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    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; powdered milk; instant yeast; egg; milk
    • Accompaniments: Herbed ricotta
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: honey; all-purpose flour; whole wheat flour; wheat germ; powdered milk; instant yeast; flaxseeds
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: raisins; all-purpose flour; ground cinnamon; instant yeast; milk; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Breakfast / brunch; Afternoon tea
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; raisins; sanding sugar; unsalted butter; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; powdered milk; eggs; milk
  • English muffins
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: flavorless oil; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; cornmeal
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; French
    • Ingredients: unsalted butter; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; French
    • Ingredients: unsalted butter; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; instant yeast; eggs; heavy cream; honey; ground cinnamon; unsweetened cocoa powder; unsalted butter
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Sandwiches & burgers; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: unsalted butter; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; East European
    • Ingredients: unsalted butter; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; eggs; ground cinnamon; egg whites; brown sugar
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch; East European
    • Ingredients: unsalted butter; all-purpose flour; instant yeast; eggs; ricotta; cream cheese; shallots; chives; Parmesan; Comté; sharp cheddar cheese
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead; American
    • Ingredients: plain yogurt; all-purpose flour; unsalted butter; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead; American
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; Parmesan; herbs of your choice; unsalted butter; milk; potato flakes
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead; American
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; cottage cheese; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead; American
    • Ingredients: plain yogurt; all-purpose flour; lemon zest; blueberries; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea
    • Ingredients: plain yogurt; all-purpose flour; lemon zest; blueberries; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; eggs; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; milk; eggs; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; lemon zest; poppy seeds; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; orange zest; rosemary; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; dried fruit of your choice; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; oats; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; whole wheat flour; eggs
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Frostings & fillings; Quick / easy; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; buttermilk; eggs; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; mustard powder; paprika; cheddar; scallions; milk; eggs

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  • Lisbon chocolate cake

    • Jane on October 23, 2021

      I should have spent a bit more time tidying this up before serving (and taking the photo) as it is rather messy getting it out of the paper tin lining. But it tastes wonderful. A rich brownie cake base and a light chocolate mousse and an intense cocoa topping. I used Valrhona chocolate and cocoa - I think you probably need good quality here as it's all about the chocolate.

    • Astrid5555 on May 05, 2022

      Incredibly delicious cake. Used a cake ring lined with acetat foil before adding the ganache layer and the cake looked perfect. Do use high-quality chocolate and cocoa powder!

    • Zosia on February 14, 2022

      Elevated brownie that everyone enjoyed. We loved the mousse topping in place of frosting. My ganache and mousse topping needed more time to thicken/set than the recipe indicates so next time I'll make it the day before.

    • bwhip on May 31, 2022

      Really good, so very chocolatey! Texture of the brownie/cake element is just right as the base for the creamy ganache. If you love chocolate, this one is a keeper.

    • Kinhawaii on March 25, 2022

      Yummy! I took Anthonygrob’s advice & after I put the cake, after cooling, into a springform pan with parchment on the side. I think I prefer that rather than lifting it out . Thanks!

    • jmgunter on October 31, 2021

      This cake is so simple, elegant, and tasty. I used Endangered Species 72% chocolate for both the cake base and the ganache. And Ghriradelli unsweetened cocoa powder for the topping.

    • Anthonygrob on January 25, 2022

      Did this recipe and loved it. I used a springform pan, which is the only circle cake pan I own and would recommend it over trying to lift it out of an ordinary pan. Otherwise, the recipe and the instructions seemed solid and the cake was fantastic .

  • World peace cookie 2.0

    • SheilaS on March 19, 2022

      Compared to the originals, I like the complexity from the addition of rye flour, warmth from the piment d'espelette and love, love the fruity tartness from the freeze-dried raspberries. I didn't like care for the cacao nibs - they don't add much flavor and I prefer the texture without them.

    • bwhip on October 25, 2021

      I always enjoyed the original version, but now I think I like these even better! The originals were pure chocolate, and these amp up the flavor and texture profile with the addition of a bit of rye flour, a pinch of cayenne, cocoa nibs and freeze-dried raspberries. Wonderful!

    • anya_sf on February 11, 2023

      Made 1/2 batch to compare with the originals. I must have made them too big as I just got 12, but 12 min baking time was still good. Put salt on some but not all and liked the salt. These have more flour than the originals, so didn't spread as much. I preferred this version (the raspberry did it), but my husband preferred the pure chocolate originals.

  • Devil’s thumbprints

    • SheilaS on January 18, 2022

      I used Trader Joe's 72% cacao dark chocolate so these were rich but not overly sweet. Whether it was the choice of chocolate or my fridge temp, after chilling 2 hrs, the dough was too hard to scoop and was easier to cut into pieces with a knife. I filled half with raspberry jam and half with ruby chocolate and both were excellent.

    • averythingcooks on December 24, 2021

      These are lovely! I made my balls around 15-16 g and got the predicted 19 cookies from a 1/2 recipe. I used demerara sugar for rolling and the raspberry jam for filling. They are beautifully fudgy & the jam provides a nice break from all that chocolate. One note - I thought I was being careful to gently mix in all the flour (without overmixing) and then of course while scooping the chilled dough - tiny pockets of flour appeared in places. I'll be even more careful next time.

