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  • The toasted hazelnuts and the bacon was nice indeed, but I was disappointed by the texture. I think it would benefit from adding a potato maybe? Also I replaced white wine by a dash of vinegar, but I think it was a mistake, i could taste it too much. Will try again and improve it still I think. I served alongside the Ottolenghi cauliflower and hazelnut salad from Jerusalem (excellent combo).

  • I was meh-ed at first - i found the sauce disappointing and the assembly of ingredients quite odd (and while I do like Ottolenghi I think he is overrated). But, put together, this was really nice and the sauce found its purpose. I really enjoyed it and will probably make again. Nice dish to surprise your guests with, in particular I think.
    about Roasted cauliflower & hazelnut salad from Jerusalem added on March 30, 2022

  • That was nice! I made with merguez sausage - but was not very spicy, i might try with a spicier version. I used just maple syrup rather than making the apple cider syrup (for time). I liked it anyway :)

  • I completely messed up this recipe at least the flan part... way too liquid and did not settle well and the egg whites sank at the bottom fof the ramequin... It did taste good though. I had never heard of this recipe before but fond tons of references when i searched so seems to be quite a staple in Italy. Ibam intrigued and may try again :)

  • Pleasant recipe which crossed my path just as I was looking to use up fennel, grapes and goat cheese :) :) :) It was nice and comforting and nothing too fancy. Very easy to make. Then again, nothing extraordinary either and I find I am not a huge fan of cooked fennel (prefer it raw). The grapes add a nice fresh touch. I think this would be nice as a salad : raw fennel, grapes, goat cheese and maybe some nuts (toasted almonds or walnuts?)

  • This was super simple and quite good - however, I followed the recipe exactly and my potatoes wouldn't cook - they took forever and still some remained a bit hard-ish -> I removed those and mixed the ones that were crumbly. Maybe it is cooking the potatoes in milk, maybe it is the type of potatoes I used... Not sure. I also thought it was a bit bland and added Espelette pepper in place of paprika. Endives and curry mix quite well and form another taste, a bit like cauliflower. As a matter of fact my sister thought it was a cauliflower based soup (I usually make her guess the ingredients), and said she would have never guessed endives - she liked the soup very much.

  • Total success! I made this for my sister and she loved it! She was so surprised and claimed it was restaurant level silken tofu and one of the best she has had (and it was only my second attempt to even use silken tofu, so a bit proud here). It was super simple to make too which was nice ;) I liked it too, probably not as much as her (yet again, no experience with tofu as eater either), but I did enjoy it. I served with rice and omitted the two spoons of chicken stock (just put a little more soy sauce)
    about Sour-and-hot silken tofu (Suan la dou hua) from Every Grain of Rice added on February 15, 2022

  • I made this, mostly with oranges and a little clementines. I used less ground almonds and more flour and also less sugar, and I omitted the icing - mostly because I couldn't unmold the cake (I used a kouglof mold, that might be why) so we just cut slices out of the mold itself... It was great! I am looking forward to make this again with the icing :)
    about Clementine & almond syrup cake from Jerusalem added on February 15, 2022

  • That was a lot of firsts for me! First time testing or handling soft beancurd or zha cai or Bombay mix :) I was intrigued by the odour of zha cai that kind of grossed me out a little bit, but finally tasted all right, and I found soft beancurd too soft and breakable and quite bland, even mixed with the noodles and sauce. That might have been me not knowing what I was doing :) Overall, I still ate the dish, and I like the sauce!

  • This is simple, pleasant, and full of vitamins. I would say a bit more cream than soup with the quantities given (or everything halved, in my case) but that is easily solved by adding stock or milk. I used citrus chili oil to cook the onions, carrots at the start and it gave it a nice little kick without being overbearing. I had actually made up a recipe, years ago, called CCC soup, which was Carrots, Citrus and Coriander and this is kind of similar.

