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  • Chicken & cucumber salad with pul biber & tahini lime dressing

    • Jane on October 27, 2022

      This was a lovely lunch. Light and fresh. The tahini dressing really made the dish.

    • Astrid5555 on August 22, 2022

      Made with leftover roast chicken breast meat and substituted cashews for peanuts. Perfect dinner for one of those days when you just don‘t feel like cooking.

    • KarinaFrancis on September 20, 2022

      Fresh, crunchy and really tasty. I’m not a fan of shaved cucumber so I cut them into thin batons and threw in some celery for extra crunch (and to bulk it up a bit more). A great recipe to have in your back pocket, will repeat.

    • Lepa on November 15, 2022

      Refreshing, simple and delicious. I used roasted chicken I bought so this was almost no work at all. Great lunch!

    • Maefleur on October 15, 2022

      Really tasty salad. Cool, fresh and crunchy. I used left over roast chicken and served on top of mixed greens for a little added bulk. Also added a few pomegranate seeds as I had them, and for a pop of color.

  • Za’atar, paprika & garlic chicken

    • Jane on October 19, 2022

      This had a great effort to results ratio. So quick and easy with great flavor. I used bone-in, skin-on thighs and they were ready in 45 minutes. It is odd that no editor noticed the missing garlic (though I don't feel the chicken needed it). I served them with Broccoli with ginger, lime, garlic & tomato on p.141.

    • KarinaFrancis on September 21, 2022

      Totally agree with Lepa, super easy and delicious! I used boneless thighs because that’s what I had and I’d do it again. Note that the there’s no garlic in the recipe although it’s in the title. I didn’t realise till afterwards and I don’t feel it suffered without it. I served it with coconut chickpeas from the same book.

    • Lepa on August 23, 2022

      This was extremely easy and so delicious! It was done at 45 minutes. Highly recommend this one!

    • Lepa on October 20, 2022

      Note: On Instagram Sabrina shared that the omission of garlic in this recipe is an error that will be fixed in the next edition. She said to include one tablespoon of garlic granules to the spice mixture.

    • ellwell on October 12, 2022

      The flavors of this recipe are great —I used skin-on chicken breasts on the bone. Unfortunately, the store only had the gigantic breasts which always end up tasting horrid and tough, Next time I will try thighs or boneless/skinless cook for less time. I served it with the Polow from the book. Very good together.

    • Trulia on February 10, 2023

      + 1 Tbsp garlic granules. This was a winner and very easy to make. Even my 3yo picky eaters loved it. Definitely going to do this again.

  • Broccoli with ginger, lime, garlic & tomato

    • Jane on October 19, 2022

      This was a flavorful and quick side. My tomatoes threw off a lot of liquid so I cooked with the lid off. I agree with Lepa that the broccoli was too crisp in the time stated - I cooked it longer which also helped thicken the sauce.

    • Lepa on September 30, 2022

      The sauce is really tasty with the broccoli and tomatoes. I feel like the broccoli didn't get tender enough. Next time I might cook it a bit longer or parboil for a minute to soften it before starting the recipe as written.

  • Golden pepper, cheese & courgette kuku

    • Jane on October 22, 2022

      An enjoyable light lunch. A bit of time is spent fine dicing the vegetables, but a reasonably quick prep. Mine took 10 mins longer than suggested time to be set and never browned on top.

  • Pomegranate & harissa-roasted aubergine

    • Apollonia on November 12, 2022

      Very tasty and quick. I didn't peel the eggplants, partly because they didn't look peeled in the photo and partly because I was afraid they would fall apart, but I'd probably try that next time as the skin got a little tough. Otherwise an easy weeknight hit!

    • JemRob on January 04, 2023

      Pomegranate and harissa roasted aubergines Ingredients two large aubergine 3 tablespoons garlic oil 2 tablespoons rose harissa 2 tablespoons pomegranate molasses 2 tablespoons clear honey sea salt flakes pre heat oven 200 degrees C fan (Peel the aubergine - I didn't either) then cut them in half lengthwise. Using sharp knife score crisscross lines about 1 1/2 centimeters apart in the flat side of each half cutting no deeper than one centimeter into the flesh. Place the aubergine halves cut side up on a lined roasting tin, brush this cold surface is generously with garlic oil until you have used it all up and roast for 30 minutes. Mixed together The Rose harissa pomegranate molasses honey and a generous amount of salt in a small bowl. remove from the oven and spoon the harissa mixture evenly over the aubergine halves to coat generously then roast for another 10 minutes.

