This Will Make It Taste Good: A New Path to Simple Cooking by Vivian Howard

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  • Little green dress

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      Lots of flavorful ingredients in this condiment but it's an ensemble performance - none of them put on a solo act here so I'd encourage people to give it a try even if you're not sure of any particular item. Once it's in your fridge, it's so easy to add a punch to lots of dishes.

    • southerncooker on October 26, 2020

      So good. We are not big mint fans so I used basil instead off my plant. Already used in three recipes and more coming up.

    • Rinshin on November 07, 2020

      Amazing taste, but wow this took bit of an effort. But then I had to go to the backyard and cut and stem mint and and parsley. Followed this recipe completely and I would recommend getting out a mini food processor as the author suggests because it takes effort and time using full food processor like I did. I bought the olives recommended for this recipe and my olives were not pitted so it was a chore removing the pits. If they sell pitted Castelvetrano Olives, definitely get that. This lasts 1 month in the fridge. Very excited to use this sauce in the recommended recipes.

  • Jammy eggs dressed in green

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      Love that this made my eggs taste very fancy with almost no effort. 6.5 minutes is exactly the way I do my soft-boiled eggs but I agree with the previous poster that they are a little more runny than jammy.

    • southerncooker on October 27, 2020

      Middles didn't get jammy after folling directions, so after I put on LGD I microwaved abt 25 seconds and it was perfect.

  • LGD goes ranch

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      This dressing/dip is WAY more delicious than anything that comes out of a packet of dried ingredients and assuming you've got the Little Green Dress prepped, it's just as easy. Excellent.

    • Jviney on November 21, 2020

      I made this with the last of my LGD and can’t stop eating it with Club crackers. It’s really delicious.

  • Naked burgers with a cheese toupee & spinach crown

    • SheilaS on November 24, 2020

      These are pork burgers, distinctively seasoned with cumin, topped with Swiss cheese, charred red onion and spinach that's sautéed in olive oil and butter with garlic, mushrooms and mixed with a scoop of LGD before it goes on the burger. The recipe makes 8 oz burgers and serves them on a plate. I went with 4 oz and put mine on a bun. I forgot to buy mushrooms so I melted a slice of the double-mushroom butter from Six Seasons into the pan with the garlic before wilting the greens. I subbed arugula for spinach as it needed to be used. I really enjoyed this. Loved the charred onion. The combination of LDG and butter is just as green vegetable-friendly here as in the asparagus recipe. The cumin in the burger was interesting and made me think these would be good made with lamb. Vivian suggests turkey or beef as alternative meats.

    • southerncooker on October 27, 2020

      I used the ground beef and cremini mushroom options. Made half recipe for daughter and I. We enjoyed them.

  • Tuna salad snack crackers

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      I loved the complex flavors the Little Green Dress provides here. Once that's made, there's no need to chop anything except celery and you get tons of punchy flavor. Per the recipe, I put this on Wasa crackers with sliced avocado but it could easily be scooped into an avocado or tomato or just served as a salad on a plate.

    • southerncooker on October 26, 2020

      Delicious. I used multigrain wasa crackers.

  • R-rated onions

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      I didn't need Vivian to tell me how to caramelize onions but I love her ideas for using them so I had to do it. My yield from ~ 4 lbs of yellow onions was 1.5 cups.

    • southerncooker on November 08, 2020

      Good method for caramelizing onions. I got about a cup and half from 4 pounds of onions.

    • Rinshin on November 09, 2020

      Since I was using medium sized onions, my yield was also 1 1/2 C and like SheilaS, I did not need Vivian’s instructions, but some uses are new to me like in beans and in hummus. I always have caramelized onion in the freezer for using in sauces, burgers and and for no. 1 use, in Japanese style curries. It is indispensable.

  • Cherry tomato baked feta... surprise!

    • SheilaS on November 12, 2020

      Vivian serves this over swordfish but the header notes suggest toast, grits, puréed cauliflower, couscous, fish or chicken as good partners. I chose polenta and roasted cauliflower. Coming out of the oven, this smelled amazing and it was all I could do to avoid eating it all with just some crusty bread. Another case where a scoop of LGD adds a ton of flavor without having to assemble a dozen separate ingredients. Excellent!

    • southerncooker on November 02, 2020

      The surprise is it's served over fish. It was really good.

  • Pinch me, Frenchie

    • SheilaS on November 18, 2020

      Per the suggestion in book, I made these in muffin tins instead of a bundt pan. Half of the dough was the right amount for 12 standard-sized muffins. I found the dough wet, sticky and difficult to work with. I ended up adding a lot more flour to get something I could handle. In the oven, butter bubbled up and over the edges of the muffin til so best to set it on a baking sheet. Very tasty result but very annoying dough!

