Eat Better, Feel Better: My Recipes for Wellness and Healing, Inside and Out by Giada De Laurentiis

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  • Sesame chicken noodle soup

    • Shannoncooks17 on January 19, 2022

      This was great! Added mushrooms from R & R Cultivation in Roseville which made it even better. Added more soy sauce and toasted sesame oil once it was done to add a little more flavor. Used an 8oz package of baby spinach due to our store not having bok choy. Will make again!

  • Roasted cauliflower and baby kale salad

    • julesamomof2 on March 01, 2022

      This was a filling yet still light salad. Would make again.

  • Amalfi lemon chicken

    • julesamomof2 on March 01, 2022

      This was rather boring to be honest. There are much more flavorful lemon chicken recipes out there that likely similar to this one calorie wise.

    • mharriman on October 19, 2021

      Very good. Husband and I really liked this lemon chicken recipe. I liked that the prep was easy ( especially compared to my ATK version) and then you just pop the pan in the oven for 40 minutes to do other meal prep things. This went well with the roasted broccoli in same cookbook. The two roast at the same temperature, which makes putting a tasty meal together a snap.

  • Braised zucchini with basil

    • julesamomof2 on March 01, 2022

      This sounded good in the description but was pretty one note. The basil added a nice floral note but otherwise was nothing special.

  • Beyond stuffed peppers

    • mharriman on November 09, 2021

      Hearty and filling but nothing more spectacular than that. This stuffed pepper recipe has many healthy ingredients. I wish I had made the brown rice ahead of time or had some already cooked in the freezer ready to thaw because cooking the rice delayed cooking the rest of the ingredients before the peppers went into the oven. I did use the final 20 minutes of rice cooking to prep and chop my vegetables. Other than needing an hour and a half from start to finish, this was an easy dish to put together. Comforting on a cooler Fall evening. First time using Beyond Meat. Husband and I couldn’t figure out what all the excitement is about- didn’t taste anything like beef or any meat to us.

  • Crispy roasted broccoli

    • mharriman on October 19, 2021

      Not really a recipe- more like a reminder of temperature and time needed to roast, but good to know companion side dish for Amalfi chicken recipe which is in same cookbook and roasts at same temp on lower rack. Sprinkled on Parmesan cheese before serving.

  • Chicken Milanese

    • mharriman on November 04, 2021

      Tasty and came together easily. It was reminiscent of weiner schnitzel but with chicken instead of of veal. Served with spaghetti, rosemary and lemon from same cookbook which was a very good accompaniment. Made 1/2 a recipe (but with larger sized chicken breasts) and omitted the salt called for several times without any noticeable difference. I spritzed fresh lemon juice on the finished cutlets before serving which added extra flavor.

  • Steak salad with white beans and sweet shallot dressing

    • mharriman on October 21, 2021

      I halved most of the ingredients for husband and me, and we liked it enough to tag it as a repeat. I used romaine instead of escarole lettuce. We thought the fresh tarragon was the ingredient that made everything pop with extra flavor. I used New York strip steak which was thicker than the skirt steak prescribed and in the photo. Mine was rare after 4 minutes of pan grilling on each side. I put the steak back in the pan, raw meat side down, for a minute on each rare side to get the doneness I wanted (medium). Served with whole wheat rolls and Cotes du Rhône wine.

  • Shrimp and endive salad

    • mharriman on October 19, 2021

      Just Okay. I liked the mustard , lemon, and olive oil dressing but it tasted too strong to me mixed with endive, jumbo shrimp, and orange sections. For my taste buds, I prefer a more neutral or citrus-based dressing with fruit in a salad- personal preference.

  • Spaghetti with rosemary and lemon

    • mharriman on November 04, 2021

      For the few amount of ingredients, this spaghetti recipe is very flavorful. For two of us, I used 4 ounces of spaghetti, 1/2 cup of grated pecorino Romano, and 1/8 cup olive oil but kept the rosemary, garlic, and lemon amounts at full serving size. This is a very comforting pasta dish, one I will returns to either by itself or as a side. Served with Chicken Milanese in same cookbook.

