Milk Street Tuesday Nights Mediterranean: 125 Simple Weeknight Recipes from the World's Healthiest Cuisine by Christopher Kimball

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  • Green shakshuka

    • Jane on July 12, 2021

      Green shakshuka is replacing red (tomato) shakshuka in my affections. I'm getting a lot of greens in my CSA each week and this weekend brunch uses a lot. The recipe uses spinach but I'm using whatever I have. Massaging the greens with salt for a minute before cooking them definitely speeds up the cooking time, even for tougher greens like collards. The peas and feta add extra flavor pops. There isn't much heat in this version - I sometimes add a chopped jalapeno.

  • Turkish egg salad with arugula and herbs

    • Jane on July 30, 2021

      I liked this a lot. The dressing added a lot of flavor to the salad and eggs - I didn't miss mayonnaise at all. I hadn't done the egg steaming method before - the eggs were perfectly cooked at 11 minutes steaming and they were so easy to peel.

    • southerncooker on May 06, 2021

      This was very good. I used chives and a little sweet onion instead of green onion since I was out of green onion. I used arugula from my farm share. The egg steaming worked perfect.

  • Tunisian chickpeas with Swiss chard

    • Emily Hope on May 03, 2021

      This one was kind of "meh" for us -- fine, but no one was clamoring for more, and leftovers didn't get finished. Served with couscous w/apricots and almonds on the side. There are similar recipes out there we like better, including a Milk Street version with spinach that uses smoked almonds on top. Not a repeat.

    • southerncooker on May 19, 2021

      I thought this was good. I made a half recipe. Used rainbow Swiss chard from my Tumbling Shoals farm share.

  • Chicken souvlaki with tzatziki

    • Emily Hope on April 22, 2021

      This was a fine weeknight supper -- though I feel like there are some similar Diana Henry marinated/grilled chicken thigh recipes I like better. Used the grill instead of the broiler, since it was nice out, and made a tomato/sweet onion salad rather than grilling the onions. Added mint to the tzatziki, which we liked. Recommend harissa or another hot sauce for drizzling on top.

    • southerncooker on May 29, 2021

      This was delicious. I used oregano from my window herb garden. The tomato cut in wedges was from my Tumbling Shoals farm share. Made half recipe for son and I, hubby doesn't eat chicken.

    • et12 on May 23, 2021

      Very easy to make without taking too much of your time. I cut the chicken into smaller than recommended pieces but it actually took longer under the broiler than book says. The tzatziki sauce was excellent!

  • Fettuccine with mushroom and tomato ragù

    • chriscooks on May 05, 2021

      I made a half recipe of this ragu, and put in both thyme and rosemary. Using a large skillet to reduce the liquid worked really well. In a short time it became a thick, tasty stew/sauce.

    • southerncooker on May 04, 2021

      Since I had an eight ounce pack of pappardelleI used that to make a half recipe, instead of fettuccine. I also used basil instead of rosemary. Son hates rosemary. We drizzled with some good EVOO at the end as suggested. I added some extra fresh cracked black pepper to mine as well. It turned out really good.

    • Zosia on June 01, 2021

      Lots of flavour in very little time because of cooking method.

  • Shrimp with orzo, tomatoes and feta

    • chriscooks on September 03, 2021

      This is delicious. Also quite filling: I used a half-quantity of pasta and tomatoes and a bit more than half a pound of shrimp (but about 7 oz spinach), and I think it would be enough for 3 or 4 people. I looked at similarly-titled recipes in Ottolenghi's Simple, and Castle's The New Southern Garden Cookbook. Ottolenghi makes it a one-pot meal and adds fennel seeds & orange peel; the photo in the book shows it as a pretty wet dish. Castle finishes the shrimp by baking the dish, which seems like an unnecessary complication, but otherwise the method is pretty similar to Kimball's, preparing the orzo and shrimp separately and combining them near the end.

