Whole Food Cooking Every Day: Transform the Way You Eat with 250 Vegetarian Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar by Amy Chaplin

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  • Stone fruit chia pudding

    • jocelyng on July 12, 2020

      This was fantastic. Used peaches and served with smashed raspberries.

  • Almond cake

    • ccav on December 07, 2019

      Made this using the optional almond extract and used rinsed & drained frozen blueberries for the fruit. Very flavorful, not too sweet...my kind of cake! Definitely a keeper.

    • ccav on February 29, 2020

      Made with frozen cherries and used almond extract. Good with cherry Garcia ice cream.

    • jenburkholder on August 17, 2020

      Enjoyable. Added almond extract, but left the cake itself plain (no fruit). Served alongside quince compote and plum compote. Nice summer dessert.

  • Golden carrot-spice muffins

    • rosyannposy on July 29, 2021

      Used the vegan base recipe. Really nice spiced flavor. Kids liked them and I like that they are low sugar. Looking forward to trying more variations, but will definitely make this again.

  • Herbed butter bean pâté with leeks and spinach

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Good! Makes a lot and not strongly flavored. Ate with bread

  • Fall/winter steamed vegetable salad

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      I did radishes, purple daikon, Japanese turnips and carrots. Looked nice together!

  • Mustard-roasted beets and shallots with thyme

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Make sure you don't leave the beets too big otherwise they are awkward to eat.

    • ricki on February 02, 2021

      Used a mix of golden beets and Japanese turnips, and chunks of leeks instead of shallots. Nice mix of flavors. Started the beets and turnips at the same time; the turnips were much softer, but it worked. Added the leeks at the halfway mark, but they were a little chewy. Next time add them after 10-15 minutes.

    • jenburkholder on September 06, 2021

      Didn’t care for this. Shallots and beets cooked in very different times, and everything was a bit too burnt by the end.

  • Lacto-fermented radishes

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Nice and easy. I left mine for a week and a couple of days and served them as a side and in soup so far. A little funk but not too far out there.

  • Quick marinated arame

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Easy and yummy marinade. Will make this again as a side for rice dishes.

  • Dill, mint, and lime zucchini dressing

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Came out a little bitter and not as big of flavors as I imagined. Try adding more acid and use olive oil instead of flax oil.

  • Golden milk chia Bircher bowl

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      If you like golden lattes, you may like this. Very strong flavored and my kiddo did not care for it. Heavily spiced but nice with some honey and yogurt. Needs some more sweetener.

    • sosayi on September 25, 2019

      We enjoyed this bircher bowl (used golden raisins and the Chia Oat base) and I'd make it again, but with a few tweaks. 1) it tasted a bit grainy... perhaps double-blend the almond milk component? and/or strain (even if not called for)? 2) use fresh turmeric, perhaps my use of dried was part of the problem? Still very filling and delicious. We topped it with bee pollen and honey, which was lovely.

  • Grain-free chia Bircher bowl

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Nice, healthy option for breakfast. Lasted me a few days in the fridge. I ate it cold and thought it was nice with yogurt and berries.

  • Pecan-rosemary butter

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Yum! Rosemary isn't too intense. I accidentally put it in with the un-processed nuts and it still turned out great.

  • Strawberry rose chia pudding

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      So good and strawberry and rose are lovely together. I only used rose water and omitted the petals. Will be making this again.

  • Matcha-black sesame granola

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Nice and pretty colors.

  • Banana-cacao waffles with walnuts

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      I liked them but my kids prefer traditional sugar bombs. Not bad for as healthy as they are. Served with cacao hazelnut spread

  • Apple poppy seed muffins

    • stpbcyld50 on November 08, 2019

      Not bad for GF and healthy. They absolutely do not keep past the day you made them. Kids weren't crazy about them.

  • Green pea pasta

    • sosayi on April 12, 2020

      This was quick, easy, and delicious. Both kidlets loved it and it utilized mostly pantry items, especially if you leave out the pea shoots (which we had to). Would make again.