  • Spice-roasted celeriac with honey, orange & pul biber

    • Apollonia on February 01, 2023

      Made a half batch of this with a celery root that had been knocking around my fridge for too long, and we really enjoyed it. I worried I'd find it too sweet, which I often find with root vegetables, but it was nicely balanced and just different enough to stand out. Will make again.

  • Sesame & spice roasted salmon

    • Astrid5555 on January 16, 2023

      This results in a perfectly cooked, excellently spiced salmon bake. Got rave comments from the whole family, will use this recipe from now on as our go-to salmon one.

    • mharriman on December 30, 2022

      My husband and I thought this was good rather than great. The spices rubbed into the salmon flesh would have benefited from a thicker salmon cut such as a King rather than the one we used- sockeye. We’ll try that next time. This went well with the suggested Georgian Kidney bean salad.

    • Lepa on November 15, 2022

      I loved this salmon. It tasted delicious and because it was roasted it was luscious and perfectly cooked.

    • ellwell on January 28, 2023

      Perfectly cooked at 12 minutes for us. Spice prep was fine for a weeknight but no wow factor. Would only make again if i was in a hurry and didnt have another plan.

  • Etlí güveç

    • Astrid5555 on November 28, 2022

      Delicious, very low effort to outcome ration, perfect one pot meal when you don‘t feel like cooking.

  • Simple chicken parcels three ways: ras el hanout & lemon

    • sharifah on October 21, 2022

      Very easy recipe, and relatively quick too. I baked the chicken in the air fryer instead of the oven, works really well.

  • Broccolini with tahini garlic sauce & preserved lemon

    • sharifah on October 21, 2022

      Quick easy dish, very garlicky as it’s raw garlic. Quite a rich sauce but nicely balanced by the addition of the preserved lemons.

  • Bloody Mary spatchcocked chicken

    • KarinaFrancis on August 15, 2022

      A nice way with chicken. I thought that the marinade tasted just like a Bloody Mary, but it lost a bit of punch when it was cooked. I’ve got some marinade leftover, I’m going to try it with wings

    • Lepa on September 10, 2022

      This is delicious. It was a bit spicy for the kids but my husband and I were happy to eat their pieces!

  • Pomegranate chicken wings

    • KarinaFrancis on November 16, 2022

      There’s no bad way to do chicken wings and this is another one to add to the rotation. I cut the marinade down by about 1/3 and it was just the right amount

    • mharriman on March 08, 2023

      I enjoyed this dish more than my husband did. I thought the sauce was absolutely delicious and the aroma coming from the oven was heavenly while it was baking. Husband thought it was just okay. I used chicken legs instead of wings. I might make these again just for myself as a lunchtime treat.

    • Maefleur on October 17, 2022

      Sweet, tangy, spicy and delicious!

  • Lemon, cumin & harissa cabbage

    • KarinaFrancis on March 11, 2023

      Another awesome quick veggie dish from this book! Came together in 10mins and the flavours of the harissa, honey and lemon perked up what can be a humble vegetable.

  • Sautéed courgettes with mint

    • KarinaFrancis on October 17, 2022

      Came together in minutes, a really delicious side dish that would be as good cold or room temperature as it was warm.

  • Fennel, feta, orange & pistachio salad

    • KarinaFrancis on August 17, 2022

      A lovely fresh salad, probably something you would put together without a recipe, but it’s a nice reminder that fennel and orange are a classic

  • Lazy mantí

    • KarinaFrancis on October 28, 2022

      A great shortcut to all the deliciousness of manti. I used a beef tortellini and only warmed the yogurt a touch before pouring it over the pasta. A keeper

    • Futuregirl23 on December 13, 2022

      This is really good! Makes a pack of pre-made filled pasta feel like a treat, and so quick to make.

  • Spiced coconut chickpeas

    • KarinaFrancis on September 21, 2022

      Omg this was amazing! So much flavour from a humble can of chickpeas. I have almost all of the ingredients (except coriander) on hand all of the time so could make it any time. I wouldn’t let the lack of coriander hold me back from making it. Served it with the za’atar chicken from the same book.

  • Sticky tamarind, garlic & tomato green beans

    • KarinaFrancis on September 13, 2022

      Minimal ingredients, minimal effort and maximum flavour. The sauce is so good I was swooshing my chicken through the sauce and I might have considered licking the bowl (I resisted)

    • ellwell on October 12, 2022

      I thought this was just ok. I wouldn’t make it again.

