Dessert Person: Recipes and Guidance for Baking with Confidence by Claire Saffitz

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Notes about this book

  • EmilyR on October 21, 2020

    If you pre-ordered this one, make sure you get the bonus recipe .pdf, which includes : Savory zucchini bread with parmesan and herbs, Caramelized date snack cake with cream, Coconut angel food cake, Lemony poppy seed rugelach, Root vegetable galette, and Flaky all-butter pie dough. I made the savory zucchini bread with parmesan and herbs and it was excellent... perfect with a glass of wine.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Poppy seed almond cake

    • nadiam1000 on December 10, 2020

      I love poppy seed and this is a great version of a poppy seed pound cake and, being an oil based cake, simple to put together. The almond and orange are delicious with the poppy seed, the glaze gives a sugary finish and the cake is moist. I may have over baked mine by 5 mins or so but it was not dry. It would have been a bit better texture, to me, if I baked it a little less.

    • LindaAphoto on December 31, 2020

      I agree with the previous note, I overbaked it by a few minutes but was relieved to find it was still moist. But yes, next time I’d love to bake it just right. I’m adding this recipe to my arsenal of easy, go-to comfort bakes for daily snacking. Deceptively plain, but it is not - everyone in the house loved it and it went fast! My only comment is that it does have a lot of sugar! And although she advises against it, I’d be curious to see if next time I can get away with a little less.

  • Kabocha turmeric tea cake

    • EmilyR on October 21, 2020

      This is a very quick Autumn cake that feels healthy with so much kabocha. I used the garam masala and some habenero maple syrup for warmth. I'll definitely make it again.

  • Mascarpone cake with red wine prunes

    • GHolland on December 31, 2020

      Very good, easy recipe. Don’t over cook the syrup or you won’t have any to drizzle on the ice cream

  • Pear chestnut cake

    • raybun on January 17, 2021

      This was my first time using chestnuts in a cake, I absolutely loved them with the pear. Definitely making this again!

  • Double apple crumble cake

    • dbp19 on January 18, 2021

      Really tasty. Can also substitute full-fat Greek yogurt for crème fraîche. The apples sort of melt together to create a pudding like texture in some places. Nice contrast to the crumble on top. Just wish the crumble adhered a bit better, but tasted amazing just the same.

  • Ricotta cake with kumquat marmalade

    • EmilyR on October 21, 2020

      I love kumquats so I had to make this. Obviously you can make each recipe individually, but together it feels like a cannoli meets a cake. The texture was very interesting with a softer middle, but everyone enjoyed it.

  • Flourless chocolate wave cake

    • LindaAphoto on December 31, 2020

      A great success with the family. We all loved it. Very light while still decadently chocolate. A recipe to bookmark and repeat. Easy to make, too.

    • bwhip on October 24, 2020

      Wonderful recipe, we just loved this cake. Great flavor with just the right amount of rum, light as can be, nice crispy top, with character from the wave pattern. Much less dense than most flourless chocolate cakes I’ve had.

  • Cranberry-pomegranate mousse pie

    • puddlemere on November 27, 2020

      Made for Thanksgiving. I love the speculoos crust with this, although I slightly overbaked it. The filling was perfectly set and really flavorful. The only negative was it seemed just a touch too sweet for me.

  • Meyer lemon tart

    • dbp19 on January 18, 2021

      Really exceptional. Refreshing. Give yourself plenty of time for this one, since it takes two sub-recipes (almond tart crust; lemon curd). Save your dough scraps too, because it will most certainly crack and shrink a little bit.

  • Foolproof tarte Tatin

    • raybun on January 17, 2021

      This is probably the most laborious tatin I’ve ever made, but also the most delicious! I did have to make a significant change when I discovered only 2 apples left, so I poached 3 quince using a recipe on EYB by Ottolenghi (pomegranate poached quince). Absolutely spectacular, and I’m looking forward to trying with apples.

  • Malted “forever” brownies

    • LindaAphoto on December 31, 2020

      The weight measurement for the water (to add to the cocoa powder) is off. It’s double what it should be. Still, this is the only recipe so far from the 3 I have made in this book, that I was not thrilled about. Felt and tasted more like a dense chocolate cake than a brownie. Definitely not my “forever” brownie recipe. But the other recipes I’ve made are delicious.

