King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking: Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains by King Arthur Flour

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    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch; Egg-free
    • Ingredients: whole spelt flour; milk
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; white whole wheat flour
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; buttermilk; eggs; orange juice; white whole wheat flour
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: whole wheat pastry flour; blueberries; cornmeal; eggs
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; cottage cheese; eggs; oranges; white whole wheat flour
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: bananas; oat flour; nutmeg; ground cinnamon; eggs
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: buttermilk; muesli; eggs; white whole wheat flour
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: buttermilk; nutmeg; ground cinnamon; eggs; orange zest; cooked brown rice; white whole wheat flour
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: orange juice; fresh ginger; ground ginger; buttermilk; barley flour; crystallized ginger; white whole wheat flour; lemon zest; eggs
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: ground allspice; crystallized ginger; whole wheat pastry flour; milk; applesauce; quinoa flour; dried cranberries; ground ginger; eggs
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: buttermilk; molasses; buckwheat flour; eggs
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: oranges; unsalted butter
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: buckwheat flour; brandy; whole spelt flour; eggs
    • Accompaniments: Caramelized apple filling
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: brandy; apples; butter
    • Accompaniments: Buckwheat crêpes
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: chocolate chips; spelt flour; bananas; ground cinnamon; heavy cream; crunchy peanut butter; eggs; milk
    • Categories: Sauces for desserts
    • Ingredients: bananas; heavy cream; ground cinnamon
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: oat flour; whole spelt flour; ground toasted hazelnuts; eggs; buttermilk; pears; apple juice; fresh ginger; ground cinnamon
    • Categories: Sauces for desserts
    • Ingredients: apple juice; ground cinnamon; pears; fresh ginger
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: buttermilk; cornmeal; eggs; pumpernickel flour
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: honey; ground cinnamon; bananas; milk; chunky peanut butter; stale whole wheat bread; eggs
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: crystallized ginger; honey; roasted salted cashew nuts; ground cinnamon; bananas; milk; stale whole wheat bread; eggs
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: honey; chocolate chips; roasted blanched hazelnuts; ground cinnamon; bananas; milk; stale whole wheat bread; eggs
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch; Vegan
    • Ingredients: wheatgerm; dried cranberries; dried apricots; golden raisins; maple syrup; old-fashioned rolled oats; flaked coconut; sliced almonds; walnuts or pecans; vanilla extract; hulled sunflower seeds
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: wheatgerm; walnuts; dried apricots; honey; wheat flakes; vanilla extract
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: dried cherries; dried apricots; golden raisins; dried cranberries; honey; ground cinnamon; almonds; dry-roasted peanuts; old-fashioned rolled oats; flaked coconut; unsalted butter

Notes about this book

  • Eat Your Books

    See Lisa Is Cooking's take on Iced orange cookies from this cookbook.

  • lydia on June 12, 2010

    If it had photos, this book would be five-star.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Cornbread

    • Laurendmck on December 20, 2010

      p. 556. Try the bacon cheddar variation.

    • jenmacgregor18 on April 21, 2015

      This turned out moist and had a good corn flavor. Although, it's not sweet enough for my sister's taste--and to be honest maybe mine too. My grandmother did put 1/2 cup a sugar in hers-and this one had 1/4 c of honey. But, this one is very good with a little butter.

    • Lepa on May 09, 2020

      This is a solid cornbread. It had a nice taste and good texture. I made it in a preheated cast iron skillet.

    • anya_sf on October 04, 2020

      Very good and not too sweet to have with chili. Surprisingly moist for a whole grain recipe. I made 1/2 recipe in a 7.5" skillet, which baked in 22 minutes.

  • Blueberry buckle coffeecake

    • jumali on July 20, 2011

      Very good--might add some orange or lemon zest to the batter next time.

  • Pumpkin bread

    • annieski on October 31, 2012

      Really wonderful. I used a mix of dark & light whole wheat flour with cranberries, choc chips & pepitas. 5 stars. I used my own pumpkin purée, wetter than canned- took 15 minutes extra baking time.

    • drlake66 on August 20, 2011

      This bread is delicious & yummy. I made it with butterscotch chips (which might have been too much of a good thing).

    • anya_sf on February 16, 2019

      Nice pumpkin spice flavor. I only added raisins, no nuts. Despite using white whole wheat flour, the whole grains were definitely noticeable in this bread - not really a bad thing. I thought the bread was a little dry compared to pumpkin bread made with oil. Good, but I have better recipes.

  • Cheese crackers

    • smtucker on December 21, 2013

      12/21/2013: Made two versions. One coated with the extra cheese with salt, and one without. Votes were split as the preference. Substituted buckwheat flour for the barley which might account for them being a bit dry. Took an extra 6 minutes to get to a brown stage using a sheet pan. Perhaps a cookie sheet would be better. Very easy to make and not as wet and sticky as the recipe instructions indicated.

  • Easy banana-walnut bread

    • milgwimper on July 02, 2014

      These were really great. I loved the texture, and the flavor.

    • bwehner on February 05, 2012

      Made into muffins with chocolate chips added. Delicious & dense

    • Lepa on January 02, 2019

      I don't like overly sweet cakes and this was perfect! I wouldn't hesitate to serve it for breakfast. I made it with white whole wheat flour. I also toasted the walnuts before adding them. The overall flavor was subtle and nutty and the texture was lovely. Very good!

  • Whole grain blitz puff pastry dough

    • cpauldin on August 07, 2013

      This is just as easy as it is written! I've never made puff pastry before and it came out really well. Very impressive!

  • Milk and honey corn muffins

    • Christine on August 20, 2012

      I've made this recipe many times and for me, these are the "perfect" corn muffin. They're not too sweet and chock-full of whole grains, though you'd never know it, just by tasting them. They are nice and moist right out of the oven, though they do benefit from a quick zap in the microwave if you're eating them leftover.

    • twoyolks on July 26, 2016

      A really nice corn muffin. The whole wheat and the honey really compliment the corn well without the whole wheat sour flavor. These are definitely muffins and not corn bread.

