On the Side: A Sourcebook of Inspiring Side Dishes by Ed Smith

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  • Spinach and preserved lemon freekeh

    • Jane on March 15, 2018

      This is why I love cookbooks - I could never have come up with this recipe myself. A smooth puree of spinach, parsley and preserved lemons is mixed into freekeh. It was amazing - it would liven up a plain piece of meat or fish - I would eat it on its own. It really does look as bright green as my unedited photo.

    • Foodycat on March 14, 2018

      We had it topped with simply roasted chicken thighs. Absolutely delicious - my husband thought it might have been a watercress puree because of the pepperiness.

  • Dijon-dressed green beans

    • KarinaFrancis on July 15, 2018

      Very simple, very delicious. The trick is to cook the beans just right and the recipe gives very detailed description. I think the dressing could be versatile.

    • Foodycat on February 25, 2018

      I've made a similar dish from one of the River Cafe books for years, but this is better - more balanced. We had it with roast chicken.

  • Roast butternut squash purée

    • VineTomato on March 11, 2019

      The second time I've made this - it is super easy and so delicious.

  • Scorched sweet potatoes with sobrasada butter

    • Foodycat on September 18, 2018

      I used nduja, which was a bit overwhelming but delicious! We had a sweet potato each with some steamed beans and sugar snaps on the side.

  • Sweet potato, celeriac and porcini bake

    • Foodycat on February 25, 2018

      I used olive oil and added several cloves of garlic, sliced between the layers. It's very good, although I think next time I'll use ordinary potatoes instead of sweet potatoes, which made the whole thing a bit too sweet.

  • Celeriac baked in a salt and thyme crust

    • Foodycat on March 03, 2018

      My celeriac was quite small, so I used 400g salt and proportionally less eggwhite, and baked for an hour. So tender, and well-flavoured without being salty.

  • Tomato tonnato

    • Foodycat on April 05, 2018

      Sounds a bit odd but completely delicious. Massive umami hit goes beautifully with ripe tomatoes.

  • Courgettes with soy, sesame, mint and chilli

    • Foodycat on June 03, 2018

      I used some asparagus and a courgette, cooked on a charcoal grill, but did the dressing as written. Really delicious and perfect with chicken.

  • Puttanesca runner beans

    • Foodycat on April 07, 2018

      Had it with sausages. Really good.

  • Grilled hispi cabbage with anchovy and crème fraîche

    • Foodycat on May 08, 2018

      I am coming to the position that anchovies are even better than bacon for making all vegetables better. This is a brilliant side dish for grilled meat.

  • Chinese cabbage with black vinegar

    • Foodycat on April 26, 2018

      I make a similar, but Indian-spiced side dish from 50 Great Curries of India, which is my go-to veg dish with a curry meal. I think this is going to be my go-to veg side for Chinese meals. Very simple, really delicious.

  • Purple sprouting broccoli with ricotta and orzo

    • Foodycat on April 02, 2018

      I used regular tenderstem broccoli and added some dried tarragon because I didn't have fresh. This is SO nice! We had it with barbecued chicken, which was excellent, but I'd eat a bowlful on its own.

    • Silverscreensuppers on September 07, 2020

      I loved this too! Good old Ed, everything I make from this book is excellent.

  • Seeded rye and honey soda bread

    • Silverscreensuppers on February 06, 2018

      I had to add quite a lot of flour to get the right consistency but the flavour was really nice. I made a note that I added 55g flour. I guess all flour is different...

  • Honey and Marmite-glazed parsnips

    • Silverscreensuppers on June 22, 2020

      Another winner from this fab book. I had some parsnips I needed to use up and made these on a whim. I could not stop eating them. My new favourite lockdown snack food. Highly addictive!

  • Buttermilk, dill and soy-seed wedge salad

    • Silverscreensuppers on February 06, 2018

      Loved this but made a note that next time I wouldn't bother with the quinoa - "too much faff and too crunchy". Iceberg salad isn't a "thing" here in the UK but this version (plus the Smitten Kitchen one) have certainly made it a thing in my house!

    • Silverscreensuppers on May 19, 2018

      Made this again for my celebrity chef friend Alastair Hendy - he loved it and are three portions! I left out the quinoa and stacked it Smitten Kitchen style. A hit!

  • Sherry cherry tomatoes

    • Silverscreensuppers on February 06, 2018

      Love these. Such an easy thing to do and so tasty. Have made these a couple of times, second time I used larger tomatoes sliced in half, halved side upwards but with the same olive oil / sherry / sherry vinegar mix. Olive oil isn't in the ingredients - I guess it's assumed we'll all have it around the place. Highly recommended easy peasy twist to tomatoes as a side dish. Love 'em.

  • Roast Romano peppers

    • Silverscreensuppers on October 11, 2018

      These were super delicious! Quick and easy and definitely something I will make again - yum!

  • Baby aubergine, oregano and chilli bake

    • grindabod on February 04, 2019

      A delicious, hearty way to cook aubergine.

  • Curry leaf, cashew and coconut rice

    • deboChicago on May 12, 2020

      Wow, this was yummy. A bit oily, so I might use less oil next time, but very tasty and hard to stop eating.

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  • Eat Your Books

    Your side dish game will level up with this beautifully photographed cookbook with innovative and delicious recipes.

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 140887315X
  • ISBN 13 9781408873151
  • Published May 04 2017
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 352
  • Language English
  • Countries United Kingdom, United States
  • Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Publishers Text

A revolutionary cookbook that moves the humble side dish to centre stage. Whilst writing his food blog, Rocket & Squash, Ed Smith noticed that a key part of our meals was being ignored. On too many occasions, side dishes were being relegated to an overboiled afterthought, or dismissed with a throwaway 'eat with potatoes' or 'serve with seasonal greens' line. But our side dishes have the potential to be as inspirational as the main event itself. In fact, they're often the best bit! Here it's the 'two veg' rather than the meat which are given the spotlight: you'll find 140 inspiring recipes and insightful tips to make your pulses, roots, vegetables and greens dazzle in their own right. Think of garlic oil pea shoots, smoky ratatouille, celeriac baked in a salt and thyme crust, carrots with brown butter and hazelnuts, spelt grains with wild mushrooms, and chorizo roast potatoes. Complete with a recipe directory that will help you find the perfect accompaniment, whatever your cooking, On the Side will brighten and invigorate every meal.

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