One Tin Bakes: Sweet and Simple Traybakes, Pies, Bars and Buns by Edd Kimber

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    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: milk chocolate; double cream; caster sugar; plain flour; cocoa powder; light brown sugar; eggs; sour cream; coffee; salted peanuts; cacao nibs
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Afternoon tea; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: butter; plain flour; caster sugar; instant espresso powder; ground cinnamon; eggs; sour cream
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Quick / easy; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: ground almonds; icing sugar; egg white powder; butter; mixed berries; chopped nuts of your choice
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd; South American
    • Ingredients: eggs; caster sugar; self-raising flour; limes; condensed milk; coconut milk; passion fruit purée; double cream; passion fruit; toasted coconut flakes
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Quick / easy; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: plain flour; caster sugar; eggs; buttermilk; butter; egg whites; vanilla pods
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: butter; virgin coconut oil; caster sugar; plain flour; coconut extract; egg whites; coconut milk; desiccated coconut; cream cheese; icing sugar
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd; Japanese
    • Ingredients: double cream; matcha; white chocolate; eggs; caster sugar; store-cupboard ingredients
  • Roasted plum roll cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: plums; clear honey; eggs; caster sugar; butter; egg whites; vanilla bean paste; white chocolate; pistachio nuts
  • Classic birthday cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: butter; plain flour; caster sugar; eggs; sour cream; golden syrup; cocoa powder; dark chocolate; sprinkles of your choice
    • Categories: Crumbles, cobblers, crisps & bettys; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd; American
    • Ingredients: ground almonds; oat flour; caster sugar; butter; lemons; fine cornmeal; eggs; blueberries
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea; Australian
    • Ingredients: eggs; caster sugar; self-raising flour; gelatine sheets; double cream; vanilla bean paste; raspberry jam; desiccated coconut
    • Categories: Frostings & fillings; Cakes, large; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: plain flour; ground cinnamon; ground cardamom; oranges; carrots; dark chocolate chips; raisins; eggs; light brown sugar; olive oil; milk chocolate; cream cheese; icing sugar; butter
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: vanilla bean paste; bananas; plain flour; butter; light brown sugar; caster sugar; eggs; buttermilk; buckwheat flour
  • Olive oil cherry snack cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Snacks; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: eggs; caster sugar; lemons; yoghurt; plain flour; ground almonds; cherries; flaked almonds; almond extract; pink food colouring; olive oil
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: butter; wholemeal rye flour; cocoa powder; dark chocolate; caster sugar; light brown sugar; eggs; pecans; milk chocolate; double cream
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: butter; sea salt flakes; mini marshmallows; toasted rice cereal; salted pretzels; salted peanuts; milk chocolate; cocoa nibs
  • Peanut butter brookies
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: peanut butter; light brown sugar; eggs; egg yolks; salted peanuts; butter; cocoa powder; caster sugar; plain flour
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert; Australian; New Zealand
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; desiccated coconut; golden syrup; light brown sugar; butter; dark chocolate
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: plain flour; tahini; caster sugar; eggs; egg yolks; dark chocolate
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: butter; light brown sugar; eggs; egg yolks; hazelnut butter; plain flour; milk chocolate; hazelnuts
  • Peppermint chocolate slices
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert; Australian
    • Ingredients: digestive biscuits; butter; cocoa powder; eggs; desiccated coconut; icing sugar; double cream; peppermint extract; dark chocolate; golden syrup
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: butter; plain flour; caster sugar; rolled oats; cream cheese; sour cream; vanilla bean paste; lemons; eggs; raspberry jam; raspberries
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert; American
    • Ingredients: butter; digestive biscuits; wholemeal flour; caster sugar; dark chocolate; double cream; mini marshmallows
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert; Summer; British
    • Ingredients: butter; raisins; golden syrup; dark chocolate; milk chocolate; Ovaltine; malt biscuits
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: dried figs; caster sugar; oranges; fennel seeds; mixed spice (UK); plain flour; wholemeal flour; butter; egg yolks; Demerara sugar

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Raspberry cheesecake streusel squares

    • kari500 on June 16, 2023

      This is an absolute keeper. I halved it (wished I hadn’t), used strawberry jam in place of raspberry, and regular sugar instead of caster. Raves all around. Do note the online recipe has the corrected amounts.

