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Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer

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  • Moroccan chickpea barley salad

    • consortiumlibrary on October 04, 2017

      Great concept (thank you Hank Shaw); lots of healthy fiber in a very delicious package. Too bland for us as written. Added red onion, more lemon juice, more parsley, more black pepper, subbed currants for apricots and cut amount in half, and added cumin and coriander. As adjusted, this was fabulous. Holds up well in refrigerator and can be made well ahead. Recipe makes 8 cups; serves 8-12 people.

  • Brazilian fish stew (Moqueca)

    • Jane on April 29, 2014

      Very good. I made it with swordfish. It was very quick to cook and very tasty - a great weeknight dinner.

    • chawkins on April 27, 2016

      Quite good and quick to put together. I used cod.

    • Agaillard on January 05, 2016

      Just made this with swordfish. It was really nice and tasty, but i found it to be a bit too sweet. I added a bit of stock, salt, lemon juice, and more chile flakes, then tasted just fine! I served it with sweet potato corn bread/cake, and the rice as in the recipe. I think the look of the soup is amazing, it looks very creamy, colorful and overall tempting!

  • Teriyaki chicken breasts

    • Jane on July 10, 2011

      A tasty, quick and easy everynight dinner. The breasts were very tender, having cooked very slowly in the sauce. The sauce was really well flavored once it was reduced down. I served it with sushi rice cooked with carrots and snow peas.

  • Bavarian sauerkraut

    • Cheri on October 23, 2011

      This was good, I gave it 4 stars. Served for Oktoberfest and everyone seemed to enjoy it, but no "Wow's" . Unfortunately, I did not include the juniper berries, couldn't find them - maybe that would have made a big difference. I would make this again.

  • Chicken paprikash

    • Cheri on November 05, 2011

      Used bone-in chicken thighs. This was pretty good, easy. Flavorful. Sauce was thinner than I would have liked, but flavor made up for it. I would recommend removing the chicken skin before serving, it does keep the meat moist, but seems a little slimy to serve. I used more sour cream than called for to try and thicken up the sauce. Next time add 1-2 TBSP flour to sr. cream before adding to pot. Also added a 1/2 tsp of grated ginger, which was good. Cooked the chicken for almost an hour. Served over buttered egg noodles.

    • Cheri on November 09, 2011

      We had some leftover sauced noodles (chicken was all gone), which were great leftover. Flavor was really good! Note to self, make EXTRA - leftovers are great.

  • Oven baked sweet potato fries

    • Cheri on October 21, 2011

      Used Sweet Potatoes cut up like fries. They really burned, and stuck to the sheet pan. The ones that did not burn were good, but need to be watched carefully. Only used olive oil, sugar, salt and black pepper. Flavor was good, but probably slices were too small for the time/temp called for in this recipe.

  • Pork tenderloin with figs and onions

    • Cheri on October 22, 2012

      Simple and flavorful. We liked this. I omitted the rosemary (didn't have any) and that would have offset the sweetness of the compote a bit. Overall we liked this and I would repeat next fall with more ripe figs. This dish is company worthy. I did roast the tenderloin at 350 deg. for 28 minutes to get the desired doneness. Also let the meat stand about 10 minutes before slicing. Don't skip the lemon/parsley, it really adds some nice flavor notes.

    • Cotonqueen on October 19, 2012

      Excellent flavor. Simple and deceptively tasty.

  • Blackberry cobbler

    • Cheri on August 03, 2011

      This was easy, quick and good. The lemon is a nice offset to the sweet berries and the topping is not too sweet. Used logan, boysen, black and raspberry combo.

  • Flourless lemon almond cake

    • robinorig on April 22, 2015

      Very nice recipe, especially for gluten and dairy-free with only a 1/4 cup of sugar. I substituted lemon juice for the vinegar to boost the lemon flavor. I may add lemon extract next time. Definitely needs the powdered sugar on top. Bake it in a 7 or 8" pan or it will be too flat. Would also be nice using orange peel and orange juice. Read the comments on the blog post about it, it seems like it can't possibly become light and airy before you mix in the egg whites but it loosens up as you add them in increments. Nice with fruit salad. Would probably work with drizzled chocolate over it, too.