    • Kinhawaii on October 25, 2022

      I agree with SheilaS- these really firmed up & were difficult to scoop- next time a might spread them in a small sheet pan & cut blocks to roll. I liked the contrast of the crunchy sugar with the fudgey inside but some didn’t like the cinnamon. I think I too would prefer it without cinnamon, maybe espresso powder? I couldn’t taste the ruby chocolate much & next time will try jam- but my centers were smaller than cork size. I got 40 cookies.

    • jimandtammyfaye on January 02, 2022

      Delicious success! Used several flavors of filling- raspberry, apricot, and blueberry. Raspberry was absolute favorite. Almost like a fudgy brownie surrounded by crispy sugar.

    • Feelingsamtastic on December 21, 2022

      The first time I made these, they came out wonderful! The second time around, not so much. I don't know if it was because I stored the dough in the fridge for 2 days (says it's ok in the recipe) or because I made the cookies too large, but I had issues with the dough cracking open/spreading and that the bottom of the cookie cookie cooked much faster than the rest of the cookie (the oil seemed to sleep out?) However, they were so good the first time, I will probably attempt again.

  • Spinach-mozzarella pie with Parm crumble

    • SheilaS on January 18, 2022

      I don't think the mozzarella adds much in the way of flavor but that parm crumble topping makes this look and taste special.

    • cadfael on November 24, 2022

      We really like this..make sure to prepare crumble ahead of time.

  • Vanilla ice cream

    • SheilaS on January 18, 2022

      Super easy vanilla ice cream. It was a tiny bit sweet for me but excellent with a scoop of sorbet alongside.

  • Berry ice cream

    • SheilaS on January 18, 2022

      I made this with TJ's frozen Very Cherry Berry Mix (cherries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries) and loved the combo of buttermilk + berries. Looking forward to making this with other berries. Served this along with the vanilla ice cream and Devil's Thumbprint cookies from this book.

  • Parm crumble

    • SheilaS on January 18, 2022

      I made this to top the spinach-mozzarella pie and it really makes the dish special. Would be great to top any sort of vegetable casserole or an apple or pear tart.

  • Parm crumble nibbles

    • SheilaS on January 18, 2022

      Made some of these to use up leftover parm crumble. I thought they were dry and kinda meh. I'll try them as croutons in a salad and see if that works better.

  • Chunky lemon cornmeal cake

    • jenmmcd on May 21, 2022

      Agree with other reviewers. Just fine but wouldn’t make again.

    • twoyolks on January 29, 2022

      This was pretty solidly mediocre.

    • bwhip on November 01, 2021

      Delicious and interesting cake. Sturdy texture, with lots of nice lemon flavor from the chunks of pulp and zest. I really enjoyed the crispy edges at the top of the loaf, nicely caramelized with a great crunch from the cornmeal. Wasn't sure what to expect from the addition of sumac, as I've never used it for baking before, but the overall flavor was really nice.

  • Cinnamon-raisin bread

    • jenmmcd on January 01, 2022

      A good bread that’s very easy to make, but definitely mild on the cinnamon. I think I’ll try sprinkling with cinnamon sugar before rolling for the final rise next time.

    • fultre on November 01, 2021

      This is a great homey bread, reminds me of my childhood. Delicious flavor, lovely texture and perfect for toast. Will try soaking raisins in tea next time.

  • Coffee shortbread

    • Astrid5555 on February 02, 2022

      Did not add the lemon zest, because I was not sure about the citrus-coffee combination, and did not make the optional glaze. So delicious, these were gone within hours!

    • Lepa on February 13, 2022

      These shortbread were delicious. They were a bit crumbly but I liked them. I did not use the glaze and didn't feel it was necessary.

    • averythingcooks on April 05, 2022

      Interesting....I did use the lemon zest and for us, that and the cardamom are the dominant flavours. Of course, my "been here for a while" jar of powdered espresso is likely to blame for that. I cut my round into 16 thinner wedges and did not glaze them. We do both like them but I also make many other shortbreads that match our palates a little better.

    • bwhip on May 27, 2022

      These were good, with a nice texture. The flavor combination of coffee/lemon/cardamom was interesting and not unpleasant, but a little odd. Glad I tried them, but doubt I'll repeat.

    • mpo on October 29, 2021

      One word: YUM! I didn’t even make the optional glaze, doesn’t need it.

  • Classic gougères

    • Astrid5555 on August 22, 2022

      My first time making gougères and they were delicious. Made with sharp cheddar and sea salt flakes. Followed Dorie‘s tip to make ahead and freeze the unbaked gougères which worked perfectly. Great accompaniment to some sparkling rosé wine.

  • Iced spiced hermits

    • adrienneyoung on January 12, 2022

      Meh. Not the best cookie I’ve ever made. Interesting. But oversweet. Not a keeper, sadly.

  • Banana breakfast squares

    • Julied on November 14, 2021

      Banana Breakfast Squares - delish! Just note that the 2 teaspoons of vanilla that is called for is omitted in the instructions. I added it after adding my eggs. Turned out great.

    • bwhip on December 11, 2021

      Delicious! Great flavor and texture. I subbed chocolate chips for the raisins or nuts.

