto in this inspiring, informative primer featuring expert tips and techniques, and more than 100 recipes.

Vetri’s personal stories of travel and culinary discovery in Italy appear alongside his easy-to-follow, detailed explanations of how to make and enjoy fresh handmade pasta. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional, you’ll learn how to make more than thirty different types of pasta dough, from versatile egg yolk dough, to extruded semolina dough, to a variety of flavored pastas—and form them into shapes both familiar and unique. In dishes ranging from classic to innovative, Vetri shares his coveted recipes for stuffed pastas, baked pastas, and pasta sauces. He also shows you how to make light-as-air gnocchi and the perfect dish of risotto.

Loaded with useful information, including the best way to cook and sauce pasta, suggestions for substituting pasta shapes, and advance preparation and storage notes, Mastering Pasta offers you all of the wisdom of a pro. For cooks who want to take their knowledge to the next level, Vetri delves deep into the science of various types of flour to explain pasta’s uniquely satisfying texture and how to craft the very best pasta by hand or with a machine. Mastering Pasta is the definitive work on the subject and the only book you will ever need to serve outstanding pasta dishes in your own kitchen.

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