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  • Vindaloo

    • Catherine on February 18, 2014

      I think this book is worth it for the curry chapter alone. I did the vindaloo recently having done all the others and it was the best of the lot. Really delicious. I couldn't get dried chillis so I substituted one and a half teaspoons of dried chilli flakes instead. In the curry itself I used 1 chilli (with seeds). I cooked it with chicken and left to to bubble away for about an hour. It was one of the nicest curries I ever had.

    • Jacqi on December 18, 2017

      This is a great curry. I usually use a jar of pataks instead of his paste and use lamb but it still tastes wonderful.

  • Beef and ale stew

    • Waderu on February 10, 2013

      Made this vegetarian using a lb of sliced mushrooms and 2 cans of lentils, drained.

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Definitely use Guinness for depth of flavour. I also added 300ml beef stock & 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar. I used 1kg beef as 500g didn't sound enough !! A also made some tweaks to the basic recipe...I added 2 cloves garlic, 200g mushrooms an extra can tomatoes and some fennel as well as celery. Good with all the changes. A bit bland without them !! Great the next day when all the flavours have developed.

  • Roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots

    • Waderu on September 16, 2012

      Delicious. Best cooked cooked carrots I've eaten. Didnt get much out of the whole garlic cloves. Next time I will pull them out of the pan sooner.

    • melissabazley on May 09, 2012

      A great recipe that is easy and gives an excellent crunchy, soft centred vegie. I will definitely be using this recipe again. It took longer than the 1 hour for my vegies to brown up nicely. Love the addition of the rosemary & garlic cloves. Delish

    • Ro_ on October 18, 2020

      Very good method for simple roasted veg. The potatoes cooked perfectly, a few of the carrots ended up a smidge blackened around the edges, I think it's important not to be tempted to cut them up too small. I couldn't get parsnips sadly so I tried some sweet potato instead which worked OK but again had a tendency to burn a little at the sides. Agree with previous comment that the garlic didn't seem to do much except flavour the oil at the early stages.

  • Prawns and avocado with an old-school Marie Rose sauce

    • debkellie on January 17, 2017

      Feeling peckish & retro - just happened to have all ingredients on hand - a very nice Marie-Rose sauce!

  • Parmesan chicken breasts with crispy posh ham

    • eliza on August 05, 2018

      This was excellent and very easy to make. Chicken breasts are lightly bashed, topped with cheese, herbs,and Parmesan and then pan fried. I made this as shown in the YouTube video using both thyme and rosemary. I would increase the herbs next time (just personal preference). The one caveat is the size of the chicken breasts; North American chicken pieces are much bigger than British so needed to be split before cooking. I served on a bed of greens, cherry tomatoes and shaved fennel fresh from the garden for a delicious meal.

    • Ro_ on November 07, 2021

      These looked lovely and were easy to make, but I thought they tasted a bit meh. Maybe I should have upped the cheese, and I couldn't get fresh thyme (used dried) which might have also been why.

    • Elbea on September 29, 2020

      Simple and tasty. Good weeknight dinner that can be paired with an array of sides depending on the season.

  • Fish pie

    • eliza on February 20, 2016

      Pretty good fish pie. Easy to make and includes some extra veggies. Don't skimp on the cheese. Recipe available on Jamie's website.

    • redjanet on April 29, 2015

      Very good fish pie recipe which is not too heavy and creamy like some. Full of vegetables and easy to make. The leftovers also tastes good cold, which is a good thing as I brought the remains to work for lunch and didn't want to make my office smell of fish by reheating in the microwave. My only small complaint is that celery is a bit awkward to grate (or maybe it's just me?) so I would recommend using a food processor to grate the vegetables and cheese.

  • Omelettes

    • melissabazley on October 13, 2011

      Brilliant basic recipe that can easily be tweaked to create all types of different flavours. Excellent for a beginner or for kids learning to cook. Delicious.

  • Tomato and basil omelette

    • melissabazley on October 13, 2011

      Super quick, super easy, super delicious. Great flavour combo.

  • Granola

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      This is THE BEST EVER toasted muesli. I LOVE the maple syrup & cinnamon flavour. It's brilliant. I make this every week. I'm sure you could sell it. I'll be making this as part of my Christmas hamper gifts this year...YUM. A must try. I recommend it with delicious organic berry yoghurt and rhubarb compote (Jamie @ Home) or with fresh strawberries.

