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Baking for All Occasions: A Treasury of Recipes for Everyday Celebrations by Flo Braker

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Notes about this book

  • nielsena on August 20, 2010

    Intricate but astounding recipes. Well written and classics with a twist.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Cheery cherry chocolate tart

    • Jane on August 19, 2012

      I couldn't make my mind up about this. The chocolate pastry was good and easier to handle than some previous chocolate doughs I have made, And it tasted fine. It just didn't look very special. If I'm going to the trouble of making a dinner-party dessert I want it to have wow factor and this really didn't. The cherries sit in a ring around the edge of the crust with three in the center. So there is a large expanse of insipid looking almond cream with flecks of cocoa nibs. A zig-zag drizzle of chocolate ganache lifted its appeal some, but not enough for me to plan repeating this.

  • Lemon-scented pull-apart coffee cake

    • jzanger on April 01, 2013

      Wow, so good. I didn't find this to be involved so much as it just takes several hours, most of which is time spent waiting for dough to rise. For a yeasted bread, this was pretty fool-proof (Flo Braker gives great instructions) and the results are very impressive. Next up, I have to try Joy The Baker's cinnamon sugar version and Deb Perelman's beer-cheese-mustard version! Also, I don't know what Flo was talking about when she mentioned EXTRA icing being put aside for something else. What extra icing?

    • Salt on July 16, 2011

      Home run. A bit involved, but worth every minute. Have also made this "orange" scented. Do not omit the cream cheese icing!

    • Zosia on May 08, 2014

      Wow! Beautiful, tender yeast-raised cake, fragrant with lemon and finished with a tangy cream cheese glaze. As previous reviewers have noted, it does take some time to make but most of it is waiting time while the dough ferments and the loaf then proofs, bakes and cools. I reduced the butter and sugar in the filling by half and used only half of the glaze. Will definitely make this again.

  • Banana-bottom pineapple-swirl cupcakes

    • ComeUndone on May 01, 2011


  • Blueberry muffins with doughnut topping

    • ComeUndone on July 08, 2010

      Best looking blueberry muffin ever. Tender crumb and great flavour too.http://www.flickr.com/photos/wscwong/4775213082/

    • micheleK on March 27, 2011

      Could probably use less topping ingredients, had quite a bit left over. Otherwise, I agree, best blueberry muffin I've made. Family loved it!

    • chawkins on June 14, 2015

      Great muffins. I used yogurt for the buttermilk. Did not make the topping and it tasted just fine, don't need all that extra fat and sugar. The topping was put on by dipping the baked muffin in melted butter and then roll in cinnamon sugar.

    • Zosia on June 23, 2017

      These were fabulous. They had great texture and flavour and a good number of blueberries in each muffin. I sprinkled the sugar and spice mixture (without the butter) on the top of the muffins before baking.

    • Lepa on October 01, 2017

      These were fantastic. I think they were the best blueberry muffins I have ever had. If I could, I would give them ten stars. I like Zosia's idea to sprinkle the topping on before baking but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing. I used cinnamon and cardamom (a listed variation) and loved the flavor combination.

    • Smokeydoke on November 09, 2017

      These are not sweet, I'm used to my muffins being sweet, they were a nice surprise. The texture is crusty on top and moist in the center, with a healthy dose of blueberries in every bite. Definitely a repeater, would be a big hit at a weekend brunch.

  • Peanut butter pound cake with coconut-date topping

    • ComeUndone on July 21, 2012

      The peanut butter pound cake has a tight crumb and sturdy texture. It is unusual that peanut butter is paired with coconut and dates but this combination is fantastic. The sweet topping was kissed by the kitchen torch to create a chewy, caramelized flavour to complement the earthiness of peanut butter cake. Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wscwong/5444020559/

    • PatriciaScarpin on April 14, 2011

      Absolutely heaven! The cake is good even without the topping - so tender! I omitted the dates and added more coconut. Yum!

  • Cinnamon bubble buns

    • ComeUndone on July 30, 2010

      Love the unusual use of sour cream in this yeast dough. Very tender. It's basically Monkey Bread. I adapted the glaze to use heavy cream and rum. So so good.http://www.flickr.com/photos/wscwong/4843866193/

    • PatriciaScarpin on March 08, 2013

      I have made these using yogurt in the dough instead of the sour cream and boy, they're delicious! Super tender. I skipped the glaze so they could be reheated. Delicious.