  • Lemon-barley scones

    • Christine on June 18, 2015

      These were OK. They were on the plain side and not very lemon-y. Certainly not bad, but not memorable enough to want to make again.

    • michalow on January 06, 2013

      Tasty but not at all scone-like.

  • Maple-walnut scones

    • Christine on March 26, 2015

      I made this recipe at the same times as as the Cherry-Almond Scones from this same book. They both use the same base recipe and I wanted to have more than just a batch of six, so instead of doubling one, I tried both. Unlike the other recipe where the almond flavor really shone through, the maple flavor got a lost in this recipe. I thought 1/4 tsp flavoring might not be enough, but was afraid of overdoing it (and 1/4 tsp almond extract was plenty in the other variation). The scones are not bad, but they are a bit plain, so I would definitely increase the flavoring next time -- probably at least a whole teaspoon. And in this case, I really probably should not have skipped the sprinkle of maple sugar on top. As with the other recipe, I used extra white whole wheat flavor in place of the all-purpose.

    • anya_sf on April 11, 2019

      I should have listened to the previous reviewer. Although the scones smelled strongly of maple while baking, the flavor just did not come through. I think they would be vastly improved by (1) doubling the maple extract in the dough, and (2) topping with a maple syrup & extract glaze instead of sprinkling with maple sugar. Otherwise, I liked them well enough that I would probably try them again with those changes. I prepared them the night before, froze the shaped scones, and baked them from frozen; they baked in 23 minutes, so if your scones aren't frozen, I'd check them sooner.

  • Cherry-almond scones

    • Christine on March 26, 2015

      These were really good and the almond flavor really shines through. I chose this recipe because I had all the ingredients on hand and it called for several I wanted to use up and I was not disappointed. I skipped the sugar topping since I made these for breakfast and used extra white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose.

  • Cornmeal-rye waffles

    • Christine on March 12, 2018

      I'm on a mission to use up the various flours in my pantry that are out of date, but don't seem to have gone bad. This was my first for rye flour and it was fantastic! It only uses 1 cup, but I'll be making this again and that bag will be gone before I know it.

    • macfadden on May 07, 2016

      The description suggests that, as written, the recipe is meant to be sweet, but that you could modify it to be savory. I found it very salty for a sweet recipe, really pretty firmly in the savory camp, but they were good, anyway. I liked the cornmeal and rye combination.

    • Lepa on October 08, 2019

      We enjoyed these waffles and especially liked the crunch. My waffles split in half in the waffle iron and were hollow in the middle. I have a waffle iron that makes thin waffles and it's not great so I'm not sure it's the recipe but this has never happened to me before(?)

    • anya_sf on March 16, 2019

      The waffles had a nice crunch from the cornmeal. The rye flour added savory notes, but the flavor wasn't prominent. They were delicious with maple syrup, but would also be great with savory or sweet/savory foods, such as chicken and waffles. The recipe makes a lot of waffles.

  • Muesli pancakes

    • zorra on February 21, 2014

      New favorite pancake. Flavorful & light. Requires overnight soak (we do it in frig not on counter.) Works with muesli or granola.

  • Nectarine galette

    • zorra on July 25, 2013

      This recipe actually uses an easy puff pastry crust, not a more typical galette dough.

    • Analyze on June 04, 2017

      This is SO delicious! We used oat flour in the puff pastry dough, as on p. 508 they mention that "oat flour lends a hint of nutty sweetness to the dough, and we found ourselves pairing it with fruit fillings with excellent results." You can also use barley flour for the "flakiest results possible." Anyway, this is a fabulous dessert; all three components - the fruit, the oat streusel underneath, and the puff pastry, are very delicious. It gets a little limp the next day but is still quite tasty. Definitely serve it with some homemade whipped cream :) We loved it either with peaches or nectarines and weren't as big of a fan of the plums (all suggested variations), obviously it's to your taste.

  • Herbed whole wheat pizza with mushrooms and spinach

    • rberinstein on January 24, 2013

      I successfully made the crust in my bread maker and loved it.

    • PatFB on January 14, 2022

      We made our own crust, adding the spices to it and this topping. Excellent!

  • Corn and oat muffins

    • swiand on July 23, 2011

      I used plain low-fat yogurt and agave nectar. Great texture. Very light, mild muffin.

  • Maple-walnut oat bread

    • Thredbende on May 06, 2016

      This is delicious warm or later. I recommend using the maple flavoring.

    • michalow on January 06, 2013

      A reliable favorite.

  • Raisin-pecan bread

    • michalow on April 05, 2022

      This bread is good, but I prefer the version in KA's other baking book, which has a bit more white flour and no whole wheat.

  • Cream cheese and molasses bread

    • michalow on October 09, 2019

      Yum! Pleasantly spiced and sweet but not too sweet. Needed an extra 15-20 minutes of baking time in my oven.

    • Lepa on January 06, 2019

      This was not a hit with my family. I thought it was okay but not a repeat. I served it with whipped cream cheese (from the Pioneer Woman website) and that complemented the flavors in this bread well.

  • Gingered oatmeal muffins

    • michalow on January 06, 2013

      Texture is nice. Would make again, but reduce sugar--these were too sweet for my taste.

    • Lepa on December 31, 2018

      I agree with the previous poster- the texture is nice and the muffins are good but just a bit too sweet.

  • Graham crackers

    • michalow on January 06, 2013

      Love these. They are always a hit! Much better than the graham cracker recipe on the King Arthur site (the one that uses graham and AP flours, plus lots of cinnamon).

  • Ham-and-cheese rye muffins

    • jenmacgregor18 on March 20, 2015

      also good. mum liked. I think I would use a sharper cheese - a little parmesan? I want a more pronounced cheese flavor.

    • Skamper on December 28, 2021

      Good way to use leftover ham. I used dark rye flour (not whole) as that's what I had on hand. Makes a decent sized muffin - the wells were full. Good but not amazing.