  • Chicken and rice casserole

    • jumali on May 05, 2012

      A family favorite--I've used both wild rice blend and brown rice with success.

  • Jalapeño bread and butter pickles

    • jumali on September 20, 2011

      Everyone I know loves these--I've made 5 batches so far. I slice the chiles about 1/4 inch wide rather than leave them in halves. About 2 1/2 pounds of sliced chiles will yield 4 pints. I can't keep enough of them on hand!

  • Mushroom risotto

    • Laura on June 16, 2016

      This was simple and easy to prepare. The flavor was just ok. I probably wouldn't make it again.

  • Shell pasta with sausage and greens

    • Laura on June 12, 2012

      I had my doubts about this recipe, but because I had all of the ingredients on hand I decided to go with it. Should have listened to those doubts. This was a totally boring dish that was not satisfying on any level. It was just completely incoherent. As soon as I finish this I'm going to toss the leftovers.

  • Tomatillo chicken stew

    • Laura on July 03, 2016

      Lovely tomatillos from the farmers market resulted in my making this recipe. I served it over Texmati rice and we liked it a lot. I used 2 serrano chiles with the seeds removed and so there was some heat, but probably not as much as we prefer. The color of our stew was considerably lighter in color than the photo -- that photo looks like it must have had a lot more cumin and coriander than the recipe calls for (1 tsp each). I'd make it again.

  • Lemon chicken chickpea soup

    • Laura on February 05, 2016

      This soup was a disappointment, but I suspect that may be my fault. I used brown basmati rice rather than white and so it took twice as long to cook and I think this pretty much destroyed the lemon flavors I was expecting. In future, I'd either cook the rice separately, or eliminate it altogether and just double the chickpeas. I also made this with chicken breasts rather than thighs. Otherwise, followed the directions exactly.

    • sgump on January 17, 2016

      Quite tasty on a sub-zero January night. Had most of the ingredients on hand (with a few substitutions: chicken breasts instead of thighs; vegetable broth instead of chicken broth; carrots instead of celery [added a nice sweetness]; and ground ginger instead of fresh [though fresh would undoubtedly be tastier]); made for quite a hearty soup, and I presume the leftovers will reheat quite tastily. (UPDATE: As I'd predicted, even better reheated the next day. The turmeric loses its bitterness, and the basmati rice absorbs the flavors. Lovely, indeed!)

  • Roasted curried cauliflower

    • Laura on March 15, 2016

      Made this for dinner last night and it was very good. Perhaps not quite as good as the roasted cauliflower from Epicurious, but less work to prep and with a very satisfying result.

    • hourlongshower on October 18, 2016

      Manages to combine a few of my favorite things: easy preparation, roasted cauliflower, curried cauliflower. I would've happily eaten all of it by myself for dinner, family be damned!

  • Provençal potato salad

    • Lolliejean on August 01, 2012

      Delicious. Be cautious about adding salt as anchovies, capers and olives are all salty.

  • Kale with seaweed, sesame and ginger

    • radishseed on February 19, 2013

      I made this delicious salad with small cubes of fried tofu and chopped avocado added.

  • Tomato, cucumber, purslane salad

    • PennyG on August 06, 2013

      I got some purslane in my CSA box, did a search on EYB, found this recipe and have sought out purslane to make it ever since! Really nice and refreshing.

  • Barbecued buffalo wings

    • PennyG on January 01, 2014

      These are so good. Not a fluke - have made them three or four times now and they are awesome every time.

  • Shrimp gumbo with andouille sausage

    • PennyG on January 31, 2015

      This was great - and easy. A keeper for my family!

  • Rabbit stew with mushrooms

    • bloncosky on October 21, 2012

      This recipe produces a deep mushroom flavor and the meat turns out very tender. I will make this again in the spring with some morels and wild leeks or ramps. As a compliment/substitute for crusty bread we made celery root mashed potatoes and then baked them until brown and crispy on top.