    • Astrid5555 on August 25, 2015

      Amazing! The dough took 30 minutes longer than stated in the recipe to rise properly and I was scared that I had done something wrong since I did not follow the instructions properly. I just mixed the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients without letting the yeast proof (mine said this was not necessary just add to the dry ingredients). After rising, the dough was a little sticky but ok to work with. When the buns baked in the oven they looked like little cinnamon flowers rising out of the muffin tins. Lovely! These will go into to regular rotation.

    • Musie on June 16, 2013

      Amazing and were gone within 24 hours. I don't often make the glazes for such things, but this time I did and I sure am glad that I did. I suggest using good quality vanilla in the glaze. I used vanilla bean paste.

  • Apricot-almond-berry buckle

    • ComeUndone on July 19, 2010

      Great balance of sweet (cake) and tart (apricot, raspberries). Crunchy almond topping was unexpected and adds complexity. Rustic dessert but excellent for casual summer meals.http://www.flickr.com/photos/wscwong/4807114801/

  • Fruit-studded cornmeal cake

    • LVautier on July 23, 2010

      I made this on a whim after I had bought a couple kilos of stoneground corn 'flour' from a local mill. I had repeatedly read that stoneground ( and fresh) cornmeal was better than regular, and this recipe taught me why. Because this is a simple cake the flavor of the corn flour ( more finely ground than meal) really shines. I think autumnal with cornmeal, but we think this cake is great with summer fruits. We do put in extra fruit than the recipe calls for. With stone fruits I put the cut side up, and sometimes I sprinkle the fruit with a bit of demarara or brown sugar. The flavor and texture really improves over time and while we really love this cake, there are only two of us, so we do actually have some after a few days. Very highly recommended.

  • Millionaire's shortbread

    • mfto on December 18, 2011

      p 108 I had no problem with the shortbread or the chocolate topping for this recipe. But the instructions for the canned sweetened milk plus butter filling did not come out well. Braker says to combine the canned milk, sugar and butter in a heavy pan and bring to a boil. Immediately turn the heat to low and stir freqently with a heat proof spatula about 7 minutes until the mixture is thickened and the color of straw. I tried to do this but at about 5 minutes the milk and butter started to separate even though I had been stirring every minute. At least it was not burning. Maybe her straw is a different color from mine. I was able to pour it over the shortbread. I must confess that I am not really a dessert person so maybe this was OK. The filling just seemed too thick.

  • Banana streusel snack cake

    • mfto on July 11, 2011

      p157 I found myself needing a quick dessert for an unexpected family dinner and since I had perfectly ripe bananas and eyb, I was able to make this delicious snack cake from ingredients in my kitchen. Since there was already a review, I felt confident that it would be delicious and it was. But like so many recipes of this type, it was even better the second day.

    • PatriciaScarpin on April 02, 2011

      The best banana cake I have ever made (and I have made quite a few). :) Just don't tell my grandma this one is better than hers. :)

    • mamacrumbcake on September 17, 2017

      This looks like banana bread, but I think it very definitely is cake. The texture is fine and tender, like cake, and it is sweeter than your average banana bread. This was a big hit—especially the streusel, which was very nice and crunchy. Because I had so many bananas, I doubled the recipe and it baked up just fine in two 9x5 loaf pans. The stated baking time is 40-50 minutes, but mine took a full hour.

  • Eggnog pound cake with crystal rum glaze

    • Salt on July 16, 2011

      Excellent, excellent holiday pound cake! Make this! Requested every holiday season and gets rave reviews.

    • PatriciaScarpin on February 01, 2012

      Delicious and beautiful! I used homemade eggnog (can't find the store-bought stuff here in Brazil) and it worked out great. I also used dried cranberries instead of raisins/currants. Really good recipe.

    • Zosia on December 20, 2017

      An annual favourite with family and friends.

    • Lepa on December 27, 2017

      This cake is a dream. The eggnog, rum and nugmeg make such a lovely flavor combination. The texture was perfect. It's even better the next day, with coffee, for breakfast. My glaze didn't look like the glaze in the picture but that didn't spoil the cake. I plan to make this every December!