  • Andalusian-style tomato salad with olive oil tuna

    • southerncooker on April 08, 2021

      This was really good. I made a half recipe. I didn't have oil packed tuna so I drained it and added some EVOO from Israel to the tuna and let sit till time to make dressing. I then used the oil in the dressing. I used red wine vinerar instead of sherry vinegar.

    • Mlr5 on June 07, 2021

      This was ok. I’d suggest letting the tomatoes drain before combining them with the cucumbers. I didn’t and found the salad a bit more wet than I’d like.

  • Panzanella with fresh mozzarella

    • southerncooker on June 10, 2021

      Some of the tomatoes were from my Farm Share as was the baby mix salad greens, that I used instead of flat leaf parsley. Basil was from my window herb garden. This was really good.

  • Rice salad with tomatoes, capers and olive oil tuna

    • southerncooker on May 01, 2021

      I used the yellow-fin tuna in EVOO. Hubby is not a big fan of basil, so I didn't use a lot, and he picked it out of his. We both enjoyed this one.

  • Moroccan-inspired roasted spiced chicken

    • southerncooker on July 19, 2021

      Really good. I did slash the quarters but they were big and my cooking time was around 40 minutes. Turned out moist, tender and very good.

    • Zosia on May 12, 2021

      Delicious! And the technique that reduces the roasting time - slashing the meat - also ensures that the great flavour of the sauce reaches more of the meat. I used olive oil instead of butter and far less of it.

  • Niçoise-style tuna sandwiches

    • southerncooker on April 24, 2021

      I bought yellow skip jack EVOO tuna for this recipe. I'm not a big oil tuna fan. I usually get the kind in water. I went with the recipe note though to use EVOO tuna and it was delicious.

  • Bocadillos with steak, mushrooms and shallots

    • southerncooker on May 19, 2021

      Very good, but when I tasted the mushrooms they were very lemony, so I didn't add lemon juice to the meat. The sandwich tasted like it needed something. Son put cheddar and hot sauce on his. After eating half he said it still needed something, so he added a little mayonnaise and mustard, and said it was delicious.

  • Pasta with tomatoes, orange and olives

    • michalow on August 27, 2021

      This is really delicious. I added some sliced fennel and a bit of fresh mozzarella, and otherwise adhered closely to the recipe. Will make again for sure.

  • Seared pork chops with fennel and herb salad

    • darcie_b on April 15, 2021

      I liked the flavor combination, although I think the spice level could be upped a bit with more crushed red pepper. The salad is even better if you let it soak up some of the pan sauce on the plate.

  • Sautéed cod with zhoug

    • darcie_b on September 15, 2021

      I added some parsley to the zhoug and thought it was great with the mild fish. Easy weeknight dinner.

    • Zosia on May 12, 2021

      Zhoug was just what my previously frozen fillets needed. Delicious!

    • mpo on July 21, 2021

      I merged this zhoug recipe with the one from Sababa. So, my sauce had some parsley in it and way more garlic. Really delicious.

  • Greek-style spinach rice with shrimp and dill

    • mrsmadam on April 27, 2021

      I liked this a lot, my husband not so much. Half the recipe was plenty for two. I did leave the shrimp to steam a couple of extra minutes to accommodate his tastes but won’t next time as I will only be making it for myself. The lemon and dill flavors were spot on and a small amount of feta was a nice finishing touch.

  • Rigatoni with pistachio, ricotta and herb pesto

    • Rachaelsb on August 01, 2021

      Nice change, but i missed the purity and freshness of basil pesto without the ricotta..

  • Greek chicken and potato traybake

    • julesamomof2 on September 15, 2021

      This was great- easy to make, easy clean up, yet special with the addition of the roasted garlic and dill. I think it helped that my garlic cloves were in the large side as they didn't burn. I would have liked it to be a little saucier, so maybe next time I'll add some chicken stock near the end. Pretty much a perfect weeknight dinner.

