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Notes about this book

  • yassoma on August 20, 2016

    I picked up this book from a small shop in a Casino in Sydney while on my honeymoon (how random, right?)- I feel like absolutely every single recipe here is tempting to make, and since it's a "vintage" edition of some sort, none of the cakes have hard-to-find ingredients. Most depend on pantry items with the odd fruit here and there, and dairy.

  • Neodymia on August 29, 2014

    Best cake book ever. Has just been reprinted (August 2014).

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Banana pineapple cake

    • debkellie on July 07, 2015

      This has always been my "go to" recipe for using up ripe bananas: always delicious, moist and really easy. Quite agree with Karina on this one!

    • KarinaFrancis on October 29, 2013

      This was the first cake recipe I ever made, chosen specifically because it was one of the few that didnt start with "cream butter and sugar" as I didnt have a beater at the time. It is moist, it is delicious, it is simple and I've made it dozens of times. Its great uniced as a simple cake with tea or if you want to glam it up passionfruit cream cheese icing makes it special.

  • Moist orange cake

    • aargle on June 07, 2016

      I have been making this cake for about 20 years but had forgotten about it until last week. This cake has never failed me and is suitable for doubling and cooking in a 23cm square cake tin. It's a really lovely cake that travels well. My boys loved it as a birthday cake

  • No-bowl choc-bit slice

    • aargle on October 20, 2019

      This is a family favourite - the easiest slice you will ever make. I use Scotch Finger biscuits and macadamia nuts.

  • Chocolate caramel slice

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p112. Of the dishes my mum cooks, this is definitely one of my favourites, always a crowd pleaser. Stir the caramel for about 25 minutes, pay close attention to bottom of saucepan to prevent burning.

  • Apple cake

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p97. This is a lovely moist cake that looks quite fancy - the apple slices make a lovely pattern as the cake rises. Another one of mum's favourites, although I think she skips the gelatine on the glaze.

  • Chocolate fudge cake

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p32. This is nice served warm and cut into small squares for either afternoon tea or dessert.

  • Rich chocolate cake

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p33. My favourite basic chocolate cake. However, I'm not a fan of the associated icing recipe (proportions seem wrong and create an odd texture) - make an alternate with icing sugar, butter, cocoa powder and hot water instead.

  • Moist coconut cake with coconut ice frosting

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p47. Yum - love the pink coconut icing.

  • Moist apricot rolls

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p53. A childhood favourite, After a day or two it tastes great with butter.

  • Date and walnut rolls

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p53. A childhood favourite although this always used to taste quite grown up to me.

  • Cinnamon teacake

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p78. I love this cake - nothing overly glamorous although it is perfect with a cup of tea. The crunchy cinnamon sugar on top is fantastic.

  • Custard teacake

    • Melanie on July 12, 2014

      p79. Mum says she has made this cake and it is very good. I'm not sure if I can recall it, however the custard filling looks delicious.

    • Foodycat on May 06, 2021

      It's good - although most recently when I made it my oven was a bit hot and it got a bit crunchy at the edges. Sometimes I make it as written, sometimes I make the custard with half lemon juice and put the grated zest in the creamed cake mixture.

  • Caramel coconut slice

    • cookktanner on October 25, 2014

      Easy to make and a crowd pleaser but too sweet for me.

  • Choc-topped crunchy slice

    • KarinaFrancis on January 30, 2014

      This slice is quick to make and very popular, dubbed Mars Bar Slice I get endless requests to make this. Note mars bars are no longer 65g, I usually use a bag of Mini ones. When melting the ingredients don't lose faith, it comes together eventually. Also don't cut it cold from the fridge or it tends to shatter. I shared this recipe with a uni student and apparently you can make it in the microwave.

    • Foodycat on April 29, 2022

      It's a classic. Super easy to make and always popular.

  • Chocolate brownies with sour cream frosting

    • KarinaFrancis on October 29, 2013

      This is my go-to brownie. Over the years I've tried others but always come back to this one.

  • Orange date cake with orange frosting

    • yassoma on August 20, 2016

      I made this cake without the frosting and it was absolutely perfect in its simplicity, it fed me every single day for an entire week, for breakfast. With a cup of tea. Mmm! I cannot wait to make more cakes from this book.

  • Luscious lemon coconut meringue slice

    • Foodycat on May 05, 2018

      So good, so easy. I've made this many times over the years, most recently with a bergamot instead of lemon.

  • Carrot almond cake

    • Foodycat on July 24, 2014

      Makes a Swiss-style carrot cake - very moist, not really the sort of thing you put cream cheese frosting on. Is also very good made with half carrot and half grated beetroot, although you lose most of the beetroot colour.

  • Apricot and almond shortcake

    • Foodycat on September 27, 2018

      Very easy - you just have to factor in half an hour chilling. I make it in the food processor. The apricot is lovely, but works with any slightly tart jam - I've used marmalade and sour cherry successfully.

  • Cherry ginger cake

    • Foodycat on December 07, 2020

      I made a half quantity (using all sultanas instead of sultanas and raisins) and baked it in a loaf tin for 50 minutes. Most of the fruit sank to the bottom but the flavour is very good.

  • Lamington bars

    • Foodycat on January 25, 2020

      Didn't work for me at all - hardly rose and was too thin to split and fill, then the icing was too thick to spread on the cake properly.

  • Brandied sultana cake

    • Foodycat on June 12, 2021

      I made a half quantity (using 2 extra large eggs) and baked it in a loaf tin for an hour. Really good cake.

  • Mississippi mud cake

    • Foodycat on July 09, 2015

      This was my go-to mud cake recipe for years, then one day it stopped working for me. As far as I could tell I hadn't changed anything, but once it came out dry and dust, once almost a paste, so I stopped making it. I should probably try it again in a half quantity to see how it goes.

  • Lemon and apricot cake

    • Neodymia on August 29, 2014

      Can use dried apricots instead of glacé, then it's not too sweet.

  • Lemon sour cream cake

    • lou_weez on August 16, 2018

      An oldie but a goodie. I like to add a lemon cream cheese frosting to make this cake even more luscious.

  • Iced apricot orange bars

    • fairyduff on May 01, 2020

      Page 118 Not in the index under 'Iced' or 'apricot' or 'orange' Found it under 'slices'!

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  • ISBN 10 0949128465
  • ISBN 13 9780949128461
  • Published Jan 01 1991
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 128
  • Language English
  • Edition New edition
  • Countries Australia
  • Publisher ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Imprint ACP Publishing Pty Ltd

Publishers Text

Cake making is an enviable art but this work makes it easy with an array of cakes and slices, some rich and scrumptious, some purely indulgent, others using nuts, fruit, yogurt and vegetables.

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