    • Futuregirl23 on March 20, 2023

      This has to be one of the easiest but also tastiest recipes for a side dish. My husband doesn’t like green beans, but he loved these. Super tasty and sticky. I did these alongside the golden stir fry from the same book.

  • Sticky spiced harissa & lime roasted carrots with feta & barberries

    • KarinaFrancis on August 15, 2022

      A great salad that cooked alongside the Bloody Mary chicken. The lime gave the dish a nice tang and cutting them into ovals meant they cooked evenly. I had some pomegranate so I used those instead of barberries.

  • Sage butter, feta & black pepper pasta

    • KarinaFrancis on October 21, 2022

      Another winner from Sabrina! Very quick and easy, it came together in the time it took for the pasta to cook. My sage was small and 30 leaves practically disappeared but the flavour was there. A keeper

  • Sautéed corn with pul biber honey butter

    • KarinaFrancis on October 17, 2022

      So easy and so good! I made this with frozen corn that I thawed and dried on a tea towel, making it a pantry standby I can whip together in under 15 minutes. It’s a winner in my book.

  • Simple chicken parcels three ways: fennel & orange

    • mharriman on December 28, 2022

      Wonderful! I baked two breasts at 400 degrees for 22 minutes and rested them for five minutes as directed. Flavors we're lovely, and the chicken went well with the recommended garbanzo bean salad.

  • Georgian kidney bean salad

    • mharriman on December 30, 2022

      I was surprised how good this was for a salad with so few ingredients. Letting the salad sit in the dressing for 45 minutes really helped develop the flavors. I Served it with the sesame spice salmon recipe in the same cookbook.

    • Lepa on November 15, 2022

      This is pretty good. Adding the right amount of salt was key. Before I did that it seemed muddy and bland but then when I added enough salt it was good. We had this with the suggested sesame & spice salmon, which was a good pairing and one I wouldn't have thought of.

    • ellwell on January 28, 2023

      I thought this was much better than I expected. I only made it because of her recommended pairing, but was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this as a side for a lunch or barbeque spread. It would make a great potluck dish.

  • Bazaar spiced chickpea & feta salad

    • mharriman on December 28, 2022

      Delicious. Two of us loved this salad. It complemented the orange and fennel chicken breast recipe in the same cookbook but would make an excellent lunch salad By itself.

    • Futuregirl23 on March 13, 2023

      This is beautiful. I split the full recipe two ways and served as a main meal rather than a side.

  • Fragrant roasted haddock

    • Lepa on September 30, 2022

      I used halibut. This needs plenty of salt. It has a mild taste and is good. My fish did not char until I ran it under the broiler.

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 11, 2022

      Agree with previous poster that the taste mild. I used flake and it needed generous salting.

  • Cheat’s dhal

    • Lepa on January 10, 2023

      This is good and easy but not my favorite dhal. Still, pretty solid.

  • Tahini & chocolate marmar cake

    • Lepa on December 12, 2022

      I did not like this at all. It was bland and too sweet.

  • Fenugreek & pepper potatoes

    • Lepa on September 10, 2022

      These are delicious potatoes and the cooking method works well. Watch the pepper if you don't like spice (I do!)

  • Fragrant lime, rosemary, coconut & black bean rice

    • Lepa on August 23, 2022

      The flavor of this was good but the rice burned on the bottom and didn't cook quite right on the top. Next time I will just cook it in my rice cooker.

    • Futuregirl23 on January 07, 2023

      This is delicious. The recipe says to cook with lid on for 20 then off for 15 - after the initial 20 minutes mine was cooked! So it’s worth keeping an eye on it.

  • Za‘atar, leek, potato & Gruyère frittata

    • Lepa on November 30, 2022

      This is a wonderful frittata with great flavor and the instructions resulted in a perfect texture.

  • Lamb, barberry, pine nut & pul biber kofta

    • Maefleur on October 20, 2022

      I couldn’t find barberries so used dried unsweetened cranberries. Otherwise followed the recipe. Very flavorful, will make again.

    • Futuregirl23 on January 11, 2023

      These are soooooo good! I could have eaten about ten more - they’re a good size and we paired them with some salad and flatbread. I just could have eaten them all because they’re so lovely.