    • anya_sf on November 22, 2022

      I made 1/2 recipe in an 8"x8" pan using 1 egg + 1 egg white. Baking time was 42 min. Instructions don't say when to add the vanilla; I added it after the eggs. Nice fluffy, moist cake. I enjoyed the raisins and flaxseeds. The cake was fairly sweet; next time I would reduce the sugar a little and maybe increase the proportion of whole wheat flour.

    • Xyz123 on December 06, 2021

      This is basically banana bread in a cake pan. Very moist and kept well as we ate it over the next few days.

  • Cocoa-cornmeal biscotti

    • Ordinaryblogger on July 11, 2022

      Wonderful cookies that last a while out of the freezer, but also freeze well. I used coarse corn meal (against the recipe instructions!) and it was good but probably better to get some 'regular' corn meal for this recipe. The coarse grind made it a bit 'gritty.'

  • Miso-maple loaf

    • nadiam1000 on May 09, 2022

      This was not a success for me and i was so excited to try it. The loaf suank in the middle even though it was baked through and I found it a bit too salty even though I enjoy the savory element and that it is not overly sweet. I glazed it with marmalade. I may try again since there are so many positive reviews. I will omit the added salt next time - maybe my miso is overly salty.

    • kuechenlatein on October 26, 2021

      The recipe can be found online

    • Zosia on January 05, 2022

      Very nice cake. The miso scent was strong in the batter but mellowed to an unidentifiable savoury flavour in the baked loaf.

    • stef on October 23, 2021

      This loaf has a nice light crumb. As you're eating it the orange flavor and then the saltiness from the miso comes thru. I used an apricot glaze and felt it was needed to add some sweetness. It took 45 minutes to bake. Took it out when temperature read 200f

    • amandabeck on January 27, 2023

      This was a nice, tender quick bread/cake. Perhaps my palate is not developed enough, but I couldn't really place either maple or miso after it was baked. I would make it again because it was an easy enough recipe to execute, but it didn't "wow" me. Baking time was closer to 42 minutes in my metal loaf pan.

    • GHolland on November 05, 2021

      Nice loaf, made it in three mini pans. Not too sweet but apricot jam was a nice touch. Would be a good loaf to add to coffee tray.

    • mdcbakers on January 24, 2022

      This loaf has an awesome flavor & is fun because it's out of the ordinary. Unless you're specifically eating this for breakfast, jam or a glaze is important. You definitely taste the miso & a sweet element on top helps make it "dessert." Definitely going to make this again.

  • Breakfast-in-Rome lemon cake

    • Rinshin on February 05, 2022

      Texture is light, lemony, and eggy. Yet, crumb is tight as seen in my photo. Reminded me a little of kasutera or castella cake in texture. Reduced sugar to 275 g (plenty sweet for our taste) and used two different sized narrow loaf pans since I wanted to share one with our neighbor. Lovely accompaniment with morning coffee.

    • MakeMyHay on January 12, 2022

      Deelish! Very lemony. I used the optional 1/4 tsp lemon extract. I also added coarsely chopped fresh cranberry, which added even more tartness - in a good way. Dorie warns about sticking so I used plenty of baking spray in my aluminum tube pan and had no problem with sticking.

    • bwhip on November 07, 2021

      This cake is delightful. Great flavor, and the texture is light and fluffy, really nice. I used blueberries, and the results were fantastic. No problems with sticking to the pan, as the author had warned about. This will be a regular in the rotation for us.

    • Melissa_427 on February 02, 2022

      Will be in the rotation! I do wish I would have tossed my blueberries in a bit of flour to prevent sinking but as that only affects appearance, I'm not too concerned!

    • senzler on May 18, 2022

      Jury’s still out on this one. I think I would up lemon extract to 1/2 tsp. Worth a second try

  • Grain and seed muffins

    • Zosia on February 24, 2023

      Wonderfully nutty and delicious with a tender crumb. I used only whole wheat flour.

    • anya_sf on November 15, 2022

      Delicious, hearty muffins. Mine took 21 min to bake.

    • Melissa_427 on February 20, 2022

      Really enjoyed these! Lots of character from the variety of seeds and raisins. I did have to sub spelt flour for whole wheat and wheat germ for wheat bran, both substitutions worked great!

  • Mochaccino muffins

    • Zosia on November 02, 2021

      These were very coffee-forward so not for everyone but the coffee lovers did enjoy them. The texture wasn't dry but quite firm and the ground coffee was quite noticeable; they were best served warm.

    • stef on May 29, 2022

      These have an intense chocolate coffee flavour. I got 12 muffins using 1/4 cup to fill. Baked for 20 minutes but feel they were overbaked. Will bake for 18 minutes next time and also use chocolate chip because chopped chocolate disappeared in baked muffin

  • Iced honey-apple scones with spelt

    • Zosia on November 09, 2021

      Cake-like rather than flaky but still tender and deliciously fruity. The glaze is a nice touch for the not-too-sweet scones.

    • stef on January 22, 2023

      As said a cake like moist scone. I used a granny smith apple. Orange flavour was most prominent. I used a scoop I use for muffins. This made huge scones. Next time will use something close to 1/3 cup. The icing is nice on a not to sweet scone, almost a necessity.