  • Cranberry-orange spelt muffins

    • jenmacgregor18 on March 20, 2015

      very good. But all the muffin recipes I've tried from this book are reliable and delicious.

  • Buckwheat pancakes

    • jenmacgregor18 on July 07, 2022

      After Dad went out for breakfast and ended up paying $23 for some buckwheat pancakes and a few dried-out pieces of turkey sausage, I told him I'd make him some instead. These turned out fluffier than my plain pancakes and had a good buckwheat flavor without being too strong. I did scorch the first few, but these were great once I got the heat set correctly. Dad said to keep this recipe. I like them with honey & butter, but jam or even cane syrup is great.

    • macfadden on May 29, 2016

      I love these. The flavor is great and the texture is, too. Much more interesting than plain pancakes. Especially tasty with strawberry jam. Occasionally, they come have out a bit dry, though, so you might want to add some more liquid.

    • anya_sf on February 17, 2019

      A good, basic buckwheat pancake recipe that is only about half buckwheat, so the flavor isn't quite as strong and the texture's a bit fluffier than 100% buckwheat would be. Buckwheat batter tends to stick/clump to itself, so it's hard to make very small pancakes - 1 got 13 slightly larger ones.

  • Sailor Jacks

    • jenmacgregor18 on January 22, 2015

      great flavor - especially with a lemon sugar glaze. family favorite.

    • macfadden on March 21, 2016

      I like whole grains and morning glory muffins and that sort of thing, but these tasted like how I imagine 70s commune fare, and not in a good way. I found them a little bland and a bit lumpy, though other people seem to like them.

  • Peanut butter muffins

    • jenmacgregor18 on November 21, 2019

      Update on these- the first time I made them, they came out dry. Then I actually read some of the instruction at the front of the book. **With the whole wheat flours, the batters need to rest for 20-30 minutes before baking to allow the starch to absorb the liquid.** All subsequent batches were moist and tender.

    • jenmacgregor18 on January 22, 2015

      excellent. I either go with the chocolate chips or with the Peanut Butter frosting. PB masks the bitterness of the whole wheat. so it's a good one for picky eaters.

    • twoyolks on December 13, 2016

      This muffins have a strong peanut butter flavor. However, they were a bit dry and the whole wheat flavor and texture was just a little bit too strong. I did use the chocolate chips which contrasted with the peanut butter well.

  • Morning glory muffins

    • jenmacgregor18 on January 22, 2015

      came out perfect. a real treat.

    • Frogcake on August 26, 2017

      Loved this version of morning glory muffins, which uses brown sugar, almonds and all whole wheat flour. I used dried cherries in place of raisins and shredded zucchini instead of carrots. They are over-the-top delicious with the blueberry maple jam I made a few weeks ago ("Batch" recipe). Yum!

    • anya_sf on October 27, 2019

      I got 15 muffins using my standard scoop. I used wheat germ and omitted the nuts since they were for a bake sale. After 25 minutes in the oven, they were probably 2 minutes overbaked. Nevertheless, they were still moist and delicious.

    • hibeez on January 14, 2023

      Just made these, and like others, had batter for more than 12 muffins. (I also made a mini loaf, baked for 25 min). I sprinkled Demerara sugar on top before baking and it gave it a nice crunch. They are not cloying like some Morning Glory muffins.

    • Skamper on January 20, 2020

      These are tasty muffins. I used regular whole wheat flour, only 1/2 c. dark brown sugar, 2 Fuji apples, and between 1/3 and 1/2 c. sunflower oil. Made 12 muffins (filled to the top, but did not overflow) plus a 5.75"x3" mini loaf. The muffins were done in 22 minutes.

  • Moist bran muffins

    • jenmacgregor18 on January 28, 2023

      These turned out well. Very moist and tender. Not too sweet. They surprised me as they actually have a considerable amount of bran. Easy to throw together the night before & then bake off in the morning. I used white whole wheat flour, All-bran twigs and raisins. I'd like to try dates next time and add the orange zest. Comparatively, the bran muffins from Midwest Made are more of a treat--but they're all white flour & significantly less bran.

    • Frogcake on October 21, 2017

      A really good, moist bran muffin recipe! I used frozen crumbled raspberries in place of raisins and added: one tablespoon of orange zest and two tablespoons of flax seeds. Also sprinkled turbinado sugar on top before baking. Lots of other permutations and combinations possible in this one!

  • Sour cream muffins

    • jenmacgregor18 on December 02, 2019

      I agree with anya, I enjoyed these too. I also prepped the night before. I added the still frozen wild blueberries right before baking. Also very good with raspberries.

    • anya_sf on March 03, 2019

      I used plain whole milk yogurt instead of sour cream, and melted the butter so I could mix the batter by hand. Refrigerated the batter overnight, but did not add the fruit until the next morning, as I used strawberries and thought they would exude too much liquid. I did not top the muffins with anything. They were pleasantly sweet and moist, not too heavy, and the fruit did not sink to the bottom.

  • Chocolate stout cake

    • twoyolks on March 20, 2016

      This is both a good chocolate cake that also happens to be whole wheat.

  • Cinnamon-filled scones

    • twoyolks on July 10, 2016

      This makes a really nice scone. They aren't too sweet, there is just enough cinnamon, and the whole wheat flavor isn't overpowering. I did find it a bit difficult to cut the scones before baking because the batter kept sticking to the knife and pulling up the top layer. However, it wasn't noticeable once baked.

  • Pain au levain with whole wheat

    • twoyolks on July 11, 2016

      The bread had a really nice crust and crumb but it had too much of a harsh whole wheat flavor.

    • Esylvia on October 02, 2016

      I make this with white whole wheat as my regular sourdough, and I bake it in a Dutch oven. Consistently great. Reduce the water to 10 oz. and it makes an excellent pizza dough.

  • Peach-oatmeal bread

    • twoyolks on August 08, 2015

      The dominant flavor is the oatmeal. The peach flavor is present but is subdued.

