Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple by Dorie Greenspan

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  • Lisbon chocolate cake

    • Jane on October 23, 2021

      I should have spent a bit more time tidying this up before serving (and taking the photo) as it is rather messy getting it out of the paper tin lining. But it tastes wonderful. A rich brownie cake base and a light chocolate mousse and an intense cocoa topping. I used Valrhona chocolate and cocoa - I think you probably need good quality here as it's all about the chocolate.

    • jmgunter on October 31, 2021

      This cake is so simple, elegant, and tasty. I used Endangered Species 72% chocolate for both the cake base and the ganache. And Ghriradelli unsweetened cocoa powder for the topping.

  • Banana breakfast squares

    • Julied on November 14, 2021

      Banana Breakfast Squares - delish! Just note that the 2 teaspoons of vanilla that is called for is omitted in the instructions. I added it after adding my eggs. Turned out great.

  • Miso-maple loaf

    • kuechenlatein on October 26, 2021

      The recipe can be found online

    • stef on October 23, 2021

      This loaf has a nice light crumb. As you're eating it the orange flavor and then the saltiness from the miso comes thru. I used an apricot glaze and felt it was needed to add some sweetness. It took 45 minutes to bake. Took it out when temperature read 200f

    • GHolland on November 05, 2021

      Nice loaf, made it in three mini pans. Not too sweet but apricot jam was a nice touch. Would be a good loaf to add to coffee tray.

  • Iced honey-apple scones with spelt

    • Zosia on November 09, 2021

      Cake-like rather than flaky but still tender and deliciously fruity. The gaze is a nice touch for the not-too-sweet scones.

    • fultre on October 30, 2021

      Simple recipe with lovely flavors, subtle citrus and apple, lightly sweet. I froze the majority for future guests, and didn’t ice the 2 that I cooked the day of, instead I used sparkling sugar. I think the icing will be a nice touch.

  • Mochaccino muffins

    • Zosia on November 02, 2021

      These were very coffee-forward so not for everyone but the coffee lovers did enjoy them. The texture wasn't dry but quite firm and the ground coffee was quite noticeable; they were best served warm.

  • English muffins

    • stef on November 08, 2021

      The English muffins are excellent. I refrigerated the dough overnight and it was easy to handle. I appreciate that Dorie tells you at what temperature the grill should be.

  • Apple pandowdy

    • stef on November 20, 2021

      Juices from the apples settled in nicely even though there is no thickener. I made the all butter pie crust but can see saving scraps for this recipe. We broke it up with a spoon. Served with whip cream.

  • Chocolate ganache

    • stef on October 29, 2021

      Made the chocolate ganache with orange flavor chocolate. 10 minutes in fridge was enough for right consistency to fill macarons

  • Glenorchy flapjacks

    • Lepa on October 21, 2021

      These are nice little snacks with a wonderful bite of ginger. Next time I would wait a bit longer before cutting the squares (maybe another 10-15 minutes?) and I would use a sharp knife. I followed directions and used a dough scraper, as suggested in the recipe, and the flapjacks fall apart. I stuck them back together, waited a while and used a knife with better success.

  • Pecan-cranberry loaf

    • Lepa on October 20, 2021

      This was okay but not particularly exciting. It lingered at our house. When I ate it with the suggested butter and marmalade it was better but I still don't anticipate making it again.

  • Breakfast-in-Rome lemon cake

    • bwhip on November 07, 2021

      This cake is delightful. Great flavor, and the texture is light and fluffy, really nice. I used blueberries, and the results were fantastic. No problems with sticking to the pan, as the author had warned about. This will be a regular in the rotation for us.

  • Chunky lemon cornmeal cake

    • bwhip on November 01, 2021

      Delicious and interesting cake. Sturdy texture, with lots of nice lemon flavor from the chunks of pulp and zest. I really enjoyed the crispy edges at the top of the loaf, nicely caramelized with a great crunch from the cornmeal. Wasn't sure what to expect from the addition of sumac, as I've never used it for baking before, but the overall flavor was really nice.

  • World peace cookie 2.0

    • bwhip on October 25, 2021

      I always enjoyed the original version, but now I think I like these even better! The originals were pure chocolate, and these amp up the flavor and texture profile with the addition of a bit of rye flour, a pinch of cayenne, cocoa nibs and freeze-dried raspberries. Wonderful!

  • Park Avenue Brownies

    • bwhip on November 02, 2021

      These are lovely - “rich and slim” like Dorie said. I liked that they’re not too sweet, and nicely chewy. I sprinkled chopped walnuts over the top.

    • GHolland on November 05, 2021

      A small piece goes along way…very fudge like and rich. Sea salt flakes were good. I used 66% Caraibe dark Chocolate which may have been too dark. However, we still ate the whole thing.

  • Cinnamon-raisin bread

    • fultre on November 01, 2021

      This is a great homey bread, reminds me of my childhood. Delicious flavor, lovely texture and perfect for toast. Will try soaking raisins in tea next time.

  • Coffee shortbread

    • mpo on October 29, 2021

      One word: YUM! I didn’t even make the optional glaze, doesn’t need it.

  • Gouda gougères

    • locopomtini on November 18, 2021

      This recipe is not complete. It does not include speed of the mixer or to mix the dough for several minutes to cool prior to adding the eggs.

    • locopomtini on November 18, 2021

      Medium low mixer speed until steam stops coming off dough and warm to the touch, before adding eggs one at a time.

  • The everything cake

    • GHolland on November 05, 2021

      Simple cake, I added rum and topped with apple. The cake was good the first day…not so great the next day. Took longer to cook then suggested.

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