    • anya_sf on January 05, 2023

      I used self-rising flour instead of AP, omitting the salt and just adding 1 tsp baking powder. The dough was so wet I didn't bother kneading it, just scooped it. Baking time from frozen was 22 min. The scones had a light, tender texture and were not too sweet, so the glaze was good.

    • fultre on October 30, 2021

      Simple recipe with lovely flavors, subtle citrus and apple, lightly sweet. I froze the majority for future guests, and didn’t ice the 2 that I cooked the day of, instead I used sparkling sugar. I think the icing will be a nice touch.

  • Lemony yogurt muffins

    • Zosia on January 22, 2022

      Nice muffin with a tender, cake-like crumb. They were quite buttery but not very lemony. I included the blueberries.

  • Orange spice cake

    • Zosia on February 19, 2022

      Nice enough cake but not special. Orange and spice favours were too subtle even on day 2 though the cake held up well texturally. I suspect the optional glaze that I did not make is important to overall flavour.

  • Strawberry-rhubarb squares

    • Zosia on January 09, 2022

      Dense, buttery cake that took much longer to bake in my oven than the time given but my kitchen was very cold. The batter was thick and supported the fruit (frozen rhubarb, fresh raspberries) which helped to cut the richness of the cake.

  • Swirled, spiced sour cream bundt cake

    • Zosia on October 30, 2022

      The cake had nice flavour but mine was a little heavy and dry and I thought it would have been better with half the filling as I found the chocolate a little overwhelming.

    • stef on March 24, 2022

      This is a nicely spiced bundt cake. Swirl is made of chocolate and pecans. Didn't have whole wheat flour so used Spelt. It's a nice moist crumb. Baked in 60 minutes

  • Szarlotka

    • bching on September 20, 2022

      Very good and much easier to make than I expected. Extremely well-written recipe--the most success I've ever had with a Dorie Greenblatt recipe. It doesn't keep well, though, so I'd advise large servings the day it's made, and gift slices for neighbors.

  • My favorite pumpkin pie

    • cadfael on November 21, 2022

      The recipe in the book was put in by mistake. Dorie has asked that be made known and the recipe that should be in the book is on her xoxo Dorie newsletter.

    • Melissa_427 on November 23, 2022

      Just made two of these pies yesterday before seeing the corrected version - looks like the addition of honey and an egg yolk are the differences. While I wish I would have seen these notes earlier, I'm actually quite happy with the look of the pies and the taste of the custard. I was nervous my family wouldn't like the star anise but wanted to try it so I made one with cinnamon and one with star anise. I got a little flustered with my food processor during the cinnamon version and forgot the rum and vanilla - so that custard definitely lacks complexity but tastes good enough. And the version with all the rum, vanilla and star anise, so damn tasty! Will definitely make again and add the notes in my cookbook about the necessary changes!

  • Coconut-milk-chocolate marble cake

    • ShannonS on December 21, 2021

      My oven temperature is accurate but this took much longer than the recommended 72 minutes. I would raise the oven temperature to 350 next time. Pretty and tasty all the same.

  • Carrot muffins

    • stef on March 16, 2023

      These muffins are light and fluffy. Ginger and orange zest give a nice flavour. I used cranberries and instead of a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, toasted walnuts. Next time I will add walnuts to batter because I would like some crunch.

    • anya_sf on September 13, 2022

      Whole wheat pastry flour worked very well in these; the muffins were not heavy at all. Really nice for breakfast. In my oven, they took a couple extra minutes to bake.

    • lean1 on March 17, 2023

      swapped 1/2 fat with greek yogurt. Easy to measure out all the dry using a metric scale and same for the bowl for the wet. Hardest part was grating the carrots. Came together very quickly and baked in 22 min. Had leftover batter to make 6 mini muffins.

  • Buttermilk scones

    • stef on July 30, 2022

      Scones came together quickly. Nice crunchy outside. Next time will sprinkle turbinado sugar before baking. They were nice and golden at 20 minute baking time.

  • Twist bread

    • stef on November 05, 2022

      As others said, this is an easy bread to make. After spreading filling and rolling it I put it in freezer for 10 minutes, it made it easier to cut in three pieces. Will make again because it's such an impressive presentation.

    • anya_sf on July 27, 2022

      Not overly sweet or rich, this pretty version of cinnamon raisin bread was delicious plain or with butter. It still tasted quite fresh the morning after baking.

    • on September 26, 2022

      This recipe used the dough from Daily Bread on page 11. It is an easy dough to make either by hand or in a stand mixer. It is very easy to shape a doesn't spring back while stretching it into a rectangle prior to rolling into a log. Since my raisins were left over from last year, I soaked and patted them dry prior to adding them to the dough. Although the cookbook contains a lot of pictures and detailed instructions, I found it difficult to slice through the dough evenly. After buttering a chef's knife, it was much easier to cut, although I didn't get my strands very even and the center strand was noticeably larger than the other two. It wasn't noticeable in the baked loaf. After putting the loaf in the oven, I found it was starting to darken about half way through baking, so tented it with foil to keep it from burning. The loaf wasn't overly sweet and had a soft crumb. It was delicious!