    • anya_sf on May 24, 2019

      I used frozen, thawed peaches and traditional whole wheat flour. This made a large, hearty loaf. The texture was a bit dry and chewy from the oats. Next time I'd add more peaches - unlike most quick bread recipes, this one can deal with a lot of fruit, as the whole grains really suck up the moisture. I might increase the cinnamon and almond extract as well. I liked this, but didn't love it.

  • Sugar and spice drops

    • rosyannposy on December 03, 2022

      Really nice flavour and chewy texture. Made mine a bit bigger. They spread alot and come out quite thin.

  • Tender ginger bread

    • Analyze on November 11, 2014

      This bread is very tender and almost fluffy for a yeast bread. If you like ginger, I would definitely try it. It reminds me more of the ginger that I've used in savory cooking than the lighter ginger you usually get in desserts, so you have to really like ginger :)

  • Whole wheat piecrust

    • Analyze on February 14, 2014

      Mine didn’t have that melt-in-your-mouth texture of a traditional pie crust, so I wouldn’t start using it in just any pie recipe. But when paired with the earthy-apple and oat flavors in their Caramel-Apple Pie, it was perfect.

  • Peanut butter eclairs

    • Analyze on September 21, 2018

      This is a great pastry cream; I just don't like eclairs and cream puffs. The pistachio one is also really good!

  • Peanut butter-chocolate chip waffles with banana cream

    • Analyze on February 13, 2017

      These are definitely worth trying. I loved these the first time I made them, but just recently I made them again and I just didn't love the roasted peanut flavor; I'd personally just rather have peanut butter and honey on toast :) I also wasn't digging the chocolate chips enough, so I won't be making these again. But I'd still recommend giving them a shot if you like peanut butter - I LOVE peanut butter in stuff but I've noticed I'm also very particular about the combinations (don't like pb and cream cheese, for example). So to each their own!

  • Pizza with overnight crust

    • Analyze on June 06, 2017

      The dough is a standard whole wheat pizza dough; it worked well, it's just not our favorite kind of dough. However, I'd still recommend it if you're looking for a whole wheat pizza dough. A blogger who is also cooking through this book like me noted: "Good texture, great flavor, not too bready, not too flat. I might knead it more next time–it could stand to be just a hair chewier. But otherwise an excellent recipe. Definitely the winner of the week for me." The toppings are interesting - the amount of sun-dried tomatoes that the recipe calls for is pretty sparse, so you might want to up that, but the most interesting part was trying the smoked mozzarella. It was not something I'd want again on a pizza, but to each their own, and I really enjoyed trying it. For some reason it reminded me of bar food (even more than usual pizza does). All of the toppings do seem to go well together. This is another reliable recipe from KAF that may be a hit for you depending on your taste.

  • Spinach croissants

    • Analyze on July 14, 2017

      For some reason, we don't like the Garlic & Herb Boursin cheese, so I subbed goat cheese with a bit of chives and parsley for the boursin (keeping the Swiss cheese), and we liked these. I also tried barley flour in the puff pastry vs. regular whole wheat flour vs. white whole wheat flour, and for these savory croissants, we personally liked the nutty flavor of the barley flour, though all are good!

  • Our favorite cherry pie

    • Analyze on May 28, 2017

      We're not big cherry pie folks, BUT this Topping is SO good!!! I combine that part of the recipe with the fruit fillings for cobblers from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook for delicious crumbles! My personal favorites are apricot, nectarines, or plums, but of course any fruit will do.

  • Continental coffee bread

    • Analyze on February 16, 2019

      I liked this the first time I made it, noting that it's light and yummy with the walnuts and especially the dates. It's very lightly sweet on top. The second time I made it, it was just too boring for me, but if you're looking for a simple bread that is not at all sweet, you might really enjoy this.

    • anya_sf on December 22, 2020

      We loved this lightly toasted with butter. The bread itself isn't sweet, but the dried fruits added a pleasant amount of sweetness. It was very hearty. The dough was very slow to rise and there was no oven spring. Note: this is the whole grain version of the highly-rated "Tuscan Coffeecake" on the King Arthur website.

  • Caramel-rum squares

    • Analyze on February 08, 2014


  • Dark and dangerous cinnamon buns

    • Analyze on January 24, 2015

      These take a lot longer to rise than the 1-2 hours noted in the recipe (at least, they did for me both times that I made them), probably because of the sweet dough. So you'd just want to plan for that.

  • Ginger syrup

    • missyvanee on October 09, 2012

      Leftover syrup great in carbonated water for a natural soda.

    • Piebaker on March 16, 2017

      Page 256. Best recipe for ginger syrup that I've found - hot but not too hot, not too sweet. It calls for unpeeled ginger but peeled ginger makes a better syrup if you prefer things on the milder side. Easy to make once you get it cooked. Need a thermometer. Half recipe cooks faster than stated time. Great mixed with raw sugar and butter for a gingerbread topping. Leftover syrup makes a great addition to sautéed carrots, stir fries or yogurt/ice cream.

  • Crispy rye crackers

    • hillsboroks on January 12, 2016

      Easy, quick and tasty crackers! I made these the other night as part of my quest to try all the homemade cracker recipes I have. I followed the recipe as written except I only had 1 tbls. of caraway seeds on hand. But my husband, who isn't fond of caraway, thought that they were just right without the extra caraway. The recipe doesn't specify what type of butter to use but it has enough salt in it that I would recommend only using unsalted butter. I sprinkled part of the crackers with grey sea salt and we found those crackers to be almost too salty. So next time if I want to sprinkle salt on top I will reduce the amount of salt in the dough. They were marvelous with slices of German Swiss cheese and a bit of wine.

    • AlleyLove on March 17, 2023

      I agree with hillsboroks, this is a great and very easy recipe. The flavor is excellent.