  • Quinoa salad with black beans, corn, and tomatoes

    • lorloff on July 19, 2015

      Delicious used heirloom quinoa from Lima's organic farmer's market and fresh cilantro from the garden. Tripled the cilantro. Came together very quickly.

  • Salmon patties

    • Aggie92 on March 30, 2016

      Tasty and quick to put together. Substituted dried dill for fresh and 1/4 cup panko breadcrumbs for the slice of bread. Will definitely make again

  • Zucchini breakfast casserole

    • sarahcooks on July 23, 2012

      This is really good. I salted my zucchini and squeezed out the water, so I used the max amount of eggs, skipped the tabasco. The chunks of garden fresh tomato were so delicious. Definitely will be repeating this.

    • eliza on July 17, 2016

      I really liked this. I made a half recipe with a few changes. I used goat cheese for the ricotta and a mix of cheddar and Parmesan instead of the full amount of Parmesan. Also, I salted the zucchini and squeezed it well before adding. I didn't moisten the bread since the moisture seemed right to me. Very easy to make and tasty and will definitely make this again. A great choice for a vegetarian brunch and uses lots of zucchini.

  • Potato skins

    • Waderu on December 29, 2013

      The double baking of the potato skins made them crispy and yummy. I topped them with sautéed chopped onions, red bell peppers, a Serrano pepper and chorizo seitan, thn cheddar cheese. Big hit for the Packers-Bears game.

  • Asian coleslaw

    • TrishaCP on May 06, 2012

      A twist on regular coleslaw- prepared as a side with spicy Korean-flavored pork chops. The peanut butter-based vinaigrette is a really nice touch.

  • Blueberry pie

    • TrishaCP on March 28, 2017

      Made this with frozen berries to suit my mom's craving. The amount of cinnamon and lemon zest is amazingly flavorful and a great combination for pie. However, I didn't read the instructions carefully and baked at the higher temp the whole way through, instead of reducing the heat. Unsurprisingly, the pie was browned on top before it was quite done, so my filling was looser than it should be, and my bottom soggier. But I will definitely try this again paying more attention next time, the flavor is that good!

  • Chocolate bourbon cake

    • TrishaCP on December 20, 2014

      I made this for an office party- it isn't very sweet but the bourbon flavor is really strong (best to bake ahead of time to mellow it some). The people that liked it REALLY liked it, but most people didn't go back for seconds. I thought it was good, but I won't make it again anytime soon.

  • Irish beef stew

    • TrishaCP on March 23, 2014

      This was really delicious. The base of the stew contains stout, red wine, and Worcestershire sauce, and it made for a really flavorful broth. (Though very thin- you will need to tweak this if you like your stew to have a thicker consistency.) Subbed chicken broth for the beef broth with no problem. Adding the onions and carrots separately in the last hour of cooking also kept some nice brightness to the vegetables.

  • Curried turkey soup

    • TrishaCP on November 29, 2016

      This was a great use of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, though I would add that it tasted even better after a day or two. (In the future, I would make the soup ahead of time, and then add the leftover turkey just before serving.) I used homemade turkey stock and the "My Curry Powder" recipe (ground freshly) from "From Curries to Kebabs" by Madhur Jaffrey.

  • Corn salsa

    • TrishaCP on April 15, 2017

      Sooo good. I used frozen corn and a whole jalapeño with the seeds. The flavors are great for adding a bit more zip to frozen corn. I served this as a side salad.

  • How to make fast, no-soak beans in the pressure cooker

    • TrishaCP on January 30, 2018

      This worked well, especially waiting until the beans released under natural pressure to reduce the possibility of blowing out the beans. I cooked pinto beans that I had bought at the farmer's market (so quite fresh) under these instructions, using the minimum time of 25 minutes. I think next time I would do 30 minutes though just to get them that bit softer.

  • Hot crab dip

    • mfto on December 21, 2014

      I sometimes make this appetizer for Wigilia, the Polish Christmas Eve dinner. It is very easy and good. I use 2 cans of crab and can't imagine using expensive fresh crab in this dip. No offense to the dip, of course. I would use more heat as a personal taste. The sliced almonds added a nice crunch without overpowering the crab. I read on the blog site a reader's suggestion to add curry powder. There are probably several variations you could make.

