Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes by Giada De Laurentiis

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  • Grilled tuna steaks
    • Categories: Grills & BBQ; Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: ahi tuna; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Accompaniments: Basil pesto
  • Seared rib-eye steak with arugula-roasted pepper salad
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Salads; Main course; Side dish; Italian
    • Ingredients: beef rib-eye steaks; arugula; balsamic vinegar; Parmesan cheese; red bell peppers; olive oil
  • Steak Florentine
    • Categories: Grills & BBQ; Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: beef T-bone steaks; lemons
  • Grilled lamb chops
    • Categories: Grills & BBQ; Quick / easy; Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2; Italian
    • Ingredients: rosemary; thyme; ground cayenne pepper; lamb chops
  • Chicken Parmesan
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: thyme; rosemary; parsley; mozzarella cheese; Parmesan cheese; chicken cutlets; onions; celery; carrots; canned crushed tomatoes; bay leaves
  • Chicken piccata
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: chicken breasts; lemons; capers; parsley
  • Chicken saltimbocca
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: prosciutto; Parmesan cheese; chicken broth; lemons; frozen spinach; chicken cutlets
  • Veal Marsala
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: veal cutlets; shallots; assorted mushrooms; sweet Marsala wine; rosemary sprigs
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: Parmesan cheese; lemons; bread crumbs; dried basil; dried thyme; pork loin chops
  • Braciola
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Entertaining & parties; Italian
    • Ingredients: pecorino Romano cheese; provolone cheese; beef flank steaks; Italian bread crumbs; parsley; dry white wine
    • Accompaniments: Marinara sauce
  • Roasted red snapper with rosemary
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: lemons; fennel; whole red snapper; rosemary sprigs
  • Salmon baked in foil
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: tomatoes; shallots; thyme; salmon fillets; oregano
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Sauces for meat; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: Port wine; chicken broth; cinnamon sticks; honey; pork loin; rosemary sprigs; dried black mission figs
  • Roasted chicken with balsamic vinaigrette
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: balsamic vinegar; lemons; whole chicken; parsley; Dijon mustard
  • Turkey tonnato
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2; Italian
    • Ingredients: turkey breast; dried oregano; chicken broth; capers; anchovy paste; mayonnaise; parsley; dried thyme; dried basil; canned tuna in olive oil
  • Aunt Raffy's turkey stuffing
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Stuffing; Side dish; Italian
    • Ingredients: onions; dried cranberries; Parmesan cheese; chicken broth; green-skinned apples; red-skinned apples; dry white wine; sweet Italian turkey sausages; jarred chestnuts; stale cornbread
  • Chicken spezzatino
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: celery; carrots; onions; chicken broth; basil; tomato paste; bay leaves; chicken breasts; canned chopped tomatoes; dried thyme; canned kidney beans
  • Chicken cacciatore
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: chicken thighs; chicken breasts; onions; dried oregano; capers; basil; red bell peppers; garlic; dry white wine; canned diced tomatoes
  • Shrimp fra diavolo
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: shrimp; onions; dried oregano; parsley; basil; crushed red chile pepper; canned diced tomatoes; dry white wine
  • Mussels, clams, and shrimp in spicy tomato broth
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: shrimp; bay leaves; mussels; basil; garlic; crushed red chile pepper; dry white wine; canned diced tomatoes; littleneck clams
  • Easy osso buco
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: veal shanks; onions; carrots; celery; tomato paste; chicken broth; bay leaves; parsley; dry white wine; rosemary sprigs; thyme sprigs; whole cloves
  • Steak salad
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Salads; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: red onions; cherry tomatoes; Gorgonzola cheese; vinaigrette; beef steaks; romaine lettuce; Belgian endive; baby arugula; cooked steak; honey; olive oil
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Quick / easy; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red wine vinegar; honey; olive oil
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Quick / easy; Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2; Italian
    • Ingredients: avocados; balsamic vinegar; tomatoes; arugula; Italian rolls; leftover pork Milanese
    • Categories: Rice dishes; Quick / easy; Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2; Italian
    • Ingredients: parsley; leftover risotto; grilled scallops; grilled squid

Notes about this book

  • sck on July 28, 2010

    Nice little everyday Italian cookbook. Nothing too complicated or fussy here, but a great reference when you're wondering what you can make with what's already in your pantry or refrigerator.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Checca sauce

    • Ladyberd on May 25, 2010

      the fastest easiest pasta sauce ever and it tastes like a bowl of summer! http://ladyberds-kitchen.blogspot.com/2010/05/taste-of-summer-tomato-basil-pasta.html

  • Chicken cacciatore

    • ajs on June 22, 2010

      Very good dish. Even better the next day. It was easy and reasonably quick, too. I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs and breasts, and it was fine. I also added a little crushed red pepper, which wasn't in the original recipe.

    • Zosia on February 22, 2021

      Very flavourful version of cacciatore - quite lively thanks to the capers - that family enjoyed. I had only skinless, bone-in chicken breasts and the cook time provided worked perfectly.