  • Upstairs party dip

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      In my book, this is titled People Pleaser Party Dip. Either way, it's a delicious dip. A little on the sweet side for my taste but it did grow on me. Next time, I might try sherry vinegar instead of balsamic as I do in another onion dip. I recommend running a knife through the onions to avoid a stringy dip...unless that's what you like!

    • southerncooker on November 08, 2020

      Not our favorite onion dip but it was ok. Wasn't fond of the cream cheese addition. Should have chopped up the caramelized onions a bit. Also the name in the book is People Pleaser party dip.

  • Tomato "pie" for dough dummies

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      I love the tomato pie from DRR but these individual tomato slices are a great substitution. Make sure not to crumble the crackers too finely. You want them to add some texture not turn into a cheesy paste.

    • southerncooker on November 08, 2020

      Son and I love tomato pie and always enjoy trying new versions. This one was delicious. We also enjoyed the one from Deep Run Roots.

  • Can-do kraut

    • SheilaS on November 12, 2020

      Using only one head of cabbage makes this a very accessible sauerkraut recipe for someone like me who is a newbie to kraut making. Citing a weight for the cabbage might be helpful. Mine weighed about 2 lbs and almost all of it fit into a 1 qt jar vs the 2 qts cited in the recipe. Per the recipe, I let it ferment for 2 weeks. I'm not an expert but it tastes very salty and a bit pickle-y. The texture is not as crisp as fresh cabbage but not mushy. So far, I've only used it in the Breakfast of Compromisers omelet and I liked it a lot.

    • southerncooker on November 08, 2020

      I made mine in a crock. After fermenting for a week I transfered to jars and put in fridge. Tasted good. Can't wait to try it in some of the recipes and on its own.

  • Breakfast of compromisers

    • SheilaS on November 12, 2020

      This is a Swiss cheese & kraut omelet with a sprinkle of poppy seeds. I used 2 eggs instead of 3 and Jarlesberg instead of Swiss. Reading the recipe, I thought there should be some shreds of pastrami or something in there but like southerncooker, I found it surprisingly tasty as is.

    • southerncooker on November 12, 2020

      I used some of the Can-do kraut in this. After I started making it I realized I only had one slice of Swiss cheese so I used a little shredded mozzarella and provolone I had. It was surprisingly good.

  • Avocado toast on Coronation Day

    • SheilaS on November 13, 2020

      This is pan-fried toast topped with avocado (prettily sliced and fanned in the book photo, scooped out of the shell and mashed in mine) and a small pile-o-kraut. I thought this would be lacking compared to kimichi-avocado toast, but it was quite good. Because I liked the combo of cheese & kraut in the kraut omelet from this book, I shaved a little Jarlesberg to melt on to the toast before I mushed on the avocado. Perhaps not necessary, but I thought it was a good addition.

  • Krautcakes with fried apples & Dijon

    • SheilaS on November 13, 2020

      These would make a great side for grilled sausages or roast pork or chicken. I wish I'd spread them out more to get more lacy, crispy bits but they were still very good. If you use a 1/4 cup measure for these, you'll probably end up with 8 rather than the 6 that the recipe indicates.

  • Sweet potato, kraut, & bacon chowder

    • SheilaS on November 18, 2020

      Great soup! Due to the kraut, it was a bit salty for my taste so I'll watch that next time. It looked really good before I puréed it so next time, I might cut the potatoes smaller and run a knife over the kraut and skip the blender part for some or all of the soup.

  • Does not disappoint breakfast casserole

    • SheilaS on November 02, 2020

      Aside from the crispy bits on top, I'm not a huge fan of the breakfast casserole but this is a good one and the Red Weapons add a great vinegary punch. I'll add them to the egg mixture next time I make a frittata. In fact, I'd switch out the bread for potatoes and turn this into a frittata. I also liked the cheese cut into 1/4" dice rather than shredded. I made a half-batch baked in an 8-inch pan and baked ~ 45 min instead of a full hour.

  • Red devils

    • SheilaS on November 18, 2020

      Like the deviled eggs in Deep Run Roots, these use both butter and mayo so they are too rich for me. I also wanted to add more acid (there's no mustard or vinegar, save for the Red Weapons liquid) but the yolk filling was already pretty soft so my options were limited. Maybe I should have drained the chopped Red Weapons better? Glad I tried them but won't repeat.

  • Do try this at home

    • SheilaS on November 24, 2020

      Made this with fresh black cod from the farmers market and served with homemade whole grain crackers. It was delicious and I'd certainly make it again.