  • Classic rack of lamb

    • nicolepellegrini on November 01, 2014

      Do not trust the cooking times given for this recipe whatsoever - unless your idea of medium-rare or even rare lamb is equivalent to bloody raw, not even blue. Had to finish my lamb rack on the stove top for it to be edible.

  • Spicy pumpkin soup

    • nicolepellegrini on March 08, 2015

      I've made this several times for holiday parties and it's always a big hit, one I get asked for the recipe all the time. I do leave out the heavy cream because I find it's rich enough with a good stock and milk. I also tend to way amp up the amount of red pepper and curry powder as well as I like it spicy.

  • How to get crispy, golden skin on your turkey

    • Ed on November 21, 2017

      Applies to chicken as well as turkey.

  • Mrs. Paxton's raw apple cake

    • Kfaber on September 25, 2014

      Delicious and super moist from the apples and coconut. Grapeseed oil was an interesting addition as well.

  • Honey mustard chicken

    • Kfaber on September 25, 2014

      This recipe couldn't be easier or tastier- a family favorite. Served it with a side of noodles that we topped with the extra sauce.

    • Foodfann on August 21, 2013

      This is delicious and extremely easy! I do not have much experience cooking chicken and this seemed foolproof. It makes a lot of tasty sauce that we ate over potatoes.

    • joyous on May 07, 2014

      3/2/14 Delicious. Tasty and easy. Cooked at 400 degrees because I was roasting potatoes and veggies and the chicken burned a bit by 45 min so either cook at 350 like the recipe says or take out earlier.

  • Roasted spaghetti squash with sausage and kale

    • Kfaber on October 04, 2014

      Really good flavorful dish - very light too

  • Panko-crusted salmon

    • eliza on February 18, 2016

      This was delicious! I used Maille Dijon mustard and whole wheat panko. I also omitted the parsley and paprika. Very easy and fast to prepare, made a very nice weeknight dinner with some steamed broccoli. I used some of my garden tomatoes to make a light tomato sauce to serve with it.

  • Slow cooker Mexican pulled pork

    • eliza on May 11, 2015

      This was easy and turned out well. Had to cook for about 9 hrs in my older slow cooker. I do like the pulled pork recipe from the kitchn a little better however, so will probably make that one in future.

    • kath on November 21, 2013

      This is amazingly good! I used the pork for tacos with avocado slices, cilantro, pickled onions and radish slices.

  • Slow cooker Moroccan chicken

    • eliza on December 06, 2015

      This was basically a fail for me due to the lemon. Sliced lemon added a bitter taste, and I'm glad I had cut it back a bit. If I make again I will sauté the onions lightly first (I prefer onions fully softened which didn't happen here). Also, no sliced lemon, just the juice. It took 3 hours in my slow cooker on high and I cut each of my chicken thighs in half since they were on the larger side. Good texture on the chicken; not overcooked, but probably won't be making again.

  • Chocolate gingerbread cookies

    • eliza on November 11, 2016

      These cookies were good being quite spicy with the chocolate chips and cocoa to compliment the spice. It's a soft cookie that keeps well for a few days in a tin. I substituted allspice for the black pepper.

  • Chocolate zucchini cake

    • krobbins426 on January 01, 2012

      Awesome cake. It really is a nice light chocolate cake. You cannot taste the zucchini in the final product.

  • Pumpkin biscotti

    • krobbins426 on December 04, 2011

      A little plain, but easy to make. Remember to grease hands when working with dough.

  • Shrimp cakes

    • krobbins426 on January 03, 2014

      Used food processor to blend everything. Didn't have cilantro but still very good. Eaten up by both kids!

  • Chocolate zucchini bread

    • krobbins426 on July 05, 2014

      Love this! Uses a ton of zucchini.

  • Strawberry watermelon agua fresca

    • adrienneyoung on July 02, 2013

      Only ok when compared to her cucumber mint agua fresca.

