Chicken with mustard (Poulet à la moutarde) from My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories (page 169) by David Lebovitz

  • chicken thighs
  • crème fraîche
  • mustard seeds
  • Dijon mustard
  • onions
  • paprika
  • thyme
  • white wine
  • chicken legs
  • smoked bacon

Where’s the full recipe - why can I only see the ingredients?

Always check the publication for a full list of ingredients. An Eat Your Books index lists the main ingredients and does not include 'store-cupboard ingredients' (salt, pepper, oil, flour, etc.) - unless called for in significant quantity.

Notes about this recipe

  • Eat Your Books

    Can substitute heavy cream for crème fraîche.

  • DFarnham on February 20, 2021

    Simple and delicious!

  • TLouise on January 14, 2021

    Love this dish and will definitely make it again. As others have commented my chicken also stuck so will be more careful next time.

  • Rinshin on November 27, 2020

    Made this again for our Thanksgiving and again the skin stuck badly making chicken drier than we like esp breasts. Next time not browning chicken pieces stovetop but instead roasting skin side up in the oven.

  • stef on May 31, 2020

    Made again. Used my dutch oven. Had no wine so used vermouth and the sauce was delicious

  • angrygreycat on February 03, 2019

    Like the other posters, I really liked this and will definitely make again. Very simple with a lovely sharp bite from the grainy mustard. I served with steamed small potatoes and green beans. You definitely need a starch of some kind to soak up the great tasting sauce.

  • Totallywired on November 13, 2018

    Predictably delicious - a high impact weeknight meal for sure. Sauce inferior to a similar recipe in Country Cooking of France (Cotes De Veau Dijonnaise) which leans harder on the cream and is smoother and better integrated as a result. This one can still taste like a spoon of Dijon mustard at times, thick and rustic. I would thin with strong stock or cream to dilute its potency somewhat, though there is nothing at all wrong with this sauce, just in comparison. Suggested pairing of celery root purée is perfect, though I don’t get the suggestion of fresh pasta at all with this sauce/texture/potency. Served here with a roasted mushroom and pickled artichoke salad, missed having a starch to sop up the sauce.

  • meggan on October 14, 2018

    Like everyone else, I thought this was great. I didn’t really have too much problem with sticking but I fussed around with the chicken pieces a lot.

  • purrviciouz on September 04, 2018

    I was surprised how much my family and guests loved this. A LOT of mustard went into the sauce and I was concerned it would be too much but it was absolutely delicious. I cooked mushrooms before the onion step and added them to the final sauce and served with linguine.

  • stockholm28 on September 01, 2018

    The sauce is delicious. Definitely serve with noodles or rice to sop up the extra sauce. I omitted the salt as suggested since there was plenty of salt in the mustard and bacon.

  • Cookie24 on August 19, 2018

    This recipe is simple and tasty. As others have noted, the chicken tends to stick to the pan however it does create a very flavorful fond so long as it doesn't burn. Followed the recipe as written, but next time I will reduce the salt because mustard already has a lot of salt and once the sauce reduced it became a tad salty. I added more creme fraiche to tame the salt. I was in a hurry to get food on the table so didn't put chicken under the broiler, but I can see how that would work well.

  • Rinshin on April 27, 2018

    This is now my third favorite western style chicken thigh recipes. Others are Chicken Canzanese from Cook's Illustrated and Crispy braised chicken thighs with cabbage and bacon from Serious Eats (both by Kenji Lopez Alt). I like all three equally. I knew right off that these thighs would need a blast of broiler heat to crisp up the skins before serving like other two recipes. I broiled high for 7min. Skins did stick a lot while browning because of the Dijon mustard. 2 pieces stuck badly enough to pull off the skins. Not sure how I am going to handle that next time - perhaps rub the mustard mixture except on the skins. Used sour cream instead of creme fraiche and that was perfectly fine. Used Pinot Gris for white wine. Since mustard seed color was not specified, I used combo yellow and black. Enough sauce to liberally coat fettuccine. Photo added.

