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  • Greek salad

    • southerncooker on February 13, 2021

      This one wasn't as good as I thought It'd be. Son enjoyed it though. I thought it had a little too much dressing.

  • Chicken-avocado salad

    • southerncooker on February 15, 2021

      I wanted something quick and easy for my lunch. I flipped through Jacques Pepin Quick & Simple and decided I could improvise Chicken Acocado Salad p. 46 for one. I did subsitute a few items with what I had on hand: Boneless chicken thighs instead of breasts, white wine vinegar instead of sherry vinegar, and peanut oil instead of salfower or corn oil. It turned out delicious.

  • Red pepper, artichoke, and olive salad

    • southerncooker on February 09, 2021

      Hubby and I loved thi with some toasted crusty bread for lunch. For the spicy cheddar I used some of my sons Jalapeno, Haberano, Ghost Pepper Cheddar mixed with a little plain cheddar and Pepper Jack and omited the hot chili.

  • Corn, cod, and potato chowder

    • southerncooker on February 23, 2021

      This was delicious and filling. I used turkey bacon and a little avocado oil instead of salt pork, pancetta, or pork bacon. I used the option of diced potatoes instead of frozen hash browns. I made a half recipe.

  • Potato and leek soup

    • southerncooker on February 02, 2021

      Hubby joined me in eating this meal. I made a half recipe. This was interesting since you puree the raw ingredients. I used the option of potatoes instead of frozen hash browns. I thought I had pita bread in my freezer but didn't, so I made the Cornmeal and Cheddar Bread p. 101 to go with. Hubby and I loved the bread crumbled into the soup.

  • Vichyssoise

    • southerncooker on February 03, 2021

      Since I had some of the Jacques Pepin Quick & Simple Potato Leek Soup leftover from yesterday, I decided to have the Vichyssoise for lunch today. I wasn't sure I'd enjoy cold potato soup with cream in it, but it was delicious. I think I liked it better than hot without cream last night.

  • Cornmeal and cheddar bread

    • southerncooker on February 02, 2021

      This bread is delicious. I normally don't enioy sugar in cornbread but it works in this recipe. Hubby and I loved the bread crumbled into the Leek and Onion Soup p. 76.

  • Cheese and tomato corn tortilla pizzas

    • southerncooker on February 02, 2021

      I made one for me. I didn't have plum tomatoes so I used the tasty grape tomatoes I had. For the cheese option I used mozzarella. This was delicious and I loved the crispy crunch of the tortilla. I can't wait to try this with one of the other cheese options, Monterey Jack.

  • Peas and pearl onions in cream sauce

    • southerncooker on February 09, 2021

      These were delicious. I used corn starch instead of potato starch.

  • Iceberg and garlic sauté

    • southerncooker on February 13, 2021

      We love wilted lettuce and onions, so I knew I had to try this one. It was good with cornbread, but we like lettuce and onions a little better

  • Creamy stewed potatoes

    • southerncooker on February 09, 2021

      I thought these could have used some butter. Hubby said they weren't bad.

  • Potato omelet

    • southerncooker on February 02, 2021

      I made a half recipe. This was delicious. I ate half and put half in fridge for tomorrow. In book says serves 4 but in instructions says cut into 6 wedges? Humm.

  • Eggs in a spinach nest

    • southerncooker on February 01, 2021

      I made this just for me in an individual size oval dish. This recipe was easy to scale for one and was delicious.

    • Ezair92 on February 09, 2021

      Very good. Will definitely be in my rotation. Very quick and easy to make. I did omit the heavy cream and didn’t miss it

  • Baked chicken legs with mustard crumbs

    • southerncooker on February 09, 2021

      I used cut apart legs and thighs. I loved but son thought just ok. He isn't a big baked chicken fan.

  • Broiled ham steaks

    • southerncooker on February 10, 2021

      I used turkey ham. All three of us enjoyed this quick and easy dish.

  • Roast leg of lamb with garlic

    • southerncooker on February 13, 2021

      This was tasty but a little dry. I was out of kitchen twine, so I didnt tie mine. I think it might have overcooked a little.

  • Raspberry gratin

    • southerncooker on February 11, 2021

      Son loves raspberries so I knew we'd be trying this one. I used butter croissants for the bread option. We decided against the Creme Fraiche or sour cream for topping and opted for a drizzle of half and half instead. Son loved this dessert since, it is more on the tart side, even with the brown sugar. I enjoyed it too, but hubby didnt care for it.

  • Cinnamon-sugar sticks

    • southerncooker on February 19, 2021

      These are good. Perfect with a cup of hot cinnamon tea.

  • Crusty chicken legs

    • chawkins on January 13, 2021

      The skin is indeed very crispy, but it took longer for mine to cook thru then specified. Given all that vinegar in the sauce, it was not vinegary at all. I had to sub sherry vinegar for the red wine vinegar.

  • Supremes of chicken with paprika

    • Ezair92 on February 25, 2021

      This was a great simple meal for a weeknight. I made the spinach salad and vinaigrette as well as his recommended white bean purée.

  • Red pepper and cheese tartine

    • Ezair92 on February 09, 2021

      Very nice sandwich. Good flavors. Very mild

  • White bean puree

    • Ezair92 on February 25, 2021

      This really was quick and simple and very good

  • Mom's cheese and spinach soufflé

    • katskitchen on February 15, 2021

      The soufflé was ever so slightly watery - how can I fix this next time? a little flour, small bread cubes? In the cookbook photo you cannot see the spinach on the top – not sure why you can on mine. I do not mind it though, but I think this is more of an egg casserole than a soufflé.

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  • ISBN 10 035835255X
  • ISBN 13 9780358352556
  • Published Oct 20 2020
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 384
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Houghton Mifflin

Publishers Text

You don't need a kitchen brigade, decades-honed skills, or expensive ingredients to cook and eat like master chef Jacques Pépin. Just like the rest of us, he doesn't always have as much time or energy as he'd like to put together a satisfying meal. So he came up with Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple, 250 recipes for surprisingly achievable, impressive fare. Covering homemade staples and every course, with tips for kitchen tools and equipment, pantry staples, and techniques to simplify and improve every dish you make, this foundational, classic collection is essential for every busy home cook who refuses to eat poorly. Dine on the Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine Sauce that Jacques is proud to serve, prepared in under an hour. Or, for healthier fare, Suprêmes of Chicken with Paprika comes together in under thirty minutes. Originally published as The Short-Cut Cook: Make Simple Meals With Surprisingly Little Effort, this revised edition is a testament to Jacques' timeless food and advice, and now includes beautiful photographs.

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