    • Astrid5555 on August 22, 2020

      Incredibly delicious! A cheesecake bar topped with jammy raspberries and streusel which are made out of the base dough by adding some rolled oats. Recipe says makes 16-24, mine where devoured by 4 teenagers and gone within the hour. A definite keeper!!

    • raybun on September 18, 2020

      Everything Astrid said! These are fantastic. As there’s only 3 of us I’ve been halving the recipes and baking them in an 8" square pan with excellent results.

    • anya_sf on May 02, 2021

      Absolutely delicious! I made 1/2 recipe and it's half gone after only a day. Note that the cup measurements for the streusel are incorrect; grams are correct. Corrected recipe here:

    • Kinhawaii on May 09, 2021

      I agree with everyone- yum! Made the half in the 8 inch pan- took longer for mine to brown. Divide the metric measurements in half.

    • on November 28, 2021

      This is a great dessert to serve, especially around the holidays. It's easy to put together and looks nice served on a platter of desserts. Would be good made with blueberries or strawberries. The cheesecake squares stay fresh for several days in the refrigerator.

    • sqsyed on January 09, 2021

      Hi, where can I get the recipe from?

  • Classic birthday cake

    • cespitler on March 25, 2023

      Is there an error in this recipe? It suggests adding most of the mixed cake to the pan and leveling out and then adding dry ingredients and sour cream by alternating. I went ahead and added everything in the mixer and then scraping into the pan.

    • cespitler on March 25, 2023

      Cake was way too dense and flat for the volume of fluffy frosting. I did not take this to a party as intended. The flavor was fine.

    • on November 25, 2020

      The chocolate frosting was fabulous. The cake was dry.

    • Mabel1 on March 08, 2022

      I found the cake was dry and the frosting was overpowering, too much of it, and sickly.

  • Anzac caramel chocolate slices

    • aberne on August 01, 2020

      Had to double the crust to get it to cover, using the American measurements. Wished it were more crispy. Very very rich.

    • nadiam1000 on April 06, 2022

      This is really rich and delicious - the caramel is so good and the base is an interesting variation - very tasty and I love baking with oats and golden syrup. A bit tricky to spread but it baked up well - I would reduce the time a bit from 20 minutes. I might try this same caramel with a traditional shortbread base.

    • Foodycat on October 16, 2020

      I was a bit anxious about the base mixture not covering, because it seemed very scant, but it did and it rose a bit in baking to be a decent layer. I only baked it for 15 minutes - it couldn't have taken any longer, and when I cut it into pieces I struggled a bit because it was very crunchy and hard to cut. Really good flavour but I think I prefer the usual shortbread base.

    • Longtallfran on August 14, 2023

      Very nice, but the anzac layer is very thin and went a bit too hard in my oven. I will knock down the temp / time when I try again. Also found the golden syrup too rich, so will try the recommended alternative of honey next time. The caramel was good and came together easily.

  • Tahini chocolate chip cookie bars

    • trudys_person on November 26, 2023

      I had the same experience as others. The dough was very dry and crumbly. I pressed it into the pan and it held together–-barely--when baked. They were a bit hard/crunchy, but the flavour was good. I might try them again with less flour and/or adding in the extra egg white.

    • LindaAphoto on December 31, 2020

      I found the dough to be a little on the dry side. I baked it for 20 minutes in my oven as it runs hot. Still didn’t aid to maintain any moisture it may have had. Crumbly and on the dry side. All in all, the end result was nothing to write home about. I wouldn’t make it again or attempt to modify it for improvement. I would highly recommend using a quality, creamier tahini as well, to avoid bitterness.

