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  • Keto Kitchen: Delicious Recipes for Energy and Weight Loss
    • Categories: Weight-loss; Food blogger; Low carb
    • ISBN: 9780857838728 Paperback (United States, United Kingdom) 8/31/2020
  • The Keto Cure: The Essential 28-day Low-carb High-fat Plan For a Healthier Life
    • Categories: Low carb
    • ISBN: 9781911130949 Hardcover (United Kingdom) 7/11/2019
  • Budget Keto Kitchen: Easy recipes that are big on taste, low in carbs and light on the wallet
    • Categories: Weight-loss; Budget; Food blogger; Low carb
    • ISBN: 9781914239533 eBook (United Kingdom) 6/23/2022
  • Die Peace Food Keto-Kur: Länger jung und gesund
    • Categories: Vegan; Low carb
    • ISBN: 9783833863936 Paperback (Germany) 2/7/2018
  • The UK Keto Diet Book For Beginners and Pros: Easy and Delicious Recipes For Sustainable Weight Loss incl. Side Dishes, Desserts and Cheat Meals
    • Categories: Weight-loss
    • ISBN: 9798513454748 Paperback (United Kingdom) 6/2/2021
  • Lazy Keto Kitchen: Easy Indulgent Recipes that Still Fit your Macros
    • Categories: Weight-loss; Food blogger; Quick / easy; Low carb
    • ISBN: 9780857839626 Paperback (United States, United Kingdom) 8/3/2021