Kitchen: Favourite Recipes and Advice from the AWW Test Kitchen by Australian Women's Weekly

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  • Caramelised chicken cutlets
    • Categories: Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken thigh fillets; red onions; dark soy sauce; fish sauce; coriander leaves
    • Accompaniments: Citrus vermicelli salad
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: rice vermicelli noodles; oranges; mint; Lebanese cucumbers; lemons; orange marmalade
    • Accompaniments: Caramelised chicken cutlets
    • Categories: Sauces for meat; Main course
    • Ingredients: veal steaks; shallots; dry white wine; cream; wholegrain mustard; tarragon
    • Categories: Spice / herb blends & rubs; Main course; Moroccan
    • Ingredients: ground cumin; ground coriander; smoked paprika; turmeric; ground cayenne pepper; lemons; chicken thigh fillets; red capsicums; couscous; dry-roasted pistachio nuts; coriander leaves
    • Categories: Sauces for meat; Main course
    • Ingredients: beef Scotch fillets; celery; brown onions; dry white wine; cream; mixed peppercorns; thyme
    • Accompaniments: Oven-baked wedges
  • show
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken breasts; black peppercorns; new potatoes; baby carrots; chicken stock; frozen broad beans; crème fraîche; tarragon
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Quick / easy; Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken breasts; black peppercorns; new potatoes; baby carrots; chicken stock; frozen broad beans; crème fraîche; tarragon; puff pastry
    • Categories: Sauces for fish; Dips, spreads & salsas; Main course; Canapés / hors d'oeuvre
    • Ingredients: green onions; celery; crab meat; egg whites; dill; Worcestershire sauce; breadcrumbs; light soy sauce; honey
    • Categories: Salads; Quick / easy; Main course; Picnics & outdoors
    • Ingredients: green beans; yellow beans; tomatoes; wholegrain mustard; tarragon; chervil; green peppercorns; chicken breasts; lemons; breadcrumbs; polenta
    • Categories: Sauces for poultry; Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken breasts; green onions; dry white wine; cream; horseradish; lemons; dill; garlic; spinach
    • Categories: Salads; Main course
    • Ingredients: roasted unsalted cashew nuts; parsley; breadcrumbs; chicken breasts; rocket; yellow grape tomatoes; red capsicums; wholegrain mustard
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Main course; Suppers; Lunch; Breakfast / brunch; Mexican; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red onions; tomatoes; balsamic vinegar; red capsicums; eggs; corn tortillas
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Lunch; Main course; Suppers; Spanish
    • Ingredients: potatoes; brown onions; chorizo sausages; cream; eggs; green onions; mozzarella cheese; cheddar cheese
    • Categories: Rice dishes; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Spanish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: vegetable stock; red onions; tomatoes; red capsicums; turmeric; sweet smoked paprika; Arborio rice; frozen peas; frozen green beans; black olives; parsley
    • Categories: Side dish; Swiss; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: potatoes; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: chorizo sausages; eggs; cream; chives
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: butternut pumpkins; red onions; eggs; chives; ricotta cheese; Parmesan cheese
    • Categories: Rice dishes; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Spanish
    • Ingredients: clams; green prawns; mussels; chicken stock; saffron; chicken thigh fillets; chorizo sausages; red onions; red capsicums; garlic; sweet smoked paprika; tomatoes; Calasparra paella rice; frozen peas; parsley
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Main course
    • Ingredients: oranges; pork cutlets; baby spinach; pecans; snow peas
    • Categories: Main course
    • Ingredients: dry white wine; cinnamon sticks; whole cloves; brandy; peaches; plums; nectarines; apricots; pork fillets; long red chillies; long green chillies
    • Categories: Rice dishes; Main course; Japanese
    • Ingredients: dried shiitake mushrooms; dashi powder; peanut oil; brown onions; fresh ginger; Koshihikari rice; Japanese soy sauce; mirin; chicken breasts; eggs; green onions
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Salads; Spice / herb blends & rubs; Main course
    • Ingredients: mixed peppercorns; pepitas; beef Scotch fillets; redcurrant jelly; canned white beans; cherry tomatoes; basil; radicchio; roasted pepitas
    • Categories: Main course
    • Ingredients: bacon; brown onions; beef sausages; potatoes; milk; frozen peas
    • Categories: Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: veal steaks; prosciutto; sage; pecorino cheese; dry white wine
    • Accompaniments: Risotto Milanese

Notes about this book

  • Cati on May 07, 2013

    Divided into chapters based on the kitchen utensils used, e.g frypan,grill, steamer etc.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Beef sausage and lentil salad

    • james_lewisham on March 31, 2014

      A good recipe, tasty but healthy. Suggest using a little less vinegar, however.

  • Upside-down toffee date and banana cake

    • debkellie on October 03, 2016

      IMHO this isn't really a cake! It's more a baked/steamed dessert ..akin to a sticky date, but with the Punch of rum. My toffee set crack hard, and so didn't really work as a "clean" topping. asty, but not a cake. Improved taste & texture on Day 2 ;-)

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  • ISBN 10 1863967095
  • ISBN 13 9781863967099
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  • Published Oct 01 2007
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 688
  • Language English
  • Countries Australia
  • Publisher ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
  • Imprint ACP Publishing Pty Ltd

Publishers Text

Following in the footsteps of the bestselling title, "Cook", ACP Books' new 2007 title "Kitchen" is bound to be another blockbuster. Like "Cook", it is packed with wonderful, achievable recipes, but the chapters in this book are arranged by cooking equipment, rather than method. Chapters include the frying pan, the saucepan, the casserole dish and the pudding basin. Every chapter contains a special feature on cooking techniques (such as how to prepare seafood) or equipment (such as ten knives and what they are used for). This book is perfect for home cooks who want to learn how to make the most of their kitchen, or for those who want to take their home cooking to the next level.

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