    • aargle on February 19, 2014

      This is a fabulous toasted muesli. I miss it up with whatever dried fruit and nuts I have on hand. Dried cranberries and apricots are personal favourites and macadamia nuts are delicious. I double the mixture but not the oil and maple syrup.

  • Mega chocolate fudge cake

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Try using hazelnuts instead of almonds...may need a splash of milk to loosen up the batter. Great served with choc fudge sauce and icecream !! Decadent !

  • Crunchy garlic chicken

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      A great recipe for a quick, easy chicken dinner. I serve it with Jamie's chilli chutney from Jamie @ Home. Also good for making chicken parmigiana

  • Asian-style steamed salmon

    • melissabazley on April 24, 2012

      An OK recipe...I added 2 teaspoons of brown sugar to the dressing as it was way too salty. I also ended up frying the salmon and finished it off in the oven, then I stir fried the water chestnuts and vegies. Definitely not my favourite way to have salmon...

  • Griddled tuna and asparagus

    • melissabazley on September 27, 2011

      Quick, easy & delicious...really tasty

  • Italian pan-seared tuna

    • melissabazley on October 20, 2011

      This is soooooo tasty. It's quick, easy and delicious. I left out the anchovies because I hate them !!! I love how the cherry tomatoes go sweet and mushy. It's almost self saucing. The lemon juice adds an excellent tang. A fantastic recipe...good for a dinner party main or entree. Highly recommend, you should try this !!

  • Mustard, crème fraiche, and white wine sauce

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Brilliant sauce, so good with chicken. Highly recommend

  • Tomato, olive, basil, and chilli sauce

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Excellent with Salmon Fishcakes on page 280. Really quick to make.

  • Salmon fishcakes

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Great fishcakes. Goes really well with Tomato,olive, basil & chilli sauce on page 269. I had to add extra flour to get the right consistency. Takes longer than you think because you have to rest them in the fridge for 1 hour. Great on sandwiches the next day.

    • TeamZoRo on November 21, 2016

      Made it with the baked creamy leeks from the same book. Excellent together!

  • Minted peas

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      A favourite in our family with and stew/casserole. I don't add the lettuce - not a great texture. Superb flavour.

  • Classic mince and onion pie

    • melissabazley on October 25, 2011

      This pie has great potential, but missed the mark for me if cooking as the recipe reads. I did lots of adjustments to get the flavour nice and rich. I added double amounts of English mustard, marmite, Worcestershire sauce, and stock cubes. I also couldn't help but substitute 250ml red wine for 1 cup of water. I think if I make this again I would also add at least double the amount of flour to thicken it up...mine was very runny, more like a casserole than pie filling. Maybe that's how the Brits like their Mince & onion pies, but I don't. I cooked the filling for almost 2 hours to try and reduce the liquid. As I said, lots of potential, but needs some serious adjustments.

  • Good old chilli con carne

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      My friends kids love this recipe. It's also excellent served on corn chips.

    • redjanet on September 07, 2011

      Reliable recipe. Tastes even better as leftovers.

    • Ro_ on November 01, 2019

      I made this the day before: tasted right after cooking and then the next day: predictably it was much better the next day after flavours had melded for 24 hours. It was a little bit on the hot side for younger family members, but maybe due to the heat of my chilli powder. Overall a nice, easy recipe but doesn't beat my favourite ever chilli recipe, which is a Heston Blumenthal one from a Waitrose magazine pullout.

    • Elbea on September 29, 2020

      A good, simple chilli that doesn't taste too heavy. Chickpeas are a great addition instead of the more commonly used kidney beans.

  • Lentil and spinach soup

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      A bit dull actually...I added 1 teaspoon ground cumin to add some flavour. Not my favourite soup.

  • Parsnip and ginger soup

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      This was delicious...I only used 1L of water, plus I added 250ml coconut cream and 1 teaspoon ground cumin. A great winter warmer with a nice spicy flavour with these additions. Highly recommend.

  • A cracking burger

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Awesome burgers...my go-to burger recipe now. We can't get Jacob's crackers in Australia, so I use Saos. I used 10 instead of 12. A brilliant recipe.

    • JanetteF on February 14, 2015

      Pattie has great texture, quite firm. Try adding a grated carrot and courgette next time to moisten the mixture. Kids liked it as no onion...