  • Cucumber lime mint agua fresca

    • adrienneyoung on June 24, 2013

      Made as written: just delicious on a sweltering evening. There is something about cucumbers on a hot, hot day, yes?

  • Smoked paprika roasted chicken

    • sir_ken_g on June 30, 2017

      Excellent. Made it with cornish game hen on the smoker. No smoke except from the paprika.

  • Hamburger stroganoff

    • Grywhp on March 11, 2013

      Solid weeknight stroganoff. Used smoked hot paprika and doubled the recommended amount. Also recommend using some pasta water to thin the sauce out a bit. Will put this one in the rotation.

  • Apple almond cranberry pie

    • Thredbende on August 25, 2013

      This is a wonderful dessert with crunch, lots of different flavors and colors, and the surprise factor of luscious almond paste. I made it as written with frozen freezer burned cranberries and frozen apples with a fabulous end product.

  • Baked ziti

    • ssdrabek on September 07, 2011

      total comfort food and YUMMY!!! will make again!

  • Easy black beans and rice

    • ssdrabek on September 26, 2011

      boring nothing special....too many other good ones out there

  • Pork tenderloin with apples

    • ssdrabek on September 19, 2011

      Yumm!! Only disappointment was that it needed to bake longer, next time I need to bake for 25 minutes!! Very good with the apples, every my husband was surprised!! Will do again!! and AGAIN!

  • Roast chicken with grapes

    • ssdrabek on September 26, 2011

      Yum, really moist and delicious! Roasted carrots along with it!

  • Roasted cauliflower

    • ssdrabek on September 19, 2011

      Very tasty, one of the best ways we like to eat our cauliflower!! Will make again and again!

  • Scalloped potatoes

    • ssdrabek on September 01, 2011

      Everyone loved this and asked me to make it again! Made for marriage group 2011. A keeper!!

  • Mexican three bean salad

    • Krisage on July 29, 2017

      Nice! Made with kidney, in lieu of black beans. And reduced sugar to 3 T. Might try 2 next time.

  • Pressure cooker Indian spinach and tofu (Saag tofu)

    • Krisage on March 23, 2018

      Yum! Subbed fresh kale for spinach, and baked tofu for 42 minutes in 350 oven. Used coconut oil to saute onions. Also used most of cream from can of coconut milk (3/4-1 cup), rather than just 1/4 cup.

  • Banana nut muffins

    • aeader on November 30, 2014

      These were great, not too sweet and a nice texture. Skipped the espresso/coffee and substituted 1/2 c whole wheat pastry flour for 1/2 c of the AP flour. Added a pinch of nutmeg. Baked in mini-muffin pan for 15 min. Decreased oven temp to 325 since I was using a dark non-stick pan. Greased the pan with a little melted butter instead of using paper liners. Next time I would toast the walnuts and maybe add some ground flax seed.

    • hourlongshower on October 18, 2016

      I use this and her banana bread recipes pretty interchangeably and find it to be the perfect blank slate recipe to experiment with. Things I've done that have turned out well: chocolate chips, peanut butter swirl, nutella swirl, almond extract instead of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and/or cardamom, increasing/decreasing sugar by 1/4 cup based on banana ripeness. Things that haven't worked well: shredded coconut (didn't effect texture or taste much), lemon zest (added a bitter note)

  • Stir fry ginger beef

    • aeader on April 10, 2016

      Very good, quick and easy weeknight dinner. Great flavor even though I only left the beef in the marinade for 30 min. Left out the chiles and it was just the right level of heat for us.. Served with steamed rice and green beans.

  • Tarragon tuna melt

    • spharo00 on January 27, 2013

      I absolutely love this recipe. The tuna melt itself is amazing, but a lot of times I will make the tuna and eat it cold on toasted bread. The lemon adds such a nice, tart flavor. I usually leave off the tomato, but I've also made this without green onion and parsley and it is still amazing. It doesn't get better than this.

  • White bean and ham soup

    • spharo00 on March 16, 2012

      This soup was very flavorful. The ham broth was delicious. I did soak the beans overnight instead of doing a two-hour quick soak.