  • I used a huge chicken breast I got from the butcher (really huge, I am not even sure what piece that was as I never saw a chicken breast this size!). The sauce did work perfectly well for me, and it was delicious. Not extremely creative, but simple and effective;
    about Soy-glazed chicken from Smitten Kitchen added on January 24, 2022

  • This is like a quick version of noodles which is meant to be fast, convenient and comforting. I changed it slightly by cutting all the vegs in little cubes and adding them along with the pasta directly in the wok on top of the sauce. I am happy because i finally managed to have my noodles juste fine ! Replaced chili sauce by chili oil
    about Sichuan noodles from Complete Comfort Food added on January 18, 2022

  • The recipe in itself was good and different from the apple tarts I usually make, with the custard on top of the purée and apples. However, the instructions concerning the type of apples to use for each part of the recipe were contradictory and confusing, which was annoying as I had zero experience in apple differentiation. Anyhow, also, it takes a bit of practice to handle the pastry properly, to shape it in the mold and to precook it properly. It took two attempts but finally third time was a charm and it worked! When it finally worked, it was great and everyone loved it. I did find the apple purée a bit bland and added "quatre épices" mix and vanilla powder, and it was gorgeous. I will make again and improve, other than that it is overall a good recipe.

  • I experimented with this recipe which intrigued me shortlly after indexing the magazine, I never made this kind of recipe before. I found it was quite easy and enjoyable to make, and quite nice! I made two soufflés and divided by two, but I think there was not enough pears (only missing a touch). I used speculoos for shortbread and made express caramelised almonds instead of making the caramel, by sautéeing them quickly with maple syrup (which works like a charm and is almost instant). I will make again and maybe experiment with more fruits/toppings :)

  • Aaah ... this lovely feeling when I bump into a recipe of a book I indexed! :) This was my first recipe from the book. The sauce was very strange and esoteric -»pear, leek and onion ? Really? Never seen this before. I went along with it and felt curious. It was great and I am glad I discovered this dish (and sauce). I was confused as to whether I needed to mix vegetables and the meat together with the sauce and cook them, or have the veggies raw, I emailed the author to find out (she gave her email in the book). The author responded to me -> need to combine the vegs, meat and sauce together and cook them together. Which made sense, and it was what I had done.
    about Boeuf braisé à la sauce soja (Bulgogi) from Piquant, Pas Piquant added on December 16, 2021

  • I made this today - it was great and used up a lot of things I needed to finish. I halved everything and it still yielded enough for 4 small bowls I think .. Mine was a bit on the liquid side, but my own fault as I didn't measure up the liquid and went with guts! I liked this soup because you can clearly taste the celery through (and frequently it isn't so much the case)
    about Year-old celery and oregano soup from Dom in the Kitchen added on December 12, 2021

  • Another superfood recipe :) Hopefully it works! It was unsurprising but then again, nice, as it would be. I omitted the salsa as I was missing tomatoes and mint, and replaced cayenne by espelette to preserve my sore throat, and it was nice! I used celery leaves i/o cress to finish the plating.
    about Avocado and smoked salmon toasts from Olive Magazine, June 2015 added on December 10, 2021

  • I wasn't sure whether to mark this 3 or 4... It was simple and good, but bland and added some real stock - but... I am sick and this was the only thing I ate all day, so it was scrumptious... I served with sliced apples on the side, topped with fresh goat cheese with different spices on it, which was nice (spur of the moment idea and sudden apple craving).. Anyway, it looks nice and is a good sickness dish.
    about Peasant soup (Cialda) from Cucina added on December 06, 2021

  • Nice and easy... comforting... but quite standard and a little bland to my taste... Can easily be upped but not worth it in my opinion!

  • Just made for lunch .. Subbed turnips for carrots and rosemary for coriander... Nothing too special but nice, warm and comforting !
    about Spiced lentil soup from Olive Magazine, November 2011 added on November 09, 2021

  • Ok so my version looked nothing like the pic... I figure because I messed up the Farenheit to Celsius conversion :) ... It was satisfactory, but undercooked! Might try again... Otherwise super simple to make, the most time consuming part is mincing the garlic :)

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    about Smoked salmon with apple yogurt and chive from Thought for Food added on October 28, 2021

  • Not a bad way to use turnips and super simple... Quick to do (cooking time is 30-40 minutes but prep is super easy).. A good and reliable easy side! And cheap :)
    about Turnip and mustard gratin from Olive Magazine, November 2011 added on October 24, 2021

  • I just tried a mix of this with chives (so a mix of the two recipes on the same page) as an accompaniment to a quiche as I had some beansprouts to use (odd, I know, but really why not)... This recipe is deceptively simple, yet somehow I wouldn't have thought of it but, and it works! Like the previous commenter I would like to dry my beansprouts better to achieve a griddled state... Will try next time