    • kprovost on September 30, 2020

      The dough wasn't enough to cover the tray. And I used the one recommended for all of these recipes from Nordic Ware. I kind of piled the dough up to one side. I think an 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 square pan would be perfect. That being said, these were delicious! My husband and daughter were skeptical about the tahini, but it added a subtle nutty flavor, and they loved it.

    • sjwill82 on September 01, 2021

      I made this and loved it! I think my only improvement for next time is to use a little less chocolate as I found 250g to be too much. Like the others have commented I was worried it looked too dry and that it wouldn't cover the base of the tin. However, I pressed the dough out to a thin layer and it baked for 25mins and puffed up slightly retaining a soft core

    • Longtallfran on August 14, 2023

      Tasted good but went really dry and hard when cooked, even though I took 5 mins off the cooking time and lowered the temperature.

  • Olive oil cherry snack cake

    • KarinaFrancis on October 08, 2022

      Totally agree with Zosia, a lovely light cake and very simple to make. I used blueberries because it’s a bit early for cherries, will make again when they’re in season.

    • Zosia on January 17, 2021

      Delicious cake with a light and tender crumb. I used jarred sour cherries and they worked well with the lemon; the cake was short but there was a lot of flavour in every bite. A half recipe of the glaze was more than enough and no food colouring was needed to make it as pink as the book's photo. My cake was done in 30 minutes.

  • Crème fraîche brioche fruit tart

    • KarinaFrancis on October 16, 2022

      This was nice and making the dough the day before made it easy to put together the next day. I felt that it needed more custard.

  • Milk chocolate caramel sheet cake

    • joneshayley on March 08, 2021

      Easy to assemble and delicious. The coffee isn’t strong at all. Moist and delicious though very very rich

    • Zosia on March 21, 2022

      Fabulous cake! Cake portion was moist and not too sweet and frosting was incredibly delicious!

    • stef on April 20, 2023

      This is one delicious cake. Cake is chocolaty,moist,light and not too sweet. Ganache was very good and we loved the peanut and cocoa nibs sprinkle. This was for son's birthday.

    • coryelizabeth on September 27, 2021

      Oh my goodness, this cake is delicious! AND easy: I simply followed the directions, and both the cake and the icing came together as indicated. My only quibble is that I can taste the baking soda in the cake itself, but I almost always can in recipes that involve a lot of rising agent. The salty, sweet, slightly bitter caramel ganache more than makes up for this.....

    • anya_sf on November 11, 2021

      A half-size cake was gone in 2 days and there are only 3 of us - that's how good this was. The cake was light-textured, moist, and chocolatey, but the ganache really turned it into something fabulous. Like JJ2018, I ended up with tiny toffee bits in the otherwise silky frosting, but they blended in with the crunchy peanuts and cocoa nibs, so no one else noticed. I did wait several hours before whipping the ganache.

    • Kinhawaii on March 20, 2021

      I agree with joneshayley- delicious, can’t stop eating it! I made half a recipe in an 8 inch square pan- next will try it with peanuts too. My frosting took several hours to cool in the refrigerator- it still dribbled from the whisk but after almost 4 hours the dribble held its shape. Took less than a minute to whip the frosting. Kept well in the refrigerator.

    • JJ2018 on June 27, 2021

      Really nice cake. Husband, children and guests loved the topping though I found it a bit sweet for my tastes. It did take a long time to cool and my caramel crystallised slightly so icing had crunchy caramel pieces in it, which wasn’t a bad thing

    • Longtallfran on June 05, 2023

      Echoing all the other notes, this was a really, really good cake. However, I found the ganache too sweet for my tastes. Will definitly make the cake again but may use a different topping, perhaps the sour cream one from Alison Roman's 'Crispy Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut & Sour Cream'.

  • 'Coffee' coffee cake

    • Zosia on June 06, 2021

      Cake had lovely texture and flavour - the coffee in the filling was a nice twist. I could have done without the streusel which was very buttery but that's just me.....others loved it.