    • Zosia on June 15, 2021

      Delicious! I really liked the method of roasting the garlic cloves whole to prevent burning and mashing them into the roasting juices at the end.

    • athayer on July 28, 2021

      Cool method with the garlic and seasonings. Great dish and very pretty.

    • Kristjudy on May 26, 2021

      This was a very well received recipe in our house. Wonderful flavours. The addition of mashed roasted garlic in the sauce complemented the capers and kalamata olives.

  • Pan-fried beef-filled pita

    • Jenny on April 17, 2021

      This meal will be in the rotation frequently. The combo of spices, ingredients and the crispy pita...delicious. The yogurt sauce is the frosting on the cake. Should have doubled the recipe it was that good.

    • jimandtammyfaye on September 08, 2021

      These were very good, but Simply Julia's Arayes with yogurt sauce accomplishes a similar meal without nearly as much fuss.

  • Soupe au pistou

    • Zosia on July 25, 2021

      The quick cook time doesn't really allow the flavours of the ingredients to develop; well-flavoured stock and good pesto are essential.

    • et12 on October 07, 2021

      Easy to make and fairly tasty once you add the pesto.

  • Tunisian-style frittata with potato, onion and chicken

    • Zosia on June 01, 2021

      I thought the ras el hanout overpowered all of the other ingredients in this dish - perhaps it's just the blend that I have.

  • Rigatoni with artichokes, basil and pecorino

    • Zosia on June 22, 2021

      Nice bright flavour and easy to put together. I omitted the butter.

  • Pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe

    • Zosia on August 14, 2021

      A little one-note. Not my favourite version of this recipe.

  • Harissa-spiced pasta and chicken with green beans

    • Zosia on August 07, 2021

      Tasty and very quick to make. I used farfalle which took 20 minutes to cook and needed a little extra liquid (about 60ml) towards the end.

    • dc151 on July 24, 2021

      Great cupboard meal. Full of flavor from all that tomato paste. Felt hearty.

  • Beef and rice meatballs with lemon-olive oil sauce

    • Zosia on September 17, 2021

      I wasn't very successful at mashing the rice so the individual grains were quite obvious but that didn't seem to affect anything; the meatballs held together well and had great flavour. I wasn't quite so keen on the sauce which, while tasting good, was quite oily despite adding only 1 tbsp oil instead of 3.

  • Pasta with sausage and porcini mushroom ragù

    • Zosia on May 13, 2021

      Great flavour and quick to make. I used only 1 tbsp oil for the sausage, none for the pasta. The cream helped the flavours meld without adding too much richness.

  • Pan-roasted chicken and summer vegetables with herbes de Provence

    • Zosia on May 29, 2021

      Flavours were excellent but I used a different cooking method as I had a whole, butterflied chicken. I made a paste of the herbs and oil that I put under and on the chicken skin. I roasted for 30minutes before adding the vegetables to the pan then roasted an additional 30 minutes. Pan juices with capers formed the sauce for serving.

  • Spanish scrambled eggs with shrimp and asparagus

    • Zosia on September 15, 2021

      Quick and tasty and a good way to stretch a small package of shrimp to feed 4 people! I used broccoli instead of asparagus.

  • Roasted vegetables with cilantro yogurt

    • athayer on July 28, 2021

      Delicious...very flexible regarding which vegetables could be used. Cilantro yogurt sauce paired very nicely.

  • Chicken shawarma

    • Kristjudy on May 30, 2021

      This was a very flavourful dish. I served with the recommendation of a rice pilaf.

    • et12 on August 14, 2021

      Very tasty and quick and easy to make.

  • Scallops al ajillo

    • Maefleur on July 06, 2021

      I couldn't find the large scallops indicated and smaller ones worked fine.

