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The Everyday Baker: Recipes and Techniques for Foolproof Baking by Abigail Johnson Dodge

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Notes about this book

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Mushroom chicken sausage frittata

    • Zosia on January 16, 2017

      A good way to use up some odd bits of cooked food I had in the fridge (pasta, mushrooms and sausage). I did think it a little greasy, probably because of my choice of sausage, but no one else found it so. The Worcestershire and hot sauces really added extra oomph to this fairly basic frittata, something I'll have to remember when I make others.

  • Cinnamon swirl crumble-topped ricotta coffee cake

    • Zosia on October 29, 2016

      Fabulous! Between the cake flour and the ricotta cheese, this was the fluffiest, most tender cake of this type that I've made, and I've tried many recipes. I included the optional cocoa in the streusel filling and, along with the cinnamon topping, it complemented the cake nicely. The crumb topping was a little sandy in texture; I prefer a bit more crunch.

  • Mile-high Parmesan-chive buttermilk biscuits

    • Zosia on November 16, 2016

      The dough didn't look particularly promising but the biscuits rose to an impressive height and were tender and flaky in texture with great flavor.

  • Whole-wheat soda bread with pistachios and apricots

    • Zosia on March 23, 2017

      I made this without the apricots and we loved the texture and the whole wheat flavour but next time, I'll reduce the sugar by half as we prefer it less sweet.

  • Peach-studded muffins

    • Zosia on August 01, 2016

      The light, moist muffin was the perfect vehicle for peaches and I loved the technique of lightly mashing the chopped fruit so that some of its juice became part of the liquid ingredients rather than forming a gummy pocket around each piece during baking. I think the muffin can handle more fruit and will increase the amount next time by at least 1/4 cup/30g. I made 10 muffins and could easily have stretched the batter to make another 2.

  • Double cranberry orange bread

    • Zosia on January 26, 2017

      Made using the muffin mixing method - wet ingredients folded into dry, no machine required - this was easy to make and resulted in a moist cake that was particularly delicious thanks to the tart fresh cranberries that brightened the flavour.

  • Crumble-topped banana walnut scones

    • Zosia on July 17, 2016

      These were fantastic! Tender, not too sweet with good banana flavour and a crunchy crumb topping that made them just a bit more special. And I appreciated that the author provided the weight of the bananas with and without peel.

  • Double chocolate espresso wake-up bread

    • Zosia on October 29, 2016

      This was a deliciously moist mocha-flavoured bread. The crumb was fine and light and more cake-like than bread-like. I baked it as a loaf and it took 65 minutes in my oven. The glaze looked pretty but really didn't add anything to the cake.

  • Chunky oatmeal peanut butter sandwiches

    • Zosia on May 04, 2017

      These are the best peanut butter cookies I've ever had. Inspired by Girl Scout Do-si-dos, a cookie I've never had the pleasure of tasting, they consist of crunchy-chewy, peanutty oatmeal cookies sandwiched together with a silky peanut butter filling. My yield was off - 23 instead of 34 sandwiches - though I used a 1 tbsp cookie scoop as instructed. Using the same scoop, the filling amount was perfect for the number of cookies I made.

  • Sparkling spice pinwheels

    • Zosia on October 11, 2018

      Delicious cinnamon-forward cookies that were surprisingly easy to make thanks to a very cooperative sugar cookie dough.

  • Big-bite blondie squares

    • Zosia on January 19, 2017

      Even made with almonds and white chocolate baking chips, these were fabulous. According to family who's declared these the best ever, they were everything a blondie should be with a sweet caramel flavour, crackly top, chewy centre and crunchy nuts. I baked them in a slightly larger 9" square pan but the baking time was as per the recipe.

  • Sparkling coffee-marbled bundt cake

    • Zosia on November 30, 2016

      Mine was not so sparkling - I used an intricately shaped bundt pan and wanted to make sure the cake released so skipped the sugar coating - but it will be next time, and there will definitely be a next time since this was another winning recipe from this book. The coffee was such a nice change from chocolate and it balanced well with the vanilla portion. The cake was firm and finely crumbed like a pound cake, very moist and quite rich, easily serving 16-20, but just a little too sweet (perhaps a reduction in sugar of 50g?). I used unbleached cake flour.

  • Toasted walnut maple chiffon cake

    • Zosia on November 02, 2016

      Delicious! Between the maple syrup and the maple sugar, this cake packs a lot of maple flavour and the cake is moist and spongy - not rubbery - as it should be. The crunchy walnuts add another dimension to it and though it seems like a small amount, there's a piece or two in every bite. The crumb has the potential to be even more tender with the right flour; bleached cake flour is pretty much impossible to find here now so I used a bleached cake & pastry blend that's widely available. I'll try it with unbleached cake flour next time to see if that makes a difference.

  • Creamy peanut butter-filled devil's food cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache

    • Zosia on March 09, 2017

      The 3 components, which are good but not outstanding on their own, come together to make a really delicious, moist cupcake with a good balance of chocolate and peanut flavours.

  • Big-time orange angel food cake with winter fruit compote

    • Zosia on January 26, 2017

      Light and ethereal with orange flavour permeating every crumb. I used half the superfine sugar (100g) and served the cake with segments from the oranges that had donated their zest rather than the tropical fruit salad. Next time I'll scale the recipe up to use 16 egg whites so the slices don't look quite so squat.