  • Lemon-cornmeal pound cake

    • hillsboroks on January 05, 2016

      I am trying to love this cake as I love all things lemon but it is really hard. I think part of the problem may be the texture. I had to use Bob's Redmill medium grind cornmeal because my local grocer did not stock the fine grind that I had hoped to use. The result is a texture that has quite a bit of grit from the cornmeal. It is rather like a dense sweet cornbread with a lemon glaze. I have shared it with friends, neighbors and family and while everyone says they eventually like it, the first bite is a bit of a surprise. The lemon glaze is great and really saves this cake from the list of those to never make again. I would give it another go with a finer grind of cornmeal. It worked well in my new 10-cup square bundt pan I received for Christmas.

  • Salted cashew-crunch cookies

    • hillsboroks on November 02, 2017

      Yum, yum, yum! I chose this recipe as a way to use up an excess of oatmeal and a bag of Trader Joe's Lower Salt Cashew Pieces but the results totally exceeded my expectations. We loved the slightly salty cashew flavor with oatmeal. I baked them for 14 minutes, rotating the baking sheets from front to back and from upper to lower racks. They don't brown much on top but the bottoms were perfect and as they cooled they became quite crunchy. I first tried using a glass to flatten the balls but gave up and just used my finger tips. For the first two sheets I followed the instructions to lightly salt the cookies before flattening but I could see that much of the salt was sticking to the glass or my fingers. For the final sheet I flattened first and salted second. I just used my regular salt shaker with Morton's iodized salt to very lightly salt the tops. The recipe yielded 3 dozen cookies. I will definitely make these again.

  • Chocolate malted muffins

    • clkandel on December 19, 2021

      Didn't think these had much malt flavor, if any. Also the texture was a bit dense.

  • Banana-chocolate chip muffins

    • imaluckyducky on October 19, 2019

      Exceptionally good. Batter comes together quickly. Mine ended up cooking for 31 minutes at 350 before being done, and were slightly dense. I used overripe bananas that I had frozen for this very purpose, and I think they were a bit more wet than what this recipe wanted. Also used about 5 frozen overripe bananas to get the 1.5 cups. 3yo approved.

  • Carrot cake

    • JamesFlavell on March 21, 2022

      Note -- actual recipe calls for: either sweetened/unsweetened coconut, to taste, and: can be coconut and pineapple, or raisins.

  • Chocolate zucchini cake

    • Nancith on September 03, 2015

      This was a good use for the giant zucchini from the garden. The cake didn't come off as overly sweet as some zucchini bread recipes, perhaps due to the whole wheat flour, which, while discernible, was not unpleasant. Used oil rather than butter, and didn't have enough cocoa powder, & so used only half the amount called for. Did not use optional chocolate glaze. This produced a rather mild chocolate cake, but with the bittersweet chocolate chips, was actually quite satisfactory. (Maybe because it didn't seem quite so decadent)

    • macfadden on May 20, 2016

      I followed the recipe and did not use the optional glaze. It was delicious, but only after resting for 12 hours. We had some just after it cooled and I was disappointed. I didn't like the texture (it was a bit rough) and it didn't seem sweet enough. But then I had a piece the next morning and it was perfect in every way. The texture was great and it was plenty sweet. Like that, no one would have guessed it was whole wheat. Many recipes in this book tell you to let the final product sit overnight to improve its texture, and though this recipe doesn't mention that, it made a huge difference. Tasting it after it was just cooled, I would not have made it again. After 12 hours, it is on my list of favorite recipes.

  • Buttery pear tart

    • macfadden on September 14, 2017

      This was a bit of a flop. I don't usually find pastry hard to work with, but this dough was very uncooperative. There was definitely no getting it into a tart shape without a pan, so I eventually gave up and put it in a 10 inch tart pan. The recipe says you'll need about 2 pears, and with 3 perfectly averaged-sized ones it was still quite empty-looking. I would say get 5. By the time the filling was done, the crust was burned. And you're supposed to take it out of the oven every 10 minutes to put more sugar and butter on the top. A bit of a fuss a rather dissappointing result.

  • Cherry-chocolate scones

    • macfadden on March 16, 2016

      These were good. I was expecting a crumbly sort of scone, but they were soft and moist, not crumbly at all. They had good flavor and, although the recipe made rather a lot (they barely fit on my half sheet pan), they were all gobbled up within 24 hours.

  • Chewy chocolate chip cookies

    • macfadden on December 10, 2016

      The first batch I baked came out a bit cake-like, so I baked the second batch for less time (9 minutes), and they collapsed and became chewy once cooled. They were quite good. The whole wheat flavor was noticeable, so you won't be fooling any suspicious eaters, but I didn't find it objectionable. I will probably use white whole wheat flour next time. For them to be chewy, it is important to go by color rather than suggested time. They are done when they just start to brown around the edges.

  • Chocolate crinkles

    • macfadden on December 23, 2016

      Delicious. Crisp edges and chewy interiors, as advertised (if baked for the correct amount of time).

  • Cornmeal-maple biscuits

    • macfadden on March 30, 2016

      These were rather puzzling. I followed the recipe exactly (using a tablespoon scoop, as instructed), and was presented with crumbly, sandy-textured biscuits a little smaller than golf balls. Their flavor was not pleasing enough to redeem them.

  • Banana crunch cake

    • macfadden on July 21, 2016

      We liked this. It was quite moist and a bit dense, but not in a bad way. More intensely flavored than your average coffeecake.

  • Banana-oat pancakes

    • macfadden on March 23, 2016

      I liked the flavor of these, but they were pretty flat and I couldn't get them done on the inside by the time they were dark brown on the outside. I don't think the griddle was too hot, so next time I will stir less and use quite a bit less liquid.

    • anya_sf on February 09, 2019

      These pancakes are more banana than flour (and only oat flour at that, so they can be gluten-free), but the texture is still pretty similar to regular pancakes. The banana flavor goes great with maple syrup. Note that there is a minor error in the instructions, which say to put the dry ingredients in a small bowl; they need to go in a larger bowl, since the wet ingredients are added to them. Watch the cooking temperature as these pancakes brown quickly. Also, I only got 8 pancakes. My son the pancake fiend rated these 5 stars.