    • Ro_ on November 15, 2019

      Ideas I would re-use from this recipe are: 1 - adding smashed up crackers to the mix (I didn't have cream crackers so used a few leftover wheat crackers and some Japanese breadcrubs) - they really helped hold the burgers together and give a good texture, which enabled the second thing I like from this recipe which is 2 - cooking them on a griddle pan for 3-4 minutes each side. In the past I've had problems cooking homemade burgers on a griddle because they can fall apart a bit which makes unsticking and flipping them tricky, but with these burgers (lightly oiled, and the griddle itself lightly oiled) it was absolutely fine. I used 350g minced meat which made 3 good sized burgers. Would reuse this quantity. In terms of the seasoning of the burgers: the parsley and mustard was nice, but in the past I've added onion, ketchup and other seasonings to my burger mix which I think enhances it, I found these ones a little plain and ever so slightly lacking in flavour.

  • Meatballs and pasta

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Tasty and easy. I used parsley instead of basil because basil wasn't in season. I love chilli so added a bit more. Great Italian...bellissimo

    • Ro_ on November 13, 2021

      Solid, basic meatballs recipe. Id have preferred the sauce to have more depth though.

  • Minced beef Wellington

    • melissabazley on September 26, 2011

      Super easy recipe. I didn't have a block of pastry, so used 3 sheets of pastry instead and made 3 smaller ones. It still took 1 hour to cook. I sprinkled some sesame & poppy seeds on top as well...kind of like a giant sausage roll or pastie or even meatloaf. Great served with Jamie's chilli & capsicum chutney from Jamie @ Home. A goos weekly recipe.

    • TLouise on January 27, 2021

      The Wellington tasted good although it did release quite a bit of juice while cooking making the pastry bottom a little soggy.

  • Bolognese sauce

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Made a few changes to this recipe...I added 2 tablespoons tomato paste and worcestershire sauce and used parsley instead of basil as basil wasn't in season. I only added 1 can water, not 2, and cooked it with the lid off to reduce and thicken the sauce. Very delicious and easily serves 6 people.

  • Pot-roast meatloaf

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Great flavour. Love the chickpeas in it for something different. I used 10 crackers instead of 12.

    • redjanet on September 07, 2011

      My favourite meatloaf recipe so far. Comes out perfect every time. The loaf is moist and juicy and not too wet.

    • lizcoates on April 15, 2014

      So yummy! I don't really like the flavour of the crackers, so I substitute 3/4 cup breadcrumbs instead and it always comes out delicous.

  • Chicken and leek Stroganoff

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Didn't take only 19 minutes, more like 45minutes! Good with pasta as well

    • redjanet on May 01, 2015

      This is a very easy to make version of stroganoff using chicken instead of beef. The result is a quite creamy, tasty dish. It might be a little bit too creamy for some, but with some added squirts of lemon at the end it is more refreshing than you would imagine.

    • KIGirl on November 22, 2014

      I used chicken Maryland pieces - good flavour but would probably use less cream if using pieces again

    • lizebeth on March 31, 2019

      Lovely creamy, flavoursome and easy recipe.

    • Ro_ on October 31, 2021

      This definitely gets points for simplicity, but it tasted a bit meh. I'd have liked the chicken to be seared and then added to the sauce, I think.

    • sarahlegge on September 10, 2021

      recipe is on page 34

  • Quick salmon tikka with cucumber yoghurt

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      very tasty, quick & easy. I pan fired the salmon for a couple of minutes on each side, then finished it in the oven @ 160 degrees C for 4-6 minutes. YUM

    • adrienneyoung on May 23, 2011

      A decent, VERY quick meal if you've got the jarred curry paste on hand. And pretty healthy, actually!

    • Ro_ on November 08, 2021

      Agree with the other comments, this was easy, quick and tasty. You could make it with any type of curry paste. I served with rice instead of naan.

  • Classic tomato spaghetti

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Really quick, easy & tasty. Great basic recipe. Excellent variations as well

  • Broccoli and pesto tagliatelle

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I added some creme fraiche to give it more creaminess.

    • Susan_F on June 17, 2014

      Also added crème fraiche. Makes a quick but worthwhile pasta dish. Will definitely make again.