  • Mom's lemony roll cake with blueberry goat cheese filling and crushed blueberry sauce

    • Zosia on December 05, 2016

      Really lovely and elegant dessert comprising an airy, lemony sponge cake and creamy filling subtly flavoured with goat's cheese. I used frozen berries and only half the sugar for the sauce so it took a little longer to cook the liquid down to a syrupy consistency.

  • Snow white layer cake with strawberry mascarpone frosting

    • Zosia on March 09, 2017

      A lovely special occasion cake that's worth the time and effort required. Flavoured with a reduced strawberry puree, the mascarpone cream frosting had a good fruity flavour but was quite rich as was the moist vanilla butter cake. The strawberry compote was a nice accompaniment that added a fresh component to the dessert. I made a half recipe baked in 6" pans which served 9.

  • Peach-almond galette

    • Zosia on August 22, 2018

      Absolutely delicious galette with a good ratio of fresh tasting peaches (550g) to flaky crust. The layer of frangipane added lovely almond flavour and did an excellent job of absorbing the juice. I served it with lemon ice cream.

  • Sweet potato bread

    • Zosia on January 12, 2017

      Moist and rich tasting and despite it's fine dense crumb, very light in texture with sweet potato lending its fragrance and colour, but not its flavour. I omitted the pumpkin seeds, added 1 tbsp chopped rosemary and shaped the dough into 125g buns (which were much too large!). They were perfect for our post Christmas turkey sandwiches.

  • Pretzels

    • Zosia on May 04, 2017

      These had a delicious malty flavour but they weren't very chewy. With different shaping, they would make wonderful sandwich rolls.

  • Rich and delicious dinner rolls

    • Zosia on October 29, 2016

      Super light and airy - and rich and delicious - they almost upstaged the turkey at our recent Thanksgiving dinner. The dough was soft and sticky, and enriched with butter, sugar and egg yolks, resembled brioche but was much easier and less time-consuming to make. Note that with 1 less egg yolk, a little more flour and sugar, and no egg wash, the linked recipe is different from the book recipe.

    • Joyceeong on July 04, 2017

      Soft and airy, delicious! The dough is very easy to work with ; smooth, soft, satiny, enriched with butter and eggs, very similar to a brioche dough. Especially good when eaten warm, spread with cold salted butter and a mug of hot black coffee. I would definitely make these again.

  • Cinnamon swirl bread

    • Zosia on September 22, 2018

      Lovely bread with a most delicious cinnamon-sugar filling. The most difficult part of making the loaf was distributing the egg evenly over the filling - where it was too heavy, it escaped during rolling, and the seal between layers was absent from areas I missed.

  • Soft rye bread

    • Zosia on February 15, 2017

      The caraway and rye flavours were very nice in this loaf and the crumb was dense but soft but we prefer a more traditional texture with some chew. Also, I was sure I used the correct amount of salt but my bread could have used more.

  • Roasted veggie galette

    • Zosia on November 01, 2016

      From the Parmesan-flavoured flaky crust to the filling of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots roasted with garlic, rosemary and scallions, there is nothing I would change about this (though the author does suggest variations). Next time, I'll make 2 and freeze one, unbaked.

  • Cheesy bacon focaccia rolls

    • Zosia on April 26, 2017

      Incredibly delicious. I was surprised that the cheese (I omitted the bacon) didn't weigh the dough down at all; it was still really airy and chewy. I folded/kneaded the cheese in by hand to ensure even distribution, baked it as one focaccia and cut it into 12 for sandwich buns (9 would have been much too large).

  • Whole-wheat pitas

    • Zosia on May 04, 2017

      It's so gratifying to see pitas balloon in the oven as these did. They tasted great too - nutty but without the bitterness that often comes with whole wheat flour. The dough was very sticky and impossible to shape on an unfloured surface; a light dusting corrected that.

  • Roasted red pepper-goat cheese whole-wheat focaccia

    • Zosia on October 29, 2016

      The bread was beautifully aerated with the chewiness you expect from focaccia, something other whole wheat, same-day focaccia recipes I've tried haven't been able to achieve. The topping was an easy and very flavourful addition but I'd like to try the variations the author has included...they all sound so good.

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Reviews about this book

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    Best cookbooks of 2015: ...more than 1,000 step-by-step photograph instructions to help you along and make baking everyday easy, fun, and delicious!

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 1621138100
  • ISBN 13 9781621138105
  • Published Dec 01 2015
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 624
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Taunton Press Inc
  • Imprint Taunton Press Inc

Publishers Text

The Comprehensive, Must-Have Resource for Today's Baker from former pastry chef and award-winning baking expert Abby Dodge. The Everyday Baker is the ultimate resource for anyone who likes, loves, or lives to bake. This definitive collection serves as a delicious roadmap through a baker's sweet and savory kitchen and includes over 176 foolproof, innovative recipes all featuring must-know tips and techniques, comprehensive instructions, 80 stunning photographs of the finished dishes, and almost 1,000 step-by-step photographs designed to revolutionize the home baking experience to help bakers of all skill levels bake with confidence and authority. So go ahead and roll up your sleeves, pull out the flour, heat up the oven, and get ready to wow your family, friends, or even customers with the best dessserts and baked goods of your life. Because when it comes to this particular brand of sweet success, it's all in the techniques, it's all in the flavors, it's all in the passion...and it's all in The Everyday Baker!

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