  • White bean dip with pita chips

    • PennyG on May 05, 2013

      I made this for my Supper Club last night and it was a hit. Raves from all and so easy. I added fresh basil since I had some on hand.

    • Baxter850 on October 28, 2020

      Delicious and super simple. Make this a staple. Dip and chips were both great. Increase salt to taste in dip. Make extra pita chips.

    • VeryCherryBerry on March 06, 2020

      Incredibly tasty, I could eat this daily. Definitely rinse the beans for no sour aftertaste. And it's easy - no mess.

  • Salmon baked in foil

    • lorloff on August 23, 2016

      Fantastic salmon dish. Used fresh French thyme from the garden and home grown Greek oregano. Will definately make again. Good enough for a dinner party and simple to make!

  • Marinara sauce

    • jbuchman on July 11, 2015

      Easy and really good. May need to add water -- 2 T. at a time-- if the sauce is too thick. Good balance between acid and sweet -- no need to add sugar.

    • averythingcooks on April 23, 2021

      I have made (and really like) Giada's "Quick Marinara" from Family Dinners and I think that this one falls short of that one. The addition of carrots & celery seems more "bolognesey" to me and the lack of fresh herbs (ie basil) is an obvious flaw. I fussed & added to this to get it where I was happier but I will stick to her other version in the future.

  • Lemon spaghetti

    • aileent1 on February 03, 2012

      Wonderful! I always make this with salmon (with lemon and capers) and broccoli or asparagus. Reserve a bit of the lemon until you taste it. I also cut down on the olive oil a bit.

    • Baxter850 on June 19, 2022

      Super easy and delicious. Need to use great pasta. Served with Jamie Oliver’s swordfish and shrimp sautéed with garlic. Will make again. Would be good for dinner with company, as you can make the sauce ahead of time.

  • Simple Bolognese

    • alliebaybay on February 03, 2015

      Here is the link to the recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/simple-bolognese-recipe3.html

  • Mushroom ragú

    • alliebaybay on February 03, 2015

      Here is the link to the recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/mushroom-ragu-recipe3.html

  • Baked polenta

    • alliebaybay on February 03, 2015

      Here is the link to the recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/baked-polenta-recipe4.html

  • Almond cake

    • alliebaybay on February 03, 2015

      Here is the link to the recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/almond-cake-recipe3.html

  • Basil pesto

    • emiliang on August 04, 2013

      This is tough to beat on both taste and simplicity. Used walnuts instead of pine nuts -- same great result.

  • Beef and cheese manicotti

    • dmass on June 18, 2013

      I used fresh mozzarella as that is what I had on hand. I would like to try it with the non fresh mozzarella next time. My husband loved it just the way it was.

  • Broccoli and green beans

    • Zosia on January 21, 2015

      Delicious garlicky vegetable side dish but there was no need for all of that oil....2 tbsp was plenty. Also, if I'd used the full amount of red pepper flakes no one would have eaten it...1/2 tsp added enough kick.

  • Herb-roasted root vegetables

    • Zosia on December 05, 2015

      I had only carrots and Brussels sprouts on hand and was feeding only 4 people so I reduced the amounts of the other ingredients accordingly. The flavours were good but the carrots needed longer to roast than the sprouts. Next time, I'll slice them thinner and leave the sprouts whole.

    • Shelmar on September 06, 2019

      "Those were yummy. I'd have them every week. And the were easy to do." This has become our family's most repeated recipe.

  • Peas and prosciutto

    • Zosia on January 24, 2016

      This was an easy way to elevate a bag of frozen peas. I do caution you to taste the prosciutto-pea mixture before adding salt; even with only half the prosciutto, it needed just a pinch or two.

  • Chicken Parmesan

    • Zosia on January 21, 2015

      A lighter version of this dish that omits the breading and frying and uses just enough marinara sauce and cheese to enhance the chicken rather than overwhelm it. I used small chicken breasts pounded thin rather than cutlets so my portion size was closer to 170g.

  • Farfalle with turkey sausage, peas, and mushrooms

    • Zosia on August 06, 2017

      Really quick and very tasty and I liked that it was quite vegetable heavy - a complete meal in a bowl. I used only 2 tbsp oil...that's all that was needed to brown and crisp the sausage and cook the mushrooms.

    • sldoug on March 19, 2016

      I love the simplicity of this recipe but I was a bit surprised to see onion and garlic missing from the usual cast of characters. I used regular Italian sausage and could have used bulk instead of links since the recipe has you remove the sausage from its casings before cooking. I liked the balance of the sweetness of the peas with the boldness of the sausage and this recipe made enough to keep me in leftovers for a week.

  • Basic risotto

    • alisonkc on January 21, 2014

      This is the risotto recipe that I work off of for any kind of risotto. When I'm feeling fancy I'll poach some shrimp in the broth as I make the risotto, and then stir them in at the last minute. Try swapping the chicken broth for a seafood stock for something really decadent!