  • English muffins

    • stef on November 08, 2021

      The English muffins are excellent. I refrigerated the dough overnight and it was easy to handle. I appreciate that Dorie tells you at what temperature the grill should be.

    • averythingcooks on January 11, 2023

      Sadly these were not a success for me (& I have made other recipes with good results). I used the setting on the induction burner that was close to 350 (but a bit under) but the pan was far too hot & the 1st few burned badly before they were even remotely cooked inside. I am also not sure how effective my "spatula slapping" was. I turned it down (a lot) for the rest but still, the outsides were brown & the insides were still pretty doughy...I know she says the toaster is designed to finish the cook but still....the outer surfaces burned in the toaster before the insides were done and they are very dense - no nooks & crannies :( This is a rare Dorie fail for me & I will try other versions from my books before I come back here for a 2nd attempt.

    • anya_sf on October 15, 2022

      These muffins were nearly perfect: easy to make, just the right size, classic flavor, nooks and crannies. I left them on the griddle a couple of extra minutes, with the heat turned down to 325 F, as they seemed too doughy. They were still a bit doughy and required extra toasting, but otherwise great. Next time I'll cook them a little longer.

  • Chocolate babka

    • stef on December 26, 2022

      The brioche dough should be started the day before and requires some attention folding before it rests for the night. Filling is made and babka is formed. Rise time was 1 1/2hrs in my oven on proofing. A strudel is made and sprinkled on the babka, this gives a nice crunch to the babka. My babka baked very light and airy. Not to sweet. I've made other babkas but this is the best.

  • Cottage cheese biscuits

    • stef on April 15, 2022

      Quick to put together. Nice crispy biscuit. Can be savoury or sweet. Cottage cheese not noticeable. We had it for brunch with scrambled eggs, bacon and ??. Reheats well

  • Pecan-cranberry loaf

    • stef on December 05, 2021

      I used frozen cranberries. This is a lovely moist not too sweet loaf Took it out when temperature reached 205f. After 55 minutes. Will bake a few to give away at christmas

    • Lepa on October 20, 2021

      This was okay but not particularly exciting. It lingered at our house. When I ate it with the suggested butter and marmalade it was better but I still don't anticipate making it again.

  • Crumb-topped ricotta coffee cake

    • stef on August 02, 2022

      A wonderfully moist cake. Takes a while for the topping to come together but be patient. Keep pinching it to see if it holds. I froze the topping for an hour. It looks like a lot of crumb topping but use it all, it just melts on top.

    • bwhip on December 26, 2021

      Wonderful cake. I made ours with raspberries, and we just loved it. Great flavor and texture, and the crumbly top was perfection. Such a great cookbook.

  • Devil’s food party cake

    • stef on September 20, 2022

      I also baked this cake twice and each time it only rose 1". Wound up using 3 layers. It's a nice moist,dense cake with intense chocolate flavour. Used a different frosting for it. The family loved it but I don't think I will repeat it.

    • on September 28, 2022

      I made this cake in 3-6" cake pans. The instructions were easy to follow and the batter was perfect. Since I was baking the cake in smaller pans, I looked in the recipe for the time range for an 8" pan and checked the cake a few minutes earlier. I took the cakes out when a tooth pick inserted in the center came out clean. The cakes were under done. Looking back at the recipe I found the instructions stated that a tester inserted into the cakes might come out clean earlier, but you want to wait until the cakes start to pull away from the sides of the pan. The instructions were correct! I had to throw the cakes away because they were not completely cooked and had to start over! On subsequent tries, I had problems with the cake rising in the oven and then completely falling into a brownie-type texture. The underdone cake in the picture, was actually the best result I have had after five attempts!

    • passthegelato on February 07, 2022

      I made this cake twice. The second time I double checked every step and bought new baking powder. Both times the layers refused to rise. There was a weird slump in the center of each layer, as if each had a waist. It tasted fine but the texture was very unpleasant.

    • Melissa_427 on February 20, 2022

      Didn't have any problems with the rise on this cake, although it did take significantly longer to bake than directed (I think it ended up in the oven for an hour). There's a chocolate cake from scratch in Salt Fat Acid Heat that is truly a wonder and I think it will remain my go-to although I wasn't disappointed with this one!

  • Cranberry spice squares

    • stef on November 22, 2022

      This tasted like gingerbread. Instead of chopping I cut each Cranberry in half but didn't get that cranberry taste. Wanted more cranberries. Made 2/3 of the frosting and it was enough DH loved it.

  • Swedish fika cake

    • stef on February 27, 2023

      This is such a good cake. I used 1 teaspoon vanilla and I teaspoon almond extract in the batter. After 30 minutes the partially cooked topping is spread on the cake and cake continues to bake until topping is golden. I used a bread knife to cut the cake. This cake should be served at room temperature.

  • The everything cake

    • stef on February 02, 2023

      A lovely rich tasting cake. Fine crumb. I topped with chocolate ganache

    • GHolland on November 05, 2021

      Simple cake, I added rum and topped with apple. The cake was good the first day…not so great the next day. Took longer to cook then suggested.

  • Peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies, Paris-style

    • stef on February 14, 2023

      This is one exquisite cookie. Can be served for dessert. Loved the peanut parline and sprinkles that are spread on the cookies after they are baked. The several steps in making this cookie are worthwhile.

  • Mokonut’s rye-cranberry chocolate chunk cookies

    • stef on December 10, 2021

      A lovely cookie. Not to sweet. I used a #40 scoop and got 26 cookies. Baked for 10 minutes. After baking and a smack they were 3" wide.

    • bwhip on December 27, 2022

      I wanted to bake some cookies, but wanted something a little different than the usual. I decided to give these a try, and I'm sure glad I did! Great flavor, very interesting and not too sweet. The batch made 16 pretty good-sized cookies. Recipe called for refrigerating overnight, but I just did it for a few hours, and was very pleased with the results. We'll make these again.

    • Melissa_427 on April 13, 2022

      Such a tasty cookie with a unique set of flavors, devoured these with great ease!

  • Coffee-anise stars

    • stef on December 10, 2022

      The espresso coffee with a hint of anise comes thru in this cookie. I froze the rolled out dough overnight. The recipe for the icing works out well. Decorated them with festive colors for Christmas.

  • Parisian custard tart

    • stef on October 11, 2022

      The instructions for the custard filling are very well written. I made ruff pastry and it was easy to put in spring form. Custard browned in the last 15 minutes. Rested overnight and cut neatly. Custard is creamy and light.

  • Steph’s Bakewell tart

    • stef on January 11, 2022

      I made this in 2 stages. Tart shell 1 day and the rest on the second. I iced it. I had no whip cream or creme fraiche but can see how it would enhance the tart. Tart baked in 40 minutes. Next time I will make it with apricot jam.

  • Blue cheese bites

    • stef on October 08, 2022

      These are quick to make. I used blue cheese and 4 prunes. We had them with red wine but I think white wine would complement the salty taste. No predominate olive oil taste. I used a 1 teaspoon scoop and got 23. Gougeres are still ourfwvourite but in a pinch these are great.

  • Potato-Parm tart

    • stef on January 08, 2023

      Made the galette dough in the book. Filling is cream cheese, parm and either shallots or chives. 1 russet potato was sliced on mandolins very thin as for potato chips. Sprinkled with parm, flake salt and rosemary. Baked in 20 minutes. We had it for lunch but it would be a nice appetizer. We really liked it.

  • Asparagus-lemon quiche

    • stef on May 08, 2022

      R Used recommended recipe for crust. Will make and bake crust day ahead. The filling has a nice lemony taste and there was sweetness from the asparagus makes a lovely presentation .

    • pastaplease on November 03, 2022

      Good, but a bit bland. The crust and base filling are good though, so I'll experiment with this to see if I can punch up the flavor.

  • Father’s day blueberry-cherry pie

    • stef on June 28, 2022

      Another father is in love with this Pie. Lots of filling but it all fits into 9"pan. My baking time was 15 minutes at 475 and 35 minutes at 375

  • Whip-it-up-quick cornbread

    • stef on January 28, 2022

      Made with no additions. This was so buttery and moist and it's very quick to make. Nice with chilli

    • jimandtammyfaye on January 02, 2022

      Even with 2 TBS of sugar, this was more of a savory cornbread. Sweeter cornbread preferred. I did like the suggestion of mix-ins- bacon, scallions, corn.

  • Cheese puffers

    • stef on December 29, 2021

      These really are a cross between a muffin and a pop over. Crispy on the outside and creamy inside. They come together quickly. My scoop was too big because I got 8. They were big and puffy but came out easily. Reheated the next day we'll. Will repeat

  • Sour cream pie dough

    • stef on June 11, 2022

      Made 1/2 recipe. It baked up almost like puff pastry. Will use it again.

    • Melissa_427 on January 26, 2022

      I've used a different sour cream pastry dough for years and always loved it... but this one... this one is EVEN BETTER! Sour cream dough is always easy to work but not always easy to par-bake, until Dorie instructs you. Truly a favorite! I even made 5 batches without sugar to be used for savory hand pies!

  • French Riviera lemon tart

    • stef on April 23, 2022

      This was loved by my family. The surprise was the crust which kept in tact while slicing yet tasted like a nice crisp cookie. Served with whipped cream. Going on my favorite dessert list.

    • GHolland on January 02, 2022

      Very easy to make and tastes just like you would expect. Very lemony with a nice crust. Would go good with a few fresh strawberries on the side in the summer

  • Java mini mads

    • stef on September 25, 2022

      Quick to make but have to rest for at least 5hrs. Great with cappuccino. I got 20. Will definitely make again.

  • Apple pandowdy

    • stef on November 20, 2021

      Juices from the apples settled in nicely even though there is no thickener. I made the all butter pie crust but can see saving scraps for this recipe. We broke it up with a spoon. Served with whip cream.

  • Caramel-apple crisp

    • stef on October 17, 2022

      This elevates an apple crisp. Caramel sauce is mixed into the apples before topping is put on. I used very firm galas and the crisp had just the right amount of juices. Served with french vanilla ice cream. This will be my goto for apple crisp.

    • anya_sf on October 22, 2022

      Super delicious version of apple crisp. At first I was annoyed that there was extra caramel sauce, but then I topped my serving with vanilla ice cream and some of the extra sauce and was in heaven.

