The New Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas

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  • Ginger-sesame dressing

    • MMarlean on August 18, 2011

      8-18-11 simplified recipe... skipped the two juices. Left out scallions. Added bit of fish sauce. Used light olive oil instead of sesame oil. It was very good!

  • Jalapeno and cheese cornbread

    • FredHassan on September 12, 2010

      I make this in my cast iron skillet. It's very flavorful

  • Summer tomato sauce

    • FredHassan on September 12, 2010

      This is my basic tomato sauce recipe. Made it today (9/12/10), pureed, and basically ate it like soup.

  • Greens and garlic soup

    • Emily Hope on December 03, 2010

      This is a good soup for a cold night. Warming and flavorful. I usually streamline and just saute the onions in the same pot that I'll be cooking the potatoes in, and add the potatoes and stock when the onions are cooked.

  • Broccoli soup

    • eliza on January 02, 2014

      Really excellent soup. Can be streamlined and freezes really well.

  • Cream of carrot soup

    • eliza on October 27, 2019

      This soup was fantastic! I had a great harvest of carrots this year so I decided to make this, and it was so good and so simple to make. I made the following slight changes to the recipe; I used slightly more leek and a bit less onion than stated, and used my own light chicken stock in place of the veg broth and most of the water. After puréeing the soup, I added about half the milk and cream as it didn't seem to need that much. Could probably omit most or all of the dairy for a vegan soup if desired. Good sweet carrots are obviously a must for this. Will definitely repeat.

  • Red pepper pesto

    • eliza on January 27, 2016

      If you like the strong flavours of olives, sundried tomato and roasted red pepper, this is a great pesto. Pretty easy to make if you use jarred peppers. Went well with seedy homemade crackers.

  • Wild mushroom and charred tomato soup

    • eliza on February 04, 2016

      Another great soup from Anna Thomas. As usual, it's a labour intensive recipe, this one has you caramelizing onions for an hour, peeling tomatoes then roasting them, soaking mushrooms, and sautéing veggies seperately! I split the work up and eliminated steps in order to make this; it was a really good soup. As usual mine is not vegetarian since I used light homemade chicken stock.

  • Buckwheat crepes with onions, apples, and cheese

    • eliza on February 14, 2016

      A very nice combination of sweet caramelized onions, green apple, and cheddar cheese. I used the buckwheat crepes from David Lebovitz's book, and omitted the calvados since I had none. Would be nice as a vegetarian brunch dish.

  • Winter vegetable stew

    • eliza on October 23, 2016

      I really love this vegetable stew. It's another great way to use garden veggies late in the season. I use a light chicken stock and I usually substitute some green beans for the kale. The amounts given can be adjusted according to what you have; I often add a few more tomatoes. The white wine adds a lot to this recipe and I always include it.

  • Roasted autumn vegetables

    • eliza on February 05, 2019

      Page 149. Very good. I used thyme and parsley from the garden for the herbs. Cooked 400 F for 30 minutes convection which turned out to be long enough.

  • Tomatillo and squash soup

    • eliza on January 26, 2016

      I liked this soup a lot. Made as written except I used a light chicken stock for the liquid. A good use for squash and tomatillos from the garden. It's important to use a full flavoured squash in this recipe; sometimes grocery store squash are just too watery.

  • Couscous with Moroccan spices

    • eliza on January 26, 2016

      One of my favourite vegetarian lunches; very easy to make too. I add a bit of hot sauce and cooked chickpeas to it, and sometimes add sautéed onion and greens to it too. Usually use light chicken stock if guests are non a better depth of flavour I think. Fine with veg stock too though.

  • Corn crepes with goat cheese stuffing in mole poblano

    • eliza on February 05, 2019

      I just made the crepes and they worked well.

  • Stewed garbanzo beans and potatoes in Indian spices

    • eliza on February 05, 2019

      Very easy to make although a little time consuming. I use Yukon gold potatoes instead of russet. A nice vegetarian meal.

  • Guillermina's lentil soup

    • Nancith on January 10, 2019

      A tasty, satisfying lentil soup chock full of veggies, excellent for a cold winter's evening. The lemon flavor brightens up the earthiness of the lentils; I roughly halved the recipe but still used the juice of a whole lemon. Made a few changes: had no green onions or tomatoes, & subbed onions for leeks & spinach for chard (as suggested). Also just used ground cumin rather than doing the toasting & grinding of seeds (attribute that to laziness).

  • Butternut squash and pear soup

    • janecook on July 10, 2021

      Christmas - wonderful soup, easy, make ahead

  • Risotto di zucca

    • Agavegal on April 26, 2021

      This is fantastic, the best risotto I have ever eaten.

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