    • stef on December 16, 2021

      This is a big cake but I needed a big cake.. added 1/3 cup of cocoa nibs to the Cinnamon filling. This gave the cake a nice crunch. Would do it again.

    • ezwriternc on April 09, 2023

      My family loved this. Made half. Didn’t need all the topping. I will definitely made this again.

    • anya_sf on May 21, 2021

      I also made 1/2 recipe in an 8"x8" pan. The top layer of batter was rather difficult to spread as it wanted to roll off the filling, but I mostly managed. I'd expected the crumb topping to brown more and ended up overbaking the cake (47 minutes), so the edges were dry, but overall the cake was quite delicious with the classic soft crumb one would expect from a sour cream coffee cake. The coffee flavor wasn't very noticeable.

    • Kinhawaii on March 16, 2021

      Coffee is in the layer with the cinnamon so taste both equally. Nice delicate crumb cake. Made half a recipe by weight using 2 scant large eggs, 8 x 8 in pan, took around 40 minutes to bake. Good cake for snacking.

  • Turtle brownies

    • Zosia on May 28, 2021

      Family really enjoyed these rich and delicious brownies. I used rye flour and the full amount of caramel. I had some trouble making the caramel as it took a long time to melt the candy into the long, it was almost too thick to drizzle once it cooled.

    • anya_sf on September 16, 2021

      I made 1/2 recipe in an 8"x8" pan; baking time was the same. After chilling, these were definitely the fudgiest turtle brownies I've ever eaten (a good thing). I used semisweet chips, which I prefer over milk. The caramel only needed a few minutes to cool before drizzling. These were delicious and I'm glad I sprinkled them with flaky salt. No one could taste the rye.

    • Kinhawaii on March 26, 2021

      Scrumptious & fudgey! Not sure if this is the correct adjustment but used 5 large American eggs, but they do have a nice dense texture. Had about a third of the caramel left over so you could probably coat the whole thing if you don’t just want a drizzle. My milk chocolate chips were big so added a few more bittersweet ones. Didn’t have rye so used the same weight of regular flour. Definitely a repeat.

  • Blueberry cornmeal buckle

    • Zosia on May 23, 2021

      The photo is a little misleading as this bakes up as a cake with embedded berries topped with streusel ie there is no distinct layer of fruit. The cake has a sandy texture that could be a problem for some, especially as the topping is similar in texture but with a bit of crunch. The flavour is good, and the cake is moist, fruity and not too sweet.

  • Sweet and salty rice crispy treats

    • Zosia on March 27, 2022

      A little too much going on for me as you could barely taste the rice crispy treat base. The milk chocolate was a good addition but I think I could do without the others.

    • Foodycat on June 11, 2022

      I didn't get to try one but my husband said they were "pretty good but not as good as your usual ones" - my usual ones are a mars bar slice.

  • Blueberry and stone-fruit galette

    • Zosia on August 07, 2023

      Excellent galette! The pecan crust was wonderfully flaky and the flavour complemented the deliciously fruity and not-too-sweet filling. I didn't bother trimming the pastry and I transferred it to the baking sheet before filling it. The galette needed an extra 10 minutes baked from frozen.

  • Raspberry and rose cheesecake buns

    • Zosia on February 02, 2021

      We loved these buns. They weren't too sweet and all of the flavours worked very well together. The brioche was also good - easy to work with and light and airy once baked.

    • on November 20, 2021

      Nice variation of cinnamon rolls. Omitted pistachios, rose water and dried rose petals and the raspberry rolls were still quite delicious.

  • Florentine grape focaccia

    • Zosia on January 06, 2021

      The focaccia base was quite good - light and airy but also chewy - but the star was the sweet grape topping with a hint of rosemary. The only change I might make next time is to bake it in a larger pan (it filled a 9x13x2" pan) and increase the fruit etc so there's a greater ratio of that delicious topping to bread.

    • stef on July 18, 2023

      I just made the focaccia dough. It was very airy and my husband loved that it was chewy. My topping was rosemary, olive oil and salt. Will be made often.