  • Blackberry grunt

    • macfadden on April 14, 2017

      This was tasty and promptly devoured, though I thought the texture of the biscuit topping could have been improved a bit; it was ever so slightly sandy. Maybe more all-purpose flour and less whole grain cornmeal would give it a better texture. In any case, it was delicious with a scoop of ice cream.

  • Buckwheat crêpes

    • macfadden on April 09, 2016

      I left out the brandy because I didn't have any and they were fine without it. They were tasty with both savory and sweet fillings. The buckwheat flavor was present but not too strong. My only objection was that the batter was a bit too thick, and didn't slide around the pan quickly and easily as I would have liked. Next time I will add more milk.

  • Lemon-poppy seed bread

    • macfadden on May 28, 2016

      Nothing went disastrously wrong with this cake, it just wasn't very exciting. It was a little dry and maybe could have been a little sweeter. I did let it sit overnight as suggested in the introduction to the quick bread section.

    • anya_sf on April 04, 2019

      I made half the recipe as 7 standard-sized muffins. I mixed the batter by hand the night before baking, melting the butter instead of creaming it with a mixer. I substituted plain nonfat yogurt for lemon yogurt, so I added 1/4 tsp lemon extract to boost the flavor. The muffins baked up nicely and were pleasantly moist with a definite lemon flavor and lots of poppy seeds. They were plenty sweet without the glaze. My family enjoyed them.

  • Homemade whole grain pancake mix

    • macfadden on July 02, 2016

      I made these a while back and really liked the flavor, but the texture was not quite what I was expecting. They came out thin and tender rather than fluffy, despite careful adherence to the recipe. They were tasty with jam on top, though. I also liked having a mix ready to go, so I'll probably make another batch and just use less liquid, which should solve the thinness issue.

    • candacey on February 09, 2022

      I have tried many pancake recipes over the years, and this is by far the WINNER! It will be passed down for generations. Incredible pancakes, and people always tell me they are the best they've ever had.

  • Oat and currant scones

    • macfadden on August 12, 2016

      Tasty. Best shortly after baking. By day two they were a bit dryer and harder, though they had been stored in an airtight container. A few seconds in the microwave might improve that, though.

  • Soft barley-sugar cookies

    • macfadden on March 25, 2016

      These were a hit. They were remarkably tender and cake-like, not chewy, at least at the beginning. After a few hours they got a little bit chewier, but were not really chewy cookies. They would be especially good for anyone who is suspicious of whole grain desserts, because they are not heavy or whole wheat-y tasting at all; the barley flour is very mild.

  • Peach coffeecake

    • macfadden on April 29, 2016

      This was very good, but decidedly better when still warm. Great texture (with a nice crunch on top) and pleasing, mild flavor. The full tablespoon of cinnamon was not overwhelming. Not the most attractive cake ever produced, but tasty.

  • Peanut chews

    • macfadden on April 21, 2017

      These had a wonderful, chewy texture. I found the flavor a bit too peanutty at first, but eventually they grew on me and I found them quite irresistible. I wasn't sure if natural peanut butter would work here but don't like to use Jif/Skippy style peanut butter because of the trans fat, so I got something labeled "peanut butter spread" which is Whole Foods' version of Jif/Skippy style peanut butter; it is slightly sweetened and uses palm oil to prevent separation. It worked great. King Arthur's Baker's Hotline later clarified that natural peanut butter works fine here.

  • Simple spelt pancakes

    • macfadden on July 02, 2016

      This is a very tasty and simple recipe, ideal for those of us not firing on all cylinders in the morning. It's my default recipe for plain pancakes. They come out fluffy and delicious.

    • anya_sf on April 13, 2020

      Even after resting for 15-20 minutes, the batter was pretty thin. Note: 2 cups flour was closer to 8 oz (which I used), not 7 oz. The pancakes cooked up nicely and quickly since they were thin, and were quite tender and tasty. The recipe was very simple and a good option when you have spelt flour, but no eggs.

    • hibeez on February 26, 2020

      This is an especially especially good recipe. Note it does not call for eggs, which is a bonus when your farmstand’s chickens are on holiday.

  • Whole wheat pita

    • macfadden on August 10, 2016

      These are great, well worth the extra effort compared to the store-bought variety. If it's warm, check your dough well before the suggested 90 minute rising time. Mine often doubles in 40 minutes. The first time I made them, some puffed up evenly and some just got the occasional bubble and were pocketless, soft flatbreads, like naan. I decided I liked them better that way, and have rolled them out thickly ever since so they don't get a pocket. However you like them, I recently discovered that you can cook them on the stove in a cast iron skillet, no hot oven or baking stone required! The Kitchn tells you how: Elsewhere in this book, they say you can substitute active dry yeast for instant yeast by proofing it first. I have done this when I didn't have instant yeast and it worked fine.

    • ricki on August 01, 2021

      So many recipes in my library for pita with whole wheat flour! Without comparing, I went with this because I had the exact flours it called for: (KA) traditional whole wheat and bread flours. Good choice -- will make again. Used dough cycle on bread machine, then held in fridge overnight. Measured by weight, but needed to add another ¼ cup flour during kneading part of cycle. Cooked in 2 minutes on baking stone in 450 oven, and each pita puffed up into a lovely balloon. I would've preferred less salt, but he liked them as is.

  • Sweet plum cake with rum frosting

    • macfadden on March 31, 2017

      I liked the bites with prunes, but the rest of the cake left me indifferent. I also found the rum flavor overpowered the frosting a bit, though I suppose strength may vary from one extract brand to another. I let it rest overnight as indicated.

  • Whole wheat flour tortillas

    • macfadden on December 06, 2016

      These were pretty good, but be sure not to make them too thin. The first one I rolled too thin and maybe cooked a bit too long; it came out dry and a bit crisp. Then I started rolling them thicker and not leaving them on the griddle so long, and they came out more to my taste. They are much better right off the griddle. Not so good on day 2, even after a few seconds in the microwave.