  • My ultimate tuna salad

    • JJ2018 on September 09, 2022

      Quick and simple Tuna salad with a slightly different flavour profile this made a nice sandwich filling

  • Butternut, cardamom & tahini soup

    • JJ2018 on September 09, 2022

      A nice simple butternut squash soup but the flavour profile isn’t quite my favourite and I don’t see this will get repeated

    • Jviney on January 20, 2023

      This was an earthy soup. I was surprised at its lack of sweetness and maybe it was my particular squash. I added probably a whole lemon’s worth of juice and four big pinches of salt. I might also try ground cardamom next time in place of the pod seeds; I struggled to get my seeds ground finely. Upshot: I’m not sure I loved it and I’ll probably try the other butternut squash soup in this book before revisiting this one with tweaks.

  • Baked halloumi with lemon, wild thyme & honey

    • dc151 on October 15, 2022

      I made this with orang zest instead of lemon, since I ran out. I actually liked the orange notes. Interesting flavors with a bit pungent, a bit sweet. The halloumi wasn't melted at all. I thought it would be a touch gooey. Not sure how it's supposed to end up.

  • Butternut, harissa & coconut soup

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 09, 2022

      This is tasty but I found the coconut milk a bit overwhelming. Next time I would cut the coconut milk amount in half.

  • Spicy nutty roasted cauliflower

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 09, 2022

      I was skeptical about toasting with coconut milk but it turned out great. The cauliflower was too soft for my preference so next time I would start checking at the 30min mark. The recipe doesn't tell you when to season and I had to adjust the marinade with a generous amount of salt.

    • Futuregirl23 on January 07, 2023

      I wasn’t particularly excited about making this, but had the ingredients in so decided to make it anyway. So glad I did! It’s delicious. Does need to be seasoned well.

  • Lamb chops with yogurt & fenugreek

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 09, 2022

      This is surprisingly good for such little effort involved. I scraped most of the marinade off before frying but the residue marinade burnt pretty easily. Not a big issue but you have to be careful with the heat.

  • Cheese, thyme & walnut flatbreads with honey

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 09, 2022

      I used corn tortillas by mistake and they took a bit longer to brown. The stilton melted early so for my second batch I added it at the end. Honey is a must and I would use it pretty generously.

    • Futuregirl23 on December 13, 2022

      Gorgeous - simple and tasty. I did it with blue cheese.

  • Spiced orzo polow

    • ellwell on October 12, 2022

      I thought this rice was fabulous. Served it with za’atar paprika chicken. I will make the rice again often!

  • Golden pork stir-fry

    • Futuregirl23 on March 20, 2023

      Beautiful. Served this with the tamarind green beans from the same book (also amazing), gem lettuce and a small portion of brown rice. Would definitely make again.

  • Lamb, date & chilli stew

    • Futuregirl23 on January 01, 2023

      This was beautiful - sweet and dark. I used Aleppo pepper flakes rather than regular crushed chillies as I don’t like too much heat, and it was perfect. Served with cous cous and salad with a few flatbreads for a New Year’s Eve party.

  • Ottoman puffs

    • Futuregirl23 on January 01, 2023

      These were a dream to make and turned out beautifully, they went down a storm at a New Year’s Eve party. So easy. Used dried cranberries as didn’t have any barberries. Unusual flavours and delicious cold the next day too. I think these will become a party food staple!

  • My flavour bomb beans on toast

    • Futuregirl23 on January 08, 2023

      This is absolutely beautiful!

  • Halloumi, bacon, date & apple salad

    • Futuregirl23 on January 12, 2023

      These are so good. I could have eaten double! Didn’t change the recipe at all, the salad dressing was really unusual (in a good way) and the apple cut through it all. Lovely.

  • Super-quick smoky tomato couscous

    • Futuregirl23 on January 12, 2023

      This was so quick and easy, and a gorgeous flavour. Mine was a touch wetter than I’d like so I will very slightly decrease the water next time, but the flavour was perfect.

  • Peanut butter & banana soft-serve

    • Futuregirl23 on November 09, 2022

      Super easy and absolutely delicious. Could add pretty much anything to it to change the flavours up. Well worth freezing a couple of ageing bananas to be able to whip this up at will!

  • Chewy pistachio bites

    • Trulia on February 05, 2023

      These are absolutely amazing! I made them 3 times already and reduced the sugar a bit more every time. I find them just as delicious even with half the sugar quantity mentioned in the recipe.

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