  • Herbdacious

    • SheilaS on November 11, 2020

      This is very reminiscent of a pesto except that instead of basil as the primary note with a bite of fresh garlic, this one uses a lot of mellow, slow roasted garlic and a mix of fresh herbs with lemon juice and zest to brighten it up. In addition to the basil and parsley, I used a mix of mint, cilantro and dill. Should be fun to play with the mix of herbs to vary the flavor. The first thing I used this in was mixed with mayo on a BLP (bacon, lettuce & peach) sandwich that Vivian mentions on the "No Brainer" page of ideas for this item. Delicious!

  • Tomato gravy to me

    • SheilaS on November 25, 2020

      This is a tomato/onion gravy that features Herbdacious p 206. All those herbs add a lot of flavor to something that's otherwise pretty quick and simple. The combination of brown caramelized onion, red burst tomatoes and bright green Herbdacious make a color like baby poop but it tastes just fine. I served this over white grits cooked per Vivian's Foolproof Grits recipe in Deep Run Roots. Delicious!

  • Caesar me convinced

    • SheilaS on November 16, 2020

      Great Caesar-style dressing, flavored with Herbdacious. I made a half batch of the dressing. My Herbdacious is more of a paste, not really something that can be "drizzled slowly" into the processor but I did my best to spoon in little dabs and it worked fine. For the croutons, I followed one of of the "No Brainer" notes and tossed torn bread with a bit of Herbdacious before toasting them. Very flavorful, not heavy or oily as some croutons can be. Vivian says the dressing is best the day it's made but I found it acceptable on the 2nd day, when I made a version of the salad with grilled romaine.

  • This is 40 fettuccine

    • SheilaS on November 15, 2020

      This was a nice pasta dish but, in my book, it's only worth frying things if they are going to end up crispy and that's not the case here. Half of the "golden brown" fried zucchini goes in the blender with the Herbdacious where it dulls both the color and flavor of that brilliant green sauce. The other half of the fried zucchini gets tossed in at the end. 1/4" slices of zucchini fried to golden brown are pretty soft so there's not much textural contrast with the pasta. I love the Herbdacious and think its a perfect for a veggie pasta dish but I'll try steaming a mix of colorful veg and adding a squeeze of lemon juice to accent the bright flavors.

  • Quirky furki

    • southerncooker on November 08, 2020

      I used bonito flakes and nori. I tried some sprinkled in ramen soup and it was delicious.

  • Fried dollar bills

    • southerncooker on November 14, 2020

      Collard green chips sprinkled with salt and Quirky Furki. Crispy, crunchy, and delicious. Even hubby liked them. Collards from Tumbling Shoals Farm share.

  • Inspiration strikes party rolls

    • southerncooker on November 18, 2020

      Where to begin -- I enjoy banana and blogna sandwiches with a glass of milk. Pretty weird right? So I thought I'd give this a try since I had some Quirky Furki left. The pickled pineapple that goes on these rolls tasted pretty good to me but husband, son, and daughter said not. I used beef bologna since thats what we eat. The Quirky Furki didn't go well with other ingredients in my opinion. To be fair we're not big Kings Hawaiian Rolls fans. These may be for someone but not for this family.

  • Deep Run summer in a bowl

    • southerncooker on October 26, 2020

      I could eat a gallon of this. It's fabulous.

  • Gas station biscuits

    • southerncooker on October 26, 2020

      Pretty good.

    • Jviney on November 18, 2020

      These were really good. The tops of my biscuits slid off during baking, and maybe I would try baking them a little closer together next time. My husband doesn’t love the flavors of LGD, so I made a couple without it and they were very good also.

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  • ISBN 10 0316381128
  • ISBN 13 9780316381123
  • Published Oct 20 2020
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 352
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Voracious

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Home cooking the Vivian Howard way, with 125 recipes based on ten simple "kitchen heroes" from caramelized onions to fruit preserves, from the New York Times bestselling author of Deep Run Roots, winner of an astonishing four IACP Awards including Cookbook of the Year and the Julia Child First Book Award

Vivian Howard is the decorated author of Deep Run Roots, a new classic of American cooking--as much a portrait of the South and its people as it is a collection of recipes. In her second book, Vivian's eye for storytelling and ingenuity in the kitchen turns homewards--into her home kitchen, and yours.

This is a book for anyone who likes to cook--but doesn't have all night to do it. Vivian's solution to cooking well when you need a shortcut is to rely on a handful of simple, powerful pantry staples that help even the simplest of dishes take on immense flavor. The MVPs give you the building blocks of excellent weeknight cooking at home--making healthy, everyday meals taste as rich and flavorful as a night out.

This Will Make It Taste Good is an essential work of culinary genius, solving everyday cooking challenges by upgrading your toolkit--not settling for less. And along with these 125 game-changing recipes, this book delivers the powerful stories that are the hallmark of cooking at Vivian's elbow: tales about the challenges, triumphs, and lessons that stock the pantry of who Vivian is.

An modern classic from a masterful author, this is a can't-miss follow up to the book that took the cooking world by storm.

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