  • Chicken piccata

    • Littlebirdchoc on April 29, 2020

      Fantastic! Used boneless thighs and pounded flat

  • Red wine vinaigrette

    • averythingcooks on April 27, 2021

      When I search for "steak salad" recipes, what I'm really after is a nice robust dressing stand up to the steak, cheese (usually blue or feta) and multiple greens & veg. This time, the search lead me to Giada's steak salad and ultimately to this really good vinaigrette. I did add a little dijon to emulsify it and we both agreed - this was a great way to dress a hearty steak salad.

  • Roasted bell pepper salad

    • Baxter850 on October 28, 2020

      Garlic was overpowering at first. It mellowed out after an hour, but I would still reduce to 2 cloves next time. Tasty and was good for an antipasti set up. Served with Giada’s white bean dip from Everyday Italian which was absolutely delicious and simple.

  • Steak salad

    • angrygreycat on September 10, 2022

      Nice and easy week night dinner. Made it with a strong bleu cheese.

  • Roasted pork loin with fig sauce

    • whitewoods on October 20, 2019

      It's okay, but I went out of my way to find black-mission figs, and because I opted for the tawny port (based on the online reviews) that was a $20 bottle that I used. (There was only a small amount left for drinking afterwards.) It just was a lot of trouble and expense, and I didn't feel that the end result was really worth it--although it was kind of fun to make. The sauce is a very nice color.

    • PQPantry on November 01, 2018

      Excellent recipe good for entertaining.

  • Veal Marsala

    • jay.moe on February 10, 2022

      I substituted chicken cutlets for the veal. It's not very different from other marsala recipes with the exception of rosemary. I have always sprinkled chopped parsley on top. The sauce had a nice balance and isn't overly sweet, like I have found with some recipes. It was a quick weeknight meal with minimal prep work. I will use this recipe again.

  • Orecchiette with spicy sausage and broccoli rabe

    • jay.moe on February 08, 2022

      This was a quick and easy dinner to pull together with a side of garlic bread. I substituted regular broccoli for the broccoli rabe. The recipe was well written, easy to follow and tasted very good.

  • Fettuccine Alfredo

    • jay.moe on October 17, 2021

      Although the Alfredo smelled very lemony, it did not overpower the dish. Sprinkled the finished dish with a bit of fresh parsley for some added color and added grilled chicken. Quick, easy recipe...my favorite kind!

  • Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes (Aglio, olio, e pepperoncino)

    • jay.moe on July 09, 2022

      Added parmesan cheese to the finished dish. Tasted good - a quick summer meal.

  • Ziti with asparagus, smoked mozzerella, and prosciutto

    • passthegelato on December 26, 2021

      Tastes surprisingly good for something thrown together from ingredients on hand. Subbed broccoli for asparagus because that was in the fridge. I sauteed the garlic in a small pan and returned everything to the pasta pot, rather than get the big skillet dirty. This is salty due to the prosciutto.

  • Easy osso buco

    • Shelmar on September 06, 2019

      "It tastes good" a repeated winter meal.

  • Italian egg sandwich

    • ginger2212 on October 27, 2021

      This is DELICIOUS! Great if you have leftover marinara or eggs or bread to use up.

  • Roasted chicken with balsamic vinaigrette

    • kaityblueeyes on July 26, 2022

      Really tasty marinade but cook time a little long for one chicken. Came out a bit dry.

  • Chicken spezzatino

    • kaityblueeyes on August 31, 2022

      Very simple and tasty. Great way to use up fridge and pantry staples for a quick healthy dinner.

  • Scampi on couscous

    • kaityblueeyes on August 05, 2022

      This is delicious! A unique take on shrimp scampi, my favorite version I have tried. I used pearl couscous because it was what I had. Not too labor intensive. Definitely a keeper!

  • Caprese salad

    • kaityblueeyes on July 26, 2022

      Simple tasty caprese preparation

  • Marinated olives

    • kaityblueeyes on July 18, 2022

      I am not an olive fan but I made as a part of a mezze spread and my olive loving guests really enjoyed it!

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Reviews about this book

  • Kitchn

    She hits the Italian-American classics, with plenty of pasta, meat, and a deeply satisfying sauce chapter, with seven recipes for red sauce, and five for pesto.

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 1740664450
  • ISBN 13 9781740664455
  • Published Sep 01 2006
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 256
  • Language English
  • Countries Australia
  • Publisher Hardie Grant Books
  • Imprint Hardie Grant Books

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On her hit television show (screened on the Lifestyle Channel in Australia), "Everyday Italian", Giada De Laurentiis shows viewers how to cook delicious, beautiful food in a flash. And here, in her long-awaited, "New York Times" bestselling first book, she does the same - helps you put a fabulous dinner on the table tonight, for friends or just for the kids, with a minimum of fuss and maximum flavour. 'Everyday Italian' is true to its title: the fresh, simple recipes are incredibly quick and accessible, and also utterly mouth-watering - perfect for everyday cooking. The book is organised according to what type of food you want tonight - whether a soul-warming stew for a Sunday supper, a quick sauté for a weeknight or a baked pasta.

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