  • Simple cooked tomato salsa

    • shastamarie on March 13, 2012

      Easy to make but too salty. I added a little sugar and that did help. Next time I'll use less salt than the recipe calls for. Will definitely make this again!

  • Roast turkey breast with roasted garlic gravy

    • Bloominanglophile on December 30, 2015

      These recipes (both for the turkey and the gravy) made for a wonderful main dish on Christmas Day. I did give the turkey the Zuni treatment, so combined the herbs and pepper with the salt and dry brined the turkey overnight. My family loved the flavor the thyme and sage gave to the turkey. I didn't grow up loving gravy--wasn't really my mom's thing, but I LOVED this one (must be all the garlic in it). Really nice to finally have a good recipe that I can fall back on in the future. I did start the gravy (roasted some turkey bones and the garlic and made the stock) the day before, and will always try to do this in the future--takes some pressure off of the big day! I may also see if I can remove the turkey breast skin before the turkey rests--it was so beautiful coming out of the oven, but of course got soggy upon resting. Minor complaint, though. I was really pleased with this recipe!

  • Corned beef and cabbage

    • chawkins on March 16, 2014

      Wanting to try something different, I opted for the baked version. You're supposed to boil the beef in two changes of water before baking, However, I did not read the instructions carefully, so for the first boil, I just dunked the beef in boiling water until it reboiled again. For the second boil, I did it right with the beef in the cold water to start the boiling process. The resulting corned beef had a texture different from the boiled method, we both liked this texture better, but the corned beef itself was saltier than boiled method, don't know if it was due to my mistake in the pre-boil or it is just the nature of the baked method.

  • Broccoli salad

    • sturlington on July 24, 2016

      Also a good recipe to use for broccoli slaw.

  • Cheesy bread

    • sturlington on January 01, 2016

      Made for New Year's Eve. A crowd pleaser.

  • New potato salad with sour cream and dill

    • sturlington on December 21, 2015

      Made this for a party. It's a good wintry take on potato salad. Simple to make. Everyone enjoyed it.

  • Zucchini bread

    • Yildiz100 on July 24, 2017

      So good. Surprisingly sweet despite having less sugar than most recipes. Makes two smallish loaves. They were done a bit earlier than indicated (45 minutes.) I used both the optional ingredients (raisins and pecans) but only half a cup of each. This was just right. Note for future reference: 800 ml shredded zucchini equals approximately 1.25 large zucchini.

  • Smoked salmon, dill, and goat cheese quiche

    • hillsboroks on March 14, 2016

      Great combination of flavors! I used dried dill and it worked just fine. Beware it makes a LOT of filling. My pie crust in a 9" pie shrank quite a bit even though I prebaked it with weights in it first so I ended up with another 9" crustless quiche along with the 9" quiche with a crust. Next time I will use my deep dish pie pan.

  • Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus

    • bktravels on March 08, 2018

      The lemon zest and parmesan make this recipe particularly tasty.

  • Baked shrimp with tomatillos

    • Margaretsmall on April 26, 2014

      Had a bumper crop of tomatillos, all from two plants. Wanted something other than salsa, found this one online, had some frozen prawns. Surprisingly delicious.

  • Lamb korma

    • Purplewhiz on July 04, 2013

      Spices turned out lovely and fragrant. Yogurt made it slightly sour.

  • Pasta with tuna and tomato sauce

    • Nancith on August 12, 2016

      An easy dinner, & a nice change from the ubiquitous tuna noodle casserole. Especially like the ricotta added to the sauce. Unfortunately had to used dried basil, which was fine, but I think the fresh basil that's called for would be an improvement. Could also benefit from some wine added to the tomato sauce for a little more depth of flavor.

  • Panko crusted pork tenderloin with Dijon cream sauce

    • Rinshin on April 22, 2018

      For my taste this was bland and thought it was a waste of panko. The buttermilk marinade was bland and the sauce too was very bland. On the positive note, pork was very tender using buttermilk marinade and baked to 145 F internal temperature.

    • stef on April 19, 2018

      This is a nice way to prepare pork tenderloin. I have made it often.