    • Ro_ on January 14, 2021

      It is what it says it is. Nothing really special about it - I wasn't that convinced by the potato shavings. I would have preferred with this dish with some acidic elements to lift it a bit eg capers, lemon etc.

  • Asian chicken noodle broth

    • melissabazley on September 15, 2011

      A tasty recipe but needed some minor changes to make it easier to eat...I would suggest chopping the vegies into smaller manageable pieces - I halved the baby corn & snow peas and chopped the asparagus into 4 pieces per spear. Smaller pieces of chicken are also better for eating. I added 3 tablespoons of ketchup manis (sweet sticky thick Malay/indonesian soy) instead of regular soy. Not bad for a light, healthy dinner in summer.

  • Chicken fajitas

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Delicious, quick & easy...a regular quick dinner for us.

  • Macaroni and cauliflower cheese bake

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Not bad. I used sour cream as well as creme fraiche

    • lilham on December 08, 2015

      A delicious one-pot after work dinner. I made it from start to finish in 15 min. The children loved it. I used frozen cauliflower. I also soften the cheeses in the microwave instead of over the pasta.

    • rebecca1july on June 16, 2011

      Great afterwork family supper

  • Lamb rogan josh

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I added a few extras to this recipe...6 cardamom pods & 4 cloves as well as a sprinkle of cinnamon powder. I cooked it for 1 & 1/2 hours & used beef instead of lamb.

  • Chicken tikka masala

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Really tasty. Best made the day before as the flavour really develops. Serves about 8-10 people. I also added 2 smashed cardamom pods & 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, NO lemon. A great recipe & recommend using Jamie's curry paste rather than Pataks.

  • Mini shell pasta with a creamy smoked bacon and pea sauce

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I added more peas as I love them...and also used prosciutto instead of pancetta. I found 1/2 lemon plenty. Very delicious :)

    • laura75 on July 08, 2013

      This is one of my favourite dishes.. EVER! I absolutely love it. It is so easy to make and tastes super super good. I once made it without mint and it just wasn't the same.. definitely need to have both mint and lemon juice. I always use bacon.. whatever kind I have.

  • Chicken korma

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      This recipe is better than a restaurant...I added 4 tablespoons of tomato paste as well as a sprinkle each of ground cardomom, ground cinnamon and ground cloves. It easily serves about 8 people... great made with Jamie's curry paste, rather than the Pataks paste.

    • redjanet on May 01, 2015

      Using a lot of easy to find store cupboard ingredients, this is a simple recipe that provides delicious results. Though I wouldn't say that it tastes quite like a korma you would get from a takeaway, it is still a fulfilling hearty meal, which also reheats very well for lunch the next day.

  • Vegetable jalfrezi

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      This recipe would easily serve 10 people. I only used 1/2 the cauliflower and pumpkin suggested. I also only used 1 lemon instead of 2. Great vegetarian curry...I'd recommend using Jamie's curry paste....YUM

    • Jesmondgirl on December 05, 2019

      Had no cauliflower so used courgettes. Used Waitrose gugarati spice paste. This was much hotter than the patak’s jalfrezi or Jamie’s version which is very good. Was also more watery than usual probably because I used courgettes instead of cauliflower which was not a good substitution

  • Coriander and lime rice

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I cooked my rice in the rice cooker...Goes really well with Vegetable Jalfrezi.

    • Ro_ on October 21, 2021

      This was nice but not exceptional. I added some coconut milk when I was cooking the rice, since I had some to use.

    • Elbea on September 29, 2020

      Fresh and zingy.

  • Korma paste

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Needs more tomato paste or tomato puree.

  • Jalfrezi paste

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I used tomato paste instead of tomato puree

  • Rogan josh paste

  • Tikka masala paste

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I used tomato paste instead of tomato puree & added 1/4 teaspoons of ground cinnamon & juice of 1 lemon. Delish !

  • French dressing

    • melissabazley on September 27, 2011

      Brilliant basic recipe for salad dressing...never need to buy the bottled stuff again !!

    • redjanet on September 07, 2011

      Perfect quick and easy salad dressing that you just make by shaking the ingredients together in a small jar. I love it!

  • Lemon dressing

    • melissabazley on September 27, 2011

      A fantastic, zesty, tangy dressing...great on summer salads & fish or chicken dishes.

