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How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food by Mark Bittman

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Notes about this book

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Carrot salad

    • lorloff on September 08, 2011

      To make fresh grated carrot salad uncooked. Use seasonings from this recipe. Grate raw carrots. Add one glove pressed garlic. Use Spanish paprika, chipotle ground chili, fresh ground cumin. Add orange flavored balsamic, orange extract. Good fruity olive oil

  • Cucumber salad with sour cream

    • Dannausc on August 09, 2018

      Good and refreshing

  • Cucumber salad with soy and ginger

    • Dannausc on August 09, 2018

      Easy and tasty

  • Raw beet salad with carrot and ginger

    • krobbins426 on July 13, 2011

      Super simple, but loads of flavor. And so pretty.

  • Cherry tomato salad with soy sauce

    • Queezle_Sister on October 12, 2014

      This was a nice change of pace, but it didn't do anything to enhance our perfectly ripe tomatoes. In the notes above the recipe, Mark Bittman says this is a good way to prepare winter grape tomatoes. I recommend saving this recipe for those (relatively tasteless morsels) and save your seasonal peak tomatoes for something better.

  • Corn salad

    • MMarlean on July 31, 2010

      7-25-10 - Rave reviews! Served with fish tacos. Would go well with any barbeque. Definitely will make again... soon! Jon would like a different combination of spices on the fish. Thought it was too much chile powder, but when added to the taco filling, it toned it down.

  • Mushroom salad Italian-American style

    • Aggie92 on July 03, 2013

      Delicious. I used cremini mushrooms and left the small ones whole and cut the larger ones into chunks. They shrunk quite a bit during cooking, so one pound of mushrooms made enough salad for only 2 people. I will definitely make this again.

  • Marinated garden vegetables

    • rodillagra on May 06, 2012

      Added a little bit more vinegar than the recipe called for but then I do like vinegar a lot.

  • Warm chickpea salad with arugula

    • macfadden on April 14, 2016

      If you look at the recipe and worry that the arugula is not dressed with any oil or vinegar (it all goes on the chickpeas), your concerns are well founded. It pretty much tasted like dry arugula interrupted by an overwhelming quantity of raw onions. Even when I added some olive oil to the greens, it was not good.

  • Black bean and pan-roasted corn salad

    • Snadra on November 03, 2011

      The toasted corn and black beans really do work well together, although I would have been happier if I had cooked the black beans a little more. Adding avocado and mild Danish feta made it a great meal inside warm flour tortillas. The amount of lime juice needs to be adjusted to suit taste and the acidity of the limes. We halved the recipe and it made too much for two people.

  • Lemony lentil salad

    • Snadra on November 03, 2011

      A simple,to make dish - we ate it with sausages and green salad, but it would be good as part of a mixed salad plate, as the lentils are quite satisfying. It was best a day or two after making.

    • jaelsne on June 29, 2013

      This a perfectly simple and perfectly delicious recipe for our lemon-loving family.

  • Wild rice salad with cucumber and yogurt

    • love2laf on February 11, 2010

      So rich and creamy tasting, it's astonishing that it's made with just yogurt and a bit of oil. Curious now to try the barley version.

  • Orzo salad, Greek style

    • Wlow on August 12, 2016

      Used picholine olives instead of black and didn't use the full amount of fresh herbs, and it was definitely lacking. But played with leftovers — pleasant with other things for lunch.

  • Glazed carrots with garlic, Tequila, and lime

    • michalow on January 05, 2013

      Although this recipe is actually for a soup, I've never made it that far. The glazed carrots themselves are far too addictive and delicious to carry on with the extra steps of simmering and pureeing.

  • Potato and leek soup

    • CRCarroll6 on December 26, 2011

      Made this for dinner... added a poblano pepper, corn and a splash of soy. In true Mark Bittman style, this recipe is the perfect base to make into whatever you are in the mood for. I would definately use this recipe again as a blank canvas to create a master piece out of.

  • Spanish-style plantain stew

    • michalow on January 05, 2013

      The paprika called for here should be smoked.

  • Tomato soup

    • debnharold on September 23, 2012

      for the cream of tomato soup, used homemade almond milk (and olive oil) to keep it vegan - still was really good. immersion blender didn't really work - ended up sending through a fool mill (the soup was really smooth but left with a lot of "stuff" in the mill -- might try the blender next time).

  • Black bean soup

    • Wlow on November 16, 2018

      Great soup with rich bean flavor using Rancho Gordo “Midnight“ black beans and bean cooking liquid instead of vegetable broth or water. Used approximation of Mark Bittman’s chili powder recipe from same cookbook, using ground spices. Served with lime juice on the side, instead of mixed in.