  • Silver cake with poppy seeds

    • Salt on July 16, 2011

      Unbelievably great cake. Have made without the poppy seeds, also. Use this as a base cake for birthday cakes....very moist, fantastic flavor. A favorite in our house.

  • Banana-poppy seed cake

    • PatriciaScarpin on April 02, 2011

      Delish! Tender, easy to put together - a hit with my family.

    • Astrid5555 on March 01, 2013

      Excellent! Love the extra crunch from the poppy seeds.

  • Ultimate cappuccino cheesecake

    • Astrid5555 on September 06, 2015

      The title does not disappoint, this is the ultimate cheesecake for coffee lovers, tangy from the sour cream yet creamy from the cream cheese with a lovely little choclate layer in the middle. Unfortunately, despite following the recipe to the t, my cheesecake cracked big time while cooling.

  • Nancy's brown butter buttons

    • twoyolks on November 24, 2015

      These are very similar to sables in taste but with a worse, rougher texture. The brown butter flavor didn't really come through well.

  • Peanut butter crunch cake, squared

    • Zosia on June 19, 2017

      Fabulous cake and despite having 3 components (vanilla buttermilk cake, peanut butter-white chocolate ganache, peanut-sesame crunch topping) was very quick and easy to put together. I had only unsalted peanuts so added 1/2 tsp fleur de sel to the topping mixture before baking. Sweet and salt were nicely balanced though I think I would add some of the salt to the ganache next time. The cake held up really well on a hot (35C) and humid day.

  • Favorite buttermilk cake

    • Zosia on June 19, 2017

      This is a good, basic cake with a tender crumb and pleasant vanilla flavour, good as a stand-alone dessert but easily dressed up. I used it in the book's peanut butter crunch cake. I substituted cake&pastry flour for cake flour and reduced the sugar by 60g. I was very happy with the results.

    • Frogcake on June 24, 2017

      A very nice moist cake that I baked in two round pans. I used this cake as a base for a strawberry-themed cake, frosted with roasted strawberry butter cream icing, and served with fresh local strawberries and strawberry ice cream that I made last week. A nice graduation cake for my son.

  • Chocolate-chip cookie cake

    • mamacrumbcake on August 23, 2017

      This is similar to a chocolate chip pan cookie. I think that the proportion of chips and nuts to dough is ideal. I should have taken them out of the oven at 30 minutes. The recipe says 37-40 but it was too long. My cake was dry. I did make the biscotti version with half the cake. I preferred the biscotti the texture issues were not evident in that form.

  • Chocolate chip biscotti

    • mamacrumbcake on August 23, 2017

      I tried these and the chocolate chip cookie cake (same dough, different form). I prefer the biscotti to the cake version. The thinness of the biscotti and the dry crispy texture is nicer than the dryness of the cake.

  • Almond tea cake with tangerine glaze

    • Lepa on January 01, 2018

      This cake has a great texture (something I often have trouble with in cakes with almond paste) and a nice, subtle flavor of citrus and almond. It goes well with coffee or tea. It was not, however, as extraordinary as other cakes I've baked from this book. If I made it again, I'd put some tangerine zest in the cake batter to boost the citrus flavor.

  • Flourless chocolate torte

    • Lepa on January 15, 2018

      This is rich and dense and we liked the flavors: chocolate, walnut and orange. I have made other flourless chocolate cakes, however, that involve beating egg whites and result in a lighter texture and I think I prefer those.

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Reviews about this book

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Reviews about Recipes in this Book

  • ISBN 10 0811845478
  • ISBN 13 9780811845472
  • Published Oct 09 2008
  • Format Hardcover
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Chronicle Books

Publishers Text

Baking expert Flo Braker rises to the occasion with more than 200 celebration-worthy recipes for baked goods. Whether it's an impressive Dark Chocolate Custard Tart to wish someone a happy birthday, a blue ribbon-worthy batch of Fresh Mint Brownies for the annual family reunion, or an Old World Braided Coffee Cake to impress the bridge club, each recipe is custom-crafted to commemorate life's special events. Lots of introductory information on techniques and ingredients ensure that each treat will be baked to ­perfection, making this a fabulous reference for any cookbook library. Baking for All Occasions makes each day something to celebrate.

Flo Braker is the author of Sweet Miniatures and The Simple Art of Perfect Baking. She lives in Palo Alto, California.

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