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  • OK this was amazing. I am only giving it four stars, though, because the real recipe breakthrough came from another recipe in the NY times blog, which I could not find in EYB : I only saw initially the Guardian sandwich but looked up broccoli stems in the internet, as my broccolis were very long with very little florets, and mostly made of stems! That is amazing. I wish I had known it sooner. I then used the pan fried broccoli to make the sandwich as per the Guardian recipe (except I used my sandwich toaster, rather than the pan, and focaccia, because that is the only bread I had)... But seriously, if you read this comment, try the pan fried broccoli stems, or even the florets, cut into smaller pieces, and pan fry it. I really wish this recipe goes around, I mean, all the children will love broccoli !!!

  • This is seriously good. The bechamel with the added parmesan combines perfectly with the radicchios and especially the garlic. I could have eaten it just by itself off the pan (and I did). I somehow forgot the white wine, and I think it would probably have made it even better, if possible. The crepes were thicker than I expected, but then again I had to second guess ingrédients as I only had metric or British measuring cups, which are slightly different from American ones.
    about Radicchio crepes (Crespelle al radicchio) from Cucina added on January 09, 2016

  • Just made this with swordfish. It was really nice and tasty, but i found it to be a bit too sweet. I added a bit of stock, salt, lemon juice, and more chile flakes, then tasted just fine! I served it with sweet potato corn bread/cake, and the rice as in the recipe. I think the look of the soup is amazing, it looks very creamy, colorful and overall tempting!
    about Brazilian fish stew (Moqueca) from Simply Recipes added on January 05, 2016

  • The recipe is well constructed and by following it everything is happening easily, pepper cooking and skins coming off, rolls the right size, herbs the right mix, and would be sticking while cooking if I had followed the advice of applying egg wash to it, My only remark is that it was not extraordinary and because the first recipe of this book was (Autumnal Panzanella), I keep expecting the same :) But no, just a sausage roll with a (little) twist.
    about Sweet pepper sausage rolls from Friends at My Table added on January 05, 2016

  • Really nice. I used deer and did not have leftover meat (just added a little of ground ham instead), which did not make a difference. What is really striking about this recipe is the flavourings of the marinade, which complement exactly venison meat, almost marrying it.
    about Venison in sauce (Capriolo in salmi) from Cucina added on January 03, 2016

  • Fantastic. I love this recipe which has become a huge favorite. The flavours go extremely well together, it is both appetizing, healthy, full of color. I prefer to use ripe Datterini tomatoes (small oval ones)
    about Autumnal panzanella from Friends at My Table added on December 31, 2015

  • I think this was good, but not extraordinary which is what I somehow expected :) I did not have smoked garlic though, just normal garlic, not sure how this would have changed the final result. But it was still good, and I still ate it with pleasure.

  • Not bad and quite original. A bit large re-portion side! I made it with a scotch egg - wanted also a chicory salad but the portion was too large, i would not have finished it!
    about Warm bacon and lentil salad from Hairy Bikers' Meat Feasts added on December 20, 2015

  • Nice - I read the recipe too quickly and did not realize this needed two layers, which is as good as this would have to have been more difficult to eat! Really tasty and going well together
    about Salmon club sandwich from BBC Good Food Magazine, May 2014 added on December 05, 2015

  • I just made this and was disappointed by the overall taste. Given the ingrédients used, it could be either the quality of the turkey which was Sainsbury plain turkey slices, or the overall combination of ingrédients, and specificallly the walnut oïl being too strong. Would need to try again with real turkey and make sure! It cannot be anything else, the Brie was a wonderful melting farmhouse Brie de Meaux, and the apple a lovely red English apple.
    about Rustic turkey with Brie & apples from Panini added on December 05, 2015

  • I love it! This is the first recipe I made in that book and i still have a soft spot for it :)