    • jzanger on January 18, 2021

      I’m not sure I’ll ever be bold enough to declare a brownie recipe my “forever” recipe, but these were excellent. They are superbly rich and chewy. I’ve never encountered her technique for putting them in the fridge to make them chewy but they certainly were chewy. Next time I would use a stand mixer because my batter was much too thick to whisk vigorously by hand for almost a minute. I recommend adding walnuts in place of some of the milk chocolate.

  • Pistachio pinwheels

    • SugarTreeBaking on November 09, 2020

      My pistachios weren’t as green as those pictured, so the color contrast wasn’t as pronounced. Straightforward recipe, nice result. I could see these rolled in red sanding sugar instead of the course sugar for the holidays.

  • Oat and pecan brittle cookies

    • dbp19 on January 18, 2021

      Best the day they’re made, so they retain a bit of crunch. They soften up over a few days and give an ultra-chewy cookie. Not that I’m complaining.

  • Chewy molasses spice cookies

    • hbakke on December 26, 2020

      Chewy and delicious. The dough was still very soft after an hour in the refrigerator, so were a little difficult to roll in the sugar. I would probably leave these in the fridge longer next time. I also might increase the spices a little next time as they seemed a little muted (possibly old spices). I would make these again.

  • Carrot and pecan cake

    • dbp19 on January 18, 2021

      You know a cake is gonna be excellent when you can just eat the batter on its own. You can also toast your nuts in the toaster oven. I didn’t have enough pecans and used a pecan-walnut combo and all turned out perfectly. I also made this with a hand beater instead of a stand mixer and it worked well.

  • Coffee coffee cake

    • bwhip on October 28, 2020

      If you really like coffee, you'll really like this cake. Coffee in the cake, coffee in the swirl, coffee in the topping. :) I think next time I might put a little cocoa in the swirl just to give it a hint of chocolate to go along with all the coffee. As I do with many new recipes I haven't tried yet, I halved the batch and made this in an 8" x 8" pan rather than the 9 x 13.

  • Spelt croissants

    • puddlemere on December 31, 2020

      This was my first time making croissants and this was a great recipe. The instructions were very clear and the photos were super helpful. They came out perfectly! They are quite involved so I'd probably only make them for a special occasion or something, but if I did make them again the only thing I'd change is making them a bit smaller.

  • Miso buttermilk biscuits

    • EmilyR on December 21, 2020

      These biscuits are incredible. I'm not much of a biscuit maker - until now - so I got nervous looking into the oven and seeing a pool of butter at the bottom of the pan, however upon cooling they soaked it all up and are super delicious! Also, wonderfully paired with Ottolenghi's butter miso onions.

  • Soft and crispy focaccia

    • bwhip on October 25, 2020

      Excellent! As the name says, "Soft and Crispy." It's both of those things, just perfectly. I made the Tomato-Garlic-Thyme version, with tomatoes from our garden, and it was wonderful, and pretty easy to put together, with very clear instructions. The only part that was a little off, was that the recipe called for 6 cups of flour (24 oz). I was measuring and weighing, and was well over 24 oz with just over five cups. So, I kind of split the difference and used about 5.5 cups, and it turned out great.

  • Pull-apart sour cream and chive rolls

    • puddlemere on November 27, 2020

      Made these for Thanksgiving, and they're great! Super soft and fluffy. Some of the chives on the outside of the rolls got a little caramelized in the oven and they added some great pops of flavor. Makes me wonder if there's a way to caramelize the chives before adding them to the dough to get more of that flavor inside the rolls.

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  • ISBN 10 1984826964
  • ISBN 13 9781984826961
  • Published Oct 20 2020
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 336
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Clarkson Potter

Publishers Text

In her first cookbook, Bon Appétit and YouTube star of the show Gourmet Makes offers wisdom, problem-solving strategies, and more than 100 meticulously tested, creative, and inspiring recipes.

Claire Saffitz is a baking hero for a new generation. In Dessert Person, fans will find Claire's signature spin on sweet and savory recipes like Babkallah (a babka-Challah mashup), Apple and Concord Grape Crumble Pie, Strawberry-Cornmeal Layer Cake, Crispy Mushroom Galette, and Malted Forever Brownies. She outlines the problems and solutions for each recipe--like what to do if your pie dough for Sour Cherry Pie cracks (patch it with dough or a quiche flour paste!)--as well as practical do's and don'ts, skill level, prep and bake time, and foundational know-how. With Claire at your side, everyone can be a dessert person.