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  • Yep - I made the mistake of not reading the comments before doing it and yes, the zucchini must be squeezed and squeezed, because otherwise this is way to wet and very crumbly. Nevertheless, it was tasty and I loved the sauce! I did skip the oven step and shouldn't have, because that would have helped with the texture. We ate them as meatballs, like many of you do it seems, but if I manage to make them hold correctly I might try them with a bun, salad, coriander and maybe feta or goat cheese.

  • The link is gone! Similar recipe on same blog here :
    about Apple chocolate chip muffins from Tin and Thyme added on July 26, 2022

  • This was a mess to cook with my limited machinery. I realised I had lost my blender blades, and then just used my standing electric whisk for everything (egg whites, cream, and breaking the gelatin in the strawberry sauce). This was not a good idea -> mixing gelatin should have been with the blender, or by hand. I couldn't get the eggs to peak with the sugar added in, so I mixed the sugar in the cream and in the strawberry mixture instead, given all three were being mixed together the step after, and I reckon this worked, Overall though despite all this messy business, results! The pie did come through as planned, with a great consistency, the strawberry mousse held fine too. I used 450g strawberries, and 50g raspberries, which after thawing yielded exactly 200ml of juice (well done M. Malouf for accurate measurements ;)
    about Strawberry chiffon Pie from Hummingbird Bakery: Life is Sweet added on June 30, 2022

  • Nice and original soup, and a good way to use up my old frozen fava beans :) I used 'shallots and chives' Madame Loik cream cheese and halved all of the recipe as this was just for me.

  • I quite like this version of the sauce which is light and nice ! I made with regular salad and green grapes. I halved the proportion and it was nice, however, I bought my chicken breast at my butcher and the quantity was huge for just one breast... lol... farmhouse chicken vs. Waitrose chicken I guess - anyhow, I just froze the rest of the meat. I love Waldorf salad :)

  • I used Udon noodles for this. Noting that I am completely new to Asian noodles :) I found the recipe quite classic Asian fare, nothing special though nice enough. I mean, I fell into it because I had broccoli and mushrooms to use up, but you could really do it with any vegetable.

  • I made this as I ran into wild asparagus at my fruit and veg store - only to find out those were ornithogalus mislabeled as wild asparagus (they often are apparently). Anyway used those and scallions as neetle leeks (super idea! works really well). It was nice and soooo healthy :)

  • I made this as part of another recipe of which this is a part of and in order to discover shiso... I am usure of whether the final results were as expected because this was a complete shot in the dark for me, including in choosing the ingredients... It tasted fine... Asian... :/... I need a Japanese cooking class ;) ;) ;)

  • Lovely dish! I did find it a bit bland as well and adding a more generous serving of salt resolved it. I used "lentilles corail" (orange?) as this is what I had. It was lovely and just what I needed on an upset stomach - I served with yogurt. I loved the quick way of getting the fried onions, although deceptively simple! :) Will make again.
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  • Quite an original dumpling filling and spring-y indeed! I made them with green beans, fava beans, and peas, and served them with spicy mango sauce for dipping instead of the scallion sauce. Now the filling is very bland (meh!) - the only seasoning called for in the recipe is a clove of garlic and a tablespoon of ginger for the whole 50 potstickers 8-/ I used the same amount for 10 and added also soy sauce and cayenne, because that was way too bland for me, but otherwise, it worked quite well.

  • Nice and comforting. I made with chili oil and a pinch of cayenne as I ran out of chiles, and with minced scallops instead of crab, and half a Knorr stock cube, the rest as instructed - using about half the ingredients and 1/2 litres of water which was fine.

  • Just made again and loved it again :) I used 125g of beef and about 150g of potatoes and for the rest halved thé quantities except the spices which i kept the same as original for more flavour.
    about Spiced beef and potato cakes (Kotlet) from Persiana added on April 27, 2022

  • Super easy to make though I would not say this is the "perfect" lemon drizzle cake - I had better ones even if they were not made by me - though, it was nice, don't get me wrong! I used the electric whisk through sheer laziness (i made this quite late) and thought the batter was too airy and did not raise much, so note to try next time mixing by hand, also the cooking time/temp is slightly over what it should be for my oven (maybe test after 45 minutes at 150). It does work however. I would still add icing, but only after the unmolding and after the cake has had a chance to dry out a bit and incorporate the previous syrup. Also for lack of self-raising flour (not so common in France), I used standard 55 flour + half a "levure alsacienne" pocket. One day later brought it to election night and it was a big hit, all were really surprisingly happy and said it was moist and lemony (and asked for the recipe) - so keeps well too.
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  • I made this recipe as i was indexing the book and had overripe tomatoes to use up. That was so good i almost ate the whole thing as i was cooking it! I did not filter it though as the tomato mixture was smooth and didn't look like it needed it. Might be good to try filtering it in the end though to rénové those lemongrass fibres? Note to try