    • Ro_ on February 25, 2020

      This is nice, but needs a bit of honey/sugar to offset the sourness of the lemon, and would be good with some herbs too eg thyme.

  • Balsamic dressing

    • melissabazley on September 27, 2011

      My favourite dressing with anything containing tomatoes. Delicious...can replace the balsamic with red wine vinegar too for a variation.

  • Evolution potato salad

    • melissabazley on September 27, 2011

      A great change from the regular mayo version of potato salad. I served mine to vegetarians so didn't add the bacon, instead I put in 3 chopped boiled eggs & handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped in half. Great summer dish

    • KIGirl on September 02, 2014

      #1 7/10

  • Evolution tomato salad

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      Good as a meal as well as a side salad. Very delicious, also great with baby bocconcini as well. Highly recommend.

    • KIGirl on September 02, 2014

      #1 7/10

  • Leek and potato soup

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I found this soup rather disappointing...I added sour cream to give it more flavour. I also used only 800ml water instead of 1.8L. I like my soup more thick than runny.

  • Sweet potato and chorizo soup

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I fried the chorizo separately before adding it to the soup. Excellent flavour. Only added 1 litre of water, not the 1.8L in recipe. I prefer my soup thicker. Can use coriander instead of parsley & I added a dash of cream as well. YUM

    • redjanet on September 07, 2011

      This soup is delicious. The quantities specified make a huge amount, which is great for portioning up for packable work lunches.

    • jferjfer on May 29, 2015

      I agree with less stock, as I prefer mine thicker too. Also, for a veggie option, I substitute the chorizo with parsnip and plenty of hot smoked paprika.

    • Vegansarah on September 02, 2021

      I used 4 Morrisons chorizo-style vegan sausages and bouillon instead of stock. Loved it

  • Pea and mint soup

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      SO yummy...I love the sweetness of this soup and it's so healthy. I added 1 peeled potato as well & a splash of cream. Only needs 800ml water, or 1 litre if adding potato as well ( I prefer my soup thicker). A regular in our house during winter.

  • Cauliflower cheese soup

    • melissabazley on September 11, 2011

      I used only 750ml water instead of 1.8 L.

    • gillsil on December 17, 2018

      I admit I played a bit fast and loose with Jamie’s recipe - I didn’t have any carrot or celery but I did have a red pepper and a few tenderstem broccoli florets which needed using up so I substituted these. I also cut back the stock to 1L and the cheese back to about 125g. It turned out delicious with a lovely undertone of warmth from the mustard and a very pretty peach colour. I was impressed by the very easy method. Will definitely make again..

  • Salmon baked in a foil parcel with green beans and pesto

    • redjanet on September 07, 2011

      Tasty and impressive mid-week meal. Always comes out well, though with the pesto, I don't need as much olive oil as Jamie suggests.

  • Lamb and red wine stew

    • redjanet on January 20, 2013

      On a page in the book with other stew recipes, this is a very flavourful, rich stew that is is simple to make. I'd recommend giving it a stir occasionally if making this on the hob as quite a bit stuck to the bottom of my pan when doing it that way. I had better results the second time cooking it in the oven.

  • Lasagne

    • redjanet on September 07, 2011

      Tasty, but came out a bit too wet for my liking.

    • eeeve on January 18, 2016

      On the rare occasion that we have some minced beef in, we like to make Spaghetti Bolognese one night, and turn the leftover sauce into lasagne the next; and this recipe is the one we love most - the creme fraiche works a real treat! I don't think it comes out too wet - but then I don't like a dry lasagne.

    • lizcoates on April 15, 2014

      Definitely too wet. I use a slotted spoon when putting the lasagne together and that does the trick. I love the substitution of creme fraiche and parmesan for bechamel so much I tell everyone about it!

    • saarwouters on November 13, 2017

      Lovely lasagne! Using creme fraiche is so much easier than making bechamel. Whole family loved it. The recipe says to let the sauce simmer for 45 minutes with the lid on. I took the lid off after 20 minutes, so some of the liquid could evaporate. And it worked really well. The lasagne had the perfect consistency in the end, not too wet.