  • Salted almond butter with sumac and chili

    • sosayi on September 25, 2019

      Wonderful! I used Aleppo chile flakes (which I think pair so well with the sumac) and then a bit more cayenne to compensate. Such great flavor. I've used it to snack on with cucumbers and also tried a variation on the sandwich she recommends: toasted bread, the almond butter, sauerkraut, shredded carrots, cucumber, and some mashed white beans that I had to hand. A lovely spread to have in the pantry.

  • Toasted coconut butter

    • sosayi on September 25, 2019

      Really delicious. I've been using this in recipes that call for regular coconut butter (to add an even deeper flavor note) and just to top toast and such. Great pantry staple!

  • Superfood chocolate milk

    • sosayi on September 25, 2019

      Delicious! I slightly messed up, but it turned out great all the same. (I missed straining the almond-coconut milk recipe prior to blending in the remaining ingredients from this recipe, which just gave it a slightly less smooth texture). She mentions that it might develop a slightly thick top layer, like a mousse, which mine did. I've loved it so much that I've been mostly eating the whole batch that way, so far. I added a bit to my morning coffee, too, which was also lovely, like a rich mocha.

  • Miso nori chips

    • sosayi on February 13, 2020

      The response to these was mixed. I loved them and really enjoyed snacking on them. The rest of the household wasn't so keen on them, however. Pretty easy to scale down, so I may repeat just for myself. I did need to flip the chips halfway through baking, in order to ensure even crisping, which wasn't mentioned in the recipe.

  • Artichoke dressing

    • ricki on March 29, 2021

      This could be addictive! Used a 14-ounce can of artichoke hearts in brine; they seemed too fragile to soak, so I just drained them well. Even without added salt, it was saltier than I'd like, so next time look for a lower-sodium product. Two tablespoons of Meyer lemon juice and 3 of water gave a nice thick sauce for grain bowls. Add chopped herbs to serve--chives, tarragon, and/or chervil.

  • Whole oat-apple porridge with almonds and nutmeg

    • ricki on February 02, 2021

      Nice technique. Half a recipe (2 servings) just fit in the large container of the nutribullet. I was afraid I ground the grain too long, but just as it was cooked it came together and wasn't too runny. Used a pinch of nutmeg for the half recipe, which was enough for us. 20 minutes cooking time total.

  • Zucchini soup with cilantro and jalapeño

    • christineakiyoshi on July 01, 2020

      This soup is delicious! I increased the garlic to 5 cloves. Great way to use up all of the zucchini that grows in the garden. I love soups where you don't use any packaged vegetable broth because it allows the flavor of the vegetables to shine through.

  • Winter squash soup

    • excurvatus on January 12, 2020

      Simple, but enjoyable. I was skeptical but followed Amy's directions to the letter. Simple, but hearty and lovely result. I'd love to try more of her simple soups.

  • Roasted apple-almond cake with cardamom

    • Huongey on March 02, 2021

      This cake is sublime, the maple and almond flavor is really nice together. I can’t wait to try the other variations. I made some substitutions with what I had on hand. I used olive oil for the cake and butter for the apples instead of coconut oil and used half the maple syrup (I ran out) and subbed half regular sugar.

  • Granola

    • jenburkholder on September 06, 2021

      Good basic granola. Doesn’t form clumps, but that doesn’t bother me. Buckwheat flavor is pronounced.

  • Berry chia pudding

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      Excellent "healthier" dessert or light breakfast. Rich, creamy, and tart, with lots of flavor. Strong recommendation on this one.

  • Miso-turmeric baked tempeh

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      Old-fashioned hippie food, very tasty. Best served with brown rice and sauerkraut.

  • Golden ginger-sesame baked tempeh

    • jenburkholder on April 04, 2021

      This was fine, but probably my least favorite of these tempeh recipes so far. Sauce was thin and the whole thing skewed too sweet.