  • Greek baked vegetables (Briam)

    • mjes on July 31, 2021

      I've been looking for a great briam recipe ... or one of it's kissing cousins from neighboring countries. This looked promising, has great flavor, but still isn't quite right ... I'm looking for a bit more variety in my vegetables

    • dc151 on September 09, 2021

      Quick work to prep if you have a mandolin. Lovely dish, everyone enjoyed it. I should've microwaved the potatoes a touch longer than stated. It's like a ratatouille, but more flavorful and not watery at all.

  • Zucchini and saffron risotto

    • et12 on October 14, 2021

      We loved this one. So tasty and easy to put together. It took a little longer then the suggested 35 minutes to reduce the water to the correct amount and the risotto was a bit soft as a result, but we loved it nonetheless.

  • Tuscan-style spring vegetable soup

    • et12 on July 05, 2021

      Very easy to make and the vegetables are cooked perfectly if you stick to the suggested timings. I felt the principal flavour was of the beef stock and so I would use fewer stock cubes but the same amount of liquid next time. A dash of lemon juice also helped with the seasoning.

  • Turkish-style chicken soup with yogurt, chickpeas and bulgur

    • et12 on August 05, 2021

      Very easy to make and good flavour for something that comes together so quickly. A good chicken soup.

  • Spaghetti with lemon pesto

    • et12 on May 02, 2021

      Exactly what we wanted in an easy to make pasta dish that is comforting and full of flavour. Took no time to put together. Will definitely make again!

  • Bulgur salad with summer vegetables and pomegranate molasses

    • et12 on August 14, 2021

      Difficult to find fine bulgur wheat where I am. Had to cover the wheat for much longer then recommended. In the end it tasted ok but not my favourite.

  • Pasta with fresh tomatoes, capers and herbs

    • et12 on May 12, 2021

      Very tasty with a subtle hint of heat. A nice summer pasta dish. I used flat leaf parsley instead of basil but I think it would be even better with the sweetness of the basil to balance the saltiness of the capers.

  • Sumac-spiced chicken cutlets with tomato-onion salad

    • et12 on September 27, 2021

      Served this over rice and loved the layering of fresh tomatoes, marinated onions and chicken. We felt there was too much pomegranate molasses and so made it again the second time with a sweetened balsamic vinegar instead and much preferred that one.

  • Jerusalem-style mixed-grill chicken

    • et12 on June 06, 2021

      Very easy and quick to make. Served with pita bread and a fresh tomato cucumber salad.

  • Red wine risotto with beans and capicola

    • et12 on September 13, 2021

      I wasn’t expecting this much flavour from such a simple dish. Recipe was easy to follow. I added a bit of lemon juice at the end to add a bit of brightness. Definitely a do again!

  • Spicy ground beef kebabs with tomato-sumac sauce

    • et12 on August 05, 2021

      Loved the flavours and how easy it was to come together. The recipe suggests 80% beef mince. I used mince with only 5% fat and the kebabs were very dry. Will use fattier meat next time.

    • JulieCruz on July 23, 2021

      Excellent. I made them as large oblong meatballs and not a kebab. I think I will double the sauce next time. It was really like a chutney rather than a sauce. Served with naan bread.

    • D.Barker on June 10, 2021

      This was good! Spicier than I expected, but quick and tasty.

  • Flank steak with tomato-eggplant ragù

    • hbakke on April 15, 2021

      This was a fine dinner, not super exciting. I did like the feta cheese and mint topping. I served the leftovers on some crusty bread and I think I liked that better than with potatoes.

  • Fattoush with chicken and tahini-sumac dressing

    • hbakke on April 18, 2021

      Great salad. I liked that the honey offset the bitterness of the tahini to make a nice creamy dressing. I used cooked chicken that had been seasoned with za'atar and used a combination of mint and parsley for the herbs. I would make this again.

  • Spicy Egyptian eggplant with chickpeas and herbs

    • jacquegodoy on August 14, 2021

      I used an airfryer to make the egglplant and chickpeas so I didn't have to turn on the oven in summer. Turned out great! Lots of flavor.

