Open Kitchen: Inspired Food for Casual Gatherings by Susan Spungen

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    • Categories: Quick / easy; Cooking ahead; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: cherry tomatoes
    • Accompaniments: Fish in crazy water
    • Categories: Spring; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: fresh fava beans in pods
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Cooking ahead; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: sage; vegetable oil
    • Categories: Spice / herb blends & rubs; North African
    • Ingredients: coriander seeds; cumin seeds; cilantro; parsley; mint; lemons; smoked paprika; dried red pepper flakes
    • Categories: Winter; Spring; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: Meyer lemons
    • Categories: Stocks; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: chicken breasts; celery; carrots; yellow onions; thyme; parsley; black peppercorns; bay leaves
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    • Categories: Sauces, general; Italian
    • Ingredients: parsley; scallions; capers; anchovies; lemons
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: goat cheese
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: ricotta cheese; lemons
    • Categories: Cooking ahead; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: dried cranberry beans; garlic; rosemary; bay leaves
    • Accompaniments: Giambotta
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Appetizers / starters; Lunch; French
    • Ingredients: onions; garlic; canned butter beans; canned tomatoes; thyme; confit duck legs; country bread
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: oyster mushrooms; corn on the cob; shallots; bread; marinated feta cheese; tarragon
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters; Summer; Spring; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: goat cheese; cooked peas; mint; heavy cream; baguette bread; carrots; radishes
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters
    • Ingredients: bacon; shallots; peas; crusty bread; goat cheese; tarragon
    • Categories: Chutneys, pickles & relishes; Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Entertaining & parties; Spring; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: rhubarb; ricotta cheese; bread; beets; lemons
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    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Fall / autumn; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: labneh cheese; harissa sauce; cherry tomatoes; mint; sesame seed bread
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Winter; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: Tuscan kale; ciabatta bread
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Summer; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: brown tomatoes; crusty bread; burrata cheese; opal basil
    • Categories: Cookies, biscuits & crackers; Quick / easy; Thanksgiving; Entertaining & parties; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: smoked almonds; ground cayenne pepper; turmeric; smoked paprika; sharp cheddar cheese; Greek yogurt; egg whites
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Winter; Entertaining & parties; Spanish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: Castelvetrano olives; salted Marcona almonds; Manchego cheese
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Grills & BBQ; Quick / easy; Summer; Entertaining & parties; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggplants; Greek yogurt; tahini; parsley; ground cayenne pepper
    • Accompaniments: Whole grain cumin crackerbread
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Appetizers / starters; Entertaining & parties; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: ricotta cheese; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; thyme; eggs
    • Accompaniments: Whole grain cumin crackerbread
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Quick / easy; Fall / autumn; Entertaining & parties; Middle Eastern; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: canned chickpeas; beets; tahini; lemons; ground cumin; raw hazelnuts; coriander seeds; cumin seeds; sesame seeds; black sesame seeds; raw pistachio nuts
    • Accompaniments: Hazelnut-pistachio dukkah; Dukkah grissini; Whole grain cumin crackerbread

Notes about this book

  • Kristjudy on July 06, 2020

    The Berry Brita Cake is lovely. A great way to showcase the seasonal fruits.

  • Cati on April 04, 2020

    Beware the print is smaller than normal. You might need a magnifying glass.

  • Baltiville on March 07, 2020

    The Toasted Mushroom and Farro is delicious. Balsamic is just enough acid to balance out the richness of the Mushroom “gravy”.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Cassoulet toast

    • SheilaS on November 24, 2020

      I loved this. Cassoulet is such an undertaking but these toasts capture the best of the dish for me. I used Rancho Gordo Cassoulet beans instead of canned butter beans. I might try adding some bits of Toulouse sausages next time.

    • rittingerv on May 31, 2022

      I too used Rancho Gordo cassoulet beans, and this was delicious. It honestly doesn't need the toast, I've been eating it with an egg for breakfast. Added some garlic sausage for more protein and flavor.

  • Vietnamese watermelon and tomato salad

    • SheilaS on September 19, 2022

      I like the watermelon salads with feta but it's nice to have another twist where the salty element is a dressing that includes miso, fish sauce and soy sauce. It was a bit salty for me but easy to just use less. Served with a modification of the Vietnamese pork tenderloin recipe in this book and coconut brown rice.

