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  • Kale, tomato and lemon magic one-pot spaghetti
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Quick / easy; Main course; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: spaghetti pasta; cherry tomatoes; lemons; kale; sea salt
  • Double greens and filo pie
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Quick / easy; Main course; Greek; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: spring onions; spring greens; chard; feta cheese; parsley; dill; filo pastry; poppy seeds; eggs
  • Lemony lentil and crispy kale soup
    • Categories: Soups; Indian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: leeks; turmeric; ground cumin; black mustard seeds; lemons; split red lentils; vegetable stock cubes; kale
    • Accompaniments: Kitchari
  • Tomato and coconut cassoulet
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course; French; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: leeks; red chillies; fresh ginger; tinned chopped tomatoes; coconut milk; haricot beans; vine tomatoes; basil; sourdough bread
  • Speedy sweet potato quesadillas
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Sandwiches & burgers; Main course; Snacks; Cooking for 1 or 2; Entertaining & parties; Mexican; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: sweet potatoes; maple syrup; chipotle chilli paste; red chillies; tinned white beans; avocados; limes; mint; corn tortillas
    • Accompaniments: Charred chilli salsa
  • A light tart of butternut squash and kale
    • Categories: Pies, tarts & pastries; Main course; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: light spelt flour; thyme; butter; red onions; butternut squash; kale; eggs; milk; nutmeg; Gruyère cheese
    • Accompaniments: Caramelised leek and new potato salad
  • Banana, blueberry and pecan pancakes
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch; Dessert
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; pecans; bananas; coconut milk; blueberries; limes; honey
    • Accompaniments: Roasted banana and coconut ice cream
  • Lime and chipotle black bean tacos
    • Categories: Dips, spreads & salsas; Quick / easy; Salads; Sandwiches & burgers; Lunch; Main course; Suppers; Mexican; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: ground cinnamon; ground cumin; chipotle chilli paste; tinned black beans; cherry tomatoes; red chillies; coriander leaves; limes; avocados; apples; white cabbage; radishes; tortillas; Manchego cheese
    • Accompaniments: Super-quick homemade chilli sauce
  • Turkish fried eggs
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2; Turkish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggs; Greek yoghurt; wholemeal pitta bread; Turkish chilli flakes; sumac; mint; parsley; dill
    • Accompaniments: Cardamom and honey Turkish coffee
  • Any night of the week pizza
    • Categories: Pizza & calzones; Quick / easy; Main course; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cauliflower; ground almonds; rolled oats; dried oregano; tinned chopped tomatoes; mozzarella cheese balls; greens of your choice
  • The really hungry burger
  • Pine & Crane peanut cucumber noodles
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Quick / easy; Main course; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cucumbers; sugar snap peas; dried egg noodles; peanut butter; tahini; dark soy sauce; sesame oil; honey; rice wine vinegar; chilli oil; spring onions; coriander leaves; toasted unsalted peanuts
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Salads; Main course; Side dish; Cooking for 1 or 2; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: feta cheese; lemons; coriander seeds; tomatoes; mint
  • Pan-dressed noodles with crunchy cabbage and crispy tofu
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Quick / easy; Lunch; Main course; Suppers; Cooking for 1 or 2; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: purple sprouting broccoli; soba noodles; red cabbage; brown rice vinegar; maple syrup; smoked tofu; sesame seeds; spring onions; sesame oil; soy sauce; lemons; coriander leaves
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: courgettes; red onions; thyme; roasted red peppers; cherry tomatoes; chickpeas; lemons
  • Celeriac soup with hazelnuts and crispy sage
    • Categories: Soups; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: leeks; celeriac; apples; thyme; vegetable stock; tinned butter beans; hazelnuts; sage
  • Kale and black sesame sushi bowl
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Quick / easy; Rice dishes; Lunch; Main course; Suppers; Cooking for 1 or 2; Japanese; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: brown sushi rice; frozen edamame; pomegranates; sesame oil; kale; nori; black sesame seeds; coriander leaves; avocados; lemons; oranges; honey; soy sauce; Japanese rice vinegar
  • Seeded banana bread with lemon sesame drizzle
    • Categories: Bread & buns, sweet; Sauces for desserts; Afternoon tea
    • Ingredients: wholemeal flour; bananas; lemons; soya yoghurt; tahini; golden icing sugar; linseeds; poppy seeds; golden linseeds; black sesame seeds
  • Butterscotch chocolate chip blondies
    • Categories: Brownies, slices & bars; Dessert
    • Ingredients: coconut oil; vanilla pods; soya yoghurt; honey; plain flour; dark chocolate
  • Turmeric and coconut baked aloo gobi
    • Categories: Main course; Winter; Indian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cauliflower; potatoes; coconut oil; fresh ginger; green chillies; garlic; black mustard seeds; turmeric; tinned coconut milk; lemons; Greek yoghurt; coriander leaves; almonds
    • Categories: Pasta, baked; Main course; Syrian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: leeks; lemons; coriander seeds; fennel seeds; green chillies; baby spinach; orzo pasta; soft herbs of your choice; yoghurt of your choice; eggs; preserved lemons; sumac; spring onions
  • Cherry poppy seed waffles
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: cherries; honey; rolled oats; poppy seeds; yoghurt; lemons
  • Laura's herbed green quinoa
    • Categories: Salads; Main course; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: lemons; quinoa; vegetable stock cubes; purple sprouting broccoli; frozen peas; leeks; basil; mint; spinach; pumpkin seeds; sesame seeds
  • Raw Thai citrus crunch salad
    • Categories: Dressings & marinades; Salads; Side dish; Thai; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: courgettes; carrots; pointed cabbage; red peppers; spring onions; pink grapefruits; limes; basil; coriander leaves; beansprouts; Medjool dates; cashew nuts; fresh ginger; red chillies; soy sauce
  • Honey-roasted radishes
    • Categories: Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: radishes; honey; lemons