  • Brazilian-style black bean soup

    • Wlow on November 16, 2018

      Great soup with Rancho Gordo “Midnight” black beans and bean cooking broth instead of vegetable broth or water.

  • French-style lentil soup with sorrel

    • emiliang on May 18, 2014

      Delicious. Great way to welcome the opening of the farmers market season in the Midwest. A small bunch of sorrel (~ 1/4 lb) is sufficient for this recipe. Didn't have time to make vegetable broth from scratch, so I just used one vegetable bouillon cube. Serve with some good bread, and this is a hearty dinner.

  • Lentil soup with coconut

    • JJacks on September 08, 2013

      I wasn't able to find fresh curry leaves so I used fresh cilantro, which worked quite well

  • Smooth chickpea soup

    • teresacooks on November 23, 2014

      my family was indifferent to negative about this soup. It was super boring.

  • Kimchi soup with tofu

    • krobbins426 on February 08, 2012

      We pureed this when I hurt my jaw and it was quite good and filling due to the rice and tofu. I'm very curious to try this as written.

  • Gazpacho

    • Londonyankee on May 23, 2018

      My favorite gazpacho. I don’t use as much cucumber as listed (personal preference).

  • Hard-cooked eggs in quick tomato curry sauce

    • wodtke on May 15, 2014

      I made this recipe from a recent NY Times Magazine, but it is the same as in the book. It is really delicious and easy. It has what I consider to be the occasional Bittman magic, where some rather simple and routine-seeming ingredients somehow combine deliciously -- in this case, the secret lies in the way the hard-cooked eggs blend with the curry to create interesting texture and flavor. I am not a huge Bittman fan, but he does hit it out of the park sometimes.

  • Everyday pancakes

    • CRCarroll6 on February 27, 2011

      I made the vegan version of the Everyday Pancake with walnut flour & they were fantastic.

  • Light and fluffy pancakes

    • michalow on February 23, 2019

      Cute and puffy little pancakes. It's a bit difficult to know when they have cooked through, as they retain some sponginess due to the whipped egg whites. I made the lemon poppyseed variation, which didn't taste particularly lemony but had a fun combination of textures. A little under salted -- will use a more generous "dash" next time.

  • Cottage cheese and sour cream pancakes

    • damazinah on December 26, 2015

      These were incredibly good - rich, moist, tangy - despite my efforts to ruin them! I was in a hurry, didn't read the recipe carefully, and ended up adding the whole eggs to the batter rather than whipping the whites separately. They still came out great, and I will definitely keep them in my rotation (making them correctly next time :-)

  • Lemon-poppy seed pancakes

    • michalow on February 23, 2019

      Lemon flavor doesn't come through very strongly, but the crunch of the poppy seeds in the fluffy pancakes is quite nice.

  • Pumpkin waffles with maple cream cheese sauce

    • trmarvin on November 13, 2017

      Really wonderful. I made the version with sweet potato instead of pumpkin and it had a subtle, delicate flavor. I made the cream cheese with neufchâtel to lighten it up. With that plus a drizzle of maple syrup, a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, and some crushed pecans: big level up on ordinary Sunday waffles.

  • Squash enchiladas

    • michalow on December 15, 2012

      Needs a sauce to make them enchiladas. Simplest enchilada sauce recipes from this book are: Red: http://www.eatyourbooks.com/library/recipes/169499/red-enchilada-sauce Green: http://www.eatyourbooks.com/library/recipes/169505/green-enchilada-sauce

  • Sweet potato enchiladas

    • michalow on December 15, 2012

      Needs a sauce. Simplest options from this book are: Red: http://www.eatyourbooks.com/library/recipes/169499/red-enchilada-sauce Green: http://www.eatyourbooks.com/library/recipes/169505/green-enchilada-sauce

  • Crunchy corn guacamole

    • sarahawker on March 15, 2015

      This guacamole is worth the extra effort. Fantastic and a bit unusual. Even my non-veggie eater loves this.

  • Beets with pistachio butter

    • Emily Hope on December 03, 2010

      This one was a disappointment, especially because I love the idea of nut butters and veg together... The pistachio butter was bland, and I wonder if a neutral oil is really the way to go rather than olive or pistachio oil. I added quite a bit of lemon juice to the pistachio butter and to the beets which helped to perk things up, but even so the dish was not worth the effort (or the extra calories), especially since we had to shell a cup's worth of pistachios! To be fair, I used raw garlic in the pistachio butter rather than sauteing it, although I'm not sure how much difference that would have made. Oh well. I'd still like to try the variation with roasted carrots and walnut butter.