  • One bowl vanilla sheet cake

    • stef on August 06, 2021

      Easy to make. Stayed nice and moist for 5 days. Icing was chocolate with sprinkles.

    • Foodycat on January 23, 2022

      I was worried that it would taste metallic because there's a lot of baking powder and bicarb in it, but it didn't. I used the basic cake to make an upside down cake and it was very successful.

  • Apple fritter monkey bread

    • Foodycat on November 07, 2020

      I made a few changes - my eggs were really big so I only used two, so my dough wasn't as wet as expected, and I incorporated the apples into the dough and made bigger buns. Instead of doing the first prove in the fridge overnight I shaped it and did the second prove in the fridge overnight, so I just had to bring the tray up to temperature before baking. Really delicious - the bread is light and soft and the apples are a good balance for the stickyness.

    • anya_sf on October 06, 2021

      So delicious! Made over the course of 2 days - chilled brioche dough the first night, chilled unbaked monkey bread the second night. The shaped dough didn't really rise in the fridge, so I let it rise for an hour in the morning; it hadn't doubled at that point, but I ran out of time so just baked it, and it rose a lot in the oven. One stick (8 Tbsp) butter was plenty to coat the dough balls. I feared this might be too sweet, but the tart apples balanced it out. Still, you certainly could reduce the sugar and omit the glaze, if desired.

  • S'more cookie bars

    • thefritschkitchen on November 08, 2023

      Agree with Kinhawaii - I let the ganache set for about 20 minutes in the fridge, then added the marshmallows - then let it set for another hour before broiling. It worked GREAT. Very rich, I used 75% dark chocolate and it was a bit too much, stick with the 66% Edd recommends. The base gets a bit hard, so I may bake it for slightly less next time

    • Kinhawaii on June 01, 2021

      I agree- delicious! Thanks to JJ2018’s advice about sticking issues, after 20 min in the refrigerator I put the marshmallows on hoping they would adhere & not sink- not sure if it was that but they stuck. Did refrigerate them overnight after broiling them for cutting & serving the next day- it’s so hot where I am right now so the chocolate part gets really soft.

    • JJ2018 on April 19, 2021

      This is delicious but so very rich! I made a fully recipe size and I’m having to give it away to friends and family as we can’t/shouldn’t make our way through all this! The base is delicious but the marshmallows don’t really adhere to the chocolate so hard to cut and portion, I used a knife and scissors

  • Mixed berry Dutch baby

    • MakeMyHay on May 08, 2022

      I made this for breakfast with strawberries and bananas, and at the table we drizzled it with sweetened condensed milk. It was very tasty but I agree with the previous reviewer that I think Dutch babies work better in cast-iron pans. The base of this one was a bit gummy and dense.

    • anya_sf on March 21, 2021

      This recipe does not call for Cascade hops.

    • anya_sf on March 22, 2021

      I've always made Dutch babies in heavier skillets such as cast-iron, which I think it still a better choice, but it's nice to know it works in a lightweight cake pan. My pan did warp temporarily when the batter was poured in. The batter puffed nicely, but deflated quickly upon removal from the oven. I just used blueberries, 60 g more than called for. We enjoyed this for breakfast with maple syrup.

  • Sticky date pudding with rum butterscotch sauce

    • Frenchfoodie on April 25, 2021

      Delicious cake, soft and rich with chewy edges. Not sure the rum is needed in the sauce, it tastes good but no better than regular butterscotch.

  • Overnight crème brûlée French toast

    • anya_sf on April 23, 2021

      I used homemade white sandwich bread. Instead of lining the baking dish with parchment, I sprayed it with cooking spray, but the bread did stick slightly. My broiler cooks unevenly and burns things, so I wasn't able to get nicely browned tops, but the French toast still turned out fairly well. It tasted delicious with the blueberry compote (although we would have liked more) and plain yogurt instead of creme fraiche, plus a bit of maple syrup just because.

