The New York Times Cookbook (1961) by Craig Claiborne

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Notes about this book

  • chawkins on June 13, 2013

    Notable recipes in addition to featherbooks' list below: arroz con pollo, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue pie.

  • featherbooks on April 18, 2013

    Notable Recipes per 101 Classic Cookbooks (2012): Basic Tomato Sauce, p.526, Beef Stroganoff, p. 547, Chicken a la Kiev, p. 509, Chili con Carne, p. 393, Flank Steak with Herb Stuffing, p. 542, Herbed Pork Chops, p. 530, Key West Port Chops, p.530, Pork Chops with Basil, p. 530, Pork Chops with Paprika, p. 530.

  • robm on January 13, 2012

    There is a subsequent edition of this book (from the 90s, as I recall) that's also indexed on EYB. Although it has the identical title it is extensively revised and some 40% of the recipes in this edition apparently were pitched and replaced in the newer edition. So you may want to have BOTH books if you're a Craig Claiborne fan!

  • MVitek on June 03, 2011

    Hungarian Cream Cake, Mushroom Turnovers, Cream of Carrot Soup

  • judyg on March 05, 2011

    My copy may not be this one, but it is from 1961

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Mushroom turnovers

    • holleya on April 22, 2012

      Add 1/2 tsp salt to dough. Reduce salt in filling to 1/2 tsp.

    • bgbmus on December 22, 2015

      Sadly, I could eat these by the dozen. The cream cheese pastry is light, so flaky! The gentle thyme fragrance. I like them small, but I still bite them in half, I never "pop" them.

  • Pork satay

    • mcvl on February 15, 2021

      Oops! I forgot that some scrapings of fresh ginger are an excellent addition, so I'm adding this note and I've written "ginger" in the cookbook. With or without, this is one of my all-time favorite dishes.

  • Catalan bouillabaisse

    • mcvl on September 16, 2014

      I've been making this recipe every few years since 1962, and it remains a reliable dish to serve to perfect strangers, people about whose likes and dislikes you know nothing. And I like it. I didn't have any Chablis on hand this time, and I missed it.

  • Shrimp Tolliver

    • mcvl on February 26, 2015

      What a delightful old-fashioned recipe! Craig is so reliable, even at this distance of years.

  • Baking powder biscuits

    • Bloominanglophile on September 14, 2013

      My notes say, "Good rising". I don't use shortening anymore, so obviously replaced the same amount with butter.

  • Onion squares

    • Bloominanglophile on September 15, 2013

      As I was entering my comments for the Baking Powder Biscuits from this book, my eyes fell on the recipe for Onion Squares. It sounded so delicious that I immediately went to the kitchen to make it. This is a nice quick bread recipe that would compliment soups, salads, or a German meal (I would substitute the parsley with the caraway seeds). The base is basically a biscuit dough, which is topped with sautéed onions, then sour cream or cheese. I used light sour cream--am wondering if full fat sour cream might melt a little better?!? Anyway, this bakes up nice and light and is luscious with the onions. I have entered it into my favorites file!

  • Banana tea bread

    • Bloominanglophile on September 14, 2013

      This banana bread is just fine, but James Beard's recipe has become our house favorite.

    • Frogcake on March 16, 2017

      Compared to other banana bread recipes I've tried (e.g., Flour), this one is really boring. I used two large bananas and added about a quarter cup of chopped pecans. The banana taste is not very bright and the bread was quite dry. I will stick to my other banana bread recipes and won't be making this one again.

  • Pork chops with basil

    • chawkins on July 21, 2020

      The pork chops were very tender after being cooked low and slow for an hour and a half.

  • Herbed pork chops

    • chawkins on August 28, 2013

      Great weeknight entree. Total cooking time was about an hour but hands-on time was less than 10 minutes. You rubbed the herbs on the chops, simmered them for 45 minutes until all the liquid evaporated, browned the chops a bit, add the wine, reduced and they were done. The chops had great flavor and were fork tender.

  • Old-fashioned rice pudding

  • Italian tossed salad

    • cazimber on December 09, 2020

      I have made this many, many times over the last decades and enjoy it. Skip the capers if not on hand, or the boiled eggs - I frequently make it without those. It is kind of a "mock Caesar" in my mind. Just made one for lunch today!

  • Oeufs au beurre noir

    • blozoff on December 25, 2015

      delicious and super easy

  • German potato salad with sour cream

    • lawrencecharcuterie on November 06, 2021

      Served alongside red cabbage and apples and a fresh herb sausage that Dale made. Very good. Replaced the paprika topping with some diced chives.

  • Buttermilk pancakes

    • GiselleMarie on January 05, 2020

      This is only okay. Despite the addition of baking soda, the pancakes didn’t rise and were rather hard. I won’t use this recipe again.

  • Stuffed eggplant

    • GiselleMarie on January 14, 2020

      A great version of stuffed eggplant! One of the few I’ve found that doesn’t call for tomatoes.

  • Spinach salad

    • GiselleMarie on May 31, 2017

      This is a good basic recipe that I chose over other recipes for spinach salad because I was in a hurry to put dinner on the table. It's easier than some recipes because it does not call for bacon. I sprinkled the spinach with 1/2 teaspoon salt and I added 5-6 white mushrooms, thinly sliced.

  • Quiche Lorraine

    • dkazmercyk on March 20, 2017

      This is my go-to recipe for any kind of quiche. It always comes out wonderful no matter how I switch around the filling variations from broccoli to asparagus. I've varied the cheeses also with great results.

  • Harvard beets

    • mjes on December 03, 2019

      What's a Thanksgiving without Harvard beets? This is the simple approach my Mother took so naturally it's perfect. This recipe is from my era - Mother's recipe was 30 years earlier but pretty much identical.

  • Oyster stew

  • Cod Provençal

  • Sour cream pumpkin pie

    • Christinalego on November 27, 2020

      11/2020 beautiful and delicious

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  • ISBN 10 0060107901
  • ISBN 13 9780060107901
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  • Published Oct 01 1961
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 797
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint HarperCollins Publishers

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