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with garlic

    • kimslist on September 13, 2010

      If you love Brussels sprouts, there's no better way to bring out and complement their flavor. If you're not a fan yet, be prepared to be surprised.

    • lorloff on January 25, 2016

      Excellent added mushrooms and fresh thyme

  • Cabbage with tomatoes and sour cream

    • Aggie92 on March 27, 2013

      Really good winter recipe. I used a half of a green cabbage along with a can of drained, petite diced tomatoes and kept the rest of the measurements the same.

  • Roasted cauliflower, Manchurian style

    • Hawley on October 28, 2014

      This was a tasty way to spice up roasted cauliflower. I used chili sauce (one jar equaled a cup) because I had some to use and was low on catsup. Would make again.

  • Chard with oranges and shallots

    • michalow on July 08, 2017

      Delicious, and a nice departure from my usual approaches to cooking greens. I love that the orange peel is included here, but I did find it to be a little too much -- I think next time I'll use the peel from only about half the orange. I used half the recommended sugar and that seemed plenty. Also reduced the vinegar a bit and added it at the end, so it had a chance to mingle more with the greens instead of being taken up by the oranges and shallots.

  • Corn pancakes, Thai style

    • Emily Hope on November 18, 2010

      Easy and tasty, fun new use for corn. Made with a side sauce of cukes and onion in sweet chili sauce (as for Tod Mun).

  • Eggplant slices with garlic and parsley

    • Larkspur on October 23, 2016

      Simple but very creamy and delicious

  • Braised escarole

    • Cheri on January 22, 2010

      Added sauted onions, finished with browned bread crumbs, omitted lemon juice. I like this quite well. R did not like onions.

  • Pan-cooked mushrooms, dry style

    • Hannaha100 on November 02, 2017

      Made in advance for a brunch. Lovely. Needs watching but total time not too long.

  • Crisp panfried potatoes with onions

    • Dannausc on January 28, 2018

      Good and easy. I think this was my first time making home fries.

  • Spinach with chiles and coconut milk

    • Hannaha100 on November 26, 2016

      Made this to use up leftover coconut milk and spinach, and we liked it! (I did skip the garlic as I always do). De-stemming the spinach took much longer than I expected but I don't think it really needed 30 minutes to cook. Can add other greens.

    • krobbins426 on July 03, 2011

      It might be because I added mushrooms that were going to go bad to this, but it came out incredibly oily. Garlic overpowered the coconut taste.

  • Butternut squash, braised and glazed

    • Dannausc on February 03, 2018

      Good; fairly quick and easy.

  • Butternut squash, Thai style

    • lorloff on December 30, 2016

      The coconut milk and peanut butter sauce with ginger and chiles we grew in the garden worked brilliantly. A great dish. It took a bit longer than 15 minutes to bring the squash to just cooked through in the first part of the cooking. Worth the time peeling and chopping the winter squash from the farmers market. This is a keeper. look forward to trying the other renditions of this dish.

  • Panfried pumpkin with cranberries and pistachios

    • Hawley on October 31, 2015

      Wanted to like this but it was too sour. Like cranberry sauce it probably needed a hefty adddition of sugar.

  • Tomato cobbler with extra corny topping

  • Stir-fried vegetables, Vietnamese style

    • Wlow on December 09, 2013

      Tried this with plain tamari not dipping sauce sub-recipe, which would be worth trying. Sliced onions in wings, Chinese style, since type of slicing wasn't clear.

  • Celery and leek gratin

    • soleilune on March 19, 2012

      Not amazing. It was a bit too eggy. I wouldn't make it again.

  • Beet pancakes

    • krobbins426 on April 24, 2013

      I used this recipe as a base and edited as follows: 1 inch grated ginger, zest of one orange. Omit butter and replace with 1 tbs sesame oil and 1 tbs peanut oil. I served with an Umeboshi Vinegraitte and a sautee of beet greens, edamame, peas, and scallions.

  • Creamy orzo with almond butter

    • sackton_family on April 11, 2015

      Did not have almond milk so substituted 1/4 cup cream and 1/4 tsp almond extract.

  • Baked ziti with ricotta

    • Cheri on February 11, 2012

      Added zucchini. This was bland, easy to make. Needed some salt and more zip. Recipe makes a lot.