    • jenburkholder on August 18, 2021

      Tasty, even to people who are mostly skeptical of eggplant. Lots of flavor with minimal effort. Served on a bed of arugula.

  • Spanish shrimp and chickpea stew

    • mpo on April 23, 2021

      This was good, but I think the recipe is more complicated than it needs to be. I think the effort to keep shrimp tails on, and then take off and cut shrimp in half mid-cooking didn’t make that much of a difference to just add the shrimp, with or without tails when ready to cook through.

  • Charred eggplant pita sandwiches with spicy tahini

    • dc151 on September 17, 2021

      Make sure you check the spiciness of your harissa before adding the recommended amount- mine was pretty spicy!I liked it, not necessarily my favorite, but a simple meal to pull together, so easy enough to give it another try

  • Carrot, sweet potato and spinach eggah

    • jenburkholder on August 20, 2021

      Delicious and very easy. The yogurt sauce is essential. Definite make-again.

  • Tomato-braised cauliflower with feta and mint

  • Black-eyed peas with fennel, tomatoes and spinach

    • jenburkholder on July 29, 2021

      Eh. This was bland, and the mint wilted unappetizingly.

  • Turkish-style tomato salad with walnuts and sumac

    • jenburkholder on August 16, 2021

      Very fresh and good. Sweet, tart, and aromatic, perfect for summer.

  • Chickpea and feta keftedes

    • rrackles on April 27, 2021

      Quite dry. Won’t be making again

  • Creamy zucchini and pumpkin seed soup

    • rrackles on April 27, 2021

      Found this quite bitter. Maybe my batch of zucchini?

  • Greek-style braised chickpeas with tomatoes and orange

    • MEmilyGrey on May 22, 2021

      Amazing dish. The resin-y flavor of the rosemary plays beautifully with the touch of orange. Different & intriguing.

    • D.Barker on June 10, 2021

      This was easy and delicious! I don't know what the serving recommendation is, but we stirred in some sour cream, and served with pita breads that were lightly toasted with butter. Well worth doing again!

  • Spicy white beans with tahini, lemon and parsley

    • MEmilyGrey on May 22, 2021

      Not a winner. Possibly I made a mistake in the preparation, but I found it unpleasantly bitter.

  • Inverted pizza

    • D.Barker on June 10, 2021

      I loved how easy this was, but the potatoes just kind of made it crazy dry.

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    Another home run from the Milk Street team.

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From the James Beard award-winning Milk Street team, enjoy 125 easy weeknight dinners that bring the flavors of the Mediterranean into your home—with most meals ready in under 45 minutes.

Mediterranean cooking is so much more than olive oil, grilled fish, and just-harvested vegetables. It is a diverse cuisine that encompasses the cultures and traditions of Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The food is direct, simple, and honest. It is proud to be served without disguise or embellishment.

Every Tuesday Nights recipe delivers big flavor, but the cooking is quick and easy. Each of these 125 Mediterranean dinners is ready in under 45 minutes, and many take just 20 minutes start to finish. Dishes include:

  • Green Shakshuka
  • Spicy Egyptian Eggplant with Chickpeas and Herbs
  • Bulgur Salad with Summer Vegetables and Pomegranate Molasses
  • Harissa-Spiced Pasta and Chicken with Green Beans
  • Greek Spanakorizo with Shrimp
  • Spanish Ribeye with Green Olives and White Wine.

The recipes are organized by how you cook, with some chapters focused on time—Fast (45 minutes), Faster (35 minutes), and Fastest (under 25 minutes)—while others dive into themes such as Hearty Vegetable Mains, Supper Soups, and Flat and Folded—including pizza, flatbreads, pita sandwiches, and panini. Many of the recipes require only one piece of cookware, and they all are built from pantry staples.

.Dinner is solved every night of the week.

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