  • Rosemary-mustard baked tempeh

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      This is delicious. We omitted the mustard seeds since we couldn't for the life of us figure out what they were doing just sitting on top of the tempeh, but it didn't seem to suffer for it. The rosemary seems like it's going to be too much, but it mellows so beautifully with the long cooking. These tempeh recipes are the hidden stars of the book, in my opinion.

  • Carrot-coriander baked tempeh

    • jenburkholder on July 20, 2021

      This one also wasn’t my favorite. Skewed too sweet. Having now made all of the marinated tempeh recipes in this book, I would say that the rosemary-mustard is the standout, while this and the ginger-sesame are bringing up the rear.

  • Chile-coconut-lime baked tempeh

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      This was very good. Instead of sprinkling the cilantro over the top (before it goes into the oven for an hour?? why???), we blended it into the sauce and added more after cooking. Great addition to a grain bowl.

  • Quick ginger-marinated wakame

    • jenburkholder on December 03, 2020

      The flavor of this was fine, but remind me never to have leftover wakame - turned unbelievably slimy in the fridge, inedibly so (for me), even though she specifically says it can be kept fresh up to a week. Don't make unless you're a fan of okra-level mucilage + deep-sea flavor.

  • Beet dressing

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      I quite liked this on a grain bowl, although I'll admit it does taste like "hippie food," especially on a bed of quinoa with some sauerkraut! Absolutely stunning color, worth trying out just for the pure beet-y pinkness.

  • Sweet potato soup with coriander, chili, and ginger

  • Black rice-black sesame bread

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      The black rice didn't get soft enough, so the bread was left with strange crunchy bits. I'd stick to the basic brown rice one, although the color was gorgeous.

  • Buckwheat millet bread

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      This is quite good, although you must like the flavor of buckwheat, since it's strong. In our oven, it takes longer to bake than suggested. The seeds also fall off the top, so I omitted them the second time and it was much cleaner to eat. Keeps well for a few days and makes an easy, healthy breakfast.

  • Sunflower-poppy seed bread

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      This was a good variation on the original recipe. Would recommend.

  • Millet porridge

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      This was a good method that produced creamy millet porridge. Reheated well for the week and was delicious with quince compote.

  • Black rice porridge

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      This was intensely colored, but the black rice alone is expensive and doesn't add much. A mix of brown and black or white and black would probably be just as good, and much cheaper.

  • Beet-macadamia black rice porridge with coconut and ginger

    • jenburkholder on March 22, 2021

      I liked the beets in this, but the ginger felt off. I think it would have been more enjoyable without it. Mild and creamy. Topped with frozen blueberries and a splash of soy milk.

  • Chia oat Bircher bowl

    • jenburkholder on August 06, 2020

      These were okay, but the hemp flavor was too strong. That made the bowl slightly bitter and unpleasant; I would cut the hemp seeds down or replace them.

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  • ISBN 10 1579658024
  • ISBN 13 9781579658021
  • Published Sep 17 2019
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 320
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Artisan

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Eating whole foods can transform a diet, and mastering the art of cooking these foods can be easy with the proper techniques and strategies. In 20 chapters, Chaplin shares ingenious recipes incorporating the foods that are key to a healthy diet: seeds and nuts, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based foods. Chaplin shares her secrets for eating healthy every day: mastering some key recipes and reliable techniques and then varying the ingredients based on the occasion, the season, and what you’re craving. Once the reader learns one of Chaplin’s base recipes, whether for gluten-free muffins, millet porridge, or baked marinated tempeh, the ways to adapt and customize it are endless: change the fruit depending on the season, include nuts or seeds for extra protein, or even change the dressing or flavoring to keep a diet varied. Chaplin encourages readers to seek out local and organic ingredients, stock their pantries with nutrient-rich whole food ingredients, prep ahead of time, and, most important, cook at home.

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