  • Glenorchy flapjacks

    • stef on April 04, 2022

      These are so tasty. Love the crystallized ginger in them. After cooling, I stuck them in the fridge for 15 minutes they were easy to cut. Will make again

    • Lepa on October 21, 2021

      These are nice little snacks with a wonderful bite of ginger. Next time I would wait a bit longer before cutting the squares (maybe another 10-15 minutes?) and I would use a sharp knife. I followed directions and used a dough scraper, as suggested in the recipe, and the flapjacks fall apart. I stuck them back together, waited a while and used a knife with better success.

  • Gouda gougères

    • stef on December 27, 2021

      These gouda gougeres came out great. Nice and crunchy on outside and hollow and creamy inside. Loved the cumin taste. We agreed white wine was best with them.

    • locopomtini on November 18, 2021

      This recipe is not complete. It does not include speed of the mixer or to mix the dough for several minutes to cool prior to adding the eggs.

    • locopomtini on November 18, 2021

      Medium low mixer speed until steam stops coming off dough and warm to the touch, before adding eggs one at a time.

  • Chocolate ganache

    • stef on October 29, 2021

      Made the chocolate ganache with orange flavor chocolate. 10 minutes in fridge was enough for right consistency to fill macarons

  • Classic chocolate chip cookies

    • Lepa on March 19, 2022

      These were delicious. 11 minutes yielded perfect cookies.

    • averythingcooks on April 24, 2022

      These are really good! I had chips to use but to achieve the effect of "slivers & dust & flyaway shards" from chopped chocolate that she describes, I also ran a knife through 1/2 a Hershey's milk chocolate bar. I am sure my cookie scoops were smaller based on 2 things : a higher yield of cookies and the fact that they were done between 8 and 8 1/2 minutes. This is a definite repeat and note - if you have other Dorie books, this same recipe appears in "Baking, From My Home to Yours" and "Dorie's Cookies".

    • pastaplease on November 03, 2022

      These are so good that I only dare make them when lots of people are coming over to eat them, otherwise ... well, you know how that goes. True competition for Toll House. I mix 9oz of Ghirardelli 72% with 3oz 60%, so not too sweet. Also, cook them for longer than stated (at least 13 minutes). They come out crisp throughout and very thin. I am at 5k feet altitude which may be why they spread so much, but I like them crisp, so extra cooking time is intentional. These freeze very well too (and taste good frozen or, if you can wait that long, defrost in a minute).

  • Brown-sugar oat squares

    • Lepa on March 01, 2022

      My twelve year old son made these as a treat for his brother. He bakes with me but isn't an experienced baker but he was able to make these on his own. We were so thrilled with how these turned out. They are not too sweet, easy to turn out and cut and have a nice texture. I definitely recommend these cookie/bars!

  • Caramel crunch-chocolate chunklet cookies

    • rrobb on May 16, 2022

      Delicious! It could maybe use a touch more salt or some flakes sprinkled on top.

    • averythingcooks on December 13, 2021

      I cut this recipe in half for 12 cookies and they really are very good. I chopped up a Hershey's milk chocolate bar (45 g) and I used toasted pecans. They are not overly sweet and really do have "caramelizey" edges as promised. This is my 1st attempt at a Dori "muffin tin" cookie recipe and I will certainly make these again.

    • bwhip on December 27, 2021

      These turned out great. Similar to the Allison Roman salted chocolate chip cookie recipe - but thicker with a nice mix of crunchy and chewy. The caramelized edges from baking in the muffin tin are excellent. Make sure you butter the tins well, and that they're non-stick, otherwise they don't come out so easily.

    • Kinhawaii on September 27, 2022

      I found the other notes very helpful- I used pecans (I didn’t toast them but were ok with them like that) & cooked half in my regular muffin tin & half in an older, nonstick, darker, shallower tin - & preferred the later- since they came out with crisper, crunchier edges. I think next time I would definitely add the salt flakes on top.

  • Oatmeal cookies with nuts and chocolate

    • averythingcooks on February 04, 2022

      These are certainly good but not my favourite oatmeal cookie. I used pecans in place of walnuts, skipped the optional dried fruit and used demerara sugar for the tops. I made a 1/2 recipe and 22 g balls of dough yielded 27 cookies. I will say that the dampened, sugared glass step did not really work for me - I got better results by flattening with my hand and then dipping the flattened cookie top in the sugar. Again - good but just not fantastic.

  • Park Avenue Brownies

    • bwhip on November 02, 2021

      These are lovely - “rich and slim” like Dorie said. I liked that they’re not too sweet, and nicely chewy. I sprinkled chopped walnuts over the top.

    • GHolland on November 05, 2021

      A small piece goes along way…very fudge like and rich. Sea salt flakes were good. I used 66% Caraibe dark Chocolate which may have been too dark. However, we still ate the whole thing.

  • Blueberry biscuits

    • anya_sf on August 09, 2022

      Very nice, not overly sweet or rich, good with butter. I shaped them 2 weeks ahead and froze them, then baked from frozen 2 extra minutes. They didn't rise super high (maybe due to freezing or because I got 11 biscuits rather than 10), but just high enough to split.