  • Baked macaroni and cheese

    • KissTheCook on April 04, 2018

      The recipe does work and I think your choice of cheese is key. I used Woodriver Creamery's "Fusion of Cheddar & Gruyere" along with the parmesan and it was not "cheesy" enough for me. Next time I will try a cheddar and if I have time, I will saute the bread crumbs in butter first. His 45 minutes prep time is bang on, but be mindful it is hands-on.

  • Creamy potatoes with eggplant and cheese

    • Locavore on July 25, 2015

      Takes about an hour to prep and get into the oven, plus 45 minutes to bake. My sauce didn't go together very well, and the egg kind of cooked on its own. It wasn't pretty, but it tasted good. I would not take this to a party, and I definitely wouldn't make it on a weeknight. I peeled the potatoes and cut them into evenly sized pieces before boiling.

  • Spicy coconut rice

    • vinochic on July 16, 2015

      Made with brown rice. Didn't add garlic but did add some green onions at the end and a splash of lime. Pretty tasty, but the texture was a bit gummy.

  • Risotto with lemon

    • damazinah on June 16, 2016

      Quite good. The lemon adds a bright note that sets this recipe apart from your basic risotto. I had some asparagus I needed to use, so I cut it into bite-size pieces & stirred it with the last addition of broth.

  • Fried rice, with or without egg

    • Waderu on January 01, 2014

      I made a version of this tonight - calling it Mexasian Fried Rice. This book gives a great basic recipe to build upon. I used leftover enchilada filling of sautéed chorizo seitan, peppers and onions, left over brown rice, eggs and spinach...plus leftover white wine, jarred minced ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. The guys wrapped it up in whole wheat tortillas. I ate it in a bowl with some siracha. Everyone liked it - had seconds! Crazy start to the new year!

  • Pearl couscous "risotto" with butternut squash

    • CRCarroll6 on December 26, 2011

      Had this with leeks. It was fantastic.

  • Bulgur pilaf with green beans and soy sauce

    • dianev on September 18, 2015

      Good but add the green beans just near the end or they overcook.

  • Bulgur chili with beans

    • Dannausc on January 28, 2018

      Pretty decent.

  • Quinoa with caramelized leeks

    • Cheri on June 16, 2011

      Combined this with the roasted corn (same page), and chopped fresh thyme. Excellent. Served with steamed fresh zucchini and grilled tenderloins.

  • Hominy baked with chile, cheese, and tomatoes

    • michalow on January 04, 2013

      Recipe suggests cheddar or jack; poblano or red bell pepper.

  • Kidney beans with pears and wine

    • krobbins426 on March 11, 2013

      This was super easy and my family loved it. Used sweet onions instead of shallot. I served with some roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips with rosemary. I liked the pears with white wine variation better than the apples and sherry.

  • Simplest dal

    • Tiganna on May 10, 2018

      Not a complete success. Maybe I added too much ginger? Or the split yellow lentils, which I substituted as he suggested, were too old? Will try a different Dal recipe next time...

  • Mung bean dal with apples, coconut, and mint

    • michalow on January 05, 2013

      Very different from how I would usually treat mung beans. Bright, a bit sweet, unexpected flavors. Very pleasant but just for one meal...I'm not particularly interested in leftovers. That's okay, because this freezes well so I can return to it when I'm ready.

  • Mixed whole-bean dal with cabbage and walnuts

    • Hawley on January 22, 2014

      This was surprisingly easy to make with already-cooked beans. It was tasty and would make again.

  • Chili non carne

    • JKDLady on October 17, 2012

      Used more beans and tomatoes. Doubled the spices and topped with sour cream.

  • Hot, sweet, and sour chickpeas with eggplant

    • Dannausc on January 28, 2018

      Pretty decent. Quite hearty.

  • Hummus

    • Tiganna on June 05, 2017

      Good basic recipe - I like that it's not too heavy on the tahini. Still experimenting with the additions (cumin, paprika), but the basic hummus is already pretty satisfactory.

  • Baked Brazilian black beans

    • michalow on January 01, 2013

      Ginger is so unexpected and delicious here. I used sweet potato instead of plantain, tasted great.

  • Brazilian black beans and rice

    • Rella on May 25, 2015

      Using a large plantain, 2 birds-eye chilis, and about a dozen fresh curry leaves. I used Eden Foods non-bpa lined canned black beans, which always is my preference for black beans in any recipe, instead of using black dried beans from scratch. This is not a recipe that I would have tried except for using EYB, noting that I had all ingredients on hand.