  • Laminated nectarine and raspberry buckwheat scones

    • anya_sf on August 03, 2023

      Only 2 diced nectarines fit on the dough. I assembled and chilled the scones the night before baking, which was a mistake, as some moisture from the fruit leaked out. So I moved the scones onto a clean pan (I used a low-sided one) and baked them. They took 40 minutes to bake, but turned out okay, although slightly drier and less fruity than they would have been. Instructions didn't say whether to leave space between the scones, but I found they needed space in order to bake evenly. Nectarines go well with buckwheat, so the scones were good, but would have been better if fruiter - otherwise, the buckwheat flavor was pretty strong.

  • Chocolate and cardamom carrot cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting

    • anya_sf on March 03, 2021

      Unusual spin on carrot cake, but good. The orange zest and spices were quite prominent and went well with the dark chocolate chips. The brown butter cream cheese frosting was delicious, if fairly sweet, and great with the cake. I skipped the garnishes on top.

    • Kinhawaii on August 11, 2021

      I agree- had some misgivings but very yummy!

  • Coconut sheet cake

    • Kinhawaii on April 04, 2021

      I thought it would be lighter- so not sure whether it is due to my technique or lack of it or ?, but it came out like a coconut pound cake. I am not a fan of plain dried coconut so toasted it for the topping & put a few strawberries on top. Not a repeat for me because I would like a delicate not sturdy coconut cake.

  • Upside-down banana and buckwheat cake

    • TonyInSeattle on February 21, 2021

      This was truly delicious. The cake itself is light and airy with a nice buckwheat flavor. The banana and caramel topping really makes this cake banana-y. The only other flavor in here is vanilla, so the buckwheat and banana really shine through. Definitely a keeper. It's pretty, too! The only "negative" is that the cake doesn't look quite as pretty the next day. Due to the buckwheat, the top took on a grayish color. A quick sear with the torch and it was pretty again.

  • Peppermint chocolate slices

    • JJ2018 on March 31, 2021

      I really enjoyed this and would definitely make again. The base with the peppermint buttercream is just a really nice twist on more traditional tiffin style bars

  • Peanut butter chocolate tart

    • Jviney on April 10, 2021

      This was good, easily executed. It seemed to me that there was a lot of peanut butter filling so I kind of mounded that in the center. Served it after burgers and a salad and everyone really liked it. I thought it was good but it didn’t particularly wow me.

  • Gianduja blondies

    • Nkrieda78 on November 03, 2020

      I used the almond butter substitution and added 1 Tbsp of Frangelico.

  • Roasted plum roll cake

    • Mabel1 on March 08, 2022

      I found the frosting far too claggy and there was too much of it in proportion to the cake. It set hard like butter.

  • Peanut butter brookies

    • Longtallfran on June 05, 2023

      This was fine, but didn't have enough pay off for the effort of making two batches of mixture (one for the cookie but, one for the brownie bit) for me. I also found the brownie part too dry and not gooey enough. Probably won't do this again.

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  • Kavey Eats

    This is very much in line with what Edd is known and celebrated for – recipes that are both delicious, and absolutely achievable for a home cook, experienced or otherwise.

    Full review
  • Eat Your Books

    The must-have baking book for any level of experience. Impressive delicious desserts with little mess.

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  • Published Jun 25 2020
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One tin, 70 bakes - whether you want cookies or cakes, pastries or desserts, something fruity, chocolatey, spiced or nutty, baking just got a whole lot easier.

With chapters including Cakes, Brownies & Cookies, Pastry, Desserts, No-Bake Bakes and Buns & Breads, there's plenty to choose from to create a beautiful bake, that only lacks the washing up. Try Anzac Caramel Slices for a sweet treat with a salty kick, Rhubarb Strawberry Cobbler for an easy summer dessert, or Tahini Babka Buns for those weekend pastry cravings.

You need minimal equipment and skill to whip up something fruity, chocolatey, spiced or nutty - One Tin Bakes is full of versatile and achievable recipes that celebrate the flavours of both traditional and modern bakes from around the world, each with a special Edd Kimber twist.

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