    • sldoug on April 27, 2015

      Made April, 2015. Screwed up the marinade (forgot everything but the buttermilk until the very last minute) and only marinated for an hour, but still, it was so good! I am not a huge fan of Dijon, but the cream sauce was perfectly seasoned and such a great accompaniment to the crunchy pork. Toasting the panko ahead of time was an excellent way to keep it crunchy and improve browning. This was a hit with my family.

    • sldoug on December 13, 2015

      Made again December 2015. For future reference, when making two tenderloins I should just 1.5 the recipe. Don't need to double it.

    • sldoug on February 28, 2016

      Made again February 2016. I couldn't measure the temp but my tenderloins were pretty big and even at 45 minutes it was a bit less done than I might have preferred. Also, one tenderloin is really enough for my family (and an entire second tenderloin of leftovers is a bit much).

  • Pumpkin waffles

    • MiChal.626 on November 23, 2014

      Not a lot of pumpkin flavor

  • Boursin stuffed mushrooms

    • Alro9 on June 03, 2014

      I used a soft goats cheese with herbs rather than boursin. I thought the time in the oven seemed a bit short so I increased by 5mins, and used a griddle pan in the oven. Delicious with a Kale salad and some roasted cauliflower.

  • Roasted kabocha squash soup

    • macfadden on September 25, 2016

      This was a nice, creamy soup, no dairy required. Watch the salt, though. If your broth is already salty 2 more teaspoons will be overwhelming. The squash got quite dried out in the oven and by the end of the roasting time I think it might have been burned rather than "caramelized" as in the directions, so I took it out early. I added some red pepper flakes and served it with a large dollop of cucumber yogurt sauce. And I used vegetable broth rather than chicken stock to keep it vegetarian.

    • hourlongshower on October 17, 2016

      Ours was not the largest, ripest squash, so the savory flavors stood out more. The adults of the house loved it and licked the platter clean. The child was not a big fan. I froze 28 oz in mason jars for after the baby comes. We'll see how it does.

  • Cheesy crustless quiche

    • dawnelizabethtaylor on February 04, 2015

      sautéed onion in the butter then made into roux etc. used crème fraiche (as I needed to) instead of cream cheese - other ingreds as recipe - no bacon and used oregano. baked in 6 x giant silicone muffin cases. really moist. going to re-heat for this eve tea too... will make again - so surprised what the 'béchamel' does...!!

  • Peppermint bark

    • Barb_N on December 24, 2016

      No time for baking but in need of a homemade gift? This is a snap, impossible to mess up, and a favorite holiday flavor. The hardest part is crushing the candy to the right size pieces. I sifted out the powder then picked the largest pieces out before dropping them on the melted chocolate.

  • Shrimp fried rice

    • stef on March 28, 2018

      Very nicely spiced and quick recipe. Dh says definitely a repeat

  • Buffalo chicken dip

    • babyfork on February 09, 2017

      I changed this recipe as for me Buffalo wings mean blue cheese always. I used about a cup of shredded sharp cheddar and about a half cup of crumbled triple cream blue. I didn't use fresh garlic and omitted the dried parsley and dill and added a half teaspoon each of onion powder and garlic powder. I poached 2 chicken breasts and shredded those for the meat. I love cilantro, but again...doesn't seem to go with Buffalo chicken. Just sprinkled smoked paprika and black pepper on top before baking. Served with celery sticks, carrots, and crackers. I like the celery best with the dip because it's like a whole Buffalo wing experience in one bite. People love this! Perfect Super Bowl party food.

  • Baby bok choy with cashews

    • wittwoman on April 10, 2016

      We didn't have quite enough bok choy, so we added swiss chard. Separated both into stems and leaves. Cooked stems first and then added leaves. Surprisingly good flavor. Very simple.

  • Curry rice salad

    • wittwoman on April 10, 2016

      We follow directions for oven-baked brown rice from The New Best Recipe (Cooks Illustrated). This salad gets better with time. Good cold or warm. Sometimes we make extra curried onion sauce.