    • Maefleur on August 26, 2020

      Refreshing and flavorful salad. I did a modified version like Susan had posted on Instagram. The shallots were quick pickled in the vinaigrette and blistered shishitos were subbed for sliced chilies. If I had some serranos, I would have added them as well.

  • Banana buckwheat loaf

    • rittingerv on May 14, 2022

      Very tasty. Could not get the groats or the walnut oil, so used a wheat germ & sunflower seed combo for the groats and butter for the walnut oil. The maple-tahini topping is A+.

    • Lepa on April 05, 2020

      This is an interesting loaf. It has a nice, nutty flavor because of the buckwheat flour and nut oils. I ran out of walnut oil so I used 1/2 walnut oil and 1/2 hazelnut oil. I didn't have buckwheat groats so I skipped those. While I normally don't like icing on cake, it was necessary here to balance the flavors. I'd make this again but it won't replace my favorite banana bread.

  • Burrata with pickled cherries, sumac, and basil

    • Astrid5555 on June 18, 2020

      At first the pickled cherries had an intense vinegary aroma, maybe due to my Bordeaux red wine vinegar. The second bite was somewhat addictive. In combination with the burrata, sumac and basil they are incredibly delicious. Highly recommended!

    • Vibou on October 29, 2020

      Loved the pickled cherries in this one along with the basil & burrata it was really delicious, looks gorgeous too!

  • Grain salad with many flavors (that holds up for hours)

    • lou_weez on July 17, 2021

      A nice, tasty salad. I used pearl barley instead of farro and tinned lentils.

  • Crispy semolina potatoes

    • Maefleur on June 25, 2020

      My mixed baby potatoes didn’t want to give up their skins after steaming, so I continued without peeling, and my “fine” semolina was rather coarse. After roasting, they were nicely crisp with tender middles and the crispy garlic bits and sage leaves added lots of wonderful flavor. While we did enjoy this, I don’t imagine it’s the dish she intended. Next time, I will carefully peel the potatoes, and seek out finer semolina for a crispy coating. Oh, and add more garlic and sage.

  • Roasted strawberry-basil sherbet

    • Maefleur on May 10, 2020

      Remember to plan ahead for this one. Freeze your ice cream maker bowl, roast the strawberries and chilling the base mix in advance of churning. After churning it will need additional time in the freezer to firm up. Wonderful full strawberry flavor, and the basil adds a depth of flavor that you can't quite name what it is, other than delicious!

  • Grill-roasted chickens with herbes de Provence and extra lavender aka house chicken

    • Maefleur on March 30, 2020

      I adapted for a single butterflied chicken on a gas grill. After preheating grill, switched middle burner off and outer two to medium wtth wood chip packets over outer two. Cooked to temp. The smoking method worked great, resulting in a juicy, herby, wonderfully smoky bird.

  • Rosey harissa chicken

    • Maefleur on March 30, 2020

      This recipe also ran in the March 2020 issue of Food and Wine Magazine, which I used with chicken thighs. I used the option of paprika for the rose harissa seasoning, using a mix of sweet, hot and smoky paprika. Delicious dish.

  • Summer vegetable galette

    • bwhip on May 16, 2020

      Not summer yet, but the photo of this dish looked so good I had to make it. Only changes I made were to use some yellow squash instead of Japanese eggplant, and I added some asparagus. Recipe has several steps along the way, between making the crust dough, roasting the tomatoes, then the rest of the vegetables (at a higher temp), then adding the cheese mixture, assembling and baking the galette. Nothing difficult, just takes a bit of time. End result was SO worth it! My wife and I both just wanted to keep eating more and more, but were getting full! Delicious dish.

  • Big salade Niçoise

    • bwhip on May 25, 2021

      Delicious salad. Big! We used fresh asparagus in lieu of the green beans, and chickpeas in lieu of the fava beans. My tuna steaks could have been poached for a little less time than called for in the recipe. Otherwise, we enjoyed every part of this salad.

  • Vietnamese pork tenderloin

    • pattyatbryce on September 12, 2022

      Great results for basic prep. The small amount of sriracha was funny to me. Crank that up to a Tbs. A definite make-again.