  • Dom in the Kitchen seems to have a thing for carrot and fennel soup! There are at least four of them in his blog :) :) I found this soup pleasant and easy to make to change from the usual soup vegetables, but nothing extraordinary either. I used Tandoori Masala as I was lost in the various Masala offerings at my local Indian store (wonderful Velan in passage Brady in Paris 10). I found the soup to be a bit dense in texture and would not achieve perfectly smooth texture with my immersion blender, which I was after, but tasted really nice.d I added chili oil on top for an extra kick and served with Ami du Chambertin cheese toast (heaven ??)

  • I cooked it for myself (home and sickly) and it said this would yield "4 really generous or 6 slightly more moderate ones" - thus I halved the portions. thinking to freeze the other half. How wrong was I, this is not big at all, I mean, to me half of the recipe looked like what someone hungry would eat. I barely had enough left to freeze :) Aside from this portion issue, I found it good but not extraordinary either. Like Yildiz, I did find the sauce slightly overthickened. I used Emmental and Parmesan as this is what I had in hand.
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  • The toasted hazelnuts and the bacon was nice indeed, but I was disappointed by the texture. I think it would benefit from adding a potato maybe? Also I replaced white wine by a dash of vinegar, but I think it was a mistake, i could taste it too much. Will try again and improve it still I think. I served alongside the Ottolenghi cauliflower and hazelnut salad from Jerusalem (excellent combo).

  • I was meh-ed at first - i found the sauce disappointing and the assembly of ingredients quite odd (and while I do like Ottolenghi I think he is overrated). But, put together, this was really nice and the sauce found its purpose. I really enjoyed it and will probably make again. Nice dish to surprise your guests with, in particular I think.
    about Roasted cauliflower & hazelnut salad from Jerusalem added on March 30, 2022

  • That was nice! I made with merguez sausage - but was not very spicy, i might try with a spicier version. I used just maple syrup rather than making the apple cider syrup (for time). I liked it anyway :)

  • I completely messed up this recipe at least the flan part... way too liquid and did not settle well and the egg whites sank at the bottom fof the ramequin... It did taste good though. I had never heard of this recipe before but fond tons of references when i searched so seems to be quite a staple in Italy. Ibam intrigued and may try again :)

  • Pleasant recipe which crossed my path just as I was looking to use up fennel, grapes and goat cheese :) :) :) It was nice and comforting and nothing too fancy. Very easy to make. Then again, nothing extraordinary either and I find I am not a huge fan of cooked fennel (prefer it raw). The grapes add a nice fresh touch. I think this would be nice as a salad : raw fennel, grapes, goat cheese and maybe some nuts (toasted almonds or walnuts?)

  • This was super simple and quite good - however, I followed the recipe exactly and my potatoes wouldn't cook - they took forever and still some remained a bit hard-ish -> I removed those and mixed the ones that were crumbly. Maybe it is cooking the potatoes in milk, maybe it is the type of potatoes I used... Not sure. I also thought it was a bit bland and added Espelette pepper in place of paprika. Endives and curry mix quite well and form another taste, a bit like cauliflower. As a matter of fact my sister thought it was a cauliflower based soup (I usually make her guess the ingredients), and said she would have never guessed endives - she liked the soup very much.

  • Total success! I made this for my sister and she loved it! She was so surprised and claimed it was restaurant level silken tofu and one of the best she has had (and it was only my second attempt to even use silken tofu, so a bit proud here). It was super simple to make too which was nice ;) I liked it too, probably not as much as her (yet again, no experience with tofu as eater either), but I did enjoy it. I served with rice and omitted the two spoons of chicken stock (just put a little more soy sauce)
    about Sour-and-hot silken tofu (Suan la dou hua) from Every Grain of Rice added on February 15, 2022

  • I made this, mostly with oranges and a little clementines. I used less ground almonds and more flour and also less sugar, and I omitted the icing - mostly because I couldn't unmold the cake (I used a kouglof mold, that might be why) so we just cut slices out of the mold itself... It was great! I am looking forward to make this again with the icing :)
    about Clementine & almond syrup cake from Jerusalem added on February 15, 2022

  • That was a lot of firsts for me! First time testing or handling soft beancurd or zha cai or Bombay mix :) I was intrigued by the odour of zha cai that kind of grossed me out a little bit, but finally tasted all right, and I found soft beancurd too soft and breakable and quite bland, even mixed with the noodles and sauce. That might have been me not knowing what I was doing :) Overall, I still ate the dish, and I like the sauce!