  • Whole corn and green chili muffins

    • macfadden on March 20, 2016

      These are great. Out of laziness, I mix all the cheese and chilies into the batter rather than sprinkling them on top, works fine.

  • Whole wheat zucchini bread

    • anightowl on December 16, 2021

      Flavor is improved with the addition of 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon.

  • Barleycorn biscuits

    • bching on September 19, 2014

      Unpleasant texture

  • Eggnog-oat scones with a whiskey glaze

    • Lepa on December 28, 2018

      These were subtle tasting and pretty good but they had a chewy texture that scones made with white flour don't have. They were almost cookie like. We ate them happily but they probably won't become regulars in our house.

  • Buttermilk-rye rolls

  • Lemon-oat squares

    • MLopusCook on April 10, 2020

      Needs to chill in fridge overnight before cutting and serving.

  • Tropical quinoa custard

    • Brikl on January 15, 2017

      Very sweet--and I cut the brown sugar down from 5 5/8 oz to 4 oz. I think you could substitute ground/dried ginger and mix it in with the brown sugar. Crystallized has a lot of sugar in it. I also used more milk and less cream to cut down on calories, but that may have been a bad idea. I baked it for 15 minutes longer than called for and it was still runny in the center.

  • Millet-sunflower bread

    • anya_sf on May 08, 2020

      I cooked half the millet so there wouldn't be much extra. I used oat flour instead of ground oats and hadn't realized I was out of sunflower seeds, so I substituted pumpkin seeds. Although I weighed the ingredients, the initial mixture was very dry and I was sure it would need more liquid, but after the 45 minute rest, the dough came together fine. The first rise was sluggish, the second surprisingly fast, so the loaf may have overproofed. The top was a little bumpy and spilled over the sides a bit. The finished bread was just lovely, wholesome but not heavy, and sliced neatly - great for sandwiches or toast.

  • Sprouted wheat sandwich bread

    • anya_sf on March 25, 2019

      I followed the instructions for sprouting wheat, but incorrectly at first, so by my scheduled baking day, the wheat berries just had short little sprouts, but I used them anyway. They seemed to work fine. I chopped them up very finely and the resulting texture of the bread was fairly smooth. The bread took an extra 5 minutes to bake and I didn't need to tent it with foil. It sliced neatly for sandwiches and had a pleasant whole grain flavor.

  • Rosemary-Asiago chop bread

    • anya_sf on March 19, 2019

      I made this over 2 days, refrigerating the dough after the first rise. I substituted rye flour for barley (not sure if that was the best substitute) and 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary for the 2 tsp dried. After slashing the top, the cheese didn't really show through - maybe it would work better if the top were thinner. I had trouble telling when it was done. It baked an extra 5 minutes, but could have used 5 minutes more. The texture was soft but hearty, with a prominent whole grain flavor. The rosemary was not pronounced - I'd use more next time. Still, my family enjoyed it, as it contained bit of melted cheese.

  • Rieska

    • anya_sf on March 21, 2021

      I made 1/2 recipe in a 9"x13" pan. The dough was rather difficult to spread and didn't really rise, so the baked bread was still 1/2"-3/4" high, not 1" as the head note states. Still, the nubby texture and earthy flavor were quite enjoyable, especially with butter and cheese.

  • Whole wheat challah

    • anya_sf on May 03, 2020

      I thought the weight of flour was a little light compared to the volume, especially for the whole wheat pastry flour, but I started with the weight the recipe called for. However, in order to achieve a soft, smooth dough, I had to add extra flour. My dough was sluggish to rise, but that could have been my yeast. The shaped dough definitely got puffy, but there was a lot of oven spring, so it was probably underproofed. Nevertheless, the bread was quite delicious - lightly sweet, with a soft, light texture, and nice flavor from the whole wheat.

  • The easiest 100% whole wheat bread ever

    • anya_sf on February 11, 2019

      Certainly the easiest bread dough (batter) ever. I made the mistake of running errands while this was proofing and overproofed it, so the top sank while baking. I did not need to cover the top with foil. Still, it tasted very good, especially with peanut butter and honey.

  • Cinnamon-swirl oatmeal toasting bread

    • anya_sf on September 22, 2019

      I left out the optional nuts. The dough was extremely wet and sticky. In order to knead it at all, I had to use a lot of flour and actually gave up kneading rather quickly as I didn't want to incorporate too much extra flour into the dough. Although my kitchen was warm, both the first and second rise took 2 hours. I couldn't pat the dough out to quite 24" as it tore easily. Clearly, lack of kneading affected all of this. I did not need to tent the bread with foil while baking. The texture was coarse and hearty, the oats noticeable. It did make delicious cinnamon toast, which was the whole point.

  • Cooked millet

    • anya_sf on May 08, 2020

      I made 1/2 recipe for the millet-sunflower bread. The instructions worked perfectly; the millet absorbed almost all the liquid during cooking and the rest overnight. There was a little extra, so I tried it on its own and honestly would never eat this as a side dish or breakfast cereal.

  • Apple-walnut coffeecake

    • anya_sf on January 09, 2019

      I tried this because I had KAF boiled cider on hand. I used traditional whole wheat flour and reduced the nuts by a third. The cake was dense and hearty from the whole wheat (in a good way) and pleasantly moist, with a spiced apple flavor. We enjoyed it.

  • 100% whole wheat sandwich bread

    • anya_sf on May 27, 2021

      I did not tent the bread with foil, which would have been fine except the bread took 10 extra minutes to bake, so it got quite dark. Texture was typical for 100% whole wheat, decent sandwich bread, but slightly dry and crumbly. White whole wheat flour might be nicer.

    • Skamper on March 28, 2020

      I made this in my bread machine (whole wheat setting; 1.5 lb loaf; medium crust). Used white whole wheat flour. Definitely lighter and less dense than other 100% whole wheat breads I've made. We both liked.