  • Blackberry pie

    • sldoug on October 04, 2015

      Made October 2015. Followed the recipe except doubled the lemon juice since I had no zest and added a pinch of salt. Used about about 5.5 cups berries (4 farmers market pints) with .75 cup sugar. Next time I'd up the sugar a bit, maybe just a couple more tablespoons. I used an egg wash on the crust (Smitten Kitchen's all butter crust) and didn't need to cover it during an hour of baking. However, next time I'd bake it a bit longer, maybe another 15 minutes. It made a good pie! Just the right berry ratio.

    • sldoug on July 16, 2016

      I used the berry portion of this recipe in a galette crust and it turned out well. The berries didn't fully cover the bottom of the crust, but once they cooked down, it was perfect. Once again I didn't love the amount of sugar, it seemed like the recipe needed more (this time I used 5 cups of berries and .75 cup sugar. I'm wondering if what I'm missing is something to make the berry flavor a bit more complex, like the addition of some raspberries?

  • Summer minestrone soup

    • sldoug on August 10, 2015

      Made for dinner with garlic bread on 8/2/15. I mostly doubled the recipe and used tiny star pasta instead of ditalini, plus a half cup of pesto added at the end (from http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/summer-minestrone-soup). It was pretty tasty but I would have liked more beans since they were really lost in all the veggies. Everyone in my family liked it though, even my kids.

  • Persimmon pomegranate fruit salad

    • tmitra on October 22, 2017

      I added Bosc pears. This was a fine, simple fall fruit salad but nothing special.

  • Arroz con pollo

    • hourlongshower on September 07, 2017

      Works really well in the instant pot. I follow the recipe up until the "mix ingredients in a bowl and pour over" I just mix the sauce in the pot and put the thighs in then lock the pot and hit "chicken" Comes out better and more even than on the stove top or the oven.

  • Black bean burrito bowl

    • hourlongshower on November 02, 2016

      This is my favorite "nothing in the house" or "can't be bothered to cook" meal! When I'm feeling ambitious, I make the rice interesting by throwing some spices or half a lemon in, when I'm not it's plain rice. I don't measure the spices in the beans and just eye-ball and serve with whatever toppings I've got on hand. I can usually scrape together some cheddar, yogurt, and prepped salsa. Sometimes I toss in some roasted vegetables, fresh salsa, or guac. Even the 4 year old loves it!

  • Slow cooker chicken rice casserole

    • hourlongshower on October 11, 2016

      I made this as written today. The flavor base is super tasty, but there was not enough liquid to cook all the rice through. The bottom was mushy and the top was crunchy while the chicken was not cooked through. Elyse does note that ceramic slowcookers would require more time and to check the liquids at about halfway through, but I've never had this particular set of problems from my slowcooker before. If I were to make it again, I'd add an extra cup of liquid and set the cooker for upwards of 3 hours on high.

  • Turkey meatloaf

    • debriser on March 28, 2018

      I used 1# ground turkey and 1/2# ground sirloin. Instead of bread, I used 1/3 ground flax meal.

  • Pumpkin gingerbread

    • StoicLoofah on November 04, 2017

      it mostly tasted like gingerbread. no complaints

  • Pasta with tomato, spinach, basil, and Brie

    • StoicLoofah on August 07, 2017

      The brie is pretty light. Mix in the spinach sooner or when it's REALLY hot because it won't wilt much about it. Perhaps throw it into the pasta water just before draining? There ends up being a lot of liquid at the bottom of the dish to deal with. I forgot the olive oil when I made it, and it actually ended up fine, so you might be ablet o skip that.

  • Joe’s special (Scrambled eggs with spinach, beef, and mushrooms)

    • StoicLoofah on June 10, 2017

      Proportions are off because it was cooked for 2. There's a lot of meat in this recipe. Might scale that back. Otherwise, we liked it.

  • Chocolate chip pumpkin bread

    • StoicLoofah on November 04, 2017

      doesn't work well in a 9x5.

  • Morning glory muffins

    • StoicLoofah on April 12, 2018

      Nice recipe. It's the carrot cake of breakfast. Had a little difficulty with sticking, but using a stiff plastic knife worked well with prying them out

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