Notes and Reviews

  • Quick to make under 45 min, satisfying, and good but I could not bring myself to add 4 cups of cheese and added only about 2 cups instead. I was expecting more cauliflower taste but it was quite muted. I had 2 serving full leftover and added about 2 tsp white miso and that improved the taste. Miso and cheese really go well together.

  • p. 329 Pork bones? My book doesn't use pork bones for this recipe. This is possibly the best Hot-and-Sour Soup recipe I have ever tried. It is very forgiving. Every time I make it I use a different mix of vegetables, meat or no meat, We frequently have this for a main course. Sometimes, I'll make a small batch for lunch. Be careful not to burn the ginger, and don't add too many vegetables. I sometimes add a tablespoon of dark brown sugar to the full recipe. It adds another dimension of complexity.
    by darylm503 about Hot-and-sour soup from Land of Plenty on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • p. 84 While good, this soup was not spectacular. It lacks deep mushroom flavor and needs something for the back of the palette. Next time, I plan on reducing the water to 3 cups instead of 4 and using an entire ounce of porcini. I'll also reserve some of the cooked mushrooms to add back in after blending. I did not make the "Sauteed Wild Mushroom Garnish".
    by darylm503 about Creamy mushroom soup from Cook's Illustrated Cookbook on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Really loved the flavors but my cakes were too watery and were breaking. I might cut the onion in half next time. Also to save time, I will bake the cakes in the oven. The flavors otherwise were perfect. I just added a little sumac and Aleppo pepper to the cakes for some heat and tart and served over rice.
    by adelina about Cod cakes in tomato sauce from Jerusalem on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • I had all the ingredients on hand to make these pancakes so I knew we had to try them out. This is my first use of the book, and the result was really nice! These pancakes are decidedly fluffier than my go-to recipe (from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone). As always, I doctored the batter with a bunch of cinnamon and a little nutmeg. As good as these were, the batter is a bit fussy to make, because you have to separate and beat an egg white. I will probably only use this recipe on occasions where I have sour cream to use up, but we did thoroughly enjoy them.
    by clcorbi about Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes from Food Lab on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Delicious. My boyfriend especially loved these. We don't have a grill pan so we quickly fried them in a very hot skillet. I also did not add sour cream to the quesadillas but rather served it alongside. The bean mixture was a bit cumin-y for my taste, but then again, I am not a cumin fan so that's just personal taste.
    by clcorbi about Quesadillas from Plenty on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Inspired by this idea, I made a salad with broccoli roasted until quite crisp, tossed with sliced red onions, red wine vinegar, and a bit of nutritional yeast. Delicious! The leftovers got even better, too--the broccoli was obviously no longer crispy, but the flavor was wonderful. This is a great treatment for roasted veggies and I will try again with a thinly sliced chile, like Adler recommends.
    by clcorbi about Roast broccoli salad from Everlasting Meal on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • A tasty meal, but I enjoyed the "Home Style Bean Curd" from this book a bit more.
    by clcorbi about Peng's home-style bean curd from Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Yum! The dressing on this simple salad is delicious. I bet it'd be awesome over cucumbers, too. It really improves after marinating for a bit.
    by clcorbi about Spicy cold celery from Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Made as an accompaniment to the peanut bacon pork chops in this book. These were pretty good--I like how they got caramelized from the high heat. However, I'm sort of biased, because I'm not a huge fan of adding extra sweet flavor to an already sweet vegetable. To me, these would have been perfect without the added drizzle of honey. However, that's just my personal preference, and my boyfriend really enjoyed them.
    by clcorbi about Garlic 'n' honey roasted sweets from Red Rooster Cookbook on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • What a treat this was to cook and eat. This is the first recipe I've tried from the book, and I was very intrigued by the combination of flavors--pickle brine, peanut butter, bacon?! A few callouts--Samuelsson has you fry the peanuts and bacon together, which even on medium heat still resulted in my peanuts starting to burn. I scooped them out quickly, but next time, would simply cook them briefly in the bacon fat after the bacon is finished. I did not make a full recipe of jerk sauce, since this recipe only calls for 2T. Instead, I winged it, eyeballing the proportions as best I could. And you know what? Those 2T of jerk sauce were SCRUMPTIOUS. I will make the full recipe next time! I also think it would be nice if the pork chops got to marinate in that delicious jerk sauce for a few hours. The peanut bacon sauce doesn't turn out as dark as in the photo, but it is delicious, well-balanced with the acidity of the pickles and brine adding a really lovely extra dimension. A lovely meal.
    by clcorbi about Peanut-bacon pork chops from Red Rooster Cookbook on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Made the recipe as written, only subbing a can of chickpeas for the white fish. I really enjoyed this substitution and would try it again in other curries, but this curry was pretty unremarkable (and still took over an hour to cook, making it odd that the word "weeknight" is in the title). There was just too much liquid added, so the curry had to simmer down for very long time to compensate, and ultimately it was still a bit too soupy.
    by clcorbi about Weeknight red curry from Bon Appétit Magazine, April 2016 on Monday, February 20, 2017

  • Soup. Jelly crystal soup. Not good, not good at all.

  • My husband and I liked this. The kids did not, which left more for us!
    by Lepa about Fig, orange & star anise tea loaf from Crumb on Monday, February 20, 2017