  • Triple-ginger chocolate chunk cookies

    • ChelseaP on July 07, 2022

      Fantastic cookies. If you love ginger you must make these!

  • Blistered shishitos with avocado crema

    • Jviney on August 19, 2020

      This has potential and I think I’m the reason I didn’t love it. Recipe calls for 1.5 Tbsp lime juice or to taste and I had two Tbsp when I was done juicing, so I threw all of it in. There wasn’t much discernible flavor to the avocado crema outside of the lime juice, so I would dial it back to 1 Tbsp next time and go from there.

  • Root vegetable tian

    • etcjm on December 23, 2020

      On the Christmas list to make. Yes lots of chopping but not hard. Couple of pointers: I had too much veg left so have made soup as well so you could get away with less. I overdid it with the garlic IMO but no one seemed to mind. Please allow a lot longer to cook. I allowed 30 as per recipe to allow serving at room temp with ham. In reality after an hour and it looking cooked it still could've done with longer. Still lovely though and a much smaller amount left for lunch than I expected. Sorry forgot the photo, it did look impressive though!

  • Beet hummus

    • dc151 on December 20, 2020

      This is so pretty! I made it with the dukkah and the crackers. It was way more filling than I had expected. I did add more aquafaba than she suggested, as it was very thick.

    • Vibou on October 05, 2020

      This was perfect and delicious. Her dukkah goes really well with this. I garnished mine with radish microgreens, it was fantastic. I love the colour in this.

  • Whole grain cumin crackerbread

    • dc151 on December 20, 2020

      Lovely flavor and will make again, but I felt there were a few discrepancies in the recipe. Not sure why it say makes 12 when the directions indicate to make six. I had to add extra flour to make the dough workable. Also, cooking time was longer to develop any color on the crackers. Make sure you roll them out very thin, otherwise they are chewy vs crunchy. I made this along with the beet hummus, it was surprisingly filling.

    • Zosia1995 on October 09, 2020

      Served with beet hummus. Made a second time and topped with 1) rosemary and truffled sea salt and 2) pink sea salt and crushed green peppercorns.

  • Fregola salad with oil-cured olives, broccolini, and salsa verde

    • Vibou on September 27, 2020

      This Italian salsa verde is incredible. I used broccoli florets it worked out perfectly. It’s a must!

  • Baked turkey-spinach meatballs

    • spatterson88 on February 28, 2021

      I'll use frozen spinach next time instead of cooking down fresh spinach.

  • Fried black rice with shrimp, shiitakes, and shishitos

    • spatterson88 on September 04, 2021

      The black rice I had stained all of the other components. It was delicious, but I’ll be sticking to white rice from now on.

  • Not-fried eggplant Parm

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  • ISBN 10 0525536671
  • ISBN 13 9780525536673
  • Published Mar 03 2020
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 336
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Avery

Publishers Text

Simple, stylish recipes for fearless entertaining from the renowned food stylist, New York Times contributor, and founding food editor of Martha Stewart Living.

As a professional recipe developer, avid home cook, and frequent hostess, Susan Spungen is devoted to creating perfectly simple recipes for good food. In Open Kitchen, she arms readers with elegant, must-make meal ideas that are easy to share and enjoy with friends and family.

An open kitchen, whether physical or spiritual, is a place to welcome company, to enjoy togetherness and the making of the meal. This cookbook is full of contemporary, stylish, and accessible dishes that will delight and impress with less effort. From simple starters such as Burrata with Pickled Cherries and centerpieces such as Rosy Harissa Chicken, to desserts such as Roasted Strawberry-Basil Sherbet, the dishes are seasonal classics with a twist, vegetable-forward and always appealing. Filled with practical tips and Susan's "get-ahead" cooking philosophy that ensures streamlined, stress-free preparation, this cookbook encourages readers to open their kitchens to new flavors, menus, and guests.

Perfect for occasions that call for simple but elevated comfort food, whether it's a relaxed gathering or a weeknight dinner, Open Kitchen shows readers how to maximize results with minimal effort for deeply satisfying, a little bit surprising, and delicious meals. It is a cookbook you'll reach for again and again.

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