Fresh From The Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes For Healthy And Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are by Robin Robertson

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  • Kiyah on June 28, 2013

    The black bean chili is a great recipe, simple yet the flavors really sing. The key is frying the spices with the aromatics. It's even better after it sits a day. And if you're not a vegetarian, you can throw in some extra protein.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Arroz non pollo

    • radishseed on March 05, 2022

    • oboistaalli on August 27, 2020

      This is delicious. I made it with brown rice and added about 1/2 tsp. smoked paprika and served with lime wedges, 1 minced jalapeño, and tortilla chips.

  • Indian cauliflower and kidney bean stew with coconut milk

    • ccav on September 20, 2015

      This was very easy and very good. I didn't have a jalepeno on hand so left it out. Also, I subbed adzuki beans for red kidney because it's what I had. Would definitely make again.

  • Three orange-flavored beets

    • oboistaalli on August 27, 2020

      I'm not a huge fan of beets like my husband is, but even I really like these beets. Golden beets are especially delicious in this recipe.

  • Vegetarian paella

    • oboistaalli on August 27, 2020

      I make this every summer. The oyster mushrooms and artichoke hearts make for a great texture along with the beans. I've made it with red kidney beans and garbanzo beans. I always substitute an Anaheim pepper for the green bell pepper because I prefer the flavor.

    • Hannaha100 on February 15, 2021

      This was broadly a success. I left out artichokes and saffron (didn't have any) and swapped oyster for chestnut mushrooms. Used long grain rice (200g) and 5 sausages. M1 didn't like onions or green peppers, M2 didn't like the beans/peas but there was enough here to keep everyone satisfied (the sausages are a good incentive for suspicious kiddos). Fairly easy to swap some of it around for next time. Because I didn't have quite enough time, it was more of a stew than paella. Next time I think I'd up the rice to 300g. You need to add the rice in for the last hour so not one when you are in a big rush. We would have this again.

  • Wine-braised seitan braciole

    • jh4 on April 06, 2012

      Great in concept, but I found that the wine completely overpowered all other flavors.

  • Maple baked beans

    • emiliang on January 13, 2021

      If using canned beans, the dish comes together on the stove in less than 30 minutes.

  • Orange and bourbon baked beans

    • Nancith on July 05, 2019

      These were disappointing. The orange flavor (from frozen concentrate) was too intense & not balanced out well by the other flavors, plus the sauce was rather thin. Since I have leftovers (nobody else was very impressed by them either), may try adding maple syrup, or more molasses & cook them in the oven to thicken them up.

  • Vegetable lasagna

    • Nancith on June 07, 2016

      Great flavor! Fairly easy to prepare. I used ricotta rather than tofu to appease family members. This would work best in an oval slow cooker; mine is more narrow at bottom than top, which made it more challenging to nicely layer the ingredients.

    • foodtrekker on September 08, 2021

      4 stars. Use mexican grey squash instead of zucchini. zucchini is too watery.

  • Homestyle applesauce

    • Nancith on February 20, 2014

      Nice flavor but too much excess liquid at the end.

    • foodtrekker on September 08, 2021

      4.5 stars!

  • Kamut with root vegetables and cranberries

    • dinnermints on February 13, 2014

      This was terrible. Had a lot of leftover broth, and grains and veggies were overcooked. Maybe that's just the nature of crockpot cooking, which I don't do very often. I don't think I'd try slow-cooking whole grains again.

  • Slow pho

    • Wlow on July 30, 2022

      Good but not great after 5 hours of 6 recommended. Used mellow white miso in place of barley miso, mild homemade broth as base, tofu instead of seitan. Serves 3-4. Inspiration to keep playing around with pho broths in the slow cooker.

  • Spicy black bean chili

    • Hannaha100 on January 03, 2017

      This one was super quick to prepare but just OK, probably because I toned the chilli down for baby's benefit.

  • Moroccan-inspired vegetable and chickpea stew

    • Hannaha100 on January 03, 2017

      This one was great and enjoyed by all, even baby! Don't miss out olives, the salty-sweet contrast was great. Prep was a bit more involved than some but worth it.

  • Hot spiced cider

    • Hannaha100 on December 27, 2016

      Made a nice change from mulled wine. Very popular at Christmas! Great for parties, next time double the amount. Don't forget need cheesecloth/bag for spices. Made do with a (clean) baby muslin!

  • Alcohol-free wassail punch

    • Hannaha100 on December 15, 2016

      Tried this tonight and it was lovely. Wish I'd made this last year when I was pregnant over Christmas and sad to be missing out on mulled wine. I didn't have allspice berries so just used cloves and cinnamon. No idea where I'd get a can of orange concentrate but 170ml orange juice worked just fine. Will be making this again for Christmas morning! 1.5 quarts apple juice = 1500ml

  • Bell peppers stuffed with coconut rice and mangoes

    • Moo7 on May 22, 2023

      Our all time favorite stuffed pepper recipe

  • Slow-cooked ziti casserole

  • Vegetarian hoppin' John

  • Sloppy lentils

    • foodtrekker on March 10, 2022

      I used green lentils (Low Oxalate).

  • Yuba-wrapped vegetarian haggis

    • foodtrekker on September 08, 2021

      good reviews, try it. real haggis is awful!

  • Tempeh and shallot confit

    • foodtrekker on September 08, 2021

      I have made this a hundred times. It is wonderful! If decreasing the oil, also decrease the sugar to balance the flavors.

  • Tempeh étouffée

  • Greek big beans

  • Slow and easy white bean cassoulet

    • foodtrekker on September 08, 2021

      used lima beans, love it!

  • What a dal

  • Moroccan-style lentil and chickpea soup

    • KCKB on January 15, 2022

      This kind of soup is called “Harira” in Morocco, and if you want to kick it up a notch, add some sumac! A bay leaf is nice, as well.

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  • ISBN 13 9781558322561
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  • Published Jan 01 2004
  • Format Paperback
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Harvard Common Press
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For the millions of home cooks who swear by the ease and convenience of the slow cooker, this book provides a new array of healthy, delicious recipes. And for the millions of vegetarians looking for simple, hearty fare, this book introduces them to the magic of slow cooking. Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker proves that slow cookers can be used for much more than just tough, inexpensive cuts of meat. They are perfect for vegetarian and healthy cooking because slow cooking is a foolproof way to make beans, grains, and root vegetables, in preparations such as Spicy White Bean and Sweet potato Stew with Collards, Balsamic-Glazed Carrots and Parsnips, and Boston Brown Bread. Stuffed vegetables such as Bell Peppers Stuffed with Couscous and Lentils, are moist and tender, with none of the oven's dryness. Even desserts, such as chocolate Fantasy Fondue and Brandy-Laced Pear Brown Betty, are sensational.

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