  • Baked lima beans Parmigiana

    • damazinah on June 02, 2018

      Really good, fast & simple

  • Baked pinto beans and sweet potatoes, enchilada style

  • Pinto bean tart with millet crust

    • macfadden on May 11, 2016

      This smelled great as I was putting it together, but had major textural problems. First, the crust, which consisted exclusively of millet and no binding agent, fell apart entirely. Not really surprising. The filling was so goopy that it could not be lifted out of the pie pan in any semblance of a wedge shape, so it ended up looking like a very disembodied and homely casserole. Also, the instructions just say to add salt to taste. I did (1/4 teaspoon to already salted canned beans), and it tasted fine before it went in the oven, but by the time it was cooked it needed a lot more and there was no good way to mix it in. It would have been nice if he had given a ballpark figure.

  • Black bean tart with millet crust, Mexican style

    • lesliepolk on June 28, 2011

      This was delicious... I used barley as the crust and it was great. Will try the other variations.

  • Crispy panfried tofu

    • damazinah on February 14, 2016

      Wow, this was good! The big surprise is this: thinly sliced & sprinkled with sea salt, these tofu pieces are a dead ringer for an artisanal cracker! Can't wait to make another batch & play around with the seasonings.

  • Tofu, Provencal style

    • krobbins426 on December 31, 2012

      Used this as a base, but added chopped artichoke hearts, 1 zucchini, 1 medium eggplant. For the herbs, used herbs de provence. Used sautee tofu cut into 1 inch strips, rather than larger chunks. Gave the tofu tons of flavor.

  • Tofu pancakes, Indian style

    • jaelsne on March 01, 2013

      I've been trying to eat a more plant based diet with mixed results. This recipe may help me turn the corner and stick with it. The meal was absolutely delicious. There are a number of variations to keep this easy recipe interesting. Definitely will make this again!

  • Blueberry muffins

    • IvyManning on July 07, 2018

      This recipe is awful. Flavorless, with a weird shiny crust. I'm giving this book away, too many duds.

    • Hannaha100 on April 09, 2017

      Made with rice milk and gf flour. The cornmeal added an interesting dimension but overall just OK. Baby was a fan. Don't last well.

  • Scones

    • michalow on January 05, 2013

      These seemed more like biscuits than scones to me.

  • Cheese puffs

    • Cheri on December 25, 2010

      These are good. Needed 3 eggs to bind, not 1! Satifying. Good warm with cocktails.

  • Traditional pesto (Pesto Genovese)

    • Dannausc on August 09, 2018

      Super easy and good

  • Real ranch dressing

    • britt on January 07, 2011

      Ugh. We could taste the buttermilk powder as a distinct note and did not like it. I used Saco brand, which I believe is a standard brand.

    • schenck65 on June 15, 2013

      I really like this, and kind of love that buttermilk powder flavor. More importantly, kids practically put their faces into it. My only complaint--and it's not really a complaint--would be that while the consistency is fine for pouring over crisp lettuces like Romaine, it's a little thin for dipping, which is what it's really good for. I'll be trying it with some whole milk/Greek yogurt or maybe sour cream subbed for half of the liquid buttermilk.

  • Miso carrot sauce with ginger

    • krobbins426 on January 01, 2013

      I think there's a mistake. Doesn't require ginger ale, but rather actual ginger. Good and simple. Benihana's version probably adds a little sugar. Will definitely make this again.

    • Fiona on October 27, 2013

      This error in the recipe ingredients list has been corrected. Please ensure you click on the "report an error" link at the bottom of each page to notify Eat Your Books about errors, as they may not get picked up in the Notes section.

  • Red enchilada sauce

    • sarahawker on September 19, 2018

      This is amazing sauce. Kids loved it so much they ate the leftovers with chips. Would be good to triple batch and can for later as it was a lengthy process to make.

  • Grilled peach and corn salsa

  • Hollandaise sauce

    • Sarit on August 12, 2012

      Page 802

  • Fragrant curry powder

    • Hannaha100 on January 12, 2017

      This has been great for making mild curries that my baby can tolerate.

  • Fennel cake with grapefruit glaze

    • soleilune on May 10, 2012

      Not a bad recipe, but you don't taste the fennel in the slightest.

  • Buttermilk biscuits

    • missdoji on January 28, 2018

      Used buttermilk (not yogurt.) Added a small handful of sugar with dry ingredients, and 1 cup soaked raisins at the end. Cut into 12 triangles. Brushed tops with buttermilk and sprinkled with course sugar. Baked 11 minutes.

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