  • Rice salad

  • Baked French potatoes

    • rebecca1july on June 16, 2011

      Very very nice

    • Ro_ on April 06, 2021

      I've tried quite a few recipes for pommes boulangere (which this essentially is) and they have all been disappointing, the general issues being the liquid-to-potato ratio you end up with, and also a lack of tenderness in the potatoes. But this one was definitely a winner! I think the hint of starting it off under foil, then taking it off and pushing the potatoes down before continuing really helps. The flavours and textures were perfectly, and this held very well in a warm oven for an extra hour before serving. Will definitely make again.

  • A consistently good gravy

    • scarlettchef on January 05, 2013

      This is a consistently good gravy. Extra preparation required, but well worth it. Great for adding flavour and probably extra vitamins if the kids are not great veg lovers?

  • Lemon, ginger, and turmeric rice

    • scarlettchef on October 22, 2012

      Lovely delicate, but tasty rice. Served it tonight with Delia's Ground Beef Currry, from "Frugal Food". Used "easy cook" Basmati rice from Co-op, which turned out perfect.

    • Elbea on September 29, 2020

      A nice, fresh tasting side, especially when served with something rich and spicy.

  • Best ever French beans

    • eeeve on July 28, 2014

      I wouldn't call this "best ever"… It's alright but nothing to write home about - and all that cheese makes a right mess in the bottom of the pan!

  • Sizzling beef with spring onions and black bean sauce

    • Susan_F on January 08, 2014

      This is delicious, but in my house really isn't enough for two. I will pad it out a bit next time with some red peppers and maybe some other stir-fry veg.

  • Yorkshire pudding

    • Debkelliemember on February 20, 2016

      These are the best, the simplest, airiest Yorkies I've ever made - my "go to" for the last few years!

  • Evolution carrot salad

    • lizcoates on April 15, 2014

      This is one of our favourite salads, so unique and wonderful flavours. We have never added the pappadoms (sp?) but I'm sure they would be delicious. Don't hold back on the herbs.

    • Jacqi on December 18, 2017

      I have been making this salad for years. Jamie has got the balance just right and it is a family favourite. I use the best feta i can get and skip the pappadams.

  • One-cup pancakes, tropical yoghurt, and mango

    • KIGirl on September 02, 2014

      Only tried pancakes 6/10 .. Have had better ( eg Nigella Express)

  • Aloo gobhi

    • lou_weez on April 07, 2020

      Nothing special.

  • Thai green curry

    • lou_weez on April 21, 2018

      This was a simple green curry, that was easily doubled and enthusiastically devoured by the kids ( I did leave out a few chilies).

  • Evolution cucumber salad

    • Jacqi on December 18, 2017

      This salad is very nice although not outstanding. Quick and easy to make and great for a weeknight. I made the version with yoghurt and olives.

  • Yoghurt dressing

    • Ro_ on May 20, 2020

      Made this to go with a crunchy salad as a side for chili. Worked really well. I added a touch of honey. Delicious, tangy and creamy.

  • Super quick salmon stir-fry

    • Ro_ on February 03, 2020

      I wouldn't categorise this as a stir fry so much as a soupy-broth with vegetables and salmon, but it was very nice all the same. Used mushrooms and peas instead of mangetout as it's what I had.

  • Perfect roast chicken

    • Ro_ on April 23, 2020

      Simple, and worth doing if you want to make a gravy. But the chicken itself wasn't the best roast chicken I've ever tasted, a bit bland and slightly dry.

  • Cauliflower cheese

    • Ro_ on October 22, 2021

      This was a really good cauliflower cheese. The only divergence from the recipe was that I omitted the single rasher of (presumably cooked) bacon in with the breadcrumbs. I also found that 4 slices of bread made more breadcrumbs than I could get onto the dish. This dish was so tasty, the anchovies really gave a pop of flavour and the texture was good too.

  • Pan-fried glazed pork chops

    • Ro_ on April 14, 2021

      I made the version with honey, they were nice but not outstanding - I ended up overcooking them. Mine didn't have enough fat on them to do the crackling.

  • Perfect roast beef

    • Doodlebuglondon on June 15, 2020


    • cook_fresco on October 04, 2021

      Really good, esp sitting the beef on the veg - didn't have carrots and it was still delicious, did an extra red onion and 1/2 head more garlic, and fresh rosemary from garden. Needed water top up to prevent burning. 1.2kg for 50 mins at 170 as oven runs v hot. Used shallow 32in casserole instead of a roasting tin. Did yorkshires on p209 too, perfect!

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