  • Melanie on July 09, 2017

    Chiming in with the chorus here - make this dish! I served with linguine.

  • bwhip on March 08, 2017

    Such great flavor. Pretty easy to put together. I also put the chicken under the broiler just before serving to crisp up the skin, which was an excellent suggestion.

  • TrishaCP on December 07, 2016

    This was incredible served with fresh cavatelli pasta. I took the advice of others and crisped the skin under the broiler. I also did find that the mustard really stuck to the pan, making it difficult to brown the chicken (I was using a Le Creuset braiser), but it was sufficient to create a perfect fond for the sauce. I used heavy cream.

  • blintz on October 16, 2016

    A perfect recipe for company. We made it with bone-in thighs and served it with Ottolenghi's Sweet Corn Polenta from Plenty with the very last corn at the farmers' market. Made the recipe in the afternoon and then heated up the pan and added the creme fraiche, etc., to make the sauce right before serving a couple of hours later. Definitely improved by a few minutes under the broiler to crisp up the skin. Garnished with thyme branches instead of parsley.

  • stef on September 05, 2016

    Delicious. Hubby kept saying over and over how much he loved the sauce. Next time I will use my cast iron which is better seasoned than my all clad. Used thighs bone in

  • imaluckyducky on July 29, 2016

    5/5 I don't think I've ever seen my family so readily eat dark chicken meat in their lives. Will make again!

  • HerBoudoir on December 15, 2015

    A simple recipe worthy of the hype. I did go ahead and make fresh herb pasta as suggested because I was feeling ambitious; it was an excellent pairing. It would have also been wonderful over egg noodles, orzo, or cous cous, all of which would make this a weeknight meal. I used creme fraiche since I had it for another recipe this week; heavy cream or even sour cream would have worked just fine too.

  • Zosia on March 18, 2015

    Unbelievable flavour from simple ingredients and surprisingly little time and effort. Following Delys77's recommendation, I popped the chicken under the broiler to re-crisp the skin just before serving. I used grainy mustard and cream for the sauce.

  • SACarlson on January 25, 2015

    I'm a sucker for the combination of chicken, creme fraiche and mustard! This recipe exceeded all expectations. Will definitely make it again. I agree with Astrid5555 that this tastes like it was slow-cooked, but was actually quite quick to make.

  • Astrid5555 on November 25, 2014

    Surprisingly, this recipe is on the quick side, but tastes as if the stew has been cooking for hours. Could not get enough of the sauce!

  • FJT on October 19, 2014

    Easy and full of flavour. I served this (as suggested in the recipe) with celeriac puree and this was a winning combination.

  • chawkins on June 27, 2014

    A lovely dish that is easy to put together with simple ingredients. It did take some effort to pry the chicken off the pan when browning them because of the mustard marinade, but as pointed out by the previous reviewer, the stuck bits became part of the sauce. I used grainly mustard and heavy cream.

  • DKennedy on June 23, 2014

    Page 167 A quintessential bistro dish. The bacon (1/2 package, cut into lardoons), mustard (I used 1/2 grainy, 1/2 smooth dijon), and cream (I used cream, not creme fraiche) thickens up beautifully. This dish comes together almost effortlessly though the resulting sauce would lead you to believe this had been stewing all day. I loved how the crisp skin that stuck to my pan became part of the sauce. Delay's suggestion to put the chicken under the broiler to re-crsip the skin is a good one.

  • Delys77 on June 02, 2014

    This is a very simple braise that yields an absolutely delicious sauce. The bacon, mustard, and cream along with the natural juices of the chicken make for a semi thick jus that beautifully enrobes the chicken. I would say the chicken needs about 18 minutes on medium low. Also, it might be worthwhile to pop the chicken under the broiler to re-crsip the skin.

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