    • Kinhawaii on October 23, 2022

      I agree not too sweet nor rich, kind of reminded me of a scone. I got 10 after shaping a rough rectangle. Used buttermilk & sour cream because that’s what I had, frozen blueberries & pastry flour. I would make these again.

  • The daily bread: white bread edition

    • anya_sf on February 11, 2023

      Very nice sandwich bread. I used 100 g white whole wheat flour. A very tall loaf, so I might use a 9"x5" pan next time.

    • on September 08, 2022

      Easy to make in a stand mixer. Good recipe to use to learn to bake bread.

    • senzler on March 14, 2022

      One of my two go to sandwich breads. Love the texture for PBJ, grilled cheese ….

  • Whole wheat and flax edition [bread]

    • anya_sf on October 13, 2022

      I added 2 tsp whole grain bread improver for extra height. Very nice bread that slices quite neatly.

  • The original world peace cookies

    • anya_sf on February 11, 2023

      Hard to believe I'd never made these before. We loved them. Made some without salt, some with, and preferred them with salt. My cookies must have been a little large as I just got 10 from 1/2 recipe, but 12 min baking time was still good. Compared to WPC 2.0, my husband preferred these, while I preferred 2.0.

  • Pear-Comté tart

    • Kinhawaii on October 05, 2022

      We really enjoyed this with a salad for lunch. I used Gruyère cheese & liked the salty contrast of the cheese with the sweet, tiny Bartlett pears.

  • Lamingtons

    • damjih on January 27, 2022

      I have never tried a Lamington, all I know is the picture looked nice and so I made it, and it was a hit, as well as being super easy~

  • Rugelach with babka filling

    • on November 17, 2022

      The dough was a little crumbly after pulsing in the food processor and it was difficult to get it to come together, but once the dough was rolled, it was easier to work with. I wasted half of the dough from it sticking to the parchment and had to add quit a bit more flour. Next time I will pulse the dough into smaller curds rather than the large curds suggested in the recipe. After struggling with making the dough, it was surprisingly easy to fill, slice and glaze. I made three different Rugelach today and these are by far the favorite with my family. The cookie is crisp and flaky and the filling is warm-cinnamon with a slight hint of chocolate. Delicious!

  • Classic financiers

    • on October 07, 2022

      The financiers were so easy to mix together. It took longer to bring the eggs to room temperature than to make the batter! It was fun to make these tiny, tasty cakes and decorate them all differently. Although they are delicious with the chocolate glaze, I think they would be good with buttercream, too. Definitely worth making!

  • Cream cheese dough

    • on November 17, 2022

      The dough was difficult to gather into a ball as it was very crumbly. After it rested, I was able to roll out the dough between two sheet of parchment. It still required a lot of flour to keep it from sticking. The instructions state to pulse until the dough forms large curds. I think it would have made the dough easier to work with if I had pulsed it longer. Used the dough to make the Rugelach recipe on page 189. The cookies were very flaky and delicious.

  • Double-decker salted caramel cake

    • Melissa_427 on April 08, 2022

      Absolutely decadent! Additionally, a great personal reminder that I need to find or buy a new oven thermometer as the middle of my cakes take much longer to set than given times for baking so I embedded up with a bit of dryness around the edges and a soft, collapsing middle. Regardless the cake was delicious, the frosting was such a nice detour from traditional buttercream. And the hint of cinnamon in the cake was such a nice addition.

    • LauraMB on December 23, 2022

      I made this cake today for Christmas. It is not your oven, Melissa. It took 30 minutes longer than the time stated in the recipe for the cake to finish baking. I promptly checked my oven for accuracy using an accurate oven thermometer. My oven is properly calibrated. That being said, I think the cake will be wonderful.

    • LauraMB on December 30, 2022

      Update on my note of December 23, 2022: The cake is delicious. It was a hit.

  • Lemon, lime, orange and/or tangerine cake

    • Melissa_427 on April 13, 2022

      I need to invest in an oven thermometer... this took about twice as long as stated in the recipe, but was still delicious!

  • Milk scones

    • Melissa_427 on September 18, 2022

      Incredibly tender and delicious, even from frozen!

  • Doubel-pear picnic pie

    • Melissa_427 on December 02, 2022

      Substituted apples and dried apples for the pears. Was also able to stretch the dough over a half sheet rather than the quarter sheet. Loved this so much! Was even surprised by how much I enjoyed the orange marmalade with the apples as opposed to a significant amount of cinnamon.

  • All-butter pie dough

    • pastaplease on August 16, 2022

      Excellent. My go-to pie dough recipe used to be an also very good recipe from the Southern Heritage cookbook, but this one tops that for flakiness. Tasty too!

  • Clam chowder pie

    • Teriosityb on January 20, 2022

      Surprisingly delicious (although who would expect less from Dorie!). I didn’t know what to expect, but it was the perfect taste of clam chowder and texture of a classic pot pie. Best on day one, mine got a little dry when reheated.

  • Custardy kale and apple cake

    • outdoorgrrl on November 08, 2022

      This is absolutely outstanding - company worthy. I had leftover fontina in the fridge that worked perfectly in this. I think a bit of mustard powder might be a good addition next time.

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