  • Fusilli with pesto and green beans

    • mharriman on October 17, 2021

      A quick, tasty meal. I cut most of the ingredients down to 1/4 for one person. I added asparagus spears since I had those on hand. The pesto makes the dish. Without it, it’s pretty bland (started eating it and realized I forgot to add the pesto!).

  • Steamed cod with coconut broth

    • mharriman on April 01, 2022

      Agree with ginger2212 that this recipe has a lovely flavor and is very healthy. I cut all ingredients in half for two people. Served ours with jasmine rice and a broccoli slaw. A snow pea salad or similar side would have been a better match than what I served and I’ll plan for that next time.

    • ginger2212 on March 07, 2022

      Wow! What a spectacular dish that is oh so healthy and flavorful. I served over basmati rice - did not feel like another side was necessary! I used two whole anchovies instead of anchovy paste. Would make again in a heartbeat - and so easy too!

  • Olive oil-poached salmon

    • mharriman on November 17, 2021

      This recipe produces a mild flavored salmon that was surprisingly moist but not oily. I poached the salmon as instructed and refrigerated it in the oil for two days before serving and it was still fresh and moist tasting. Would be a good way to cook salmon for salads or salmon cakes. The recommended lemon slices added a dimension of flavor that helped the outcome. Served with a barley and dill side dish.

  • Green basil smoothie

    • mharriman on October 21, 2021

      Better than most green smoothies I’ve had. I was able to pick off the last remaining good leaves from my basil patch to make 1/4 cup. I think the basil helps stem the bitterness of the spinach. Husband thought it tasted similar to a green gazpacho. This one’s a keeper.

  • Strawberry almond smoothie

    • mharriman on October 20, 2021

      Interesting version of a strawberry smoothie. The almond butter mutes the strawberry flavor which I was wanting more of. It’s a good smoothie, just not my favorite strawberry one when I want the strawberries to stand out. On the other hand, there’s a decent amount of protein in this drink.

  • Coffee and spinach smoothie

    • mharriman on November 02, 2021

      I loved this smoothie! The banana and chocolate pop out ahead of the other ingredients, making this healthy but also a bit of an indulgent treat. I had to add more unsweetened almond milk to get the ingredients to liquify into a drink rather than a spooned concoction. Great drink to start the day.

  • Breakfast chia seed pudding

    • mharriman on October 22, 2021

      This recipe is essentially the same as the chia seed pudding in Giada’s Feel Good Cookbook but it omits the Greek yogurt. I liked this version a lot and It was very easy to put together the night before for a quick start breakfast.

  • Raffy's chicken with preserved lemons

    • mpo on May 08, 2021

      Solid dish and I added fennel to the liquid as it simmered for 25 minutes. I'd make this again.

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  • ISBN 10 0593138430
  • ISBN 13 9780593138434
  • Published Mar 09 2021
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 256
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Rodale

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Boost gut health and immunity with a delicious approach to wellness that nourishes mind, body, and spirit.

Get an inside look at Giada's approach to healthy, balanced living. In her newest book, Giada walks you through how to select food that can actually make you feel better and curate a personalized wellness routine to support a healthy mind and body. Find out how reconfiguring diet to control inflammation can turn your life around and how to use complementary wellness tactics like intermittent fasting, meditation, and other self-care routines to optimize your well-being.

Giada devotes an entire chapter to her 3-day reboot (that she follows several times a year) and offers more than two dozen dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free recipes to accompany the plan as well as a 21-day menu outline that makes cooking for good easy to implement at home. Eat Better, Feel Better features more than 100 new recipes like Quinoa Pancakes; Sheet Pan Parmesan Shrimp and Veggies; Roasted Cauliflower and Baby Kale Salad; Grilled Strip Steak with Scallion Salsa Verde; and Chocolate and Orange Brown Rice Treats along with plenty of Italian-influenced recipes fans will look forward to, from Fusilli with Chicken and Broccoli Rabe to Easy Chicken Piccata and Pan-Roasted Pork Chops with Cherry and Red Wine Sauce.

Eat Better, Feel Better is the perfect jumpstart to wellness.

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