  • Blueberry-corn pancakes

    • anya_sf on July 25, 2022

      Maybe due to the cornmeal I used (Indian Head fine), the water did not get absorbed much, so the batter ended up rather thin, even after resting. WIth the thin batter, it was easier to make larger pancakes, so I got 7. They were very tender, bordering on fragile, with nice corn flavor, great with the berries and some maple syrup.

  • Maple-walnut bread

    • anya_sf on February 05, 2020

      I used the optional maple extract and highly recommend doing so as it really boosted the flavor. Unfortunately, the bread was pretty dry and it wasn't overbaked. We liked it best lightly toasted with butter. If I made this again, I'd substitute dried fruit for half the nuts. I actually think fresh cranberries might work well here to add some moisture without making the dough too wet.

  • Micro-brewery honey-wheat bread

    • anya_sf on February 25, 2019

      I used an IPA and reduced the honey by a third as I didn't want the bread to be too sweet. In hindsight, I should have used the full amount of honey with the IPA, or used a less bitter beer. Still, the bread was very pleasant, not too heavy, with a bit of chew from the oats. Would make again. The bread took 40 minutes to bake; I did not need to tent it with foil.

  • Hot cross buns

    • anya_sf on April 20, 2019

      I made 1/2 recipe (the recipe halves easily) using white whole wheat flour instead of traditional. I shaped the buns the night before, refrigerated overnight, then proofed and baked in the morning. The buns were not heavy, although the whole wheat was definitely noticeable. They were not very sweet or rich, so the icing was welcome. Recommended if you want a more wholesome hot cross bun.

  • Hazelnut waffles with pear compote

    • anya_sf on March 07, 2019

      I just made the waffles and served them with berry syrup. They tasted nutty and lightly sweet, but did not bake up crisp. I put them in the oven to stay warm and they did get somewhat crisp, although of course softened as soon as I put syrup on them. They tasted great with syrup, but would also be good with jam or even plain. My round waffle iron yielded 7 waffles.

  • Harvest apple pound cake

    • anya_sf on December 30, 2018

      I tried this because I had apple butter to use up. Sadly, the apple flavor didn't come through in the cake. Substituted rum for the bourbon and used vanilla and maple syrup in the icing. Used half the pecans. I didn't have whole cornmeal, so used degermed, but the cake still had a whole grain-type heaviness. Baked in a tube pan, it was already overdone after 55 minutes, so the cake was dry. I didn't like this cake enough to try it again with a shorter baking time.

  • Irish oatmeal with dried fruit and maple cream

    • anya_sf on April 20, 2020

      Good method for oatmeal. I increased the quantity by 50% for heartier servings, but used a little less dried fruit (cranberries and raisins - what I had on hand) as the recipe calls for quite a bit. Skipped the maple cream, but stirred in some maple sugar, orange zest, and cinnamon at the end.

  • Irish porridge bread

    • anya_sf on July 12, 2022

      This did not turn out quite right for me. I used leftover cooked oatmeal, 13.5 oz per the recipe note, and weighed the other ingredients. Kneaded quite a while in a stand mixer, the dough stuck to the bowl, never really cleared the sides, but wasn't super sticky to touch so I did not add more flour - figured it was due to the oats. The dough initially rose nicely, and the shaped loaf started to rise okay, but developed a crack on top, and the loaf sank as it baked. I don't think it overproofed as it hadn't been rising that long, so maybe there wasn't enough gluten to hold the shape (I did add vital wheat gluten). Still, the bread tasted good, with a nubby but sliceable texture, although a bit dense.

  • Honey-oatmeal sandwich bread

    • anya_sf on October 20, 2020

      I skipped the optional nuts. The dough took longer than indicated to rise and I ran out of time, so had to put it in the oven once it was maybe 1/2" above the pan rim. There was surprisingly little oven spring; I think the loaf should have been higher. Nevertheless, texture and flavor were both good for sandwiches and especially toast.

  • French toast fit for a king

    • anya_sf on March 30, 2019

      Creamy peanut butter worked fine. Since the bread doesn't soak long (and would fall apart if soaked longer), there was a lot of extra egg mixture; next time I'd make half. There was extra banana, too, which we had on top. My griddle is nonstick, so I didn't grease it, but the French toast stuck a little, so a bit of cooking spray would help. Very tasty and quite filling.

  • Golden malted wheat bread

    • anya_sf on January 30, 2019

      I made this because I had malted wheat flakes to use up. Easy to make, rose quickly. Wholesome wheat flavor, nubby texture from the malt flakes. Nice sandwich loaf.

  • Coconut scones

    • weyrbrat on September 07, 2018

      The flavor was excellent. My only issue with the recipe is that the batter came out too wet--more like cookie dough. I couldn't knead it, I had to pat it into shape with my bench scraper. I will try it with less of the coconut milk next time.

  • Boston brown bread

    • angrygreycat on November 04, 2018

      Made this for a Boston themed dinner today. Moist and mildly sweet dark bread. Very easy, made it in a loaf pan rather than the traditional coffee can. Mixed reviews but not because I think there was anything wrong with the recipe, just a couple people are not fans of brown bread.

  • Butter brickle biscotti

    • dwager on January 04, 2021

      This came together easily and had a good texture. I subbed chocolate chips for the toffee pieces, and it was okay but not really great. Next time I would try some different flavors for a little more spark.

  • Honey-whole wheat biscuits

    • dwager on January 10, 2021

      These were fine. They tasted good, but they didn't rise much and they weren't flaky or anything really special.

  • Rustic raspberry pie

    • dwager on November 27, 2020

      The crusts for this pie needs more liquid than you think because it soaks into the flour while it chills; be sure to use the amount called for in the recipe!

  • Dark & soft restaurant dinner rolls

    • ChefBates on December 29, 2021

      Dough is sticky, and rolls are sweeter than I expected, but tasty, light, and soft

  • Lower-fat brownies

    • cenamax on October 01, 2022

      The advice in the book to serve after they sit overnight is relevant. They do get better. Perhaps too much flour (when weighed). I will cut this slightly next time to make the brownies more gooey.

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