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  • Paula Wolfert's World of Food: A Collection of Recipes from Her Kitchen, Travels, and Friends
    • Categories: Italian; Spanish; Mediterranean; Moroccan
    • ISBN: 9780060159559 Hardcover (United States) 10/1/1988
  • Mostly Mediterranean: More Than 200 Recipes from France, Spain, Greece, Morocco, and Sicily
    • Categories: Mediterranean; French; Spanish; Greek; Moroccan; Italian
    • ISBN: 9780140257694 Paperback 7/1/1996
  • Low-Fat No-Fat Mediterranean: Over 200 inspiring and delicious recipes from a region famous for long life and active health
    • Categories: Health; Spanish; Greek; Turkish; Italian; Moroccan; Mediterranean; Low fat
    • ISBN: 9780754815204 Hardcover (United Kingdom) 11/25/2005
  • Kevin Woodford's 60 Best Holiday Recipes
    • Categories: General; Italian; Spanish; Greek; Moroccan; Turkish
    • ISBN: 9780004140131 Paperback (United Kingdom) 6/2/1997