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  • This is as far as I’m concerned the best chocolate cake. Simple and delicious. Very quick to make and all it needs is a dusting of icing sugar and fresh cream. I have been making this off and in for twenty years. It’s based on an Elizabeth David recipe.
    about Incredibly wonderful chocolate cake from New Food added on July 08, 2020

  • This is a fabulous dhal recipe and possibly my favourite. It is very straightforward but I do like to soak the split peas longer than 30 minutes - highly recommend.
    about Mixed dhal from Food We Love added on June 30, 2020

  • I have just made these for the second time and again they are equally delicious. I made them smaller, which for me works better. They are somewhat more time consuming to prepare than your average fritter but not at all complicated and in my mind worth the extra effort.
    about Leek fritters from Plenty added on June 10, 2020

  • This was really good despite the chilies I used being too hot. I also halved the butter but I do think using the full amount would produce a superior result however I just can’t bring myself to do that. I added some steamed bok choy towards the end which worked really well.
    about Black pepper tofu from Plenty added on June 10, 2020

  • I made this stew for the first time the other night as I was searching for a new stew recipe - absolutely delicious, the anchovies just add a lovely flavour combined with the masala. I would love to make the horseradish sauce but fresh horseradish is impossible to source in my area. I served it with mashed potato and steamed beans. It was demolished in one sitting.
    about Beef stew with anchovies and thyme from How to Eat added on May 19, 2020

  • I did not have really high expectations but had eggplant and tomatoes that I wanted to use. I was delighted with the outcome and the fact the whole family demolished it and praised the dinner - it did help that I served it with some very nice sausages. Will repeat!

  • This was delicious - used salmon fillets but I’m sure it will work well with most fish. Will definitely make again as it is another straightforward recipe.

  • I was a little disappointed with this dish as I found it to be somewhat bland despite liberal seasoning and the addition of a pinch of chilli flakes. It could certainly be improved (In my opinion) with some extra spices but probably won’t bother repeating.

  • Made this again after making it the first time about seven years ago and it was just as delicious as I remember. Very easy to put together and served it as an accompaniment to crumbed steak for a simple dinner. Karen Martini never lets me down.
    about Winter tabbouleh from Where the Heart Is added on April 15, 2020

  • This is the first recipe I have made out of this cookbook and I hope it’s the first of many fabulous dishes. It was absolutely delicious and very straightforward. My family raved and it will go into irregular rotation.
    about Kofta with tahini, potato and onion from Falastin added on April 14, 2020

  • My family loved this cake probably more than I did as I found it a little too sweet. It turned out perfectly however there was almost too much cake for the tin and I was willing it not to overflow in the oven (it didn’t) although it came perilously close. The cake was demolished in a couple of days.
    about Cherry ricotta bundt cake from Special Guest added on April 08, 2020

  • We loved this and it was demolished very quickly. I think I overcooked the eggplant so will keep a closer eye on it next time and there will be a next time. I served it with tandoori chicken which was a lovely match. Thoroughly recommend!
    about Roasted aubergine with curried yoghurt from Ottolenghi Simple added on March 24, 2020

  • This is a delicious recipe that I made ages ago and then promptly forgot about. Made it again last night and it was again a huge hit with the family - it will go into regular rotation.
    about Chow mein from Everyday added on February 26, 2020

  • I was expecting a very pleasant pasta dish but was delighted to find that it was fabulous. I followed the recipe to the letter and next time will reduce the cooking time of the eggplants by 5 minutes. I love these recipes that are more than the sum of its parts.
    about Pasta alla Norma from Ottolenghi Simple added on February 19, 2020

  • This is my go to Christmas cake. It is not only easy in that you don’t have to soak the fruit for very long but deliciously moist - it is very rich so needs to be cut in very thin pieces. I make it in a 25cm round cake tin and cook it for the maximum time specified.
    about Traditional Christmas cake from Complete Asian Cookbook added on January 06, 2020

  • This recipe is an absolute cracker. My tray is smaller than specified but no problem. I decorated the top with pistachios and sour dried cherries which worked splendidly - so easy!
    about Salted caramel 'crack' from Special Guest added on December 27, 2019

  • Loved this. Very quick dish to prepare and had lovely flavours and textures.

  • Really enjoyed this and will put it on irregular rotation. I didn’t have fresh thyme so subbed in dried herbs de Provence which I thought was fine. Served with steamed beans, asparagus and sugar snap peas.

  • This is a family favourite - the easiest slice you will ever make. I use Scotch Finger biscuits and macadamia nuts.
    about No-bowl choc-bit slice from Cakes & Slices Cookbook added on October 20, 2019

  • This is an easy tasty dinner. I added some green beans which I stir fried with ginger, spring onions and garlic because I didn’t have enough eggplant and was very happy with the result. Will make again.

  • Easy peasy and delicious as well. Happened to have every ingredient on hand - a lovely side dish.

  • The best way to cook potatoes. My boys just love them and there are never any left over. I followed the recipe exactly despite my overwhelming urge to halve the oil content. Very easy and straightforward. It doesn’t seem to matter not being able to use kestrel potatoes.
    about Glass potatoes from Special Guest added on October 04, 2019

  • This soup is a winner and a meal in itself. Loved the feta and lemon zest on top - it really set this soup apart. So easy and economical as well.
    about Courgette, pea and basil soup from Ottolenghi Simple added on September 21, 2019

  • My family all loved this and demolished it in one sitting despite using 900grams of mince. I used normal harissa which was fine. We all loved the butter bean topping but found I had to add a little more liquid in the form of a little lemon juice and water to make it mashable. A definite repeat.
    about Spiced 'shepherd's pie' with butterbean crust from Ottolenghi Simple added on September 16, 2019

  • I have made many versions of pumpkin soup over the years and this has definitely become my new favourite. I didn’t have rose harissa (have now procured) so used normal harissa. Beautiful flavour and silky texture. Will repeat.
    about Pumpkin, saffron and orange soup from Ottolenghi Simple added on August 03, 2019